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Sir Comes Back

Sir is to come home today! Is my first thought when I woke up this morning. I get up and shower and all my other morning routine and put on the outfit that was laid out for me like always. I am not sure where I want Sir and me to go yet, I want to ask him a couple of questions first.

So I have not packed a thing for our week away. I also want to ask if all three can go on a cruise as I have always wanted to go on one. I help Daddy clean the house to get ready for Sirs return home and Daddy is getting a surprise ready for Sir because he missed his best friend too. I think I will tell them to have a guys night out.

I could stay home so they can just be guys and not worry about me. I will still be here when they return and with that thought, I went to take my daily walk along the beach letting the ocean lap at my feet and ankles and find my inner peace.

I can’t help worrying about the fact we have been together for some time now and neither has talked about marriage or babies and I know the whole collar thing is a big deal in our community. In fact, it does not have the same meaning with legal things like hospitals or things of that sort and after what I have been through I worry about things like that.

What will happen if something happens to me and I can’t make decisions on my own? Or do they even want kids damn, I need to have a conversation with them and I don’t know how to start it and not scare them away?

When Daddy finds me on the beach so lost in thought he tells me “it’s time to come home, Sir should be home very soon.” So, we head back and Daddy asks me “what am I thinking about so hard about?”

I tell him that for now, “I don’t want to talk about it because Sir needs to be a part of the conversation and it won’t be a short one I believe” and he just nods his head and says sounds serious, should we be worried? I just reply “I don’t think so unless they don’t like my questions.” But now is not the time Sir is just coming home and it’s time to celebrate not serious stuff.

I ask if “we can go out and do something totally out of the normal and maybe play mini-golf or something silly like that.” And he kinda laughs and said, “that sounds like a lot of fun we should ask Leo if he wants to as well.”

As we got into the house it smelled so good I was amazed at how hungry it made me and suddenly I could not wait for Sir to get home so we could eat. No sooner did that thought enter my head the front door opened and there was Sir! I ran to him and hugged and kissed him and told him “how much I missed him.”

Then Daddy was there to greet him and tell him “that I had a great idea for this evening if Sir was not too tired from his trip” and he said, “he slept on the plane and now just wants to be with us because he missed us as much as we missed him.” Now we head into the dining room and Daddy has set the table and Sir sits me on his lap saying “he wanted me close to him for a while” and I did not mind.

While we are eating I tell Sir “that I wanted to do something fun this evening like mini-golf or whatever they might find fun.“He said “it sounded fun to him as long as when we get home, we can have his kinda fun... Aka he misses spanking my ass!” Of course, I said “yes.”

I am addicted to their play too. We go and play and think they let me win, but oh well I’ll take it! We played all 18 holes and each one had a different theme and we laughed so much it was a great evening and I was still looking forward to tonight. So, when they asked if there was anything else I wanted to do tonight before going home and I said “No” too quickly.

When we get home, I am stripped and tied up before I even knew what happened. Sir, said, “sorry so quick and no foreplay, but I just need you now kitten and I need my hand on your ass more than you know.” I told Sir “it is alright, I need his spanking too.” And as much I love each of them, I need them as a team more than one on one.

Both are great, but my body craves them both at the same time because together they work my body in a way no one person can. That makes them both smile to know I do not prefer one over the other. Sir tells me “to count and begins to spank my ass and he raises his hand and brings it down and I cry out 1 thank you, Sir, 2 thank you, Sir, and so on until he reaches 15 and my ass is the perfect shade of red. Daddy brings out the flogger and gives me his 15 in the same manner and once I say 15 thank you, Daddy, I am untied and they rub the healing cream on my back and ass. And as I get down to kneel at their feet, Sir and Daddy take their positions on either side of me so that I may begin to stroke one hard cock while I suck on the other and switch back and forth.

When they have had enough of that I am picked up and tossed onto the bed and Sir says he wants my ass tonight because he wants to stare at my red ass while he rides me hard and so Daddy lays down and I climb on top him and slip him in my wet, hot pussy and he groans your so tight little one and Sir places his hand between my shoulder blades and gently pushes me down so that he may enter me.

He groans so loud and says “her ass is still so tight back here too, and I don’t know if I will be able to last that long since I have not had you in a while Kitten.” I just tell them “to fuck me hard and make me cum, please!” They take turns pushing in and pulling out so in sync that it drives me out of my mind and I cum so hard and so fast that I bring both of them to cum soon after.

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