Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 17

The weekend arrives fast and I am so tired I sleep the entire drive to the beach house.

When we get there, I am so sleepy Z had to carry me inside and brew some coffee at my request.

“I am so horny. I’m so horny. Babes. Why do I get so horny when I’m with you? It’s not normal.” I whine.

“Let’s try to hold it for half an hour. Start small. We have to get that under control. Otherwise when college starts and you come home to us there will just be sex swings and a terrible lack of sleep, Kitten.”

“Okay. I will drink my coffee and go upstairs to do a little make-up and put a obscene dress for your eyes only and then I’ll come down drink Martini Bianco and dance sensually to a song I have in mind.”

“This sounds like punishment for us.” Z grunts.

“How is seeing your woman dressed up and dancing for you a punishment?”

“I can’t touch you until you say so...”

“Oh my gosh. When I thought I couldn’t feel more powerful..." And I strip all my clothes and leave them in the kitchen, taking the mug with me.

Going up the stairs I swing my hips and moan loudly.

As soon as I get upstairs, I remember my bag is downstairs. Fuck. All that show for nothing.


I turn around to see Draven putting down the back by the bedroom door.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I smile.

“You’re welcome, my mare. We will wait for you in the living room. I love you deeply.” He states and disappear.

I sigh. I talk too much sometimes. I guess now I must follow through.

I fish my Bluetooth speaker, make-up and go to the bathroom.

I don’t put a lot on my face. Eyeliner and red lipstick and I’m done.

The problem is that I’m not used to apply make-up and so I take a while to make it right.

Getting dressed is easy. The dress is along black V-neck spaghetti strap dress with slits up the side. Simple. Sexy ASF. My hair is long, I styled it earlier with big waves.

I get my phone, Bluetooth speaker and descend the stairs. Bare footed. Nothing but the dress. I feel so confident. Exposed. Dirty and free.

I enter the living room and see them with drinks in their hands.

“Babe.” Z gasps.

“Mare. You’re trying to figure out how to kill a vampire.”

“Nonsense.” I laugh, “I just need to get tipsy and dance a little. Then I know we’re losing our minds and get multiple orgasms out of each other.”

"Yes, we are Mare.”

I can actually see how excited they both are. Pretty tight pants.

“Here, babe. Your drink.”

I put the speaker down and hit play in the playlist I edited earlier today.

I sigh and took the glass.

Azazel put some lime in it. It’s so good. I moan, “So good babe. Ah. So good. Treating Morgana so well.”

The music continues and I start to swing slowly, giving them something to see.

I grip the dress tail and the split opens. I spin a little.

I drink and ask for another one.

They just stare at me and I see how hard their hands are gripping the armchairs.

I swing and swirl. Opening the split of the dress wider. This time they saw it all. My shaved precious little cunt. I see them lusting.

I finish my second drink. I don’t ask for another. I ask for a cigarette. I know Draven has them.

I feel high and confident. I smoke and let the other hand fall slowly between my neck, breasts and to the dress split. I do that multiple times and dance sensually, slowly, moaning every time I touch an erogenous area.

I finish the cigarette, approach the armchairs and kiss Draven. Sucking hard on his tongue, panting heavily and moaning his name. I do not touch him anywhere else. I get support on the armchairs, leaning on him, showing that cleavage.

I then go for Azazel and do exactly the same thing, but I put my knee on his dick. He whines and I take the chance to put my tongue into his mouth and dominate the kiss.

“Daddy, take your pants off, please.” I say into Azazel’s mouth.

“Today you won’t get to fuck Morgana, my baby Z. Tomorrow you can take my pussy all to yourself. Today you only watch me mount Daddy and then I will fuck your ass so wide, even Daddy will be proud of his Mare.”

He whimpers and I apply more force into my knee, “Quietly my whore. Mama don’t like whimpering bitches. You know that. Now be a good little princess and lick mama’s asshole while I fuck myself in Daddy.”

I bite his lower lip and spit on his chest.

I get up and sit on Draven’s lap. I force the cleavage and get my tits out. “Whore. Come quickly, get under my dress and open my ass. I need it licked and prepped.”

I hear bones hitting the ground and align my entrance to Draven’s cocks’ head.

“How much do you want me right now, Daddy? Would you do anything for your precious little princess?”

“Yes, Mare.”

“Do you allow me to use you as a dildo, Daddy? Only for my own pleasure?”

“Yes, Mare.”

“Is the scariest feeling to want someone so fully that I feel I could die without you. Both of you. My desire for you is the scariest feeling but I will jump headfirst.” I slip down his dick.

"Ahhh.” I let my head fall back and feel hands on my waist, steadying me. My first scream of the night. So loud.

