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Master Leo

Master Leo

I sit here bored with the same submissive’s, and I know I need more. My partner and I want to have a sub that can handle both of us and need us as much as we need her. We want to feel that we are essential. As much as desired.

What we have to offer is not just discipline. But how to feel better, and have a new view on life. My partner Master Jake and I have always shared a sub. And even though we own the club, we do not participate in the nightly shows as we leave those to the other Doms and Dommes.

Master Jake is away on business, and I am here taking a drink before going to the office to catch up on paperwork. When I notice a woman sitting at the bar who looks not only the most beautiful sub I have seen.

But she also looks so lost and broken that I snuck a picture and sent it to Jake and said, “I found her. What do you think?” and he texts back immediately saying. “YES!”

Leo decided to walk over after receiving the note returned to him. “Let me introduce myself, I am Master Leo, and I would like to discuss my interest in you and your submissive nature.

Also, I have a partner that is a Master too, and he is out of town right now. And he is similarly keyed up to join our contract if I can convince you at dinner tonight. I do not know if you have ever had two men in your life that were all bout you and your pleasure, but I hope to convince you to give us a chance.

I take her up to the rooftop restaurant and order a bottle of our best wine and a Steak meal.

The waiter says, Hi, my name is Alec. I will be your server tonight. What can I get for you this evening?

{Master Leo} We will have the best Steak and Potatoes with a side of broccoli paired with the best wine in stock, and for dessert, we will have a lava cake.

{Master Leo} Is it okay that I ordered for you? I am accustomed to being in control that sometimes I forget my manners on a first date.

{Destiny} It is more than perfect that you ordered on our behalf. I would have asked you to select my dinner for me. Because you know what is excellent here better than I. And is this the first date?

{Master Leo} Not really the first date. A first date will happen when Master Jake is with us. This is an informal meeting by chance, and man, am I glad you came tonight.

After the waiter left the table, I start with the basics.

{Master Leo} What is your name, beautiful? And why oh why do you look so haunted? Do you like our club?

{Destiny} Well, my name is Destiny Ray, and I really am impressed with your club, and I am not ready to talk about what haunts me right now. I hope you can understand. My friends who seem to have abandoned me have brought me here to try to put life back into me after what happened a few years ago. I am not sure you want to get entangled with someone as broken as me. And what did you mean you and a partner?

{Master Leo} What if I can promise you Master Jake and I can help you deal with whatever the issue is and make you happy and healthy? We are looking for someone who needs us as much as we need her.

Also, seeing you up at the bar, I took a picture of you and sent it to Jake, and he wants you as badly as I do. You literally took our breath away. We have never been shy. When we see who we want, we go for it. And the fact that you are still here eating and drinking, I hope that means you are thinking about saying yes.

Destiny POV

I am thinking to myself, what if they can help me? Or would they run away when they hear what I have gone through and how I still have nightmares? I just wish I knew how they will react. But I really don’t want to have to tell my story more than once.

So, I take the chance to ask him, “if he will wait until I can meet Master Jake, and if I like him too, then I will tell my story once and see if they can handle my issues?”

{Master Leo} laughs and says, “of course!” And at that time, we will have a contract made up, and we can sign if all is agreeable. I am not trying to rush you or anything. We just like to have our options on the table. So that you always know where you stand with us.

{Destiny}When will Master Jake get back into town, and when will we all be able to meet? And if he already agrees to be with me, is it only my looks? I do not want to be played with or dumped because of my appearance.

{Master Leo} We do not do that. Your beauty caught my attention, yes, but it is not the reason we both want you. We see the submissive in you that needs us. And the more I get to know you, the more I want to be around you.

{Destiny} I am sorry if that upset you that I asked if this was only about my looks, but I am used to men wanting me for my appearance. That is until they see a younger or prettier face.

{Master Leo} No, you did not upset me by asking. As a matter of fact, I am impressed that you did. I always want to know what you are thinking, and if you have questions, I want to know about them so I can answer them.

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