Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 14

When I return home to my parents, I feel different.

Something shifted inside me and I have no idea what, but I know it happened.

I continue with my life but sometimes I feel like something is missing. I call my boys and I feel somehow better. We laugh together.

My parents keep asking if I have something to announce but I keep saying no.

Meanwhile I already told them that I would probably need less money than originally planned because I know someone that let me stay for free in an apartment near the University.

My dad made a face. Said they don’t need me to cut corners because they’ve been putting money aside for years. Here the tuition is low, the government give us aid anyways.

I don’t know. Maybe I will take some money to groceries. I know my parents are not lacking anything but maybe they can buy a new car. Their car certainly deserves the rest.

We live in a fairly central area, so public transportation is the easiest, fastest and cheaper way to move around.

I don’t need a car, my parents have their car to go to the supermarket and to leisure activities on the weekends. We’re really the type of family that spend more money on books and traveling abroad than in other things.

We’ll see how flexible they’ll be when I tell them I’m dating two guys. Only planning to let them know what is happening when I finish college. I will not tell them so soon.

Though I am trying to figure out how to tell them I will be needing my passport to go to Philippines in August.

I could tell them Sam is coming too. I should start by saying that I know the people that own the Mansion on the back street of the boulevard and gently let them know that they’re good people and three of them are my age.

That I’ve been spending some time with them and that they invited me to vacation with them.

I’m telling them tonight. It’s decided. I’m calling Draven earlier, so he knows that that is happening today. I mean, we’re almost in March. Four months pass by in a blink of an eye.

I need to start planning stuff. I also need to study. My exams to enter College are in the middle of June. I’m prepared. I just like to double check everything.

Better safe than sorry, right?

“Hi Kitten. How are you doing? Not stressing or exhausting yourself until you collapse, right?”

“Hello. Not really. Things are going well and tonight I’ll have a good talk with my parents about the vacations.”

Silence, “Do you want me to come over?”

“What? No.”

“Are you sure, Kitten?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I will just introduce the idea of you, Azazel and Sam. Maybe emphasizing my friendship with Sam more than anything else.”

“So, you will not really tell them Sam is not going with us.”

“Draven, you have to understand that is a weird concept to talk about my sexual and romantic partners with the people who raised me so lovingly.”

“Because we’re two or because we are lovers?”

I sigh, “Both. I know they will get protective and my Mom specially will be concerned about me being lead on.”

“Lead on?”

“Yes, she won’t like that I am sexually active. She’ll be afraid you are taking advantage of me. She thinks I am still a kid. Parents get like that. My mom is outspoken, she’ll tell me right away. My dad will make a face and days later ask me if I think it through and reached the same conclusion.”

I sighs, “I don’t like to disappoint them. I also don’t like to keep so much from them. We’re so close.”

“Kitten, do you want me to help somehow?”

“No babe, I just needed to babble it out.”

“Of course, my princess. Babble away.”

“How’s Z?”

“Azazel is at the gym room. Thank you for the help at dinner last week. He gets so nervous on formal meetings.”

“It was a bit overwhelming. I imagine that for a young vampire must feel extremely suffocating. I’m human and could feel all the sheer power emanating from all of you. Sam is cool about it. The dynamic duo though, I get that they don’t do it on purpose but... chills. They look indestructible.”

“What about me?”

“The King vampire? If you weren’t my lover perhaps. Now that I know that I own your heart. I will never be affected. I can see you behind that imposing aura.”

“I’m glad. I don’t want you to ever fear me.”

“Do you fear anything, Draven?” I jokingly ask.

“Yes. I fear you. I’m very afraid you will leave me and I will mourn this feeling forever.”

“Nonsense. Why would I ever leave you?” I reply.

“We’re not human Kitten. You’ll eventually die, I will be broken forever, having only Azazel to support my life.”

I laugh, ” Draven. Please I’m eighteen. I will not be dying soon. Unless you are planning to choke me with the eighth wonder if the world. Are you babe? You want it bad?”

“Morgana. Watch your mouth. Your parents may hear you.”

“My parents aren’t here right now. Oh, my baby is upset because I want him bad. Oh baby, if you were here, I would ride you so good. Make my perfect virgin bed creak. Do you want it, Daddy? To give it to me here? On my bed. Surrounded by my cute stuffed teddy bears and make up stand? Fucking your little princess like the bitch in heat she really is?”

“Please Kitten. Don’t do that. I’m asking you to stop. You’ll be all worked up and I’ll be unable to help you settle down.”

“Mogan is sowy Daddy. I need you to welp me. Daddy please.”

