A LOVE REACTION- His ice to her fire

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OFFICE ROMANCE Warning- This is an erotica novel. Make sure you're 18 or above. Abusive language, explicit content might be triggering, so read on your own risk. Steven Stanworth A composed beast. Katherine Peterson An impulsive angle. He emits coldness,she radiates heat He is tough,she is independent He possess calm while she has temper He got brains so she has beauty His oozes power whereas she is a broken soul. He causes chills to her spine while she provides warmth to his heart. He is calculative but she is clumsy. He is prejudice to her pride. He hates disobedience. however, she never obey. His grey to her amber. His ice versus her fire. A journey of how their ice and fire equate and react. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO MEGHAN ROSALINE. plagiarism strictly prohibited, in whole or parts, do not copy. HOPE YOU HAVE A AMAZING JOURNEY WITH ICE AND FIRE.

Erotica / Humor
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Sometimes, life makes you feel burdened. You are breathing but not living. Your working, earning, eating and breathing but not alive. Sometimes, it become so hard to survive, so hard to kept hopes intact and for believes to not die.

At times, it's become difficult to hold on. To get thought and to keep pushing.

Nobody knows if they merely breathing till they get to know what living feels like.

They say, the best comes after the worst. The brightest sun shines after the darkest night. After digging deep in heat you get cold water but who would tell if things already worst enough or get even worst. Who would tell if it's darkest yet or not and who would tell how deep to go further.

How long to hold on.

Maybe that's..

Until that day, you got your purpose.

Until that day, everything so far starts reasoning.

Until that day, realisation hits you of it all being a path to lead you to the place you truly belong.

Until that day, when someone collides and turn your way to your ultimate fate without even your knowledge.

Until that day, no house but someone's arms felt like home.

Until that day, for which you kept holding.

Until that one day, It all felt to be worth it.

Two persons are breathing in the same city, the same air in their own world quite opposite unknown of other ones existence, until they met.

Her fire to his ice.

His cold to her warmth.

Will her fire melt his heart or will his cold freeze her head?

Hey! You lovely people,

I hope you are liking the idea of this plot.

This is my second book, a little light and quite bold.

Please do share your opinions about this. You can also follow me on my insta handle @meghan.rosaline.



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