I hear Z whining and trying to keep up with me. Wetness invading my asshole.

“Mare. I...” I look at Draven, his fangs out. I smile.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“I’m... I... You’re making me lose control. You... You look... I can’t even describe how sensual you look. You’re making us lose ourselves.” and he jerks his hips up instinctively.

I whine, “If you take some blood from my left boob, will it kill me?”


“I want to give all of me to both of you.”


“Okay, Daddy. I won’t force you. Just let mare ride you slowly and softly as possible. Mare wants to take all night. Mare desires you deeply.” I start riding him slowly to give Z time to follow.

I shake my shoulders to make my breasts bounce a little, “So big Daddy. Steady. Strong. Stud.”

I go up and down rolling all my body sensually, slowly and moaning.

“Our little bitch is sucking my ass hard, Daddy. Three fingers and a tongue. We don’t even see him from here, right?”

I reach back and hit him on his back blindly. Hard.

My boobs shake harder. I feel like mounting Draven is the best position ever.

I slid up and down with all my force. I scream out.

“Ah. Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. Thank you for your massive dick, Sir.”

I do it again.

“Ah. Yeah. So deep inside me” I whine “Azazel, Mama changed her mind. Come help me.”

He was up in a split second “Lift Mama from Daddy’s dick and turn Mama around.”

He easily does that. Clumsy but stronge. I love a man with monster strength.

“Daddy. Align with my asshole.”

My legs wide, like the whore I am.

“Azazel, let Mama down slowly on Daddy’s cock. Slowly. Or else I will step on your pathetic little dick.”

Z whimpers and cry. Actual tears.

“Mare, you are getting us into dangerous territory.”

“Shut up, Draven. I want. I want. You follow. You do what I tell you to. Do. Control yourself. Control our bitch. You think I don’t know how turned on he is right now?”

I slap Z “You want to serve Mama. Don’t you Baby?”

“Yes. So much. Let me.” He’s sobbing openly and I know it’s not because he’s unhappy.

“Mama loves you the most. Drop Mama’s slowly. Daddy’s cock is so big it can rip Mama. We don’t want Mama hurt, do we?”

“No, Mama. We love you so much.” He tells me honestly. And slide me down Draven dick

I scream so loud. Smiling widely. “Baby. He’s ripping me. Ah... Ah... So good Daddy. Daddy.”

Draven grip my waist and support my weight.

“Baby. Open mommy’s legs wider.”

“My Mare. You’ll hurt your back. My Mare. Ah please.”

“Daddy please just support my decisions like I support yours.” I lay my back on Draven’s chest, ”I’m letting you fuck my ass as slowly as you can manage. Be. Grateful.”

“I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful.” He says like a mantra.

“Baby, get that beautiful dick on my pussy. Come on. Mama is giving you some love. Come my little slut. Get on top of us. Daddy will love to kiss you while you both fuck Mommy senseless.”

Draven exhales deeply stroking up. Azazel gets naked.

“Come on Baby. Daddy is already working hard. Fuck Mama too.”

Z tears rolling down on his insane abs, he whimpers and sobs.

He puts his hands on the arms of the armchair and descend like he’s doing ... entering me effortlessly.

“Ah... Ahhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Give it to Mama. Give me it.”

He goes up and down again and I expose my neck to the beast behind me. Moaning.

“I... I am so full.”


“I know baby. Get it. You can get me. I want it. Mama loves you so much. Stick it deeper inside me and I will beat you good babe.”

I had my legs hard, so they can move inside me easily.

"I feel my boobs bounce so good. Ahhh. So big Daddy. Go deeper now. You can take it. Bottom out.”

“I will rip you.”

“Then rip me. I bet you could suck my blood then.”


“Do not Kitten me Draven. I’m asking you. If you don’t want it. Don’t take it but at least fuck me as I know you want to. You love to see me like this. More slutty the better. I know you want to break me in half and make me crazy too. I love you more than you think. I know both of you better than you think. He wants to be used and degraded. Feel useless and to serve us. You want to hurt us. You love to control us. You love to see me in control too. You love to see me being who I really am but don’t let anyone see but you. Both of you. I want to see you gravel beneath my feet. I want you to serve but I also want you to abuse me. I also love to see you in control. You’re so perfect dominating us. My big scary vampire. My love, my love. Ah. Fuck l’m cumming soon. Fuck I don’t want to.”

"My love, stop fucking our Mare. Go rest for two minutes, my precious prince.”

“Okay. Mare?”

“Do as Daddy pleases, baby. I love you very much.”

Draven gets up, holding my legs. Taking me with him.

We land softly in the couch. My knees on the seat cushion and head on the back pillows of the couch.

