Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 18

Saturday, we get lazy. I shower and get breakfast. It’s raining so I can’t go to the shore. My baby force me to get some exercise. He brought his weights so we could do some workouts. I did half an hour and gave up. He did another half an hour. I watched. “I think I’m getting this professionally filmed. I could sell this as porn any day.”

He chuckles.

“Do you think you could be stronger than our beautiful Draven?”

“No. He’s stronger than us combined. He’s a born vampire. Unique. No one will ever be like him.”

“Do you think I can get pregnant from you? I’m getting concerned with his obsession with breeding me.”

“I don’t know. I’m not worried. Even if it happens, we manage it. We are old. We know what to do.”

“I’m not old. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“You would have us. Both of us. Imagine that. I barely sleep. Draven can go days without feeding. You could rest plenty. You’ll be better than any other mom. Two healthy vampires in your back and call. Not to say extremely attractive. Have you seen Draven? That face is perfection. Even his feet are beautiful.”

“I love your nose and teeth. Also, your face bone structure is surreal. Draven face is rounder. Yours is manly. Your body is perfect. Your long bulk legs. Your ass is huge for a man’s. Your chest is Paradise and don’t get me started on the abs. Your arms are doble the size of Draven. He’s beautiful all lean. His hands long and pretty. His round face and sharp eyes. Small but full mouth. Fuck I hit the freaking jackpot.” I sigh.

“I like your boobs. They are so round and surprisingly big for your body proportions. You have long legs, round and perky ass. I could sleep in the ass. Those hips are the epitome of fertility and the face... It’s so strange because at first glance you’re just a cute girl. Then you look closer. You have big eyes, big. Small cute nose. Your lips look like they were drawn by Michael Angelo and the bone structure. Classic beauty. Your hair is strong and its color is unusual. Your waist is so small and soft. Fuck you. We won the jackpot.”

“Let’s agree to disagree.”

“I need to end college before babies.”

“Make sense.”

I sigh, “I will get you a bath started. Come find me then.”

“5 more minutes and I’m done.”

I peck him, “I love you my baby.”

I go upstairs, find clothes and towels for us. Open the tap and wait for the bathtub to get half full. I start to undress and sigh.

I’m forgetting something. My cell phone. Where is it? I go look by the nightstand. Find him right away. No important calls or texts.

I look up and see Draven sleeping. I smile and climb the bed. “I love you, my love. I will always love you.” I peck his forehead and return to the bathroom with my phone. Close the tap and look for a suitable playlist. I find it and push play. I angle the phone and regulate the volume to a third and wait. 5 seconds. Z enters the bathroom room and undresses too.

“Go in first. I want to rest on your chest.”

He relaxes in the tub and help me get in.

“You know. I could sleep here.”

“You can sleep here, babe. Rest.”

I turn around, “I want to sleep on you forever with Draven protecting our backs.”

He smiled down on me, “We will, Kitten. You can relax. The land round the house is so vast that no one comes here. Its insanely safe and you have us. We always sense danger, even in our sleep.”

I melt into him, kiss his chest. “We can cuddle and watch that Franxx anime you love so much.”

“The main female character reminds me of you. Sexy and powerful. Also, the couple spend eternity together. It’s us. Don’t judge me.”

“Maybe I’ll ride you backwards and make it ever better for us. I like when we do that. Multitasking. We’re the best at that.”

“We are.”

“Every time I close my eyes

It’s like a dark paradise

No one compares to you

I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side

Every time I close my eyes

It’s like a dark paradise

No one compares to you

But that there’s no you, except in my dreams tonight”

“We’ll demand Draven to play so you sing with him, I suck but you... You can do it.”

“I just want to crawl on top of the piano.” I laugh.

“He ruined your dress.”

“He always ruins my clothes. He just wants to buy me new ones, so I can be his. I am already his. Dumb vampire.”

“He’s old. Do you think seven hundred years ago people were as they are today? Do you know who he was?”

“Who was he? My mom seems to know.”

