Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 2

I dreamed with long canines and bloody necks.

The next day was boring as fuck. At least I had online classes to occupy all my afternoon.

As dinner time passes, I start to get a bit anxious. Who the hell is the friend he was talking about? Maybe one of his four siblings, not the girl since he clearly stated that the friend is a he.

What should I wear? Should I discuss this with Mia? No way. She will just say that I should wear black and maybe do a tattoo or two.

I guess this doesn’t really matter anyways maybe I won’t run today. Should I bring anything with me? I mean, maybe they are meeting me somewhere else. Should I be afraid? I feel like perhaps I should be more cautions.

OMG. I sound like a teenager. *vomit sounds*

Before three in the morning I texted the number, he saved in my cellphone. The contact name, you ask...


02:45 Hello, Mister Asshole. This is my Number

02:47 Morgan. How are you? Something came up, we’re picking you up in fifteen. Get dressed in something dark.

02:50 What? Why? Where are we going?

02:51 My sister challenged us to go and misplace something in a nearby church, to scare some people who were assholes to her yesterday.

02:52 Sure. Give me 10 them.

He has an amazing sense of humor. I can give him that.

It did not make sense. I suppose I’m up to some adventure though.

I just need to not be seen exiting the apartment otherwise my parents will find it rather strange that I’m wearing so many clothes.

I still don’t know his name.

3:02 We’re here Ma’am

03:05 You’re so fucking annoying. Wait up… Lacing my Vans -_-

03:06 So cliché my dear

I step outside of the apartment building and the cold hits my face. I shiver.

There’s a ridiculous car waiting for me with the four blinkers on.

I don’t really know cars but that is a Mercedes SUV, looks expensive as fuck. To be honest I’m a little afraid to enter the vehicle, damage it than having to work for the rest of my days to pay for it.

Mister Asshole puts his head out of the back window “Come on lady, I’m not getting any younger.”

I enter the car. “Well, Mister Asshole, I don’t like to be rushed, so fuck off. Thank you.”

“I like her already.” says a feminine voice from the front. I look up and see her on the driver’s seat. She’s beautiful. She smiles and I instinctively smile back. She has short hair, light brown, in an uneven bob, red eyes, snow-white skin and perfect face proportions. Fuck. I should have been born on that family.

“Hi, I’m Morgan.” I say still smiling.

“Hello Morgan. You can call me Sam. It’s so nice to meet you.” she nods “This is Azazel, but you call him Z. It’s easier for people.”

I can now see the boy. He’s bulk. Mister asshole is fit and seems to have muscles, but I wouldn’t describe him exactly as bulk, he’s just fit. Z is bulk, not crazy bulk, but he could lift me and carry me around.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Morgan. I bet you didn’t expect this twist in plans, ah?” he talks softly but with purpose. He’s cute too. Also, red eyes and snow-white skin. Genetics, ah?

“Not really.” I give him a small smile.

“Well, me and Draven were supposed to show you all the cool spots to drink and smoke throughout town, but stuff happened.”

“Who’s Draven?”I ask right away.

They all laugh.

“Draven is the one sitting next to you.” Sam replies.

I look to Mister Asshole and smack him on his arm. Big mistake.

“Fuck. You’re hard as a board. Cold too, aren’t you hypothermic? “

“I’m just cold Ma’am. You can still call me Mister Asshole, I kinda like it now.” he says teasing me.

“I might still call you Mister Asshole anyways...” I give him a tight smile “It′s fitting.”

“Yeah. I like her” Sam says starting the car. I grin and give a little laugh.

The drive is smooth and short. I had no idea they were referring to the small chapel near the boulevard. It is really close to the place that I saw Draven for the first time.

“Here we are kids, let’s have some fun!” Draven says and opens the door of the SUV.

Slowly but surely, we all make our way to the chapel.

“How are we going to get inside the fence?” I ask.

“I will break the gate don’t worry.” Z says and so he does.

“No way. How did you do that?”I ask in a perplexed tone and with my eyes open wide.

“I am sure that the gate was rusty.” Z answers simply. Draven coughs and Sam laughs.

“Still that was pretty awesome. You give appropriate use to those muscles.” I smirk at Z, nodding appreciably.

Draven glare at me briefly but is quick to look away. Z tenses.

“Where’s Sam?” I whisper ask.

Suddenly I hear a door opening and Draven says, “She’s opening the door. Come on.”

We all start walking to a small door on the left side of the chapel and get inside.

