Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 20

Fortunately, I physically heal fast. I return to my parents Monday morning.

I walk. I take the city in.

Slowly the constant movement returns and besides the face masks, everything comes back to normal.

Only a month left of classes. Then a lot of tests and high school is finally over.

I will take it easier when I enter College.

The difficult part is to drill all the knowledge to get there in three years. Once that is over, I can relax at least a little.

College usually take three or four years. If I take five it is okay. I know I will be with my boys. I won’t need anything. They will help me and keep me happy too.

I can only imagine, Draven will study with me and Z will manage day to day stuff and work out with me. I can’t ask for anything else.

Imagine experience college with such steady base. I already won in life. It will be easy to win in my course.

This week is going fast and soon is Friday again. I will hang out with the boys but not sleep over. My parents say they miss me too.

“Finally, babe. We just got to see you twice this week.” Z says kissing me as soon as the door of the SUV closes behind me.

“Why did you ask me to dress nice?”

“We’re going to a bar.”

“Really? Where?”

“Fang’s. It’s not far. We know the owner.” Draven replies.

“Sam owns it.” Z clarifies.

I laugh aloud, “We know the owner indeed.”

“Your laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world, my Kitten. I’m glad you are still putting up with us.”

“Don’t be like that. You know how much I love both of my vampires. I like them dangerous it seems.” I laugh.

“Meaning we are not that boring, so she still let us love her.”

“Come on Z. Don’t make mama cry.” As soon as I say it, I freeze.

“We don’t have to make a big deal out of that word, Babe. It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fuck the mood.” I apologize.

“You didn’t.” Draven smiles parking the car.

“We’re very excited to see you and to have some fun tonight.”

I smile, “Sure. But I suck at darts, so that you know...”

“We are meeting some friends. We know them since last summer. They are College people too. Came home for the weekend.”

What? New people?

“I’m nervous now. I never knew any friends of yours. I could have dressed nicer.” I complaint.

“Better than a black mini dress and sexy boots? For what? For Draven to kill every one that glances your way?”

“I will not kill any human. I could however make it a painful life.”

I hit them before going inside, “I will personally cut your balls off and feed them to my neighbor’s dog if you make a scene because of me.”

“I love that you always grab us by the balls. My fearless Omega. Fuck, you are so hot when you talk like that.”

“Draven.” I glare at him.

He sighs, “Yes Ma’am. I want my balls intact.”

“Good. If you behave, I give a blowjob to Z and I let you eat my pussy with your expert tongue.”

“I’m motivated to be the bestest boy. Right, Babe?”

“Most definitely. I want to lick sweet Kitten juices.”

We go inside.

Draven enter first, I’m in the middle and Azazel is guarding my back.

“Draven, Z.” Someone says from a table. The table lounges a group of 5 people.

“Hi guys. Let me introduce you, our girlfriend Morgan.”

I smile.

They all wave. Social distancing.

“This is Ariana, Casper, Forbes, Cathya and Maria.”

“Sit” says Forbes, “we saved you seats.”

“Thank you.” I say and wait for them to lead me.

They know exactly what I need, Z pulls the chair in the middle for me.

I laugh. They are always protecting me.

I sit crossing my legs instinctively.

I sense a spike in Draven’saggressivity and quickly place my hand on his knee.

“Balls.” I whisper.

Z giggles.

“What do you guys want to drink?”

Draven answers, “Whiskey twelve years, neat. Lemon Vodka and Martini Bianco, low on ice and a little of lime.”

I smile, “it’s okay. I can live without the lime.”

“Draven you have to come with me. I won’t tell them that. You’ll be pissed off. I don’t want that.”

Z laughs, “I stay with Morgan.”

Draven gets up and they go to the bar.

“Z we’ve been missing both your asses in our weekly hangs outs. What have you been up to?” Casper asks.

“Quarantine happened. Then we were occupied with real state and we went to the beach house twice...”

“You have a beach house too?” Cathya intervene.