“He was a prince. Literally. His mom was a beautiful noblewoman that got raped by the king. He was the youngest of three.”

I tense, “What?”

“Yeah. He was literally a bastard, but after his mom died the king lied and said they married in secret. Forged some documents and Draven was officially a prince. He thinks that it was nature’s way to avenge his mom to make him immortal. He became king after his oldest brother died. Problem was, he wasn’t dying anytime soon, obviously. He faked his death and hide north. That’s why they always talk weird. They are have royal blood except me. I feel left out, babe.”

I sit up.

“Oh. Alex and Malcom. They really look like royalty. That’s why they are so formal. What about Sam?”

“She is a bastard. They tried to kill her, so Draven turned her.”

“That’s why she’s so grateful to Drave.”

“So are MalAlex. They are not even from this part of Europe. That’s why they go to Netherlands regularly. They have descendent there. Draven didn’t want to be alone anymore and after trying to turn so any people and not succeeding, he tried blue blood.”

“Oh my gosh. He said and I quote, ‘The House is moving north like the old times’. How can I have 145 IQ and don’t get that. I’m blinded by love and lust. I lame you.”

“Sam is much younger. She’s just two centuries and a half. Malcolm is almost four centuries old. Alessandro following right behind.”

“This makes a lot of sense. He is very powerful.”

“He is submissive with me sometimes. Very very rarely, true be told. In a few years he will trust you enough. He will. You’ll see.”

“I hope so. I trust both of you fully.”

“I know Babe. I know. We won’t let you down”

“I hope not.” I sigh, “I’ll wash your hair babe, sit up.”

We have a good hot bath and dry slowly. Kissing.

“Babe. I’m so hungry.”

“I heard your stomach growling. You’re so cute.”

“How being human is cute?”

“It is.”

I laugh and hug him, “I’m getting horny too.” I frown.

“We can make it until after lunch. We’ll deal with it while watching Daring in the Franxx.”

“Okay. Did you buy chicken nuggets?”

“Yes, babe. I knew you’ll crave them before you get to your period.”

“Don’t remind me. I must endure lusting over you and do nothing about it for 4 days. Who’s really suffering here?”

“You, my princess. My beautiful goddess.”

“That’s right.” I frown, descending the stairs.

We eat slowly.

“I love this no oil frier thing. I want one in our house in September. It sounds healthy.”

“it is, healthier, not healthy. Baby, I know you’re horny, but maybe hold it just ten more minutes.”

“What? I’m behaving exemplarily. I’m being such a good girl. So in control.”

“Your hand is on my groin, Babe.”

“that can’t be avoid.”

“Okay. Take the nuggets to the living room. I’ll help you, Babe.”

The Franxx anime must be good. I wouldn’t know. I just ride.

Riding Azazel is amazing pleasure. He’s so big. I could lose myself in the plains of his chest or the mountains of his biceps.

“Ah, babe. You’re just a beast on top of me.”

“Yes I am, my baby. Mama is such a slut for you.”

“Ah. M. you’re so hot like this.”

“Look at my boobs go. I bet you could cum just looking at me.”

“Babe, I won’t last long like this. You’re riding me so fast.”

“That’s okay, my baby. I want it in my mouth. I want it bad.”

I get off and wait for it, looking up. Three seconds. I gulp, shallowing all down.

“Fuck, Morgan. Fuck. AH.” he breathes deeply, “That was wow.”

“Kitten.” I hear Draven voice.

I look to the side, facing him.

He’s surprised.

“Daddy.” I whisper.

“I’ll go shower.” Z disappears. The traitor.

I try to get up. Slipping. Draven lifts me.

“You should rest.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Your body is tired.”

I frown, “I slept six hours. I don’t like to sleep knowing Z is awake and bored.”


I lay on the couch, sideways.

“I don’t know what I did wrong. I know you’re mad. I feel it. You’re not happy but I don’t know why. Tell me why!”

“I want you to sleep. At least lay down on the bed and try to rest your body.”

“I don’t feel tired. I’m energetic. I want to go run outside, but is raining.”