Z takes his phone and light the way for me. It seems like the other two do not need any light to navigate the inside of the chapel.

Maybe their eyes are extremely good adjusting to the darkness, like a cat. They are albino cats. How cute.

I grunt.

Z gives me his hand, “Come, I’ll help you.”

“Thanks.” I reply and smile. His hand is extremely cold and dry. I do not complaint, that’s better that gaining bruises because of my inability to side step the obstacles.

Z whispers something but I could not understand, then he says “We’ll wait here. They will bring the cross down to us.”

“What? You should help them. You’re obviously the muscles between us four.” I whisper yell.

I hear from way up someone chuckling. “Don’t underestimate them, Morgan. We are from the same family.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you Z. Sorry.” I frown.

“Don’t worry, little one. No harm no found. We’re good.”

“I’m not that short!” for the record I’m 165 cms, that’s 5′4″.

I’m at average height for the country I live in. I won’t complain about my height.

Of course, if you would take into count the fact that these boys are most likely 6′2″ and Sam is 5′7″... I’m short then.

“I like short women, no biggie.” he snickers.

“I don’t care.”

“Are you cold or just scared?” he asks quietly.

“I don’t like churches, they’re creepy!”

“And here I thought you were a devout. You sure smell like one and look like one.”

“What tha fuck are you talking about? I don’t ever believe in Gods. Do not make me hit you too.”

“Quiet, they’re back.” how does he know? I couldn’t fathom how but they do make an appearance 5 seconds later.

“Let’s go, guys. I need to go grab something to eat.” Sam whines.

We all step outside and the other two, Sam and Draven, settle the cross down at the chapels front door in such a way that no one will be able to enter from the main doors of the building.

“Well, you do have excellent genes to be able to carry that down here!” I mumble.

“Yeah, we do!” Sam replies. How the fuck did she listen from such a distance its beyond me, but I need caffeine to wake my numb mind.

“I need coffee.” I state.

“Let’s go to the gas station and grab some coffee for the little one here!”

“I’m gonna reap your throat off. I’m not short!” I whisper yell to Z before entering the Mercedes.

Draven gets to the driver seat and Sam gets in the back with me.

“They′re dropping me off home before taking you to get coffee.” She tells me after seeing my questioning glare.

“Oh, so beside the strength, you’re also telepathic? Lucky.”

She laughs, “No silly, we just have good hearing and talk lowly. I guess you didn’t listen because you were yelling to Z.”

“Well, I don’t like to be called short.” I defended.

She smiles and gets off the car.

OOOOh. Their house is the Mansion on the back street of the boulevard. I always wondered who could afford such space in the heart of the city. Draven said they are loaded. Guess that’s true.

“It was really nice meeting you. Come visit sometime. I would love for you to know the other two members of our misfits of a family.”

“Thanks Sam. Glad I met you too. I will come soon.” I smile and she closes the door.

Draven instantly drives away, “You’re too trusting, Morgan. I told you.”

I stare through the mirror “What? I like her. She’s cool.” I glance towards Z, “Should I distrust you?”

“Not me buttercup, I would instinctively shield you. You’re so small and fragile.” he gives a toothy smile.

“I guess I’ll have to say fuck you to both of you, then.”

Draven smirks “I guess you should measure your words, little human.”

I freeze. What was that all about?

Z coughs and continues “What do you want to drink at this unholy hour? Anything for your tiny mouth.”

“I’m not small sir, it is you that are huge.”

“You have no idea, Morgana.” Draven groans.

I start to feel uneasy about this and begin to think that I am in a moving car locked with two extraordinarily strong males. My heart speeds and so does my breathing.

He’s right. I should have thought this through. I should not trust these people. i don’t know them at all.

The car stops, in a split second one of them opens the door and slide me off the car, sitting me on a little bench on a side street of the main avenue.

I try to focus my sight and see Z by my side, holding my hand and Draven crouched in front of me, “Breathe slowly. Just breathe Morgan, copy me.” he’s inhaling and exhaling in front of me, slowly and deeply. Z slides a little closer to me and starts to draw little circles on my back.

I force myself to look around and to think that I’m safe. we live in a safe place, with safe people.

After a while I get my breathing on check and sit straighter.

“You okay there?” Z asks.

“Yeah, sorry. I don’t know what happened.” I reply.

“You had a panic attack. That’s what happened.” Draven starts, fuming “but why, Morgan? Was it something we said?”

I get annoyed. Why is he upset? I was the one that had a panic attack, not him.

“I don’t know!” I yell at him. Literally not knowing why I freaked out about.