“We do. A little south of the City. We were trying to get Morgan out of the stress she has been into. College Exam admission season.”

They all nod.

“Don’t worry. After that is ever harder.” Ariana laugh out.

I giggle, “I bet.”

“What are you aiming for?”

“Environment Engineering.” I say.

“Fuck. Up North?” Maria asks.

I nod. “You think you’ll get in?”

“I know I will.” I quickly reply

Z smiles, “She studies too much.”

“What’s your average? 18/20?”

“No. 19,7.” I answer honestly.

“What? You can choose anything you want.” Cathya says, jealous.

“I can. I want Environment Engineering. And no, I won’t be a medical practician. I want Environment Engineering.”

“A woman that knows what she wants. Impressed.” Ariana adds.

I smile back.

“Here we are. Coming through.” The other two arrive with a lot of drinks.

I get mine and I nurse it for a while.

“Yo. Draven what’s the plan for this summer man?” Casper asks.

“We’re taking Morgan to the Philippines in August.”

I see Cathya gripping her glass.

“She wants the private island experience.” Z shrugs.

I blush. Thank goodness is dark in here. “I so did not ask for the private island experience. Don’t mind them.” I laugh out.

“You ask for what then?” Cathya. I think she’s not very happy right now.

“I may have implied that if there was a beach house such as theirs but in a warmer climate. I would, like, appreciate it greatly.”

“And they bought a beach house in Philippines!” Cathya persist.

I snort, “Of course not. BasBas Island is a family heirloom. Draven decided the island needed a house, so it is being built.”

Everyone laughs but Cathya.

She just drinks.

“She doesn’t like me.” I whisper.

Z kisses my right hand and smile.

“So, July is free then.” Forbes speaks up.

Draven, “I don’t know. Is it?” He turns to me.

“Sure.” I shrug.

“Morgan, Ariana is up north too. If you need any pointers. Place to stay. Best spot to eat.”

Ariana nods, “Most defs!Any friend of Draven and Z is a friend of mine. I got you honey. Don’t stress.”

“But...” I smack my elbow into Z ribs as soon as he talks.

“I am so glad. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

“We’re moving north too. So, Kitten is living with us.” Draven says before I can stop him.

“I need to eat Draven. And shop. Also, I can have friends. I like her. Can I have her as a friend, please?” I fume out.

Casper and Forbes tense.

Z chuckles.

“Of course you can. I just letting everyone know you’re off limits. Earlier rather than later.”

“Don’t tempt me.” I smile cheekily.

“Okay. Babe. Draven’s dick is the biggest. we have all stablish that long ago. It was a long discussion, it took days. Everyone agreed at the end.”

I sit back. Finishing the drink.

“Forbes has a cute two floors house in the countryside and we were thinking we could go there for a week.” Casper tell us.

I smile but say nothing.

“Is there a bedroom for us? I can’t go if there’s no double bed bedroom just for us. I need my sleep.”

I uncross and cross my legs.

Get the glass on my cleavage and slide it down slowly.

I relax in the lounge chair and sigh.

“Plenty of bedrooms. Five I think.”

“Sounds cool.” Z adds.

“I will think about it. I will let you know next week.”

“Who’s already in?” Maria asks.

“All of us, except you. You still didn’t answered me.”

“I was waiting on my boss to confirm if I could get any time off from work. She told me today. I can go.”

“Cool. Cool.”

“You can sleep with me. I will paint your nails.” Ariana says.

I close my thighs.

Z shifts and Draven looks at me.

I gulp and steady my breathing.

“I want another.” I lowly ask, “can I pay for it?”

“No.” they both say.

“What?” Forbes asks.

“Z is getting more drinks. Anyone?”

I give my glass to Azazel.

“We’re good. Thanks.”

“I want one. I will help you Z.” Cathya speak up.

“Balls” I say in a whisper.

Draven chuckles.

“Thank you, Cathya.” He nods.

I snort.

