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Destiny Learns the Cane

Destiny’s POV

We walk back to the house and have drinks on the balcony, and they tell me about working for them. At once, I am excited because I went to college for that, and nothing would make me happier than to use my skills.

{Master Jake} I like to divulge all your skills if last night is anything to go by!!!!

{Master Leo} laughs so hard. Then he goes inside to start dinner, and I offer to make the salad, but he told me, no, just go be with Master Jake for a while.

We go into the bedroom and sit on the edge and talk about last night. He wanted to know if there was anything I did not like; things I tolerated thinking I had to for them, what did I like.

{Master Jake} I want to ask you if you might like to keep trying new things.

{Destiny} I said there was nothing that I did not like or tolerated. It was precisely, what I needed and how the subspace helped me relax and clear my mind enough to sleep.

{Master Jake} After dinner, I want to try something new.

(Destiny} What new thing do you have in mind?

{Master Jake} I want and need you to trust me, do you?

{Destiny} Yes, Master Jake, I do trust you.

{Master Jake} we will start with the spanking over the knees because it prepares the skin and blood flow to keep the bruising down. And then we will try a new item and see what you think of it, okay?

{Destiny} Should I be scared?

{Master Jake} What are you scared about?

{Destiny}I am most afraid of the cane.

{Master Jake} It can be one of the most pleasant or painful tools. It depends on how it is used and its desired impact.

{Destiny} I am still scared of it.

{Master Jake} We are going on a walk along the beach please go put on a bikini and nothing else.

{Destiny} so I do as I am told. And when I come back downstairs, I see Master Leo and Master Jake are talking.

{Master Leo} smiles at me and says to enjoy my walk and that he will see me at dinner.

He kisses my forehead and tells me to be a good girl.

{Destiny} I promise I will be.

{Master Jake} takes my hand, and we leave to go to the beach, and it is the perfect time of night to be out there.

{Master Jake} I would like to change a couple of things.

{Destiny} And I looked worryingly at him and asked, what did you want to change? Did you not want to be with me?

{Daddy} I just want to be called Daddy. Anytime we are alone or at the house. After all, it was such a turn-on for me. I like it better from your lips after having your lips on my big thick cock.

{Destiny} And of course, I agree because he always acts like a dad. Making up rules, spanking my ass, and always telling me what to do. And I love it.

The farther we get away from the house, I start to see a kinky setup, and so I turn to Daddy and ask, what is going on?

{Daddy} This is for us to have some private time for the two of us, and I want to teach you the cane. And I want you to see that it is not as bad as you think.

Now I am rethinking this whole beach walk right now. When we reach our destination, Daddy sits down and has me sit on his lap.

{Daddy} What is the first thing I will always do to you?

{Destiny} Spank me to get my skin ready for whatever is to come.

Daddy is so proud that I remembered that after only being told once.

{Daddy} asks me. Do I trust him to teach me what I do not know? And trust him to not hurt me when it is only playing time, not punishment time?

{Destiny} I say, of course, Daddy, which makes his night.

{Daddy} Do not to worry about what we are going to be doing. We own the whole beach around us and our house.

{Daddy} It is time to remove your bikini and layover my lap. I hesitate.

{Daddy} Do not make me repeat myself.

{Destiny} And I see he is not playing so, I do as I am told even if I am scared of that damn cane.

{Daddy} Instead of ten spankings, I will get fifteen. Because I hesitated. Damn, cane.

Now, count and thank Daddy, and if you do not, I will start again, understand? Yes, Daddy.....Swat 1, thank you, Daddy, Swat 2, thank you, Daddy, and so forth until he says this is the last one, and it is going to be the hardest one yet. He slaps me so hard I almost forget to breathe, let alone say 15 thank you, Daddy, but I do because I know I cannot start over after that last one.

I am crying so hard, and I know it is not even over yet. I still have to get the damn cane!!!

{Daddy} You will receive 5 whacks from the cane just to introduce me to the rattan cane.

{Daddy} You do not have to count or thank me. (Which I probably would not anyway.) He has me bend over and grab my ankles.

{Daddy} Do not to let go, or this will become a punishment.

{Destiny} Okay, Daddy, and do as I am told again. The first swat hurt like hell because my ass, already hurting, and I cry out, but the last four kinda took me to that other space I like so, they were not so bad. Daddy is now rubbing the lotion on my very sore ass.

{Daddy} I am so proud of how his little Dove did with this.

Then he lays me on the blanket and proceeds to kiss me and rub my breast and pinch my nipples. He moves his mouth down to my right breast and sucks it in rhythm with his nipple play on my left breast, then he switches breast like a pro.

His hands wander down to my pussy, and he moans, you are so wet for Daddy, my little Dove, and so tight Daddy needs a taste of you now!

He kisses my body down to my pussy, and he sucks my clit into his mouth while he pushes two fingers into my hungry pussy. And I am moaning so loud, and Daddy is stroking my clit and fingering my g spot, I can not stop the orgasm that just came out of nowhere.

{Daddy} That is okay, baby. I did not tell you to hold back so you can cum as much as you want tonight; this was never a punishment, just a teaching and fun night.

Destiny’s POV

He has me kneel on the blanket and tells me to let him fuck my mouth and for me to take as much of him as I can. With just being able to take half of it, and I am suffocating, but he has such good taste, I do not want to stop.

{Daddy} I want in your pussy too desperately to cum in your mouth.

So, he rolls me over to on all fours and takes me from behind, and he thrust in so hard and deep I almost fall on my face. Daddy has me by the waist and holds me up. And continues to ram deep and hard over and over for nearly an hour.

I lost count of how many times I cum. I just know that I am about to pass out when he finally groans( I am cumming, little Dove,) and he fills me with his hot seed. I am exhausted. So we lay there and catch our breaths. When I can stand again, we head back to the house for a shower and dinner, and I know Master Leo is waiting for me. Let us just hope he does not want to hit my ass because I already cannot sit down.

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