“D, drop it. It’s almost daytime. Let’s just drive her home and go home ourselves.” Z barks out.

“She’s maddening irrational.“ he huffs and get in the driver’s seat to wait for us.

I look at Z and shiver, “What is wrong with him?”

“He’s scared. When D is scared, he attacks and then he runs. Don’t take it personally! That means he cares about you and suffer to see you like this.” He helps me up and gets to the back seat with me.

I lay my head on his shoulder throughout the drive and squeeze Z’s hand.

He pecks my head affectionately and snickers.

“What?” I ask.

“Draven is jealous of me right now.”

“Why?” I ask disoriented.

“You’ll see.” he simply replies,

“We’ll see you in two days’ time, get some sleep. You’ll need it.” Draven tell me before going out and around the car to open my door.

“I’ll get your number from Draven and text you later. Sleep tight buttercup.” Z says and kisses my forehead.

“Stop it. I just met you.” I glare at him.

“You’ll see how quickly you’ll fall for me.” he grins, “low chance of me being wrong!”

“Wow. I appreciate that,” I pause and frown, ” but low chance of that happening. Goodbye.” I slide to the street and hear Z joyful laugh.

Draven walks with me to the building front door, “I apologize if I made you uncomfortable, Morgan. I will tend to that. I will not joke so much around you.”

“It’s okay. I just panicked. I assure you it’s not recurrent. Thank you for tonight. I had fun with all of you. And you were right, your brother is super preconceived. ” I reply.

He gives me a little bow and goes away. I smile and get home.

05:50 Are you tucked in?

05:51 Yes, Sir.

05:53 Sleep tight. Don’t let the Vampires suck your blood.

05:54 Shut up!

They are peculiar and I like it. None of my high school colleagues are anything similar to those three siblings.

I sigh. Turn in bed and fall fast asleep.

Draven POV

Getting inside the SUV, I grunt to Azazel.

“What? I love you more!”

“You’re getting horny, even though you are deeply aware that you can’t have her.” I glare.

“D, I’m young. I don’t have stupid self-control like you do and I can’t control my libido. Sorry not sorry.” he replies and chuckles bitterly.

“Azazel, my precious, I give you all of me. Why would you need anything else?”

“Babe cut the act. It was you that came home last week talking about how fucking sick this chicks smell was and how horny you got... Not complaining though.”

“Well, you disagree?”

I park the car in the garage and start walking inside the house.

A hand grips my upper arm. “You know how much I love you, don’t you?” I hear him softly but surely.

“Yes, we’re soulmates darling.” I turn to him, “No one could deny it.” I sigh “What about her? How does she fit with us? Do you feel the pull too?”

“Yeah. I want her. I want to protect her and love her and have her by our side D,” he stops to contemplate his next words “but babe, maybe we came on too strong. She’s so young. So young. So naive. She has no idea. We should just go slow. Invite her to go clubbing or to a late afternoon walk on the beach. You know this better than me. You come from a time that you would do the courting thing.”

I cough, “Yes, I didn’t do it with you for obvious reasons.”

He laughs, “the obvious reasons being, I jump you on that bar and tried to fuck you in public?” he chuckles and continue, “How many times I have to tell you that I was high, it was the 1980s’ Draven. We were happy and free.”

“How well do that turned out for you?” I bark out.

“Pretty well. I now fuck you on the regular.”

I puff and start walking again “How vulgar can someone be? For heavens sakes Azazel, control the amount of foul words that come from your filthy mouth, please!”

“Oh, come on babe you like it in bed!” he giggles.

I see red and sprint to my bedroom, skipping the others.

From far away I can hear a “What have you done now, you little devil?” is Malcolm’s voice.

“You do well remember that we all can kill you with a flick of a finger.” Alessandro warns.

“Puff. Y’all love me. Y’all would never kill me and you old farts know this better than me.”

A knock on my door. Without waiting for a reply, the door opens, and Azazel walks inside.

“I’m sorry, D. You know I really like to joke around but you’re my babe, right?”

“Your eloquence is astonishing.” I reply him.

“Still you know what I meant!”

“Yes. I do understand you.”

He sits next to me on the little sofa and gives me a side hug. “I love you so much. Do you love me too?”

“You know how much meaning you brought into my infernal existence. You know that no one would ever replace you. My love, my sun, my guiding light.”

We kiss passionately.

“Do you want her?” he asks me eventually.

I sigh, “You know I do.”

“I want her too. We’ll make her want us too.”

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