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Sir and Destiny Vacation

.000Sir and I decided that our week vacation, we would spend in Florida so that we could go to the beach and also go to Disney World and I could not be happier. Just knowing that we didn’t have to work or be up at a certain time was fantastic.

We drove down and rented a top floor condo so we had space and privacy which we both knew we would need. Sir knew from Jake that I had something important to talk to them about, but our vacation is not the time to bring it up. But he was worried about maybe I was wanting to end things or only wanted one of them.

He tried to put it out of his mind while we had a whole week. Together and he wanted it to be perfect. I knew that they both kept thinking about what I wanted to discuss, but call me selfish, but I wanted this week with Sir if they would leave me when I voiced my concerns.

When we checked into the condo it was perfect! The floor to ceiling windows was ridiculous. I can never get enough of the ocean and both Sir and Daddy were aware that this bought me peace unlike almost anything else, except for them and their playtime. We decided that we would rest and then get dressed to go out for dinner and a movie. When we got back to the condo Sir had me take a shower while he got the room set up to play.

I took my time in the shower as I was given him as much time as he needed. I was looking forward to tonight because I felt the need to be in subspace it has been too long because they both are worried that is why I might want to end this, and of course, it is not. But they don’t know this. But I have been given hints all day that I needed this and I needed it tonight.

When Sir comes into the bathroom to come to dry me off and to carry me to the spanking bench, he tells me "how much he and Daddy love me and how blessed they feel that I love them and choose them as partners." He is looking for clues and I give none this is my playtime too. I just nod my head and say "I do love them and am blessed too. Now shut up and spank me already." Oops, should have rephrased that.

Sir asked, "Safeword?" I replied "Candy " and he nodded and said no need to count, he would be in complete control tonight. I just replied, "Yes Sir." When the first snap of the flogger hit I sucked in a breath and slowly released it. In my head, I tried to count, but after about 20 I began to lose count and just started to float and knew that Sir knew exactly what I needed and how to get me there.

When he heard the difference in my breathing and moans he laid down the flogger and took off my cuffs and carried me to the bed to proceed to apply the healing cream and to just hold me and talk softly until I started to come out of subspace and start to respond to him. When he started to make love to me tenderly I was utterly surprised and amazed! I never knew he had it in him to be so tender and sweet. After we had the best sex, he took me to the shower and he cleaned us only for us to go down to the beach for our nightly walk and have to wash our feet again, before bed.

For the next 3 days, we awoke did our morning routine, and then got into the car and head to Disney and spend the whole day there having so much fun, and each night was a play night and I was in heaven. In the last 2 days were spent either at the beach or in the condo just enjoying each other and resting, knowing when we get back it will be to go to work and the normal daily life will resume.

Although, I was starting to miss Daddy just as I had Sir when he was gone. On the drive home, Sir finally asked if I was ready to talk to him yet and I said “let us wait until we are home as this concern Daddy too.” So he asked, "if I would at least let him know if I was going to leave them and I just looked at him and said why would I do that?" "I don’t lie and I have already told you I love you both." When we got close to being home Sir called Daddy to let him know we were close and have dinner done so that after dinner we could have the talk that I said I needed. We walked in and dinner smelled so good and I was so hungry after that long drive. I was picked up and carried after Daddy gave me the biggest hug ever. He grilled steaks to perfection and made twice baked potatoes and broccoli and cheese. It was so mouth-watering and tasted as good as it smelled. For dessert, he made my favorite molten lava cakes.

After dinner, we went out on the balcony with some cocktails. They both were quiet while they waited for me to start. I cleared my throat and began with "I know you both love me and you gave me this beautiful collar. But what I needed to know is if they were going to want me forever and want marriage and kids or should I plan on a time when they would want a new Sub." At first, I was met with complete silence and they looked at each other and smiled. They both stood up and then both knelt before me and each had an engagement ring and at the same time said: "Will you marry us." I was speechless because no way could this have been planned because they did not know what I wanted to talk about and I did not know they had bought rings! Of course, I said "YES." Now, we know legally all three of us could not marry so it was decided that I would marry Sir since he was the first to approach me and ask me out at the club, we would do a ceremony joining all three of us and so we had to plan basically 2 weddings and both of them turned out so perfectly.

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