Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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It's Wintertime in Southern Europe, CoVID-19 and quarantine is ongoing. Morgan jogs at 4 in the morning to get out of the house. In one of her runs she sees a strange pale and red eyed boy. One week later she sees him again, outside her apartment building. Or: Girl meets vampire and his boyfriend story, with a lot of smut and a lot of plot twists. (the first part of this series will have +/- 100k words) Warning: This story will contain sexual situations and heavy degradation. Do not read if hardcore sex is not adequate to you. The main character embarks in a emotional and sexual self discovery with two lovers. They also engage in BDSM related sexual activities. It is very explicit. If you're not comfortable by being assaulted with visual writing, do not proceed. Thank you.

Erotica / Fantasy
Rita Macedo
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


This story will contain sexual situations and heavy degradation. Do not read if hardcore sex is not adequate to you. The main character embarks in a emotional and sexual self discovery with two lovers. They also engage in BDSM related sexual activities. It is very explicit. If you're not comfortable by being assaulted with visual writing, do not proceed. Thank you.

The best thing about my life right now is that I can go out of the house and run.

The world is a total chaos.y

There’s this new disease, that is fast spreading and that is freaking everyone out.

Yes, I get it, it’s new. We know nothing about the virus, but what the fuck, we’re avoiding each other like a plague.

As you may have guessed we’re currently in quarantine.

Hitting that one-month mark and this situation is probably going to be extended​ for one more month, or two.

So, I run. I run alone at night with my music playing and matching my steps with the rhythm of the beat.

I was always an introvert and I enjoy being one. I am socially active don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have the drive to maintain one hundred and forty best friends.

In fact, I only have the one. One crazy and annoying best friend. I sometimes want to kill her but mainly I love her and fight everyone who tries to bully her.

She’s brave and unique, but really into clubbing and not studying. I don’t think she has any plans after High School.

On the other side, I like to learn, I am the best student of my school.

I planned my future, know exactly the course I want to take and I know exactly what to expect, because I work hard to succeed.

Some would say Mia is almost a total opposite to me. Guess we balance each other out.

Anyways, today was different. My run wasn’t uneventful.

Usually during quarantine, I see no one on the streets, specially not at four hours and thirty minutes in the morning. Adding to the late night (or early morning), it is still cold outside because wintertime is on his peak.

Today I saw a boy. I’m guessing​ he’s my age give or take. Even whiter than me and wearing strange clothing.

I saw him briefly while crossing the main avenue and he was in a rush. The strange thing about him was that even though it’s 9 degrees Celsius outside, he was wearing short sleeves and did not look hypothermic. Maybe he was jogging. He was moving rather fast.

His eyes were weird too. I never saw such color in someone’s eyes.

I’m trying not to look much into it because that area has poor light. Maybe the color I saw was just a bizarre refraction or something, because I could swear, I saw red eyes. Like bordeaux red, wine-red color eyes, like that but through light.

They looked unreal.

I should cut the caffeine, I’m too young to have hallucinations at 5 in the morning.

Life goes on.

Yes, it was strange but so is one hundred different things in life.

Like the fact that my mom is obsessed with those abs’ exercises from Chloe Ting.

Or my dad is still smoking though he went through a minor procedure on one of his lungs.

Life is weird sometimes and messy and make no sense, but we do go on.

I continue to run, almost every night, practically at the same hour, not always because I can have my cheat day too, being an imperfect Human.

I notice nothing out of the ordinary.

Only that I’ve noticed that the population of strays have increased throughout quarantine, mainly felines.

Other than that, no one dares to come out much. Mainly just to go to the supermarket or to walk the dog.

One week after that little episode I see that boy again.

I get a glimpse of him through my bedroom window. I’m really not sure because I live on the 6th floor and I don’t have eagle sight so, I think it’s him. Maybe it’s him. At least someone with very similar body type.

I decide to take out the trash that instant and take the escalator down to the main floor, maybe it is him.

I check my phone. Three in the morning.

When I get to the main floor and peek through the building’s front door (it is made of glass) I see that person smoking near the parking lot.

Fuck. What the hell should I do now? Bravery is in the other side of fear, Morgan! Just go!

