Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 13

I wake up to an empty bed. It’s dark. I get up and put on a robe. I open the bedroom and walk down the corridor.

Where are my boys? Fuck. This house is so pretty. I stop to appreciate the paintings on the corridor walls.

“Morgan, sweety. Are you okay?” I hear Sam.

I look to the source of that voice and smile, “Yeah. Sorry. I like this one. I mean, it’s a little desperate but I like it.” I point to the painting.

She laughs out loud, “I’ll make sure to tell the artist.”

“What? You know the painter?” I ask flabbergasted.

She nods and hugs me, leading me downstairs, “You know him too.”

“I do?”

“Yes, my sweet child. It was Alessandro that painted that one.”

“Fuck. You guys are talented as fuck.” I gasp, “Sorry. I mean, you’re all pretty amazing and talented people.”

“You’ve been spending too much time between the sheet with both your boys. Such foul mouthing.”

I blush, “What? No, I haven’t.”

She chuckles, “Morgana, please. I’m a vampire. I can hear you, you know?”

I stop and look down, “I’m sorry for that.”

I’m blushing furiously. I’m so ashamed. They all can hear us. Oh my... The things I have said. The things I have done. Why?

She holds my upper arms and force me to look up, “Don’t be sorry. I swear I put my earphones on and listen to my favorite tunes. I never heard much. Don’t worry. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” She says looking straight at me.

“Okay.” I reply unable to say more.

“Now, I know that you know I like your personality very much. I like assertive and honest women. That’s why I’m allowing myself to be like that with you. My Sire and little brother love each other since day one, I saw it happen. It was a magical moment. I saw that happen when you got inside that SUV and looked at them both. You knew. Even if you haven’t realized it. You knew. We women are special. We know certain things the other genders won’t ever comprehend, even if they try. I’ve been waiting for a sister. Even if you’re not my species, you’re my sister now.” She smiles wide. I admire her beauty.

“Of course, Sam. I’m an only child. I’m horned to.”

“Anything you need. Even if against my Sire and bothers directives. You can come to me.” she sighs, “I will never let you down. I promise.”

Out of nowhere I start crying.

She looks alarmed and hugs me, “Morgan, what is it?”

“I’m sorry. I’m so glad to hear you say that. I’m so glad. Thank you.” I hug her back.

“Samantha, what is happening?” I hear Draven voice.

“You shut up, Draven. Go away.” I respond right away.

I hear a huff and some wind passing us.

She laughs out loud, “Oh my God, I heard a whip so loudly.”

I let go of her, “Sorry. I just wanted to enjoy this.”

“It’s fine. You should go to the pouting vampire before he breaks something.” she says walking away laughing.

“Draven. I don’t know where you are... Draven! Don’t make me look.” I yell.

Z puffs next to me and lifts me to his chest.

“Babe, where’s Draven? Is he mad at me?”

“Of course not, babe. He’s in the kitchen cooking for us.” He replies.

“Actual cooking?”

“Yes, we’re having a family dinner. Let’s go get dressed, OK?”

I hold to him as a koala and tight my legs, “Sure, babe.”

We’re in the bedroom in seconds and he land me in the bed.

He stares at me.


“I think we’ve got ten more minutes to spare.” he licks his lips.

I close my legs as fast as I can, “NO.” I say, “No. You come and help me bathing. You are only allowed to touch me with your hands.” I get up, “Brat.”

He follows me to the bathroom, already carrying clothes for me.

“Babe, I’m sorry. You are right. I should not be such a horn dog.” he whines, taking my robe off and hugging me softly.

“Don’t get me wrong. This. Us. Is otherworldly. Just, I need you as my boyfriend too, because you are amazing off bed. Ok?”

“I know Babe. Don’t fuss. I’ll help you getting in.”

I smile, “Thank you for always being here for me, Azazel.”

“Ah. You sounded like Draven just now. Stop.”

We laugh and I get a warm shower and he helps me dry.

I kiss him when I’m ready, “Thank you for the clothes. Who got me such pricey items?”

“Draven. I told him you’re a simple girl, but he just flipped me off.”

“No. He gave you the finger? I can’t fathom that sight.”

“Yeah. He really likes you, babe.”

“I know. I know. I feel very loved by both of you.” I smile, “Let’s go. I wonder what that prodigious man cooked for us.”

He takes me to a new room. I quickly understand that this is their dining room. I bet they don’t used it very often.

“Wow, this is a big dining room and such a big table. Sits what, twenty people?”

“Twenty-four.” I hear a man’s voice behind me.

I turn and see the stunning duo. I smile.

“Morgan, we would like to officially introduce ourselves.” The slightly taller one speaks.

I wait a few seconds and Z poke me with his elbow.

