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We leave for our honeymoon right after the joining ceremony. We go on a cruise, and we take the time with each other, and we join other groups playing games.

And we end up playing the newlywed game, and we win a 2 nights stay in a hut on one of the islands we will visit, and we know exactly how we are going spend those 2 nights!

I am looking forward to those nights, and when they start planning what all they plan to do to me, I smile, hoping they will be nights I will never forget.

All-day I am just having fun, and I don’t hear Sir is calling me and when Daddy calls my name, and again, I didn’t hear him, suddenly I am grabbed by the arm. And when I look to who has my arm, I see Daddy, and he is mad as hell.

I don’t understand why he is angry. and when I ask, “what is wrong? ” he mutters, “to get my ass into the room and get into position and don’t say another word.” Now, I know I’m in trouble but still don’t understand why. I go to the room, strip, kneel-down, on the rice on the floor. And bow my head and eyes down.

I did not know how long it will be until they came in the door and not knowing what I did I start to cry and I after I have been in the position for about 10 minutes before they both come in and just stand there not saying a word. Sir, walks up and puts his finger under my chin and lifts my head and sees my tears, and asks me “if I know why they are mad at me” and I tell him “I honestly don’t know.

I was just playing a game and the next thing I know I am in trouble but don’t know why.” Sir tells me, “he was calling my name over and over and I didn’t answer him, then Daddy calls my name over and over, and again I didn’t answer him either.

" I try to tell them I didn’t hear them.” But Daddy tells me “that is not an excuse, and that I should always listen for them to call me.” I nod my head, and Daddy tells me, “to use my words that he can’t hear my head nod.” I said, “yes, Daddy, and I am sorry.” He tells me, “all will be okay after my punishment.”

They tell me “to stand and bend over so they can tie my hands to my ankles so I will remain in position during each spank.” Sir informs me, “I am getting 15 each, and he is using his hand, and Daddy will use the cat-o-nines.” And I have not had that use before so, I have no idea how much it will hurt or not.

Sir asks, safeword? Candy, I say. And he tells me, to count and spanks me hard, and I say, 1 thank you, Sir, 2 thank Sir, until I get to 15. And he rubs my backside and tells me, I am a good girl, and he loves me.

Next is Daddy, and he asks if I am ready? And I answer, Yes, Daddy. And at the first touch of the cat-o-nines, I hiss, it takes me a second to be able to say 1 thank you, Daddy, 2 thank you, Daddy, until I almost say, candy at number 10. But I just do not want to let Daddy down. When he gets to 15. I am done.

I can not talk or hardly breathe as they untie me and lay me down on the bed, and Sir asks me who do I want to rub the cream on me, and I ask for just Sir to touch me.

I am afraid of Daddy right now, and I don’t want him to touch me. And I won’t look at him. After Sir is done with the cream, I ask for my robe as I hurt too much for clothes. I stand up and go out to the balcony to avoid talking to Daddy.

I know I will forgive him, but I just need time and the pain to go away first. Sir steps out and asks, “if he can talk to me?” And I ask for some alone time. And he nods and goes back inside.

I hear Daddy ask him, “if I am okay?” And Sir tells “him she just needs some alone time. And maybe he should not use the cat-o-nines as punishment or as a first time to give 15.”

I can tell Sir is mad, and this is the second time I have seen him get upset at Daddy. I think it made Daddy realized he was a little too hard, and also, he may have just caused trust issues with me. I trusted him to take care of me, not hurt me like that. Daddy comes out to see if he can talk to me, and I just nod my head, which I know he doesn’t like that.

He sat down on the chair across from me and asked me “to look at him,” so I do, and he looks like he is ready to cry. I wait until he starts to talk, and Daddy starts, “I’m sorry I was too rough,” and that he promises never to do it again. Again, I just nod my head. He asks me, “if he can give me a bath and a rub down because Daddy needs to show me how much he loves me and just needs me?”

After I stare at him for a minute. And finally, I say, “yes” very softly. And he knows how much pain I am inside and not psychically, but mentally that he breaks down and cries. I just go to him and hug him and hold him until he gets up and goes to start the bath so we can have some bonding time and healing time with each other. He placed me in the tub and got in behind me and just held me, and we quietly talk to each other and let each other know how much we still love each other.

Then he gently turns me around, and now I am sitting on his lap, and I feel how hard he is from me being so near to him. He gently enters me, and slowly, lovingly, he makes sweet love to me. And we just look into each other’s eyes the whole time, and when I am on the brink, he says so sweetly, “cum for me, baby.” And I do. I hold him as he comes to his completion. He says, “I Love you” as he cums, and I know we will be okay.

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