I dispose of the trash bag and approach him. Cough. Yes, like a loser I cough.

He rises his face and I see his eyes. He must be an albino, I never saw such redness in one’s eyes.

“Sorry, could you... ah... lend me a cigarette, please?” I say, trying hard to calm my accelerated heart.

“Lend you, not give?” the strange boy replies, in an unworldly deep voice.

Also, he speaks slowly, almost like he’s stretching his voice.

I’m fucked, that’s exactly my favorite type of male voice.

I try to react... Morgan, you have to answer the beautiful albino guy, focus!

“I could give you one back tomorrow or later... I mean, I should!” I pathetically reply.

“You should not smoke,” he advises “but the youth is foolish like that, right?”

My mouth opens and closes, I am unable to answer him.

I take the lighter, the cigarette and try to light it.

I’m not a smoker, but I used​ to smoke when I was younger, because it was “cool”. Maybe he’s right, youth is indeed foolish like that.

Smoking never stuck, thank goodness for that. I already have a caffeine addiction, I don’t need another one.

“I’m not dumb, but thanks!” I smile and lean to the concrete wall of the parking lot, trying hard not to cough and flag myself to him.

“I’m Morgan...” I say but stop, because what else should I say to him, my last name?

“See, youth is idiotic. Now I know you live in that building and your name is Morgan. I could be a thief and contact my colleague thieves to sack you, because you are too trusting, aren’t you?” this time his deep voice finds a rhythm that is not that slow. I hear a strange accent too.

I laugh “I’m not too trusting. I’m intrigued. I never saw you around here. Should I call the cops though, is that what you’re saying?”

“They can’t catch me.” he monochordically stated.

“Okay, now I’m untrusting.”

“Relax.” he gives me a small smile “If I were to harm you, I would already.” I was fascinated by the way he worded his thoughts. It’s somewhat wrong but I got the idea.

“Is English not your first language?” I boldly ask.

“Not your English, it isn’t.”

Silence comes but not in an uncomfortable way. I finish the cigarette and speak again.

“Well, nice to meet you... person with no name. We’ll see each other around at Devil’s Hour for a smoke.” I tried to speak as archaic as I could.

“Anything is possible, Morgan.”

I start to walk to the apartment building and successfully enter my house. I go back about my night and prepare myself to run. At 4 o’clock I step outside and stretch. No one in sight. Good.

I start to run and skip several music tracks annoying me that they were even placed inside my mp3 player on the first place. I’m feeling a bit anxious today. I run to the boulevard and the main avenue and circle back home. I see no one.

I stop running when I enter my street and walk, stretching all the way home. I see him in the same spot.

I blink and he’s right in front of me and a little yell escapes my throat.

Quickly removing my phones “What tha fuck! What tha fucking fuck! That was not funny at all, Mister Asshole!”

Laughing he replies, “Mister Asshole, I see. Well, that’s a good name as any other, I suppose...”

“Next time I will connect my skinny knee to your dick, you... you asshole. Do not attempt me!” I whisper yell.

“Not that skinny.” he grins.

There’s something different about his teeth, but I’m too pissed off to process that, “Please, move I need a shower and you’re getting on my nerves.”

“I’m asking for my cigarette back... please.”


“What better time?”

“Fine, just wait like 20 minutes, I’ll be back.” I reply still trying to steady my breathing and not to punch him in the face.

“Of course, madame.”

I turn around and sprint to my building. Fudge, I have to steal one of my dad’s. I know he hides his packs of cigarettes on the top of one of the kitchen cabinets.

I enter the house, running to the bathroom to open the bathtub tap.

Then go collect a cigarette, jeans and a sweater to wear after my shower.

Like a good girl I finish blow-drying my hair only eighteen minutes later.

Descending the escalator, I feel nervous and dry my hands on my jeans. I try to steady my beating heart, but I guess I am not succeeding.

I opened the main door of the building and stepped outside. Its freezing. I’m feeling the cold more because I just got out of a warm shower.

I sigh when I see him and start to walk towards him to give him the cigarette.

“There you go. I owe you nothing now. Thank you for your kindness.” I tell him and fake smile.

“Thank you but this is not your cigarette, right? This is not the brand that you smoke. I don’t think so you should steal from other people just to get me what I asked for.” he raises one of his brows and smirks.

