Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 21

Friday comes fast and I take the driving theory test.

I pass, barely, but I passed.

I’m so happy. I will celebrate this milestone with my babies this weekend.

I find myself at 4 in the afternoon staring at my wardrobe.

I saw the forecast and fortunately it will be cloudy but will no rain.

The perfect weather for my vampire family.

I call Sam.

“Hello. My sister passed at first try. I’m so proud.”

I giggle, “Oh. Come on. It is not that impossible to achieve.”

“Azazel failed his first try.” She whispers.

“Sam. Come on. I’m not laughing at my precious bulk baby.”

“I’m sure you appreciate his bulkiness enough.” She chuckles.

“Shut up. I called you because I don’t know what to wear. I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t want to fail in front of my babes friends.”

“Meaning you have to get all the attention away from that fucking whore Cathya.”

“Sam. No. I just need her not to mock me.”

“Fine. Come over. Bring your Vans and flip flops. Maybe a bikini and underwear, or not, I am not judging.”

“Okay. Is Z up?”

“Yes. You know how an early bird he is. Even Draven is up already.”

“Okay. See you soon. Thanks.”

They gave me the keys to the Mansion last week, so I let myself in and ascend the stairs to Sam’s bedroom. I knock.

“Come in Morgan.”

I enter her bedroom. It is a lot smaller than our bedroom, but she’s just one person. The predominant color of the room is purple, it’s light. She’s walking out of a door with a lot of clothes in her arms.


“Hey Sis. I think I may have gone a little overboard with this, but we only have one hour before people get here.”

“Okay... Mia is coming in half an hour though.”

“Good. Choose between these. Ah...Apparently, Draven ripped one of your dresses. This one is similar, no?”

“Yes. Remarkably similar.”

“Yes. He asked me to buy it and some leggings. There. Ah. I bought the dress in red. Fuck. I bet they are going to rip those apart too. Men.”

I blush, “It’s Draven. He gets animalistic. I don’t know how to explain.”

“Please don’t.He’s a hybrid between father figure and a big brother. I really appreciate I don’t get visually attacked by that scene.”

I laugh, “Sorry. You’re right.”

“There’s some sweaters too. There you go. Four. I think it would do. Do you need socks?”

“Sam. Please. I brought socks and pajamas. It will be the first time I don’t sleep naked with them. I know I will hate it.”

“Then don’t. Wear it but as soon as you go to sleep, get naked. It’s one less piece of clothing that won’t end up ripped apart.”

“You’re right. I’ll go hurry the boys. See you soon.”

I enter our bedroom quietly and immediately close the door and lock it.

They are on the bed. I whimper.

"Yes babe we know. I just been hornier than usual. Draven too.” Azazel says mounting our Daddy’s dick bouncing fast.

“It’s fine, but we’ll gonna be late if you don’t pack.”

“Oh, it’s done Kitten. Come sit on Daddy’s face, my Mare.”

I undress fast. I get on his face, facing Z.

“Hi babe. Bouncing so good on Daddy’s cock. Kiss me.”

I push down to cut Draven’s air flux and rub myself on him, “Take it Daddy. Lick your sweet Kitten right.”

“I’m close.” Z says.

“Because I’m being slutty?”

“Yes. Master’s dick got bigger too.”

I laugh, “Good. I’m close to.”

I grab Azazel shoulders and ride Draven’s tongue.

“Ah. Fuck Daddy. That’s the bestest tongue I ever felt. Ah... Make sure your mare is satisfied. You know how I like it.”

Azazel comes untouched into Draven’s stomach. I moan as Z sucks on my nipples softly.

I cum in five seconds. Draven grunts.

I know what he needs. I get off him. He turns Z around and fucks into him fast, doggy style.

I smile and get on Draven’s back. Grabbing his neck not to fall, I pretend I am riding a horse.

“Let’s go stud. Break Z in half. He can take it fully. Come on.”

They both cum in seconds. I laugh, “I have too much power over your asses right now.”

We rest for five minutes then go take a quick shower.

“Babe, I think Mia is already here.”

“I’m not ready, fuck. Why are you such horn dogs?”

“I texted Sam. She will let her in.”

I whine, “Baby. I can’t find my clothes. I bet it was Azazel and his ridiculous obsession in getting everything organized.”

"My love calm down. I will help you. Tiger, stop cleaning.”

“Z I swear to God I will hit you. Where did you put my black leggings? I just saw them.”

He laughs out loud, “Both of you stop. Morgana, here’s your clothes. Draven your watch and cellphone. Now go blow-dry your hair. I will entertain our queens’ human friend.”

I take the clothes and run to the bathroom.

Draven gets there first.

“This is not fair. You’re a vampire. I can’t outrun you.” I mop.

“Come, my Queen. I will help you get dress while you dry your hair. You can’t get a cold. I won’t allow it.”

" Okay.” I smile. We’re ready in ten minutes.

I go downstairs and see Mia at the Hall.

“Hey, nerd.”

I punch her shoulder, “Don’t call me that in front of my boyfriend.”

“I already know you are a nerd.” Z replies.