Too loud apparently.

“Azazel, less alcohol. We won’t want a repeat on Morgan being tipsy. Remember?”

“We don’t? Why?” Maria asks.

“Kitten gets more violent as she drinks. She also has claws.”

I laugh, ”He’s exaggerating. I only broke one nail that night.”

We all laugh it out and I place a hand on his knee. He grabs it and kiss my wrist softly.

I smile and sit up straight looking for Z.

“Z is uncomfortable, Draven.” I snap my head to him.

“He can handle Cathya.”

“Can he?” I worry.

“I’ll go.” Casper tell us.

“Thank you.”

“What do you work on, Maria?” I try to refocus my brain.

“Oh. In that big supermarket on Main avenue.”

“Really. I go there all the time. I also worked there as a replacement last summer for two weeks. They are nice to the employees.”

“They are. I can’t complain. I was thinking ’I knowher face from somewhere’ but you know how it is. This city is not that big. We’re bound to see each other all the time.”

“That is true.”

“How did you met the boys, Morgan?” Ariana asks, ”’cause we met them on the boulevard last summer. We were so wrecked and those two save us. Honest to God. I thought I was going to die from alcohol poisoning. I made it home safe and sound. I thank them every time. Thank you.”

The other three finally return and Cathya seems in a better mood.

I giggle, “I saw Draven on the boulevard one night while I was running. I like to jog at 4 or 5 am. I remember I saw this boy. I was mesmerized by his eyes. But he was moving too fast. It was a split second.”

“I thought you met him in the parking lot in front of your apartment building. You asked for a cigarette.” Z states, looking to Draven.

“I thought it too.” Draven defends.

“Nope. I knew it was the same person when I saw you in the parking lot smoking. So I grabbed the trash bag and went downstairs to talk to you. My parents were impressed I voluntary took out the trash.”

“You saw me?” Draven asks surprised.

“How don’t you know this? Has been four months since that. I saw you through my bedroom window.”

“He just told me about your smell. I had no idea.”

“You think you know a guy.” Cathya says.

I look right into her eyes, “You bet. After all the crazy wild nights I would have thought they knew at least this.” I giggle, “I guess not.”



Z laughs so hard that is contagious.

“We thought you were oblivious.” Z continue to laugh.

“There’s nothing oblivious about me.” I paused, “Wait. That’s why you thought I was innocent as fuck. Oh. You both dumb asses.”

Draven pulls my glass from me, ”That’s enough, Kitten.”

“I am crying right now,” I hear Ariana say, “You’re hilarious together.”

“Yes we are.” I smile.

“Morgan made Draven laugh in a family dinner. You should have seen our big brothers surprised faces.” Azazel starts, “Even Sam was impressed.”

“You know Sam?” Cathya ask.

“She’s my sister.” I reply seriously. Sadness taking over my heart, “I love her very much.”

Z pokes his nose into my hair and Draven pet my leg slowly.

“She sometimes shows up.” Casper say, “I was hoping I would see her tonight.”

“Sam will get here soon, Casper.” Draven smiles.

I giggle, “Cool.”

“Well, in just four months you really made a life for yourself in Borgonha’s household.” Cathya spills venom.

“Oh. Not really. I could already be pregnant. Would that be an ideal life for you Cathya?”

“Certainly not. I aim for claiming my own name and construct my own career.”

“Big words. We’ll see in a few years whose career is the brightest.” I get my glass up. “To Cathya’s brilliant career. In what again?”

“She’ll be a preschool teacher.” Ariana beams.

“Bless your heart, Cathya.” I take a sip in the Martini Bianco, “Full of snot and knits for the rest of your life. Molding our brightest minds into your own little version of normalcy. I am already seeing it. More under performed little plays and tiny trophies celebrating mediocrity. I strongly suggest you get fucked hard on the regular so that your little stuck up bitch attitude actually don’t rub into the tiny humans you’ll teach with your bitterness.”

I really said that out loud.

