Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 11

TW – Smut and degradation

Next week I start to study driving theory adding to the classes I already have. I am avoiding going to the driving school classroom because of the virus, so I study by myself and ask for Sam's help when I don’t understand anything. She's so cool and always answers her phone with joy.

I call Draven, “Good afternoon, Draven. How are you doing today? Nice sleep?”

“Good afternoon, Kitten. Wonderful nap. I’m currently with my hands full. Do you need anything?”

“Hands full?”

“He’s prepping me.” I hear Z lowly.

Oh... Oh... “You know, that’s not fair. I mean I have to study, and I do not live with you, so I miss some moments I shouldn’t.”

“Kitten, we know you’re studying hard and do not want to take you away from your studies. That’s all.”

“Well that’s fair. Tomorrow is Friday, maybe I could spend some time with you.”

I hear Z moaning, “Of course, Kitten. Come and spend whatever amount of time you wish with us.”

“Oh, I will, now put the phone in Z’s ear, I have a message for him. Love you, Draven. See you tomorrow.”

“I love you, my princess. I am looking forward to seeing you.”

I hear z’s moans closer, “Listen little whore, tomorrow I will be there too. Don’t think I will go easy on your fucking ass, you cunt. And I will let you eat my ass too IF you behave. Now, take that big cock like the steady cum slut you are and think of us all over you, bitch. Love you my baby. See you soon.” And hang up.

I bet that made Draven’s job easier. I smile to myself and go on study for my finals.

The next day I prepare my school backpack. Half​ full of my study material, half basic clothing and walk to Draven’s Mansion.

My parents know I’m spending time with school friends this weekend to study. Which is not a complete lie. I will actually study, just not with school friends.

I read somewhere that sex aids the brain to focus more. We’ll see if that’s true or not.

I ring the doorbell and the gates open. I walk further and before I knock on the front door of the Mansion, it opens for me.

“Hello Babe, you came early.” I feel Z’s embrace.

“Yeah, classes ended at four thirty today. You okay?” I look up and kiss him briefly.

“Yes, my princess. I’m cool. Come, I take you to the library to place your books down and then we can go wake Draven up.”

When we get to the bedroom, Draven is already up, rubbing little fists to his closed eyes.

I coo, “Draven, hi.” I hug him.

“Kitten.” He smiles up at me.

“I missed you both so much.” I say.

“We missed you too.” Z speaks from behind me.

“Yes, Kitten, you indeed light our lives like a unwavering candle.”

“I need you so much. I’m going crazy because I can’t touch you and feel you with me.” I say while start to strip my clothes.

“Let us help you then.” Draven said, unfasten my jeans and sliding them down my legs.

“Yes. I need cuddles and then some dicking if you don’t mind.”

“Oh we don’t mind, Babe.” I hear Z say and hug me from behind. I feel him naked against my naked body and I sigh.

“Thank you, babes. I’m stressed out.”

“Kitten, come lay down. We take care of the stress. Don’t worry about anything else now.” Draven says pulling me towards him and adjusting us so Z can fit too.

I sigh high, “I really need this. You. Both of you. Us. Thank you.”

“Relax Kitten, you’re home now.”

And I fall asleep, naked surrounded by the most gorgeous men in the face of Earth. I must be really tired.

I wake up and is night time. I shuffle.

“Hi there, Babe. Draven just left to go to the front door to receive your dinner. Are you doing well?”

I grunt, sleepy, “Yes. Thanks.”

“You’re so cute when you sleep and when you wake up, you really look like a Kitten.” He kisses my temple.

I hear the door of the bedroom opening and closing.

“Come eat at the desk, Kitten.” I lift my eyes to meet Draven. I smile to him and get up and sit down to eat.

He opens the containers and I see sushi, “Hum. Sushi. Thank you boys. You really can read me like a book.”

Draven starts to strip and places his clothes in the walk in closet, “We already hanged out your clothes, Kitten, but I have a feeling you won’t need them much.”

I laugh out, “Yeah. You’re probably right. I am already wet.”

The next second I see Azazel between my legs. He starts to eat my pussy and all I see is his hair.

“Azazel, wait for her to finish her meal.”

“It’s okay, Draven.” I reply, ” Just go slower so I can eat. Thanks Babe.”

I never moaned so much eating Sushi before.

Quickly Draven placed himself behind my chair and started massaging me shoulders and my boobs. I finish my meal and push Z’s head to my pussy harshly , “You can take it fully now.”

Somehow, he lifted me up. My head almost hitting the ceiling and he got me down to the bed and still was able to lick me all the way there.

