Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 15

While I was recovering Draven spoke to Z and I heard my bedroom door open and close.

“Boys?” I asked alarmed, trying to sit up.

“Don’t get up, Kitten. I don’t know why but just keep your legs up. I’m here. I will dress you in a minute. Relax.”

I fall back down, “Do you think you can brew some coffee?”

“Of course, Kitten.”

I sigh. He’s getting protective of a potential offspring.

I won’t point it out though. Ignorance is bliss, in this case.

I see a sweater by my side and put it on.

“Babe, how long until I can move?” I speak as he was beside me. I know he’ll hear me.

“One more minute. I’ll be right there.”

I sigh, “Freaking vampires. I love you very much Draven but you’re being controlling, and you know how much I despise that. Come kiss me and at least put my leggings on so I don’t spill none of your cum. You turd. You cum so much. It’s ridiculous.”

He laughs, “I love you too Kitten.”

In a couple of minutes, we’re both sitting at the living room table sipping black coffee.

“Your mother is in the escalator.”


“You want me to go away now?”

“No. Study a little with me. She won’t mind.”

He sits straighter.

When the front door opens, she yells as usual, “Morgan I’m home. Come help me with the bags.”

I put a hand in Draven chest and whisper, “Slowly Mister Vampire.”

He nods. “Be less formal too. You’re an eighteen years old boy in the 21st century.”

“Coming mom. I got someone here to help too.” I get up and casual walk down the corridor.

“Is Mia wearing her mask? I don’t want her grandma sick.”

We reach her and she looks up. “Oh, a boy.” And she analyzes carefully his face.

I giggle, “Draven is from the study group. He’s helping me with Physics. He is strong too. Watch him carry all of those bags.”

“Nice to meet you.” He replies quickly, but not too quickly, getting the bags and carrying them to the kitchen.

“Wow. I remember when your Dad could do that too. Now with his arthritis...” She sighs.

We walk to the kitchen and start to put the groceries away. Draven just take them out of the bags and place them on the counter for us.

“You go to Morgan’s school too, Draven?”

“No. I am studying at that private school at the end of the Avenue.”

“Really? That’s a good school.”

“Yes. Very focused. I met Morgana through a mutual friend in my class. Turns out we’ll be attending the same course next academic year.”

She spans her head to meet his gaze, “You’re the friend that is offering her a room in your family house.”

He chuckles, “I see that intelligence runs in the family.”

“Do you need a snack before returning studying?” She easily ignores him.

“No, mom. We’re running on coffee.”

“One last question Draven. What is your family name?”

“Mom. Come on. Is that really necessary?” I whine.

“My last name is Borgonha.”

She gasps, “I knew it. You have his face.”

“Mom.” I say alarmed.

“It’s okay, Morgana. I get that a lot. You’re a history teacher or researcher, Misses...”

“Maria, my name is Maria.”

"Of course it is.” he smiles sweetly, “my parents named me after the bastard king, it is true.”

“You are an interesting boy, Draven. I see why Morgan has been spending so much time with you.”

I throw my hand up and go back to my seat at the table.

They continue talking and I can hear it.

“And I thank you for allowing her to make her way into the world. I wish I had such loving parents.”

“Don’t try to suck up to me. That never works. You should stay for dinner, my husband will appreciate finally meeting you.”

“Of course, Maria. Whatever it takes for you to trust me.”

He returns to me, “Oh. I like her. Tough as nails.”

“Shut up and help me with this equation.” I slap his arm and whisper, “I love you. Take my phone and text Z. We’ll be worried.”

He actually helped me a lot during the last two hours.

“I can’t think straight anymore. Let’s take a breather. Ok?”

“You’re tired. Do you need food?”

“If we were in your house I would nap on Z’s chest, feeling you behind me. Cuddling me. I can’t wait for us to move together.”

“My love, you need your parents too. You’ll get older and miss them more than you think.”

“I know. I’m just anxious. You know. The youth is dumb like that, right?”

He laughs and places his hand in mine.

“This will be over soon. We’ll be together soon.”

I sigh, “Looking forward to it.”

“Your father is here.”

“It’s almost seven already?”


I hear the front door of the apartment opening and closing.

“I’m home.” My father yells from the hall.

Draven snorts, “Humans are hilarious, always announcing their presence.”

I smack his chest, “Not all creatures have super hearing abilities like you.”

“Don’t be absurd, I smelled him approaching.”

I puff and get up.

“Dad.” I pause and for a split second I think about the fact that I call Draven Daddy. Fuck I’m never calling my father Dad, ever again. No way.

