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Destiny Has Fun

Master Jake will be back in two days. Swifter if the business deal is completed faster than expected. We will meet with you as soon as he returns. So, let us just finish our dessert and see where the night leads us, Leo says.

So we hang out looking at the ocean and just talking and getting to know one another. When I start to yawn, Master Leo says, let us call it a night. You are tired, and I am sure your friends are looking for you by now.

We head downstairs, and I find my friends who look freshly fucked and glowing! I smile at them and go to introduce Master Leo, and they have such a surprise look on their faces! They immediately put their heads down and say, Hello Master Leo, before I do the intros! I say goodbye to Master Leo, and my girls and I go out to the Limousine.

Liam asks, how was your evening, lovely ladies? Did you have a great time? We said together, we had a great time! Then we get into the Limousine, and they start right away by questioning me about if I know that Masters Leo and Jake own the club! I told them I was not aware they owned it, just that they worked there.

I also told them that Jake wants to meet me when he returns and that they both want me. Jessie says she is so jealous because she always wanted to be with one or both of them, but they never showed any interest. I asked Jessie, are you going to hate me if I take the deal with them? And she assures me that she would never hate me and gives me the biggest hug and says, I hope you do.

Meanwhile, Sammy is just grinning like the Cheshire cat! She tells me she knew I would be who they were looking for because she is the sub of their Dungeon Master, and he was telling her what they wanted in a full-time submissive. By the time they drop me off, I am so tired and can’t even think straight, so I just don’t think about it anymore.

Master Leo sends me a Goodnight text, and I send him a bed emoji and say Goodnight. I take a long hot shower, and then I put leave-in conditioner in my hair and brush it out so that tomorrow it won’t be a rat's nest! I then put on my lotion and my silk PJ’s shorts and a tank top.

I pull the covers down and then remember that I was drinking so, I go to get a glass of water and down it. I refill the cup and place it near my bed with two pain tablets just in case I need them in the morning. I climb into bed, and just as I was getting comfortable when my damn doorbell rings! UGH! WHO THE HELL IS IT NOW! I go look through the peephole and see two men with their backs to me, but one of them looks suspiciously like Leo, and the other I have never seen before.

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