Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 12

TW - Smut and heavy degradation

It’s Saturday and Z dragged me to the gym room, but I only was able to run 15 minutes and do half the weights work out.

I’m tired and I need to study.

“Z, babe. Can you please carry me to the study room and get me some coffee? I need to study and I’m tired.”

“Babe, maybe you should try to sleep a little longer. You look exhausted.”

“Azazel.” I grunt.

He freezes, “Morgan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so moody?”

I sigh, “I don’t know. I’m stressed. I’m sorry Baby. I never meant to yell at you. I’m sorry.”

I start crying putting my hands on my face. Sobbing openly.

He hugs me lifting me to his lap.

“Maybe the sex thing and us being a throuple is finally getting to you.” He claims sadly.

“No. It’s not us. It’s everything. I am mourning the person I thought I was. I thought I was more rational. I’m not. I sometimes find myself losing focus and daydream about us. Irrationally imagining us together forever. Naked. Free. Always smiling. I love you so much. You’re so good to me. You love me even when I don’t know how to love myself. I’m so ugly. I hate my fat belly and I have these huge hips. I hate my body and my face is the worst. Why do I have such a small nose?"

“You’re perfect. I love your hips. They make me horny, because it reminds me of my human years and how much I enjoyed them. If women didn’t had hips how could them carry our children? And you’re not fat. I refuse to even allow you to think that. Also, what if you were? That’s just a body. What about that beautiful brain? What about your sense of fairness? Your social fairness? What about how offended you get when someone else gets hurt? That’s the most beautiful part of you. Your empathy. You’re amazing. Driven. I know that you will fulfill your life goals and I want to be there to applaud you. I want to cherish you forever. The person you are and the person you are becoming. I love you exactly as you came to us and I know that I will love the future you too.”

I laugh between cries, ”Wow, you sounded like Draven for a bit there.”

He hugs me tighter, “Well, I am not that dumb. You know?”

I snap my head up, “I never said that. I don’t think that you are dumb at all. I admire you deeply.” I sound alarmed.

“Azazel, what is going on?” I hear footsteps approaching.

“Babe, Morgan is just having an existential crisis. It’s okay. We’ve made through it.”

Draven chuckles, “She needs more orgasms. Now that she has started being sexually active, her body is demanding that she procreate.”

“What? Draven, I’m just 18. That’s insane.” I say pushing myself up to my feet.

“It is in today’s social structure but only 500 years ago you could be pregnant of baby number two. It was as natural as breathing back then.”

“So, what? The biology didn’t keep up?”

“Of course not, it takes thousands of years for that to happen.” He holds my hands, “I know it makes no sense to you, but to your body, it is a woman’s purpose to perpetuate the species. Extinction is always a possibility. You as a rational person don’t think that, but the instincts of your species inside you will always guide youthat way.”

“Okay.” I breathe thinking it over, “So, will my body be mad at me if I never give birth?”

“There’s some literature about it. Some women say they feel a hole inside their chest, always there, making them feel that something is always missing in their lives. Other eventually adopt. Other claim that they’re happy.”

“Draven, it’s too soon.” I finally say, finding comfort in Z’s arms.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not suggesting anything.” He sighs, “I am just trying to figure out what is happening here.”

“Babe, she cried her eyes out but now she’s better. Don’t slump the mood.”

Draven get his hands up, “Fine. I’m sorry. I will get you coffee, Kitten.” He speeds out of the gym.

I turn to Z, “Carry me?”

I’m sitting between my too beautiful and strong man sipping black coffee and sigh, “Now, this is life. I’m sorry for crying out of nowhere. I’ve noticed that I do that since I met you. I find it weird, but I don’t get as surprised as I did before.”

“Do you want cuddles, Kitten? We can cuddle you. We can watch a movie to clear your mind of that stressful state you’ve been into.”

“Yeah. That would be great, but can you breed me too?” I laugh out.

“Oh, she got you, Babe. Right at the balls.” Z chuckles.

Draven puts his mouth near my ear, “I will breed you anytime my mare.”

I moan unexpectedly.

“Do you want me to breed you on this kitchen island? I will get you so full of my cum you will start spilling it.”

I involuntary close my legs to get friction and touch my breasts, “Draven.” I whimper.

“Yes, my mare. I will get my cock so deep inside you, you’ll never want to let it go. You’ll want me locked inside you forever."

“Fuck, D.” I hear Z exclaiming.

I look up and face Draven. Panting. Shacking. How is he able to put me in such a horny state in thirty seconds?

I whine.

“I know, Kitten. Azazel will carry you to the theater room and we’ll have our fun eventually. Don’t worry. Daddy is just staying behind to drink and met you both there in a few minutes. I’d that okay, Kitten?”

I nod. Laying my head in Z’s chest. I feel him holding me up and carrying me.

“Here we are, Babe. Let’s sit in this couch.”

I continue to hold him like a koala, “Z...” I whine.

“Yes, Babe. I know you want to fuck. I can smell it. You want Z to get you naked, before Draven gets here?”

I nod and put my arms up. He gets us naked pretty fast and I resume my position. I instantly pulled his cock inside me and grip the couch to bounce.

I let my head fall back and moan loudly.

“I love your boobs too. You’re so lucky to have such big boobs.” Z says starting to suck on them.

I bounce on his dick faster, “Ah Azazel, I love you so much, Babe.” I am truly enjoying myself. I’m glad I’m not studying right now. I deserve this.

“Kitten, I love how slutty you’ve become.” I hear Draven, “Azazel, can you hold yourself for ten minutes?”