“Father,” I try again, seeing him entering the living room, “This is Draven. Mom invited him to stay for dinner.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Mendes.”

He hold his hand up but remember in time, “Nice to meet you, Draven. I would shake hands but we can’t.”

Draven smiles, “Of course. You’re right.”

“Okay kids, I have to go kiss the wife.” My father says and walks towards the kitchen.

I start to clean up the mess we’ve made studying and feel strong hands on my hips. Draven smells my head and sighs.

“I had so much blood. I’m so energetic.”

“I’ll take this to my bedroom and you go seat at the couch. We can play Wii sports.”

When I return he’s sitting reading a magazine. The supermarket magazine.

“Ah Draven. What are you doing?”

He jumps looking over me, “Apparently there’s this cup you put inside you during the menstrual period. I thought every woman still used the sanitary cloth system. What is this thing?”

He’s wearing the most alarmed expression, “You don’t use this thing, do you?”

I laugh hysterically.

“Morgana, I don’t want you to put such things inside. We don’t know what side effects may this cause.”

I laugh harder.

My mom comes out of the kitchen to see what is happening.

“What is wrong with her?”

“Nothing. She’s mocking me, usually it’s followed by a lot of laughter. This time she just laughed.”

My mom laughs, “what did you say?”

Draven huffs and replies, showing my mom the magazine, “I just asked her what this cup does.”

I almost fall to the floor if he didn’t hold me up.

"Mom, he thought we still used a cloth. I’m sorry Draven, it’s just absurd.”

“Now, Morgan. Draven is right. It is not comfortable nor sanitary but we wear so much chemical stuff we shouldn’t. We’ll need a couple of lifetimes to know if there’s not side effects to the exposure to those. The white cotton cloth was the most organic response for women. My mom used it. She’s not that old.”

“Fine. You’re both archaic.”

“No need to offend me.” And my mom goes away.

“Is she mad?” Draven asks.

“No. She’s dramatic like that.”

“I see. What isan Wii Sports again?”

I stand up and turn it on, fetching the wireless controllers.

“Get up Babe. I’m beating your ass at bowling.”

“Okay, put I highly doubt it. I’m excellent at bowling.”

He gets up and I slid the little stripe that lock to the wrist.

“We’ll see.”

Fifteen minutes later and he’s fuming.

“What is wrong with this... Thing? I was clearly rolling my wrist in the right direction.”

“You’re a sour loser that’s what’s this is all about.”

“Morgana, this is about the inability of this remote thingy to follow my command. It is broken. I demand a rematch.”

I laugh, ” Fine. We switch it. Give me yours.”

“Now, I’m going to win easily.” He beams.

“Don’t shout victory before the end of the war.”

“I haven’t realized this is a war, Kitten. Is there a prize at the end?” He asks.

“Sure, you get extra beef at dinner.”

“I want something else. I want you to allow me to get you some clothes.”

I Smack him, “I don’t need clothes and I know that you know that I don’t need clothes.”

“Kids, 10 minutes for dinner to be on the table.” I hear my mom call out.

“Kay.” I yell back, “Come on, if I win I get both of you on the back seat of the SUV tonight.”

“Mare, you can’t. You must be tired.”

“If you win we can go to the beach house this weekend.” I smile devilishly.

He puffs and the match starts.

Sadly he wins. Not really. I don’t get all my holes filled tonight but it’s Wednesday. Two more days and I get a weekend with the boys.

“I knew it was the remote thingy. I told you.” He claims victory.

“Let’s sit down, people. You know how fast food get cold in the winter ." My mom sing-songs.

“It was not the remote thingy Mister. You got lucky.”

I say tidying up and moving to the table.

I get Draven the chair and we sit.

“Do you prefer red or white meat, Draven?” My mom asks Draven.

“Red please.”

I cough “Cholesterol”.

“Morgan, please don’t try to control the guest. It’s rude.” My father says.

“It’s okay Mr. Mendes. I’m used to it. She’s constantly bullying me. Last week my sister had to intervene.”

“Morgan, is this true?” I hear my father gasp.

“No. He likes it. Stop it, Draven.” I smack his chest and laugh.

“John, let them be. We used to be like that all the time.”

“I don’t recall.”

“You don’t recall? Remember that day our group of friends went to the beach and the boys got so drunk you all ended up falling asleep?”


“The girls took the sunscreen and made funny drawings on you chests.”

“Oh. Yes. We were older.”

“We were eighteen. How old do you think they are?”

