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Destiny Needs Her Masters

After the honeymoon, we came home and rested for the weekend and made sure we were ready for work on Monday. I had a ton of e-mails to go through and orders to fill and was really busy for the next two days found myself feeling overwhelmed and Daddy and Sir have not been dominating me because of what happened on the cruise even though we talk it out and all was forgiven.

I am getting so frustrated that when Daddy asked me if I am all caught up with my work I yell at him and he looks like he wants to spank me but then he settles himself down and I lose it completely! I look at them both in the eyes and say that if they don’t do their job dominating me, I will go to the club and find someone who will.

Before I knew what happened, I was grabbed by the hand and led to the car and headed to the house and was told to strip and present myself. Boy was I thrilled that they finally were going to give me what I needed and so I stripped and got into position and waited for my Masters to come and get me.

When they had the room set up with everything they wanted to use on me, I was lifted by Daddy, and they cuffed me to the cross and asked me for my safe word and I said "candy" and they smiled and nodded their heads. Daddy walks back over to me and tells me "I had better use it this time and not have another incident like on the cruise," and I promised him I would if needed.

They decided tonight was the night I will get the full treatment, so they got out the vibrator and placed it into my pussy and turned it on low and said "I was not to cum until they give permission" and then they inserted another vibrator in my ass and again on low and the magic wand was tied to my leg and applied to my clit on low.

They tell me that "as the night proceeds that the vibrators will increase and after they allow me my first orgasm I will then have permission to cum anytime, but I must hold my first until they allow it." I am then blindfolded and as I hear them walk around choosing their tool to use I can hear them discuss each one but I don’t get to hear which one they chose.

I just know, Sir always goes first so, I am surprised when I feel Daddy rub my back first because before any playtime they always start with rubbing my back to let me know they love me and will take care of me.

That is what the rubbing is communicating to me. Daddy has chosen the flogger and I really like that one and he starts out very gently to warm up my skin so that I do not bruise and as the lashings go on they get stronger and I start to moan in pleasure and before I know it I am begging them to please let me cum and I am denied while Daddy is lashing me.

When Daddy reached his time to stop he comes and whispers in my ear as he rubs my back "what a good little girl I was and how proud he was" and I was so happy I made him happy, then he kissed me and stepped back for Sir to have a turn. Sir chose the cat-o-nines and he begins very gently and I am not scared of it this time and it actually has a nice sting to it once you get used to it.

At 15 Sir asked "what color am I at" and I answer “strong green” and that lets them know I want another round. Sir tells me "to cum as soon as Daddy starts his turn" and I am so happy I get to cum otherwise I may have failed it felt so good. Sir tells me "I am his good kitten and he too is proud of me and kisses me."

Right before Daddy takes his next turn, they turn up the vibrators and holy cow, I am glad I don’t have to wait anymore to cum! Daddy begins his turn and I cum so hard I see stars and it seemed like each hit led to another orgasm. Daddy does 10 and then it, Sirs turn and he gives me 10 and then I am uncuffed and the blindfold is removed and they rub my wrist and ankles.

Then they place me on my knees on a special pillow they bought me and it was gel-filled so my knees would not get sore! They each stand on either side of me so that I can take turns rubbing and them fucking my face with their cocks until they cum down my throat.

After I lick them clean they place me on the bed and Daddy gets in between my thighs and starts to lick my pussy and he groans that I am so fucking sweet and he sucks on my sensitive clit and I moan and Sir is sucking on my right breast and has my left breast in his hand kneading it. I am telling them I was going to cum and they say at the same time "cum for us baby" and I do!

Daddy and Sir are already ready again to take me so Sir lays down and places me on top of him and he slides in and yells "fuck you are so tight baby," meanwhile Daddy is preparing my ass so that he can slide in and when he is ready he places his hand between my shoulder blades and pushes gently to get me into position and he glides himself into my ass claiming how tight my ass is and how much they love fucking me.

I am moaning and cumming so hard I almost blacked out. When Sir tells me he is going to cum and Daddy tells me he too is about to cum I say cum in me please and they let go and fill me with their seed and we rest for a few minutes and then they take me to the shower and clean me up and dry me off and off to bed we go. I am now a very happy camper.

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