I see Z nodding.

“Draven, don’t leave us.”

“I won’t leave Kitten. I’m just going to start prepping you. I know how satisfied you get when both of us inside you. Do you want it, Kitten?”

“Draven.” I whimper, feeling wet finger invading my asshole.

“There you go, my mare. Ride him hard. I know you want his juices inside you too. How powerful must you feel. Having two studs breeding you, making you full of possible offspring. I can already imagine your round belly, so full and still taking us until you’re full term. We’ll drink your big breast milk like a hungry newborn. You want us to do it? Suck you dry, baby? Such a strong and fertile mare. I want my horse dick inside you so much. I want to rip you in half and make you spasm as loud as you can, you healthy bitch. Such juicy hips. I want you so much Morgana. I want you so deep. Do you wish for us to go deep inside you, mare? To get as deep as you can take us? You’re such a beautiful creature. Born to satisfy us. Ride us harder, Mare. That’s it. Such bouncy breasts and bouncy hips. Perfect for such strong males like us. I bet no other mare would take us like you. So strong. Taking all we give you. So eager. Taking all we want to give. So beautiful.”

“Master.” Z pleads.

“I know, get up and pass her to my cock. Rest two minutes.”

I feel a bigger dick slipping inside. He’s holding me up, fucking into me, standing. I look down. Draven is unrecognizable. His eyes burning red, his fangs extended. I gasp, moaning, “So pretty...” I smile down on him. He’s fucking me ruthlessly. Holding me by my ass cheeks. Pulling me up and down. He growls, “hold my neck, Mare. I will suck your tits.”

I’ve become delirious.

“Master.” a whine.

“Lay down face up. I will take her to you.”

I open my eyes and see Draven looking back. I nod, “I want you too. I want you too.”

I have no idea what I’m saying. “Draven. I want it too.” He smiles wickedly, devilishly.

“You’ll be the death of us, Morgana.” I feel hi, sifting me and what I assume is Z’s dick entering my asshole.

As soon as it bottoms out Draven is over me, aligning again. I open my legs wide and smile.

He fucks me hard and I sigh loudly.

“Don’t worry, my mare. We will give you what you need. Even if you don’t understand it yourself.”

I whine, “Babe, you’re okay?”

“You both suck. Always putting he on edge, not letting me cum.” I was hear the pout in his voice.

“I’m sorry. It’s Daddy’s fault.”

“Daddy loves your body, princess. It’s your own fault for being so perfect and when I see you with Azazel, the probability of me holding back flies out the metaphorical window.”

“I love you both, now finish the job.” I laugh.

They finish the job, getting A+. Excellent performance.

Draven POV

“Azazel, I’m getting worried now. Tell me exactly what she babbled out while crying her eyes out, as you so eloquently stated.” I ask him, as soon as we place our Morgana to sleep.

“I don’t recall it exactly. Let’s see.” he pauses, “She started crying and I asked if it was my fault or our fault for having such a relationship with her. She denied automatically and said she was mourning the person she thought she was but she’s not, apparently because she’s too into us and loses herself thinking of us.” he shrugs.

“My love try to remember it all. It is important for both of us to love her the way she needs to be loved. Remember how I loved you? It took us a couple of years to adjust but I loved you completely, because I know you completely, my lights, my precious love.” I grab him, holding tight.

“Babe, I know. Calm down. Don’t be afraid. She’ll never run from us. I know she love us. I know it. Don’t be afraid.” he sighs, “I think she wants to be turned, she’s imagining herself with us forever. She’s afraid too. She doesn’t want to lose us, becoming old and dying on us. Also, apparently, she thinks badly about her body and her face. Imagine that.”


“Yeah, I know. She’s literally blind.”

“Azazel, my baby. What did you say after that?”


“I’m not judging, my prince. You know that. I trust you to make the right decisions.”

“I told her that she’s perfect. You know me. I told her that she was everything my human male genes will look for in a woman. Then I said, fuck that, what about you as a person? And proceed to enumerate how awesome she is. Draven don’t make me say it. Its private.”

“Azazel. If it wasn’t important, I would never ask, and you know it as well as me.”

“Fuck. I told her she’s amazing. How awesomely driven, fair, honest and empathetic she is. That she’s a force of nature and she’ll do whatever she wants to with her life because she’s exactly that amazing. That I’ll be there applauding and cherishing her. Loving her, exactly as she is.” he shivers, “There, I said it.”

“I’m sorry, baby. You did well. You responded wonderfully.”

“You think she’ll be more stable?”

“I hope so. She’s under a lot of pressure. Meeting us and getting emotionally and physically involved with us is not helping. She’ll have to walk her path. We can only watch and hold her when she cries.”

“I don’t want to see her like that again, babe. She looked devastated, broken. I was a second away of breaking down myself. You know how I despise myself when I can’t take the heat and cry it out.”

“My love, you aren’t. I’m here, right?”

We look into each other’s eyes, “Draven, we must be strong. Maybe we could manage to drink more so we can focus and have more energy for her.”

I nod, “Yes. I will provide. I will provide. You know I always do.”

“You always do.” he sighs.

I try to kiss his head. He chuckles and bow his head a little for me.

“I can’t lose you. I can’t go back to the black hole I was for more than five hundred years, my love.”

“I know, babe. You won’t. She won’t run. I promise you.” he bites my ear.

“Ah, brat you should be massaging my shoulders. I’m carrying the weight of the world right now. Come, let’s go to the healing room and relax. She’ll sleep for hour now.”

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