Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 10

Coming back home is a depressing affair.

Draven wakes up around noon and whines a lot about the unfairness of life but get dressed and put sunglasses on to drive us back home. It’s raining so it’s not that cold.

I like it when it rains. It’s not the rain per se, it’s the smells and the warmth.

We do have a little debate on the way home.

“They’re gonna open up general commercial spaces next week” Azazel tell us looking at his phone.

“Really? Guess we finally are getting a lower number of infections. Almost three months.” It was hard, well, not for me exactly... I had my boyfriends to keep me entertained, but for my parents and most people. It was difficult but we pulled through.

“Well, finally we can date you properly.” Draven says.

“Draven, please...”

“What? Are you ashamed of these ancient men?”

“Of course not. I’m just not used to this, to that.”

“Well, I’m seeing the list and clubbing is out of the question.” Z intervenes.

“Are Bars opening soon?”

“Yeah, babe. The government are giving them this week to rearrange the space. They are cutting capacity to half.”

“Makes sense if you stay away enough the probability of infection decreases. Are they implementing mandatory face mask inside?”

“Yes. Indoors, all public spaces and transportation. Not on the streets though.”

“Azazel, we’ll have to remember that, or else humans are calling the police on us...”

I laugh, ”Yeah, you should wear them. People are really scared.”

“It is an humans′ natural response to be afraid of the unknown.” Draven finish.

“I’m so tired. I’m regretting all the fire from the last days. It’s like a car drove over me. My muscles are so spent.”

“I warned you, Kitten, but you had all that hornyness bubbling inside and Azazel and I wanted to aid you.”

“Babe, you literally hurt us. Do you have any idea how hard it is to do that? Also, I thought you would break at some point, but Draven assured me that he was always checking on your heart rate and breathing.”

“Well I do apologize for being bitchy and so bossy. Looking back, I see that I was lost in the moment, but really, it was my time.”

“No need for apologies, Kitten. We are just honored to be of service. Don’t ruminate on that. It was a unique situation, once in a lifetime experience. We pulled through for you.”

I smile and sigh, “Yes you did. I can’t believe I made you fuck me so much.” I chuckle.

“We love you very much. We would make you feel loved and make love to you uninterruptedly if you needed us too.” Z states.

When the car stops at my house I don’t want to get out.

Z goes to the back to get my backpack and Draven get the car door.

“We will be just five minutes away, if you need anything, but I suggest you get some rest for a couple of days.” Draven kisses me, “We’re available anytime, call, text. I love you. We love you.” He kisses my head, “Also, send architectural ideas for our future retreat. We’re on a schedule.”

“Okay. Love you.” I smile and hug him tightly.

Z walk me to the front door and places a small peck on my lips, “Study hard. We’ll talk to Sam to give you some pointers on the driving theory.”

“I love you.” I tell him softly.

“I love you too, shorty.”

“Not gonna lie. She scares me more than you in bed and that is saying something, D.”

“She was sexually frustrated, Azazel. You’ll see. She won’t demand as much next time. Besides, you complain now but at some point, you were so into her that I had to intervene, remember?”

“Shit was scary...” He sighs, “but hot as fuck. Do you understand that she was more sadistic than you? And the amount of pain she endured? She’s human, how could she ask for more and more? She got bruises and still pulled us further. Maybe you should talk to her, that was not normal.”

I park the car and close the garage door, finally taking the sunglasses off.

“Azazel, it was her first time. Her primary mating instincts were on full blast. You’ll see.”

“Babe, imagine if she was not human.”

“Azazel. Come rub my feet.” I tell him when we enter my bedroom, mainly as a means of distraction.

I lay down and start calling my Asian property manager.

“Shakil, how are you my friend?”

I’m so tired that I slept for twelve hours straight, I fell asleep right after dinner and woke up at 8 in the morning but only because I had to use the toilet. I bet I could sleep an entire day.

I got online classes at ten so I wouldn’t, but I bet I could.

Slowly I started to notice bruises and aches.

I call Z after class and he picks up at second ring, “Babe, how are you?”

I laugh, “Well, I am regretting some decisions but guess that is part of growing up. Know your limits and all that jazz.”

“Yeah babe that is indeed part of growing up. We miss you. You know how lonely my work out is without you.”

“Poor baby. How’s D?”

“Same old, same old. Pun intended.”

“Cool. So I don’t know if you really heard me about the vacations in August, but I was kinda of high by sex. Please, ignore all the bullshit I said, like I’m embarrassed enough... Maybe never talk about that again. It would be great.”

“Oh, sorry Babe. Don’t feel embarrassed. It’s just us.”

“I know. I’m embarrassed because of me not because of you. It’s hard to explain.”

“Kitten,” I suddenly hear Draven’s voice on the other side of the call, “How are you hanging?”

“What? Did you just make a meme joke?” I chuckle.

“No. I am bound to inform you that I did take your request seriously and indeed ordered a little beach house on BasBas Island as you demanded.”

I coughed, ”First of all, I say a lot of shit that you don’t take seriously and as you shouldn’t​, may I add. Fuck Draven. I was horny and feeling powerful. I just said it because I really enjoyed our time on the beach house and I thought I wanted to stay longer...” I sigh, “Probably that stuck in my brain and I demanded it, as you so eloquently stated, because I really want to spend time with you. Also, I was cold, so I asked for warm weather...”

