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The Contract

The next morning they make breakfast and have a contract ready for me when I wake up. Of course, I won’t even look at the contract until I have had my coffee on the balcony!

Master Leo and Jake came out on the balcony and were enjoying their coffee as well. I told them, “this was my favorite spot in the whole house,” and they laugh and say it “technically not in the house.” It was a beautiful morning, but I knew they wanted to go over the contract and see if there were any questions I had left. So, it’s time to get down to business and see where this life takes me. Nothing else has come close to helping me, not therapy, psychiatry, or psychologists, and not even group meetings. I have tried them all.

We go into the office, and they sit me down and explain that they want to take care of me in the best, most loving way. And that is they are going to combine the Dom/Sub and Daddy Doms so that the rules and punishments will also be different. Since I am no less but do have daddy issues growing up without a father can do that. But I also need a firm hand in handling my problems. As they are explaining all this to me, it makes sense, and I agree as long as they understand I am not a little and never will be. So, outcomes

The Contract...

The Submissive:

1. Must address Masters, Sir, Daddy when appropriate

A. Daddy is only to be used at home when dealing with issues or is submissive is feeling in that area

2. Sub must not harm herself in any way

A. MUST tell Masters if the feeling is there

3. The submissive must listen and obey Masters at ALL times

4. The submissive will live with the Masters

5. The submissive must never lie to or hide issues from the Masters

6. The submissive will get plenty of rest and exercise

A. Exercise at least 3 times a week in the gym at the house

7. The submissive must ask for permission to do or change certain things about herself

A. No extreme hair cuts or piercing out of spite or feeling out of control etc.

8. The submissive must always inform the Master if she is leaving the house and where the submissive going

The Doms reserve the right to either delete or add to these rules as seen fit

The Dom/Daddy

1. Must ALWAYS put submissive first

2. Must listen to submissive and be understanding

3. Must make sure the submissive is happy, healthy, and growing to be the best she can be.

4. Must give aftercare to submissive when disciplined

5. Must stay consistent with rules

6. Must encourage submissive to make and continue to make progress

7. Must provide everything for the submissive as she will not work

This includes: Clothes, food, jewelry, purses, Misc money to walk around with

8. Must remember that a submissive is a choice, so never abuse the submissive Always treat her with love, respect, and disciplined


1. Spankings (must try all methods at least once before veto)

2. Cut in Allowance

3. Loss of contact with friends for a week

4 Orgasm denial

5. Forced multi- orgasms

6. No Sex

7. Kneel on rice for 5 minutes (Extreme Punishment only)

Doms have the right to add or subtract at any time and to inform submissive.

This agreement between Master Leo and Master Jake on this date.

Sign_____________________________ Date________________________________

Sign______________________________ Date________________________________

This agreement for Submissive is to acknowledge she is willing to step into her new role.

Sign_______________________________ Date_________________________

This agreement is legal and binding for a term no less than one year unless Dom’s scar or severely causes bodily harm or if any persons on this contract cheat.

The sub must now choose safe word _________________________________________________________________

Once this is signed and dropped off at the lawyers and filed to protect the submissive goes into effect the next morning.

Well, no wonder they want to get this signed first thing this morning. I say to myself with a smirk on my lips. So, they ask me, “if I have any questions?” and really don’t. Leo and Jake are amazing at explaining things as we go along. I tell them my only one is, “Are you sure you both want to deal with me being broken” I know I have days that I don’t talk to anyone, and other days I just cry. And still other days plain temperamental.

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