“Oh Babe, you’re starving. Aren’t you?”

Z moans and comes for air “I love your pussy so much, Babe.” He kisses my mouth sinfully rubbing the head of his dick all over my vagina.

I moan out, “oh my baby, you want to fuck me hard, don’t you?”

I hear a confirmation noise and feel him entering.

“Oh Babe, I want you so much too. Give it to me slowly. Ok?” I ask.

We’re in missionary position, which is not usual. I guess he’s really deprived of me.

“My poor baby, missing his mama so much. Oh and such a big strong cock you have there, ah?” We start making out. It’s pleasant, not crazy sex as usual.

I suddenly look around. Where’s Draven? I see him lounging on the couch. Smiling at us.

Somehow that makes me hornier and I start to meet Z’s strokes, “So good for me, Baby. I love you so much. Fucking mama so good. Oh honey. I want you so much. Give mama your big hard dick, so hard. So good my baby. The bestest boy.” We continue to make out messily.

“I love so much, M. I need you so much, my little mama. Take it fully. Come on. You know how much you like it. Ah? My dicking is good for you?”

I sense my orgasm approaching, “Oh baby. So much. So good. So good. Mama is gonna cum now. Ah... Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.”

I cum with a whimper and stop to breathe deeply.

Z pound me three more times and cums inside me. I sigh, kissing him while I pull him with my feet at his ass, not letting his dick leave the warm of my vagina.

I smile at him and finally let him lay beside me. He side hug me.

“Daddy, you’re not playing today?” I ask lazingly.

“Daddy is waiting for you to enjoy yourself before drilling your ass so wide you will not be able to walk for the entire weekend. But, that’s okay, we will carry you around as usual. Don’t worry. Relax Morgana. You’re here now and we have some time to just be.”

“Come cuddle me then, before you rip me in half and make me cry out. You do love to make me look like a mess.” Something inside me click, oh that is it. I figured something about Draven out. I look him straight into his eyes, “You do love to pretend you are raping me, don’t you?”

He seems surprised but quickly bounces back and smile, “Oh, I adore you Kitten. I enjoy how desperate you look, even though I know that you are enjoying it as much as I do.”

He lay down beside me and kisses my head.

“I do enjoy it even when it’s painful, because it’s you.”

We kiss passionately and I feel that Z is already hard again behind me, poking my ass cheeks.

“I ride Z while you force yourself inside me. Try not to actually rip my rectum apart. I need it.” I strangle Z and slowly get his lenght inside me, starting to ride him while lay on him, kissing him softly.

Minutes later I feel wet and cold fingers opening my asshole.

“Take it my mare, you can take him. I know you do.” Z says from below, ” I love to see you above me Babe. You’re so beautiful. So sexy and confident. We couldn’t ask for a better mate.”

I grunt loudly and start fucking myself harder in his cock, “Z don’t provoke me. I don’t need more hornyness.” I bite his lower lip and he hisses.

Draven is inserting his third finger and start to roll them around. I scream into Z’s mouth.

“Fuck Daddy. You’re harsh as fuck today.” I complain.

“Yes, Morgana and you will take it as I give it to you. Right, you cum whore?”

“Of course, Daddy. I will take it as you give it to me. Like the good slut I am.” I feel it, like my mind is going to a place to not think and allow my body just to feel. When I get to this place, what comes out of my mouth is so embarrassing I try not to remember it later, or else I wouldn’t show my face in public ever again.

“Azazel, steady as a horse. She will swift around now that I will penetrate her. Hold her waist and take her yelling.”

“Yes, Master.” I hear the noise of my wetness louder and feel it dripping down to Z. I moan loudly as I feel something poking my asshole and strong hand on my ass cheeks.

“Daddy... Don’t..." I scream out, “Please, Daddy. Please.”

I start crying and my tears fall into Z’s face.

“It’s okay babe, relax. Draven will take care of you.” Z says as he grips my waist and kisses my eyes.

I feel myself being stretched out impossibly wide. Stuffed in both holes and hear Draven grunting as he bottoms out. I scream louder and sob. “Daddy, please. I don’t want to take it. Draven. Please. Please. Don’t.”

“Mare, calm down. You have to wait for your body to adjust.” I vaguely hear Z talking.

A smack, I jerk up and the pain is invading me right after.

“There you go. Want me to beat your sweet ass more, Morgana?”

I don’t answer.

Another smack. I moan so loud I bet it’s heard in freaking Mars.

They start to fuck me simultaneously.

And that is too much.