“Kitten, calm down. It is fine. It’s a wonderful investment even if we decide not to go,” He pauses, “but we can go. It will be ready in the middle of July.”

“Of course it will...” I sigh.

“Don’t worry so much. It was a good idea. Long term we all can visit, even the rest of the family. The weather even aligns. We should go always in winter time, which is our summer, so it works fine for us. Actually, the sky there is the cloudiest in August.”

“And how is that important?” I hesitate to ask.

“Well, as you know all our senses are enhanced, so our sense of touch is strong. The sun is really painful as its rays penetrate our skin. It’s different if we fight or bleed, not as painful as the sun. It’s not the worst pain ever, but it’s not pleasant. So we refrain from going out a lot during day, specially during summer.”

I take my time to process this. Well, that makes a lot of sense and I did notice that they prefer to stay indoors while the sun is out.

“Kitten, are you listening? I hear your breathing but not your heart rate. Are you okay?”

I snap out of my inner dialogue and reply, ”No, I’m fine. I’m just processing. I’m glad it’s cloudy enough for you to enjoy the outdoors.”

“Yes, it’s pleasant to breath fresh air and see the sea colored blue, not that dark liquid that we see at night.”

“Yeah, I bet you like that.” I pause, “That’s how you get inspired to write?” I try.

“What? I... How do you know about that?” He nervously asks.

“Makes sense, you compose music. Writing lyrics or something else is not inconceivable.”

“Smart girl.”

My mom calls me to go dinner, “Draven, I got to go eat. Text me later. Ok? I miss you both too much.”

“We miss you too, Kitten. Take care of yourself.”

“Babe, text me if you need anything. Okay? Lots of kisses and hugs.” I hear Z saying.

I laugh, “Yeah, you too. Bye.”

I receive a collective Bye and hung up.

I smile and go to the Dining room to eat my soup.

TW – Smut

Only three days later I go pay them a visit. I am not allowed to stay the night on ’school days’ but I stay until midnight.

“You know I heard somewhere that a woman should make herself look unapproachable and hard to get so the men don’t lose interest. How do you feel about that.” I ask as I strap the strap-on.

Z is not talking much today. Obviously horny as fuck.

“Kitten, first of all, you should know that this generalization is bullshit and second, isn’t that deception? Obviously it is, deceiving as if you wouldn’t see the truth as soon as that mask comes down revealing the true nature of that female. Besides if you want to make someone happy you've got to let that person be her or himself. Anything else is lying to yourself and your mate.”

“I answered alongside that line of thought.” I say inserting my dildo slowly into Z’s asshole, ”There you go my baby. Mama loves you very much.” and kiss him sweetly, opening his legs wider and rubbing myself accidentally in his dick.

He trashes around.

“Draven. I love you. You know that, don't you? I see you. I see you and I love you.” I sob.

“Slowly today, Kitten.” He answers as he continues to pinch my nipples and kisses my cheeks, "I see you and love you too. So much."

“Okay.” I smile and start trusting into Z.

It was slow and pleasuring. I made Z cum and then get to sit on Draven’s face while Z sucked him.

We cuddle for a couple of hours.

“I love it here. This spot, between you two. I feel like nothing could ever harm me here, between my Azazel and my Draven.”

“Still weird when you call me by my name.”

I smack Z arm, “Boo, ruin my romantic moment. Boo.”

We chuckle. “Nothing will come to harm you and the more time and love we share, more connected we are, even if you’re not physically within arm’s length, even if you are full human.”

“What?” I ask intrigued.

“Babe, we can feel it inside if something happens to you...”

“Remember that stressful class you had yesterday?” Draven asks.

" Yes, that teacher was seriously testing my nerves...”

“We called because we knew you were stressed and Babe we both knew.” Z adds.

“You’re kidding. There’s no way. It’s not scientifically possible.”

“Neither our existence.” Draven replies.

“Do we know though, have you made enough tests? Maybe it was a genetic mutation. Or a virus that only affected you.”

“I did enough testing. I’m not human, Kitten. Neither are the people I chose to turn. We’re more than human. I'm stronger because I'm older.”

“Okay. Let’s think this through. If you feel me and my mood, why don’t I feel yours?”

“Babe, you’re only human, right? Normal sixth sense. We have a super sharp sixth sense.”

“That actually makes a lot more sense to me.” I laugh and hug Z tighter, placing a kiss on his temple.

“In other news, the construction work already started. Should we include anything? You can still add some ideas to the pot.” Draven says.

“I asked for a small gym room, nothing crazy, just a treadmill and a weight bench.”

“I bet you did, my muscles Bunny.” I giggle and reach back to Draven’s hand, “Maybe a outdoors shower facing the sea...”

“So we can pound you as you take the ocean in.” Draven completes.

“No high walls, a rail all around so I can have support and I need you to take that sex swing with us, please.”

“Of course, that is feasible.” He squeezes my hand to assure me.

“Thank you, babes.”

We eventually get dressed and they take me home.

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