“You never told me that one. What type of drawings are we talking about?”

My father coughed, “Let’s eat.”

“We draw male genitalia.” My mom bursts out laughing, “They got a tan and all we could see was dicks in whiter skin on their torso.”

I am impressed, “No way. You were completely ashamed, father. I bet.”

“Never heard the end of it. Morgan I’m forty-five and still being reminded of that traumatic experience.”

I laughed so hard, “D, I’m so doing this to Z someday.”

“Who’s Z?” My mom asks.

“Azazel, my adoptive brother. He’s the same age as us.”

“His parents didn’t like him very much, did they?” My father asks.

I stop smiling, “They had problems with heavy drugs.”

“I’m sorry. I know that name is demon derivative. That’s why I asked.”

“Azazel is very loved now. He was just a child when we adopted him.”

My mom smile, “Of course he is. But why would you submit the poor boy to that childish spank, Morgan?”

“He’s a muscle bunny.” I puff.

“Sorry kid. I don’t speak slang.”

“He’s rather good in all physical activities and have body proportions that could be classified as bulk.” Draven answers.

“Oh. Another strong male.You talked about a girl too.”

“My sister Samantha. She’s not much older. She mostly does political work. She likes to give back to the community.”

“Are she also an albino or is it just you?”

“Maria. Seriously woman.”

“It’s okay Mr. Mendes, I know it’s not out of malice. All brothers and sisters. We adopted Azazel because of that specific tray. We knew when we saw him. As for my biological ones is a tragic family trait. As you may already know.”

“There’s two more?”

“Mom.” I sigh, “Mal and Alex. I saw them once, they were abroad studying. Netherlands.”

“Impressive. What do they study?”

“Art. They’re really talented.” Draven says taken his fork full of red meat to his mouth.

“Your cooking is excellent, Misses Mendes.”

“Sam showed me Alex painting. The one upstairs. You know the dark one.” I tell Draven.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes. Why?”

He shrugs, “I think it is creepy. Hold too much desperation.”

“There’s beauty in desperation too.”

I hear see mourning again. I look right into his eyes and smile.

He smiles back.

"So you’ve been to his house multiple times.”

I snap my head to my mom, “For studying. Yes.”

“Where is that? I forgot. I know you mentioned it...” My father continues.

“I live behind the city hall, at the back street of the boulevard that leads to the metropolitan.” they seemed puzzled.

“The big Masion with the high black fence.”

My mom looks interested, “The Cold Palace?”

“Your house has a name?”

“Yes, it has.”

“Why don’t you tell me these things?”

“What does it matter? You don’t even want to know the extent of my properties.”

“I don’t want to know because I would make you give it all away to charity. That’s why.”

“Morgana, I can’t do that. Humans come and go, propriety is forever.”

“I knew it. I can’t believe were having our first discussion in front of my parents.”

“You are not.” my dad stops me, “the boy is right.”

“What? Mom, back me up.”

“I’m sorry, honey. You’ll understand when you have your own kids.”


“Samantha, she’s the one you should talk to. I just manage propriety.”

“Mom, Sam is so cool. You’ll so like her.”

“Yes. You’ll all be amazing bullying the males around you.”

My father snorts.

I laugh. Even my mom giggles.

“All right. Who’s up for ice cream?”

We all help to clear the table and put the dishes on the dish washer.

I poke Draven several times.

We seat down again, and mom distributes the ice cream scoops.

“What is your flavor, Draven? We have strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.”

“Vanilla please.” he extends the bowl.

“Vanilla. How plain.”

“I like vanilla.” my father defends.

“With chocolate.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Mendes. I’ll never try to win with Morgana. Is a lost battle.”

I frown.

“He’s a fast learner.” my mom adds.

“Me and Mom are meeting some friend to have a caffe at the boulevard.”

“Uncle Jim?”


“Maybe I could go with Draven and came back home with you.”

“Sure honey, but we won’t take long.”

“It’s okay. I just want to ask somethings to Sam.”

“Let’s go then. “ my father says getting up.

It’s not raining, so we walk there. It’s a five-minute walk but I start to whine after a hundred steps, “Z would carry me all the way, Draven.”

“Kitten, please. Your parents are right there.”

“Fine. Piggy ride.”

He sighs, “I accept.”

He kneels and I get on his back. Holding him by his neck.

“Now you really are my stud.”

He laughs and speeds up.

We pass my parents and giggle.

“Call me when you’re done.” I yell back.

We quickly arrive at the Mansion.

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