If it wasn’t for their hands holding me, steading me. I would fall over Z or to the floor, but they got me. Steady. Reliable.

“Azazel, slow down. You’ll cum in 2 minutes if you continue at that pace. We need to mate her for at least ten minutes more. She needs it, more than us.”

“I know. I didn’t mean to. She’s so warm and wet today.”

“She’s in her fertility peak today, Azazel. That’s why.”

I hear voices but don’t understand a word.

I find support on Z’s shoulders and begin to meet their thrusting.

I force my head to fall back and open my eyes.

I smile to myself. I like this. I feel free. Carefree.

“Harder. Whore. Deeper. Slut. Dumb sex bot. You bitch. Whore.”

“Draven, what’s happening?”

“Morgana is mentally detached. She shuts the brain down and just take it as we please. She is arousing herself further.”

“She’s enjoying herself...” Z replicate.

“Bitch. Cum slut. You love them to worship you. Attention whore. Filthy dumb slut. I want it too much.”

I moan and move faster. The fullness is grounding.

“Azazel, you can cum now. She’s near.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I feel my head swing from side to side fast.

“Ah... Draven. Draven... Z. I can’t. I can’t.”

“Yes, you can Kitten. Take it. It’s almost time. Take it fully.”

I feel my tears reaching my breasts.

“Draven. No. Draven. Help me.”

I collapse into a cold but soft. Close my eyes hard. A silent scream that never comes out.

I feel wave after wave traveling through my body. Again, and again. From my lower belly. Expanding.

Finally, I scream out. Panting. I feel myself rolling my eyes back and spamming, trashing involuntarily.

After what it feels like years. I breathe. Taking a lot of air in.

I feel like I’ve been flying and suddenly I crashed down. And I start sobbing.

“Babe, it’s okay. You’re safe. You’re with us now.”

I sob harder. They must be moving me because the soft cold surface below that was grounding me disappear. Rapidly I understand that I’m sitting strangling Z and Draven is hugging us too. I feel safe in my lovers arms.

“Draven.” I cry out.

“I know. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere.”

I place my head on Draven’s shoulder and my hands find Z’s face, “I love you so much. Don’t leave me.” I say looking up to the ceiling, “I need you more than I like to admit to myself.”

“You need food. You burned a lot of calories just now, Kitten. Hold Azazel. I’ll be right back.”

“NO. Draven do not leave me.” I reach back and try to carve my nails in him, “I will seriously cut you.”

I sigh, “I eat later. Just lay down with me just for a little...” I plead, “Please, just... don’t make me beg.”

A chuckle and I hit the sheets. My belly up.

“I’m going to clean you up real quick Babe.”I hear Z say and moments later he’s on my ass licking everything. Draven hold my legs up. Completely exposing me. “I love this view.” Z states.

“Yes, Azazel. It is the best sighting ever. And her smell. And her taste.”

“I’m right here. Stop talking like I’m not here. Disrespectful vampires.”

“I can’t wait for us to travel and spend half a month together. No freaking clothes.” Z licks my pussy now.

“Yes, it was a splendid idea, Morgana. I will repeatedly abuse both of you. Don’t expect me to hold myself back as strongly as I do here.”

I wide my eyes, “You hold yourself back, here?”

“Yes, I don’t like that they can hear me moaning or giving myself to both of you... I confess, it’s uncomfortable.”

My brain tries unsuccessfully to understand that.

I shift and side-hug him.

“All clear, Babe. We came hard today.” Z says pushing himself up to my side, “you drove me insane when you started to swear and slut shame yourself.”

“What?” I ask genuinely confused.

“Rest a little, my precious Kitten.”

“I’m feeling empty, Draven. What is wrong with me?” I don’t know what’s wrong.

“Just a sub drop. Don’t worry. We hold you tighter and let you know how loved and appreciated you are. Our irreplaceable strong, intelligent and honest Queen. We love you so much. Don’t we, Azazel?”

“So much, Babe. We’ll do anything for you. Our little human. I never thought I would love a female as much as I love you. Physically and otherwise. You rock my world Babe. You’re so cool, M.”

I beam to the complements. “Yeah? You both pretty cool too.” I smile, “I really enjoyed that fuck too. Goodness I was delirious. It was the most awesome sex ever. I will never be able to forget how insane that was. You both filling me. We were all connected through me.”

“Fuck. I’m a freaking goner.” I sigh.

“Well, we were always connected, and you are finally trusting us fully, so this will be happening a lot more from now on.” Draven explains.

“As long as you take proper care of me, we’re good.” I snuggle more and fall asleep.

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