I snap my head up and see them clearly dumbfounded.

Sam laughs aloud behind me, “Morgan, my favorite human. Look at those boobs. They let you come here like that. You’re definitely asking for trouble.”

I look up, “My favorite girl in the world.” I turn around and jump her, “Thank God you’re here.” I sense them covering my ass with a coat.

She puts me down and holds my waist.

“Hello everyone. Sorry I’m late.” She pauses “Our brothers wanted to buy new cellphone to contact Morgan.”

I shift uncomfortable.

“They do?”

“Yes. You are family. Now more than ever.” She smiles, “Sit. I will come right back.”

I nod and sit between my boyfriends.

I frown.

“What is it, Kitten?” He whispers.

“They just like me because of the baby.”

“No. They like you since they met you.” He pulls me to his lap and Z gets on my lounge chair. They put a coat over my legs.

I rest in Draven’s chest and roam my hand around looking for my Azazel. We clutch hands and don’t let go.

The group chat and I get myself into my own world. I hear Sam but make no move to engage.

Suddenly I hear silence and I peak up.

Sam is livid.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Listen Cathya. I don’t know what’s your deal but I’m quite sure you don’t come into my bar to disrespect my family.”

“Please. That excuse of a girl been around for a few months.”

“This woman will someday carry my nieces in her beautiful belly, and I will do whatever I can to protect her.”

“Sam.” I whine.

“Samantha.” Draven says.

Sam bows down immediately. Puffing air out of her.

“Cathya. I know that impressive, powerful, stunning and opinionated women are looked down by regular people. I know, but even for you this is a new low. Are you really that desperate for attention that you would throw such brilliant female under the bus just out of spite?”

“Why would I do that?”

“Is it because I have two powerful man by my side?” I intervene.

All heads turned to me.

“Draven. You’re sharing with your brother? Wild.” Forbes confesses.

“You’re just a stupid slut.” Cathya finishes with a blow.

I laugh, “I am not stupid and certainly I am not a slut. I’m sorry for mocking you earlier. Obviously, you got resented, but you are interested in both my men. You even cornered one of them. He was stressed by your presence. Do you know how hard it is for the most emotionally balanced member of our throuple to be stressed? I apologize if I was blunt earlier, but the truth is that you just didn’t like to hear what I had to say. Now, don’t get Draven pissed off because frankly Z is the one with the tough job to slap some sense into us and he already dislike you. If the dislikes turn into hate, I would move to another planet If I were you. Don’t worry though after August we’ll be in another city and won’t ever remember your name. We’re good. Are we good, Babe?”

“No. We’re not good.” Z replies.

“Well. I tried.” I shrug.

“Cathya hopefully is not joining us this July and frankly I was going to host a weekend in by beach party next weekend but now it’s ruined.” Draven conclude, “Everybody say Thank you Cathya.”

I singsong with all the group. “Thank you Cathya.”

I sit up, ”Actually that is a promising idea. I need some cheering up. Next weekend is a good idea. Can I ask Mia to come?”

“Of course Kitten, but there’s only four bedrooms.”

“We can sleep anywhere. You’re the one that is picky about it, Draven.” Forbes adds.

I smile, “the girls can fit into two rooms and the boys into the other.”

He sighs, “My room is of limits. You all can roam around and do whatever you want but not there. If you come to our room, I will not forgive you. Morgan, Azazel are extremely private people.”

Sam snorts.

“Agreed.” Casper say, “Will you join us, Sam?”

“Maybe. Maybe I will.”

I smile at her.

“All right. I will send you fuckers the address. We can drive some of you too if you need.” Z starts, “but food is another subject I would like to talk about. I won’t be cooking for you dickheads and I don’t know what you like to eat, so...”

“We’ll bring the food. Me and Casper can buy that. What about drinks?” Forbes adds.

“Ah. Don’t worry. We restock in January all acholic beverages. Just buy the soft drinks.”