“I will be gentle with you, Mommy.”

I moan, “Oh, calling me Mommy... Hot.”

He covers me gluing his chest to my back, whispering in my ear, “I like this game we play. The cat and the mouse. You think you are in charge and I let you think you are. You’re not. I will spend the eternity trying to bend you and you’ll spend it trying to break me. None of us will succeed, but we’ll have fun. Azazel will enjoy it even more than us. He gets to watch and have us both. The lucky one.”

I whine, “You’re by bitch already, Draven.” I boldly state.

He fucks my ass hard. I scream hysterically, “Think again, my mare. My love, my life, my princess, my Baby. Who’s fucking who?” He laughs and drills into me fast.

"You... bitch. No. Draven. Fuck. I’m going to cut you open. Stop. Stop it. Ah. Ah. You... You bastard. Fucking bitch. Stop it.”

He rips my dress completely and gets my hair and pull me back. Arching my back.

“This is how you tame a mare. Dick deep into her asshole. You filthy bitch.” he laughs amused, “See? I’m right, my mare.”

“Azazel, come lick her clit. Let’s show our mare who’s in charge.”

I trash around delirious, “Draven! I will kill you in your sleep. Fuck.” His strokes deep. Hard. Deep. Hard and deep. So good.

“There you go. Let Daddy mount you good. Come on. You cum dumping slut. Just like you loooove it. Azazel. Slap her boobs she’s cumming so hard. Aren’t you Moregana, dear? Ah? Aren’t you, my filthy filthy little whore? Are you ready to receive my seed, Mommy? Azazel, she’ll be falling right into you. Hold her safely.”

He speeds, ”Mounting my Mare, just like she likes. Say it whore. Say it or I won’t let you cum. Say it. Say it, now.”

“You mount me just like...I...I like it. I. I’m your whore and I love it. You are... You mount me just like I like it... Daddy mount me so good. Ahhh. His whore.” and I fall over Z. Weightless. Senseless. Spasming. Screaming.

I feel nothing and then... I’m in a vampire cocoon. They stick their dicks inside quickly and I sigh.

“Don’t let them out. Please.” I cry out.

“We know Kitten. We know.” Draven is in front of me. He kisses me.

“Babe,” I reach back to Z, “don’t leave me.”

I start spilling tears.

“Azazel. Don’t leave me. I need you so much. I didn’t mean it.” I sob, “I didn’t mean it, I swear.”

“Babe, please don’t cry. You know. You know I’m never leaving you.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just a stupid little human. I’m stupid and naive. I’m not enough for you. For neither of you. I’m not enough. I’m not enough.”

“Shoo. Calm down my love.” They start to pound me slowly. Draven in a strange angle but compensating with his length. I think they’re not doing it for the pleasure. They’re just redirecting me. I listen to them instead of bubbling nonsense.

“We love you so much. Since I saw you and then Azazel confirmed it that we know you’re our missing piece. My beautiful creature in black Vans and ripped jeans. Two sizes up sweaters and those ridiculous statements about me.”

“Let us love you, babe. Believe we’re feeling it too. Allow us in.”

“I’m sorry. I know. I know.” I chuckle, “I am really to live with you. I know you love me and will take care of me in any level, any way I need. The thing is that it’s too good to be true. I get scared. I’m scared, babes.”

“We know. We’ll be here holding your hand and fighting fear away.” Azazel finish.

“Now... ride Azazel so I can finally get his ass. I’m starving for that hole, Kitten.” Draven kisses me deeply and I mount Z.

“Baby, I will kiss you all the time. Let Daddy get his hole, but you get Morgana’s pussy and sweet kisses. I love so much my bulky bunny.”

“Babe, you think he’s gentle with me but he’s not.” He complains.


“Kitten, he asks for it. Don’t blame me.”

I puff and slide down, riding Z and kissing him softly.

“Ah... Babe. You want us to make you food? You haven’t feed. You can’t lose any more weight. Ah Draven. Fuck. I’m not unbreakable. I’ll help you tomorrow with some weight’s exercises, my princess. You’ve been slimming down. You need muscles to put up with us. You know this Morgan. Fuck, Draven. Calm down, D."

I look back and smile. “Daddy D. You are loving the view. Seeing me impaled in our baby’s cock. Ah? So dirty, fucking your little whore. Your princess getting what she needs too. You’re such a Dom. My God. I love you. Want to slap my ass, don’t you?”

He grunts, “Ah. Kitten. Come on.”

I reach back and touch his abs. Scratching him. “Slap me. You can slap me softly. I can take it easily. Besides I can’t take cumming again. I need to eat first.”

He slapped my ass cheeks twice. They both come in 20 seconds. I counted.

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