“Ah, I’m honored?” I try.

They bow. Fuck, they’re old.

“My name is Malacolme Borgonha and I’m 379 years old, turned with twenty-four years of human life.” the slightly shorter one says.

“My name is Alessandro Borgonha and I’m 329 years old, turned with twenty-two years of human life.” the other completes.

I get a little nervous. I’m just a little girl. I cough.

“Nice meeting you. Officially, that is. Thank you again for calling telepathically Draven when I fell, but I would manage.” I laugh awkwardly, “My name is Morgan Mendes, I am eighteen years old and an Aquarius.” I giggle.

They bow deeply. I look to Z alarmed. He smiles and put a grounding hand on by lower back.

“We’re very happy to welcome you to the family.” and they get up.

I feel myself blush.

“Pa.” I hear Alex say turning to the door.

“Sunu. I’m glad you made it in time. How were the Netherlands?” Draven says, carrying a tray of food.

Not gonna lie. I’m feeling a little intimidated right now.

“Morgan, come sit with me. We have a funny book here.” Sam calls from the other side of the room.

My saving grace, “Okay, Sam.” I smile widely and walk to her. She shows me as four hundred years old Kamasutra book. We spend ten minutes laughing at the position while man rearrange the table and cut the meats.

“Morgana, Samantha. Come sit.” Draven calls eventually.

I giggle with her and do as Daddy says.

He sits on the top of the table. Next to him Azazel in one side and me at the other side of the table. Sam sits next to me. Next to Z is Malcolm and then Alex.

Draven speaks when everybody is seated, “You know I don’t like speeches.”

“Yes, you do.” I hears Sam saying and I almost burst out laughing. I glance at her and shake my head smiling.

“Fine. I like a little. I’m making it short.” he pauses, “As you already know, I found out Morgana is my soulmate as well as Azazel’s. I don’t need to tell you how my existence before them was. You three have witness it. I convoke you here to inform you that in a few months us three are moving north. Not much, but this means that the Family House will move north. It feels like the old days, going north to secure the territory. It’s not. My Morgana is starting her studies there and I want to stay close to her. Azazel agrees. Sunus, I want to know where you all are. I trust your judgment after all this time. I also ordered the construction of a small house in the BasBas Island. Before you ask, yes that one in the Philippines. Morgana needs to recharge from school, and we’ll spend some time there in August before settling in the North.”

I wear Sam snorting when Draven said the word recharge. I giggled as silently as I could manage. Poking her sides.

“Samantha, please.” I hear Malcolms grunting.

“Sorry. I mean. Recharge, really?” she replies, “I imagine the kind of recharging these three will be getting.”

Out of nowhere I sit up straight and smile to Draven, “I love you.”

He smiles back, “Well, thank you for that pertinent observation Samantha. September the House moves North. That’s the announcement. Also, you are obliged to report any movement. Let’s eat.”

He sits and start to serve the meats to the ladies first, for some motive and then from the eldest to the youngest, being Azazel.

We settle and they stay still as stone until Draven takes his first bite. Then they start to eat.

I wait a few seconds and finally gaze my plate, “It’s red meat. Thank goodness you’re all vamps, or else you’ll die from the cholesterol.”

“Morgana, you should eat, you’re too skinny.” Alessandro speaks, “yes?” he nods smiling.

Wow they’re so pretty when they smile. I smile back, “What? No I’m not. I’m like... Normal.”

“Morgana is from this century. People think that being a walking corpse is the standard od beauty.” I see Malcolm replying to Alessandro.

I giggle. Draven squeezes my hand, “I love you too.”

I smile up to him and Z, “Don’t make me cry in front of your family, Draven.”

He sits up, “Of course, Kitten.”

“Pa. You gave Morgana a nickname?” Malcolm laughs out.

“Do not judge me Sunu. She’s like a tetchy cat.”

I then notice z is quiet, “Babe, you okay?”

He spans his head my way, “Sure Babe. I’m really wanted to eat this.” he smiles.

“Yeah. At least you get some exercise, you’ll make it as a human.” I smile back.

He blushes. I’m shocked by that sight. I look to Draven for some answers, but he just shrugs.

I try to eat the veggies and leave the meat.

The dinner is pleasant, Mal and Alex tell us about their trip to Holand. They were there for a month. I haven’t notice. I’m such a bad person. I eventually lose up from the wine and go sit in Azazel lap.

“Morgana.” I heard Draven’s stern warning.

“I know. Chill.” I reply.

I get myself comfortable and start to feel him relaxing after a while.

“I love you, babe. So much. You know this, right?” I whisper to him.

I receive a tight hug and a peck on my forehead.

“Then Alessandro hisses at the dog and it started to bark louder.” I hear Mal say.

