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Over Protective Much

Sir and Daddy became overprotective almost overnight, even at work they wanted to hire another secretary just for me and I said"know when I went on maternity leave, they can get a temporary replacement or permanent replacement for me" because they are talking about me staying home as a full-time mom since we are having twins and I will be tired a lot.

Even at home, they hired a housekeeper and I was always told to just sit on the couch and watch TV, while they cooked dinner and then either Sir or Daddy would carry me to the table and when I said they would not be able to do that for long they just look at me like I am crazy. But I know how much weight I am going to gain with 2 babies inside me.

Even our bedtime events started to change into very light play and as my belly began to show that turned into just them rubbing coconut butter on my belly and talking to the babies and the other parts of me started to get ignored. Even though I was not sick or weak the sex just became very vanilla and I was starting to go mad with wanting what I was used to, which is usually both of them at the same time, but now it is usually one at a time or just one at night them switching turns.

When we found out the genders of the babies and I was having a boy and a girl we decided to have a gender reveal party and had a cake made with half being blue and half being pink and as the guest arrived each one was handed a balloon with a piece of paper in it, but only 1 had writing on it and it read “cut the cake 1 piece on each end and hold up”.

Each person was instructed to tie the balloon around their wrist or belt loop and enjoy the BBQ. After everyone had eaten the BBQ and it became dessert time, we announced to pop their balloon and the one with a note to come forward. It was so loud hearing so many balloons being popped at the same time! When we heard someone get excited we knew we had a winner and it was Sir’s mom Teri and she could not have been happier to be the one to let everyone else know the sexes of the babies!

So she cut the corner on the right side and the color was blue and she held it up and said"at least 1 boy" and then she went to the left corner and cut the cake and smiled so big she put it on a plate and held it up and said and"Thank God 1 girl" and everyone thought that was funny! The party was so much fun, but by the time everyone started leaving I was exhausted and was picked up by Sir and carried to our room and given a shower and put to bed, then he left to go help Daddy clean up from the party.

We decided to have two nursery rooms that way they could be decorated for each baby and we knew that both babies would stay in our room for the first month anyway so that the men could help me with the babies.

The next month all our mom’s held a baby shower and everyone got a gift for each baby and I kept telling them that they did not need to buy two gifts but when people get excited over babies you just can’t stop them. I had so many gifts to open thank goodness Daddy had a pen and paper ready and as I opened each gift he wrote who and what so that we could send thank you cards out, which all three of us had to fill out the thank you cards just to get them done in quick order. We had to because we were recently told I could go into labor early because of the twins. And at this time I was already 7 months along and so we were trying to get everything done and I was told to start staying in bed more just to try to keep them in as long as possible.

One and a half months later and I gave birth to 2 healthy babies the boy Skyler was 5.8 lbs and the Mindi was 5.1 lbs and fully developed lungs so they got to come home with me the next day. We had our happy family and I was at peace with myself and loving my husbands' and my babies. Which by the way Skyler had blue eyes like Daddy’s and Mindi had green like Sir’s so yep, each one had an egg, but they both say that they are both of theirs no matter what.

The End...Maybe

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