Ariana speak up, ” We buy that then. It’s not expensive. We can do it.”

I see Maria making a face, “Maria, do you have the weekend off?”

“I think I have Saturday off and then on Sunday I’m working the afternoon shift.”

“I’m sure one of the boys can take you to work on time.”

“Yeah? That would be great.”

I smile at her.

“I will go.” Sam says, “I will drive you to work Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry.”

“What?” I’m surprised.

“Yeah. I want to meet that Mia girl you’re always talking about.”

“Oh. You do?”

Casper is beaming. I can sense the happiness waves starting to hit me.

“Well, it is always an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, Morgan has to return home to her parents.”

I look to my phone and see 23:00.

I gaze Draven but shut my mouth about it.

“It was really nice to meet you all. We’ll see each other next weekend.”

I stand up and go to Sam to hug and kiss her cheeks.

“Call me. The driving theory test is next week. You must pass it so you can have your license by September, Morgan.”

“I know. It was not an easy week.” I reply.

She hugs me, “I know. I know.”

“Sam, stop hogging Babe.” Z whines.

We laugh and let go.

I hear a collective bye and we go outside.

The nights are slowly getting warmer.

“I want my fellatio on the back seat of the car.” Z says.

I giggle, “Sure.”

Draven grunts but get on the driver’s seat.

“I will drive around, but when Azazel comes it’s my turn and I will eat your pussy gently on the shore. Azazel will hold you. Serve as a bed for you and get your legs open for me.”

I sigh and unzip Z’s jeans.

“Will do it, babe.” He smiles to me.

“Babe, can you shut the lights off? I don’t want people on the streets seeing me mouth full on a back seat of a car.”

The lights dime and I start right away.

“I missed your cock, my baby.”

I really did. I don’t want to take too much time off having sex with them. I’m afraid if I push sex with them too much, I will never forget the trauma and won’t move on.

I start slowly with the head. Circulate my tongue and suck softly at the little hole.

“Ah... Ah. Babe. So good. Such a skilled mouth.”

I lick a slip down to the balls. I then put the length into my mouth as deep as I can and moan.

“You’re both making such sinful noises.” Draven smiles.

“You like to watch.” I say, my mouth too full for me to talk properly.

“Ah baby. Watch the teeth.”

I look up and smile.

“Ah. I’m near.”

“Already? I didn’t even got time to drive to the beach, Azazel.”

“She’s looking up to me. It does things to my body.”

I moan and start to suck on it, getting my hand to aid, jerking him slowly.

“Ah... Babe. So good. Ah... I’m close. So close. Fuck. You’re so hot Babe.”

I go faster and he cums into my mouth.

He grunts and calls for Draven for some reason.

“I know, tiger. I know how fucking hot she is.”

I get off his dick with a loud pop.

“Hummm. Taste so good. I love your dick so much Babe.” I kiss his mouth openly. Both moaning.

“You’re so wet, my Queen. I’m looking forward to explore all those juices.”

I whine. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes. We’re here. Get your coat. It’s still cold outside.”

The night is dark. So dark.

“There’s no human outside in 3 miles radius. Don’t worry, Azazel will keep a hear out for any heartbeat.”

“I know. I’m not worried. I want to feel your tongue in me. You’re the bestest boy in cunnilingus. No offense Z.”

“Not taken. He’s the bestest in fellatio too. No offense.”

“Non taken my baby. I love you so much.”

“Kitten leave your panties in the car. No need for them.”

They guide me through the dark. The smell of the sea is something that always soothes me. Since a kid. The sounds and smells of the shore. Calm. Rhythmic.

Azazel pulls me down and plays as my bed, I sigh.

“The bestest bed.”

“Hold our Kittens legs up, my prince. She will trash around.”

I open myself up and relax.

I cum embarrasly fast.

“Thank you for this.” I start to sing.

“All I wanna do is get high by the beach

Get high by the beach get high

All I wanna do is get by by the beach

Get by baby, baby, bye bye”

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