Everyone’s laughing.

“Remember when we fought in the first war and Mister Mal couldn’t for the life of him drive a freaking tank?”

“My love, I couldn’t drive period. That was an unfair task.” he defends himself.

I hear Draven laugh and snap my head to him, “You should laugh more.”

The room is dead silent. I panic, “What?”

“Nothing, Morgana. You’re right.” Draven finally says.

I smile wide, “I’m always right.”

“Well, I see it. You were right, Samantha.”

“Wait, what? You. You Alessandro, my king. You’re saying that I am right? Fuck. Hold the alter, all the saint must be tumbling down.”

“What tha fuck is that?” I laugh out.

“Old saying. But wait. You Alessandro, my king. Do tell me in what I am right. I’ve been waiting for two and a half centuries to hear you say that.”

I giggle, “She’s been waiting for a while.” I whisper to my boys.

“They are now complete. I thought Azazel was enough. He is enough. Morgana make them happy. Complete. It’s refreshing.”

I peek up, “What? Darven, what?”

“It’s okay Kitten. You can rest.”

“That wine was strong. I’m blaming Sam.” I smile into Z’s chest.

“Sam was right, as usual.” I hear Azazel say, “Kitten really complete us. I don’t think I can stress enough the importance of preserving her happiness.”

I laugh, “Babe, you’re sounding like Draven again. Stop.”

I hear Draven laugh and snap my head to see him again.

“You have the bestest smile, Daddy.”

I fell myself rising, “Okay, Babe. Time to bed. The wine is working its magic.”

“Oh my god. Sire, you’re blushing. Mal, are you seeing this? Alex?” I hear Sam laughing loudly, “Come on. This human is more powerful then all of you combined. Fuck.”

“Power to the Women!” I yell, while being carried away.

“That’s right sister. Fighting the patriarchy.”

“Oh, Daddy’s gonna punish me bad. My vajayjay is already hurting in anticipation.” I whisper to Z.

Maybe not lowly enough, “YOU ALL HEARD THAT?” I hear Sam screaming.

“Samantha. Please be quiet.”

We’re in the bed pretty soon.

“I need you.” I whine, “I want you Azazel.”

I start getting undressed. Z helps me out.

“Kitten.” I hear Draven getting in the bedroom, closing the door.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I drank too much, I didn’t even notice it before I went to Babe. I swear.”

“Shoo, it’s okay baby. We’ve got you. Azazel will make you feel better, won’t you my love? Make our mare feel better.”

“Babe, please. Let me make you feel better.”

“I love you Azazel. I’m sorry I don’t say that enough.” I start crying.

“You say it enough, Babe.” he smiles at me, “come ride me a little, you’ll feel better.”

“Okay.” I smile at him, mounting him.

I start riding him slowly, kissing him passionately.

He places his hand on my waist and aids me.

I heard Draven sighing and glance up to see him seated at the couch.

I get my hand into Z’s shoulder to gain more support and start fucking him harder.

Skin slapping skin and moaning is all I hear. I’m really enjoying this. This is awesome.

I giggle, “They heard me calling you Daddy.”

“They did. Sam scolded me. She thought I was taking advantage of you.” He grunts.

“Oh but Daddy. Aren’t you?” I laugh.

“Do not try me today, Morgana. Not in the mood.”

“Babe, I think Draven is the stressed one today.” Azazel tells me.

“Yeah. I’ll ride him, while you prep yourself?” I suggest

“good idea, Babe.” he kisses me and I get up starting to walk to Draven.

I guess I miss a step and fall down. Not really, Draven is there holding me up.

“No, lets seat on the cough. I like it better for riding.”

“Kitten, maybe we should go and rest.” he replies.

“Nonsense.” I tell him and we sit down, “Take it off.”

I kneel if front of him and kiss his length, starting at the head. I link a long stride from the base to the head and then I gently get him in my mouth. I suck slowly, doing circular movements with my tongue.

I hear Draven moaning an calling me, calling Z.

I look up, dick inside my mouth and evaluate if it is pain or pleasure but he seems happy, so I carry on.

Then I feel strong hand on my hips and Z getting behind me. I moan.

Draven moans louder.

Z starts to stroke my insides slowly. I moan and tell my brain to tell my hand to reach my ass and open them for Z’s dick to reach deeper.

I suddenly lose my balance and my head falls down, making me swallow Draven’s cock further.

I hear an animalistic grunt and quickly look up to see Draven’s eyes burning red and the fangs bigger. I smile to him, placing a hand on his cheek. “You don’t even know if you prefer to see me submitting or dominating.”

“We’ll have enough time for me to figure it out, kitten.”

I smirk, “Let’s ravage Azazel, Daddy. He was so sad at the table.”

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