I sit up. “Why are you so worried? You’re sadness is invading my heart. Stop it! How are you doing this?”

“I’m not doing anything. My feelings are my own. Please, let me take care of you. Let me help you rest.”

“You know what I want.”

“Yes. You want to ride me. You always want to ride me and then that I give it to you as decadently as I can for you to feel both powerful and sluty. That’s what you want.”

Of course, he knows what I want better than even me.

“I just want to be worshiped. Is that too much to ask? I worship both of you too.”

“It is not much to ask but life is more than sex. Our relationship must be more than lust. It is much more than lust. Can’t you see that?”

“How can you say that to me? Of course I know that. I feel it every day. I feel it every waken moment.”

“Can I take you to bed? To rest?”

“Can we at least do the vampire cocoon? Dicks in?”

He sighs, “We will try.”

“Okay Daddy. You can take me.”

Draven POV

“You don’t think she’s escalating?” Azazel whispers so low that not even a cat would pick up on that.

“I will not make assumptions. I simply cannot know.”

“You have no idea what it is like for me. I feel like the both of you are climbing a lust mountain and as you get higher and higher you start to transform into beasts. You literally. You know. You get so primal that the true vampire in you comes out. She gets so cruel she becomes an ice queen.” he puffs, “How fitting I’m between Ice and fire. Will I melt, will I turn into a popsicle?You tell me, Draven. You tell me.”

“I thank the skies that you’re here to mediate us. I know. We are nothing without you. I’m sorry my love. I know I’ve been putting you into an absurd position.”

“You are.”

“Tomorow afternoon we return home and have a family meeting. Maybe the others will know what the matter with us is. We need help Azazel.

Yes, we do. Draven, you keep having this irrational notion that you need to literally breed Morgan. She is starting to believe it too. She’s terrified to get pregnant. It is not wealthy for her to be on edge because she really wants to finish her studies and you keep telling her that she can’t let your semen escape from her womb. You were fuming because I came into her mouth.” he sighs.

Tell me the truth. It was not because it was my semen. You don’t care about if it yours or my cum. You were pissed I didn’t came inside her. Your primary instinct right now is to inseminate her. You’re getting obsessed and it is the most unfair thing you have ever done. Forget killing humans on wars, forget killing humans by trying to turn them so you could have company, forget feeding on humans and leaving a sea of corpses behind you. This is worse. You know what she wants, and you could control yourself, but you don’t want to. You want a child. What if that child kills the woman we love? Then what? You think you’ll ever forgive yourself? You think I will ever forgive you?” I can feel all the angriness inside him, even if he speaks so softly that no one could hear.

Tomorrow all of uswill talk. If you can’t get a grip, I will get the others, everyone and every resource I have to keep Morgan away from you. I will not lose her to your fucking greed. We are your family. Both of us. Do you want to lose us?”

I cry softly, “My love.”

“No. You’ve heard me. We get tonight to be the three of us as usual. Tomorrow we will see. I can’t believe I have to do this. Our trust isunbreakable. I hope we can carry on saying that after tomorrow.”

I don’t know what to think. I don’t do it on purpose. I know it. I just don’t know how to explain this to my prince without sounding like a pathetic lie.

Morgan shift. My cock slides off her and she whines loudly. “No. I want it. Draven. Put it in. Draven.”

I quickly comply, getting a little over her. I put most of my weight over my shoulder and knee.

“My flower. Maybe we could sleep better on the chaise long.”

She opens her eyes, “Babe. Carry me.” she whimpers, “Carry me, babe.”

We move fast. Azazel below both of us. We’re not actually laying, but she’s comfortable. That’s enough.

“Empty. Daddy.”

I get my length inside her.

“I love you.” she mumbles and falls back asleep.

“It’s almost nighttime. She’ll wake up hungry.” Azazel adds.

“I can cook us chicken.”

“She’s been craving chicken lately.”

“We can’t move, my prince.”

“We will move in half an hour. You can rest. I grab your feet for you to take a nap.”

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