“What′s the difference anyways? You gave me a cigarette and I am giving you another one in return. What is your problem with me?” I reply impatiently “Thank you so much and goodbye.”

“Wait! I’m just joking, please come back. Smoke another one with me. This one, you can smoke this one, I don’t care.” he pauses, “Come on! I’m alone tonight, my friends just went out without me. Pretty please?” he lamely finishes.

Should I? I shouldn’t.

“Fine but I am not smoking at all. I’m just keeping you company for like 30 minutes tops then I have to go and sleep, so my family does not think that I’m a vampire and incapable of sleeping.” I give in.

“What do you mean? Vampires sleep, right?”

“I don’t know. I never met one. I have no idea maybe...” I stop to think about it, “I should google it. It is possible they do sleep during the daytime. I would like to know. Do you know? ” I start babbling because I get nervous around smoking hot, gorgeous guys at 5 in the freaking morning. Get a grip Morgan!

“So, your family doesn’t think you’re weird too?” I continue.

“My family is weirder than me so... no.”

“Do you have a big family? Or it is just mom, dad and you?” I ask, trying to keep the conversation going, because I have not a conversationalist at all.

“You know, in the 21st century that’s a pretty biased way of characterizing a family. I mean, we have mono-parental families, two moms or two dads and you just go with the heteronormative as the only way. There are other types of families now. How preconceived are you?” now he’s talking so fast I almost don’t understand all the words coming out of his mouth. He sighs, “Should be ashamed of yourself woman.”

“First, I do not know you and surely there’s still more chance of having a heteronormative little family with three elements, because honestly that is the most common family still. I am not being biased. If I don’t know you, I try to start a conversation as if your family has the structural characteristics as the majority of the families of this country. Ok? I’m being practical.” I take a breather but continue.

“Yeah, I have a mom and a dad and no way they are giving me a sibling, which is pretty lame, but just because I asked in a heteronormative way, this do not mean that I am rejecting other types of families or sexual orientations, Mister Asshole. Don’t assume yourself!” I’m fuming.

He chuckles. And it’s a sexy chuckle. Did not think that a chuckle could be sexy, but this guy made it possible. I saw it happen.

“Well, calm down, Karen. I live with my siblings. Our parents are away, so the older ones take care of the young and wild. “

“Seriously? How many are you?”

“We’re just five. We do have a girl in the mist. She’s as feisty as you, probably worst.” He states.

“Great. Now I’m the aggressive type. Listen, being assertive is different from being aggressive. I simply hold my ground. That is it. Just because I’m a girl does not make me feisty, you asshole. If I were a boy, would you call me feisty too? Who’s being sexist now?”

“Fuck. I will never win with you, will I?” he says blowing the last of his cigarette out of his lungs and smiled.

“I will fight you every time, I promise. At least I’m not boring.” I reply.

“Tell me handsome young boy, are you the youngest of the five?”

“No, but the younger ones appear to be older than me. I’m the only one that has this awesome young face and the killer abs.”

“Wow, I wish I had your confidence. Killer abs ah? Okay Grumpy Cat.”

“Well you should meet my younger brother you will love him a lot. He’s way worse than me on the subject of being confidence.” he said with an annoying look on his face.

“I think I should go now ’Person That I call Mister Asshole’.” I state and start to move.

He stopped me with his hand on my shoulder “Wait, Morgan. I will give you my phone number OK?”

His grip was strong yet delicate, I was surprised to say the least.

Nonetheless I give him my phone “OK...” I pause and raise one of my brows, “Although you said that I am too trusting. Maybe I should not give it to you Mr.’I’m gonna mug you’.”

He gives me the cellphone back with a smirk and added “I’m not going to rob you, don’t worry. I don’t need to. Thanks though. Text me tomorrow night before the witching hour and I will bring my brother to meet you. You’ll like him. He’s fun, he’s definitely not like me.”

“OK I guess I see you tomorrow or something. I’ll text you.” I start to walk towards my building.

Nonetheless to say that my heart was beating so fast I was so nervous. Was he flirting with me? I’ll find out tomorrow.

oh Goodness I love quarantine.

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