I hear a crash and a grunt in the other side of the line, “Babe, go open the door to Draven. He’ll be there in three seconds. Hope you didn’t lie about your parents not being there. He had his fangs out.” And Z hangs up.

It’s actually still daytime. It’s 15:34. My mom went to the supermarket and my had is already working on his bookshop. We’ve got an hour tops. I buzz the building front door and open the apartment door, running to my bedroom.

I am just in underwear and my fluffy robe. I start giggling because I know what will happen and I almost succeed in getting inside my room before I hear the apartment door closing, I squeak and freeze.

I feel like a prey being hunted. I slowly turn around to see a disheveled Draven. He’s panting. I moan just by his sight. He smirks and I see one of his fangs. Longer than expected and his piecing red eyes.

“I’m going to breed you, Mare.”

I gulp knowing that he is fully on sex mode now.

I close my legs and bite my lips, “Daddy’s choice.”

“Strip down and get on all fours. You’re getting punished for making me come here out of my territory to breed you, Mare.”

I sigh and enter my bedroom waiting for him to enter.

He takes a while but comes inside.

Now I notice that he is soaked. I forgot it’s raining.

I carefully lock my bedroom door and grab a towel for him that was laying around.

After he takes it, I take my robe off and my panties. I shiver but go to my bed and get on hands and knees.

I look back at him, smirking.

He’s already naked and drying his hair. He walks up to me and brag my ass cheeks massaging them.

“Next week you will be on your menstrual period. You know you can’t be near us. I’m going to breed you three times today and this weekend you’ll take as much as you can before the blood hits.”

He inserts one finger inside me. I moan, “Okay Daddy.”

Soon I’m dripping down my legs and moaning loudly, “Daddy please, just fuck me.”

“Steady. Shoo.”

I start sobbing, “Daddy. Let Morgan ride you first. Please, baby. Please.”

“Okay Kitten. You can ride me for a few minutes.”

He manhandles me and I find myself on top of him.

I insert his head slowly inside me, inch by inch, and bottom out, “So full.”

I look down to see Draven licking his lips and glaring at my breasts.

I start to ride him good, “Such a big strong male.”

“My precious horse. I love to ride you so much. I feel so dirty fucking you. Do you like me dirty?”

“Mare, I am counting the seconds to turn you around and make you feel how big I can get.”

I ride him faster, “Tell me Daddy why are your fangs getting bigger every time I get like this?”

“You are giving me blood lust. I want you so badly. Everything in you. I want to consume you and to be consumed by you.”

“Mount me, Daddy”

In a split second I’m folded in half and my feet are locked in the bars of my bed’s headboard.

I adjust my pillow below my head.

“I’m sorry, Mare but today I’m going to get rough and will cum inside you plenty.”

I smile to that but don’t reply.

I wait. And relax looking at the headboard.

Expecting him to wreak me.

Still waiting.

I look around and see Draven panting.

“What is wrong?” I ask quietly.

He snaps his head to face me. My eyes go wide, I whimper. What is happening to Draven face?

I try to even by breathing, “Draven, my baby. Tell Morgana what is happening.”

I slowly take my feet off the headboard and put my legs down to bed.

I slowly reach for my phone and choose Z’s contact number.

He answers at first ring, “What’s wrong? Why are both of you so anxious?”

“Azazel, Draven is not okay. There’s something wrong with him. He’s not moving, and his face is” I pause, “his face is different. The part of the eyes that are supposed to be white turned red and he gained a lot of veins around the eyes sockets...”

“Babe, listen to me. You’re going to open the door again in twenty seconds, but I want you to move as slowly as you can out of that room. Where are you in the house?”

“My bed, I locked the door of the bedroom.” I said panic starting to build on me.

“Calm down. You can do it.”

“I’m scared Z. He’s not moving. Why our King isn’t moving?” I suppress a sob, “I am getting up and walking slowly to the door.”

“He’s okay. He’s in frenzy but in control. You’ll see. As soon as you exit your room close the door and walk normal sleep to buzz me in.”

“You’re here?” I slowly close the door and walk to the apartment door.

“Yeah. It’s raining as fuck too.” He chuckles.

I buzz him in and hear him coming up by escalator. I giggle.

Draven ran all six levels of stairs to come and satiate me.

Ping. I open the apartment door and wait for him to get in. Azazel hugs me.

“Wet. No.”

He chuckles, “Stay here.”

I grab his arm. “No.”

“Babe, you don’t need to see this. Believe me.”

“No. We stay together. We go through crisis together. Azazel.” I say sternly.

