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Sir Gets Mad at Daddy

Master Leo has finished our dinner, and when we arrive, he tells Jake to set the table. And he is going to give me my shower, and then we will be back down. Master Leo lifts me up bridal style and carries me up to our room. Where he strips me down and whistles at all my new marks.

{Sir} Are you okay, or do you need aftercare?

{Destiny} Whatever pleases you, Sir, I am in your care.

May I just beg that if you intend to use anything on me tonight, please not my ass as it is too painful at the moment?

{Sir} What was used tonight?

{Destiny} Just Daddy’s hand and the cane.

{Sir} What do you think of the cane?

{Destiny} My eyes are down. And say that if that is the way you both like it, I will get used to it someday.

This seems to anger Sir, and I am not sure as to why. As we are having this conversation. He is wetting my hair and adding the shampoo and massaging my head, and it feels like heaven right at that moment.

{Sir} Ask me questions like am I having second thoughts or maybe this is too much for me?

{Destiny} I take a minute to think and answer honestly as I can and say no, I truly believe I deserve this, and one day I hope to find peace.

Again, I feel like I answered wrong because he goes tense behind me. Now, Sir washes out the shampoo and puts the conditioner in. And start washing my body while paying attention to fresh marks. He mumbles to himself that they need to slow down as I have never been a sub before.

{Destiny}When I dare to ask him if I may ask a question?

{Sir} stands up and says I am always allowed to ask questions.

{Destiny} Sir, why do you seem so mad tonight? Have I given the wrong answers?

{Sir} then replies that there is no wrong answer unless it is a lie. And two Sir is not angry at me.

I try to make it better by saying he gets private time with me tonight as well, and whatever he had planned can still happen.

Sir laughs and says, no, way can it happen tonight, but he has an idea of something else, and he is pretty sure I am going to love it.

I beg Sir not to hold back. I need to learn and learn fast so that I may please them both. Sir smiles and says, can you not see you already do please us. Master Jake was a little too rough and is moving too fast, so I will talk with him.

But I beg Sir not to say anything to upset Daddy. Now Sir is rinsing my hair and body, and we get out of the shower, and he towels me off and tells me to go lay on my front so that he can apply the healing cream.

{Sir} tells me when he is done to stay naked and walks me to the dinner table where he shows Daddy that I am way too bruised for this early in training. Daddy looks like he might cry. Daddy was not aware of how hard the swats were due to it being dark by the ocean, and he jumps up to hug me and say how sorry he is and that it will never happen again.

Sir sits me on his lap and continues to rub my back softly the whole time we eat dinner, and Daddy barely talks; he is so upset with himself. I try to move from Sir to Daddy, but Sir will not let me go. So I tell Daddy it is okay and I love him, just please be more careful with the nasty cane, and he lifts his eyes up to me and says, you love me?

And I say, Well, Duh, I love you both. I tell Daddy that Sir and I will be going to the playroom and that I will give him cuddles after we are done playing.

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