Her Saviors/Her Doms

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Leo and Jake

I open the door and ask them why are you at my door at 2 am? Master Leo laughs; and told me that “Master Jake flew back right away just to meet me and would not stop bugging him to bring him to meet me right away so, he did.”

Now, Master Jake says, “Hello, beautiful. I am Master Jake, and it is so nice to meet you. Can we come in?” I let them in but try to tell them how tired I am. They see my outfit and moan so loudly that I giggle a little. I invite them to my bedroom.

But vigorously state that I will NOT have sex with them. I’m just tired and want to lie down, and Leo and Jake are welcome to lay with me and talk if they desire. Since it is so late.

Of course, they agree right away and strip down to their briefs and lay on each side of me. They say for tonight, just to call them Leo and Jake and not Master until we decide if I will agree to be their sub. Jake then tells me “that he has been looking for me for a long time and that he hopes that I will accept what they are offering me.”

I ask them both if this is supposed to be Master/Sub only or what if feeling get involved? They are quiet for a while, and I start to get nervous and wonder if I should not have asked that.

When they both look at each other, then at me and say “that it is almost a guarantee that they will have feelings for me as they already like me a lot and we just met.” I am starting to fall asleep when I feel them both wrap me up in their arms and sleep.

The next morning they get up before me and cook me breakfast and make me coffee and serve me in bed. Leo and Jake are just so cute. I can’t help but want to be their submissive and see where this will go.

But I don’t want to make it too easy on them so, I let them make plans for the day, and since I don’t work because of my issues. They make a whole day worth of arrangements. Including wine and dining me again, this time with Jake too.

After breakfast, they have picked out an outfit for me and tell me to get dressed, and so I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and my hair and then put on the attire they picked. Boy, do I look nice and I think that they will be pleased with how I look.

I come out of the room, and they turn to see me and stare so long I begin to get nervous that maybe I don’t look as good as I thought. But, then, Leo and Jake both have the biggest smile on their faces.

They tell me that we are going to the best Italian Restaurant and we have the best wine and pasta dinner that we end up having to take the dessert home with us.

Now it is time to go to their house and tell my story no matter how much I really don’t want to have to talk about it. I just know if I am not completely honest with them, they won’t be able to help me, and for this Dom/Sub menage to work, we all have to be honest and open with each other.

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