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Pregnant the thought is running through my head I have not had a period in a few months! I know I need to take the test and I am trying to decide to tell them before I test or after. I am not sure, but I think they would like to be there for the testing so I don’t want to take that away from them.

So, I decide to tell them first and they get super excited and want to go get the test now and have me take it. Sir, gets up and dressed and goes to the local drug store and buys different kinds and comes home and I laugh and told him"one would have been fine" but he insisted I pee on all 4. Then we would all eat breakfast and then check the test to see if we are celebrating or not. So, I go into the bathroom with all 4 test and pee on each and I don’t look at any of them I just place them on the hand towel I laid out and washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the dining room and proceeded to have breakfast with my husbands and they are so excited they both hope I am pregnant and I do too!

Once we are done with breakfast and wash the dishes and make sure the kitchen and dining room are clean, we have waited long enough and could not wait anymore so we all head upstairs and Sir goes in but doesn’t look at any of the tests just bring them all out on the towel and places them on the bed and on the count of 3 we all look and all of them read Pregnant!!!

We are all so excited and of course, the first thing they do is each kisses me senseless and then Sir says "I am calling the doctor right away to make an appointment because we want to know how far along and make sure all is well with the little bean.

Sir and Daddy start a list of questions to ask the doctor when we go and I was going to be embarrassed because I saw some of the questions and yeah, they need to be asked but still embarrassing.

These are the questions I saw: 1. can we still spank her 2. can we still double penetrate her 3. can we still tie her up and the last one was will having sex with her poke the baby or babies. Holy cow I am going to die from humiliation!

Maybe I could sneak to the appointment by myself...NOT.

Sir leaves the room and makes the call and when he comes back in he says the doctor had a cancellation that morning and we could come in at 10:45 so, we got dressed and headed to the doctor's office since it was already 10:20 and we did not want to be late.

When we arrive and sign in the lady asked me which one is the dad and I told the truth either of them I am married to both of them in different ways. She looked at me like I was a slut and I just told her not to judge me as I don’t judge others on their preference.

I noticed her wedding photo to a woman and said: “do you like to be judged on being gay?” It is all the same as long as you are not hurting other people who care who you love or how many? She got a little red in the face and said she understood what I was saying. And Sir and Daddy told me how proud they were that I stood up for myself. And I said someone needs to educate them when they treat you differently just because you don’t think the same.

When we are called back they made me pee in a cup and drew some blood and both tests came back positive and then they tell me they have to do a pelvic exam and did I want the men to step out and I said no they will stay.

So, the doctor left the room so that I could remove my clothes and put on the paper gown and then when he comes back and pulls out the stirrups and tells me to place my feet in them and slide down to the end of the table both Sir and Daddy look at each other like we got to get one of these!

After the doctor is done with that exam he then does an ultrasound because I don’t know when my last period was and he tells us that we are about 6 weeks and he will be able to get a closer date on the nest ultrasound. He also said "it looks like twins" and I am about to faint.

Before the guys can start their questions I asked the doctor "what are the chances of both of my husbands' being the dad to each baby" and he tells us "that it is possible if both men put forth semen while I was ovulating" and I was so hopeful that it was what happened. Even though they don’t care who the daddy is both will be dads and never question who bio dad is.

I was really happy to hear that. Then they asked their questions and yeah the look on the doctor's face...Priceless. Basically, everything is okay carefully and the closer I get to term then stop unless I get uncomfortable sooner.

We went home and they started letting everyone know and I went to take a nap.

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