He sighs, “Okay but I warned you.”

He slowly opens my bedroom door and walk right to Draven.

I lock the door and stay there.

I see Z putting a bag down and opening it.

He takes a blood bag out and starts to strip.

I stare and just watch. Trying to breath quietly.

“Master. I’m here.” Z says.

Draven is still immobile. Z sighs and start to move my furniture around. Effectively making more open floor space.

“M, can you please help. Since you want to.”

I peel myself from the door and walk to him, “What do you need me to do?”

“Take the black dildo.” He hands me it, “you should fuck me to gain his attention.”

“Really? This is not just you trying to get fucked?”

“Don’t be absurd he fucked me half an hour ago. Don’t even need to prep me. Just get in me, babe. Moan too. Don’t worry if you’re mom gets here, I will tell you before she can hear you.”

“Okay.” I aglint the dildo as get behind him on the floor.

He grunts when I bottom out and I have no mercy. Starting to pound him fast.

I smack his ass cheeks, “There you go, you filthy bitch. As you truly like to feel.” I slap his ass multiple times receiving a lot of moans from Z, “Moan for us Babe. Daddy love it when we moan.”

“I wish Daddy could fuck my pussy right now. I need it so much.” I glance to my bed to see that Draven is looking at us, slightly more relax.

I get my arm around Z and reach his cock, jerking him slowly.

“Ah Babe. I’m close. I’m so close.” Z whines.

Seconds later I feel someone hovering over me and see Draven placing the towel I gave him on the floor, below Z.

Z cums with a cry.

I pull him to the side, removing the towel first and lay my back on his chest.

I get the blood bag in my lower belly and open my legs to Draven, “Come take me.”

Z is breathing heavily below me but holds my legs up.

Draven looks less red and takes the bag starting to suck on the little straw slowly, pounding right into me.

I scream, “Draven... Treat me right.”

He smirks and I see his teeth painted red.

I moan, holding my breasts.

“Scratch that. Give it to me fast. Mount me like the Mare I am.”

He sure does and he cums inside me twice in five minutes.

I am going crazy, but I hold my ground.

“Fuck Z for a while Babe. I need three minutes to rest.”

I get up, but a hand cups my privacy. Draven carry me to the bed, not removing his hand and placing a pillow below my hips.

“Z, what is this?”

“Don’t let the semen leak. He’s really breeding you. Just relax and enjoy the view of him getting me ripped apart.”

I ruminate on that. He’s a vampire and he knows that he can’t get me pregnant. Or at least the chances are so low that it’s almost impossible. I take the pill too.

He rationally knows it’s not happening, but his vampire instincts are telling him he can happen. Meaning that he probably is capable of impregnate me.

Like my body is telling me to get pregnant because it’s ready to receive a baby, even if I am not, his body is telling him that he can get me there even if he doesn’t believe it himself.

I cannot forget to take the pills not even once. I bet I get pregnant at first time.

I watch them. Draven is brutal. He’s never like that with me. Not really. They pretend they lose control with me, but never really do. They don’t want to harm me and I appreciate that.

Finally, Draven finishes his bag and speak up, “Your bedroom is no longer innocent, Kitten.”

I laugh out. “Neither am I. Finish Z fast. I want you to fuck me against that wall. Azazel, you little whore don’t hog Daddy. After you rest you should come and lick the semen that will slide out of me when Daddy fill me anew.”

Z grunts, “Babe... He’ll break me now.”

"Oh I know. I will be here securing the future of our family and watching he pound you senseless.”

Draven goes so fast my eyes can’t even see them clearly.

“Ah Master. Ah. My rectum.”

Draven push him up by the hair, continue to fuck him fast. “Filthy whore. I love you. Cum for me now. Our mare is waiting for me to breed her.”

Z cums right away. To the towel that is already there again.

Draven kisses his nape, “Come join us later. Rest my love. I’ve been a rough mate to you today.”

I smile.

Draven help Z to lay down and walks to me.

Lift me easily and insert himself right away, “We don’t have much time, my Mare.” He gets my back to the wall, gently. I lock my feet around him.

Hold his neck. “You lucky bastard.” I say meeting with strokes, pulling myself down.

“My mare, I will give you and Azazel whatever you ask of me. I’m so sorry I scared you earlier. I didn’t get much sleep, haven’t feed and mated right before you called. I was at critical state.”

“As long as you suck my tits, we’re good.”

He made love to me. Kissed me deeply and we both came at the same time.

Azazel rearranged the bedroom, dressed himself and cleaned us as soon as we finished, moaning Draven and Azazel’s name loudly.

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