Her Saviors/Her Doms

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Intro to the Playroom

{Master Jake} Oh Yeah... I look forward to teaching you exactly how I am going to deal with you on those days!

{Master Leo} Not to be outdone, I have this smile on my face like I wish we had filed the paperwork yesterday, and I say I am more than willing. So now that is signed, sealed, and off to be delivered. Let us go down to the beach and have a nice picnic and just enjoy the rest of the day.

Destiny’s POV

I go and make sandwiches and add bottles of water into the basket I had so, we all put our towels and sunscreen in the basket. We head down there and have real fun until the beach is closed. After that, we went back to the house and took a 3-way shower where they just kissed me all over. They washed me from head to toe, and then I return the favor. We get out, and they towel me dry and lead me to the bed and start kissing me again, and hands are everywhere........

{Master Leo} We need to move this to the playroom. And begin her training and also to see where her limits are.

Master Jake lifts me, bridal style, and carries me into the one room I have not been in yet. Master Jake stands me by the door and tells me to remove my towel and fold it. Then he has me place it on the chair beside me.

{Master Jake} anytime you are asked to enter this room, you are to do the same thing every time. You are to kneel, and your ass is to be on your heels and your hands on your legs with your palms up, head bowed down, and back straight.

As I get into the position, they are smiling and told me that I was doing so well for my first time. Master Jake starts to go over the rules in this chamber. And this room only.

Master Leo is to be referred to as Sir, and he is to be referred to as Daddy. This is so that they can work on making me better and healthier.

This is also the punishment room so, the rules here are {extremely important.} You will only talk if you are asked a question and must address the one who asked in the right form. Today is to see how much you can handle and give us a baseline on where we are at this time and how far we can push you and still stay in your comfort zone.

For this to work for all of us, we need to be completely honest and have open communication. Answer Daddy now.

{Destiny} Yes, Daddy, I understand today I will be tested. And also, that I must remember to call Master Leo, Sir, and you will be called Daddy.

{Daddy} Are you ready to begin Little Dove?

{Destiny} Yes, Daddy!

Destiny’s POV

Daddy sits on the edge of the bed and tells me to crawl to him and get over his lap. I do as I am told, and a part of me is asking myself if I can really handle all this. I mean two dominant men and rules and punishment, as well as, the play that will also include pain, but I know I need this to work. So I lay over his knees, and he starts to rub my ass. Sir and Daddy are saying how happy they are to be able to take care of me. And to get to test me, and teach me.

This brings warmth to me that I had no idea it could. Daddy says, since this is not a punishment, I do not need to count. He then proceeds to give me five firm swats and then rubs them as telling me how proud he is of how well I am doing. As he continues this rhythm, my ass begins to burn, and tears start to fall, and yet I also feel something inside of me that not only is getting so turned on but freeing as well.

When he has given me 20 swats, he tells me that I have been such a good girl, his best little Dove. And that I deserve to cum for him.

So he lays me on the bed and climbs between my legs and starts to lick and rub my pussy and clit like the true Master he is. And I tell him, Daddy, I am going to cum.

And he says, Cum for Daddy, and I let go of the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life.

Then, Sir comes to me and says, my turn, and takes me to Saint Andrew’s cross where he and Daddy cuff my arms and legs wide open. Daddy took a step back, and Sir asks me for my safe word. And I say, Candy, Sir.

{Sir} Do not be afraid to use it because tonight is about trying new things, and if you really do not like something, then tell us, and we will not do that again.

{Destiny} Yes, Sir, I am ready.

Wow, I should have asked what are you going to use? Because the next thing I know, a Flogger is being used on my back, my ass, and my legs.

It hurts more than the spanking, but as it goes on, I still do not feel like I need to safeword so, I do not use it. Sir stops every so often to rub me between my legs or over my welts and tells me how proud he is of his perfect pet.

I am so out of my mind with so many emotions that I cry. And suddenly, it starts to feel like I am floating on a cloud, and I no longer feel any pain, not emotional or psychical. And everything seems so far away, I barely hear Daddy say, I think she just went into subspace.

They take me down and lay me on the bed and just hold me until I start to come around, and Sir just looks at me and asks me if I am okay?

I smile and say I have never felt better, but I am still so turned on. Could Sir and Daddy both please take me and make me cum?

Sir smiles and reaches for the drawer next to the bed, and grabs a bottle of lube, and asks, Daddy, front or back? Daddy says I will take her ass this time, and we can switch it up however we want to go forward. When I see the size of Sir’s cock I think damn. I am glad he is going in my pussy because he is HUGE!!!

He lays on his back and gently enters me slowly, letting me adjust to his size. When Daddy tells me to open my mouth, he wants to stick his cock deep into my throat, and when I open my mouth, I am so shocked my eyes must have looked like saucers. Because he looked bigger than Sir, and he was planning on fucking my ass soon, he pushed his cock as far as it would go into my throat. I worked it as much as I could, licking the head of his cock, and running my tongue over the veins on his dick. And then, I hollowed out my mouth as he thrust in and out, over and over before pulling out. Saying I must have that ass NOW!

As he is lubing his cock and my ass. Sir is saying over and over how proud they are at how I am doing. Daddy then pushes gently with one hand between my shoulder blades and makes me lean into Sir, who takes this moment to kiss me so hard and passionately. While Daddy is slowly pushing his big cock into my ass and tells me to breathe, and push back on him, and to let him in.

I do exactly, as he says, and I still feel like I am going to be ripped in two! He finally gets balls deep, and then they just do not move until I adjust to them both being in me. When I can breathe again, I ask them to move and to fuck me, and so they did. I have never felt like this before, and I cum so many times and so hard that I am literally limp in their arms by the time we are done.

Daddy gets up and starts a bath and puts in some oils and some bubbles. And Sir carries me into the bathroom and climbs in, placing me in between his legs, and Daddy gets in front of me, and they proceed to wash me and my hair, and I am in heaven by this point. They wrap me up in their arms, and we go to sleep with the knowledge that we will discuss how we all thought tonight went and if anything needed to be avoided in the future.

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