“I think you didn’t mean that. Unless you want to have some accesses denied, Azazel.”

Draven comes down with the luggage.

“Mia, this is my boyfriend Draven. Azazel and Sam, you’ve already been introduced to.”

Draven approaches her, “Nice meeting you, Mia. Thank you for joining us for the weekend. You make Morgana incredibly happy with your presence."

“Yeah. That’s the possessive one. Congratulations on having the biggest dick known to humankind by the way.”

I blush furiously, “Mia. I told you that in confidence.”

Sam is rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Azazel seems offended.

“Z’s dick is also huge. Ok? He’s an awesome lover too.”

Draven looks awkward.

“Maybe we should abstain ourselves of talking about our bedroom activities.”

“Please forgive me Draven.” I bow my head down in shame.

“Okay. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move to the kitchen and make Mia something to eat. Her belly is growling it seems.” Sam is back up, drying tears.

I frown but comply.

In the next thirty minutes everyone arrives and I drink two cups of coffee.

“Let’s go ahead and divide people into cars.” Draven starts, "with Sam...”

“Casper, Forbes, Cathy and Mia.” She replies.

“With me Morgan and Azazel. Ariana and Maria. Okay. Sam don’t go over the speed limit. We all know that is not fun when the police goes after you.”

The drive is fun. The girls are fun.

I am in the middle of the back seat of the SUV.

“I’m worrying about Mia. She is in the other car.” I tell him, “I’m worried with Mia, Draven.”

“She is in the front seat. Nothing will happen to her, Kitten.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I don’t understand but I do know what you mean.”

“D. She’s worried because she′s human. Her friend knows no one on that car. Get it?"

“I do, but Samantha is literally driving. She will make Mia feel comfortable.”

“You’re right. She was looking forward to meet Mia too.”

“See?” Draven concludes.

“Must be difficult sometimes.”

I look to Maria, not understanding her statement.

“Draven is always so sure and right about everything. You must feel like he’s a robot.”

I laugh “That is an amazing analogy, Maria. I knew you were special. And I knew how pure Ariana is too. You’re good people. I see why my boyfriends like you."

“I’m not pure.” Ariana whines, “I banged a lot of times. Honest to God. I did.”

I laugh, “Not that pure.”

“Maria is brilliant. I wish she were surer of herself.” Draven smiles.

“Wow. A compliment. Maria what have you been up to? You must have a talent. Spill.”

“I produce music. For myself.” She says shyly.

“Really? That’s why. Daddy D supposedly is a genius piano player and composer.”

“That’s why you know so much about music, Draven.” Maria rush out.

“Do you know how many times he played the piano for me?”

“Millions of times.”


She gasps.

“I know.” I whine.

Z chuckles, “Being burned on the steak.”

When we arrive it’s dark. I know the boys been to the beach house during the week to rearrange the rooms, got some air mattresses and a mini fridge to stick blood bags in our room.

Sam is staying in an air mattress in the study room. She prefers to sleep alone. I get it.

Me and Sam start to stock the stuff the rest of the guys bought while my boyfriends are explaining how the house works (Z) and the rules they should follow (Draven).

“Mia is crazy. She’s honest to her core. Fuck, even I got offended.”

I laugh, “Favorite characteristic.”

“I get how you are friends.” Sam confesses, “I like her too. I was wondering how much of a shock would be that we had some fun together.”

I gasp, “You horn dog. I can’t believe it. Horny vampires. For fucks sakes, Sam.”

She laughs, “Not yet. So... Do you? Got shocked I mean.”

“What? Not because you are both gals if that is what you are implying. It’s a weird concept to see my Mia and my Sam together. You know.”

“I know. We will see. She flirts back.”

“Then she likes you. She usually grabs them by the balls.” I laugh, “I just want to see both of you happy.”

“I know. We all will. We all are. Look around, Morgan.If it wasn’t for you... If it wasn’t for you, they would hardly leave the Palace.”

I shrug, “Why is it called the Cold Palace?”

“The lack of fireplaces. Humans needed them before there was electricity. You know why we don’t need them, but humans couldn’t understand and called it the Cold Palace.”

“That’s hilarious and awesome.”

Azazel and Mia are suddenly aiding us.

“Before you ask. Big dick bossy boy is doing his thing bossing everyone around. You know how I love to be told what to do, so I ran here.” Mia speaks before I ask.

“Okay but Azazel and Draven are still the best cookers here.”

“We help baby brother with dinner, you go calm Sire done before he breaks some one’s neck.”

“That serious?”

“Escalating.” Z answers.

I get into the second floor and start to hear the yelling.

I run to it.

“Fuck you. Why do I have to share with them?” Cathya. Of course.

“I really don’t care. I told you the rules. The study and my bedroom are off-limits. If you didn’t voice any concerns a week ago, it is only absurd you’re complaining now.”

I put a hand on Draven’s naked wrist. I smile at him.

“What does she need now?” I whisper.

“A room for herself.”

I laugh, “Cathya. I believe we have plenty of room downstairs for you to get an air mattress and sleep wherever you want. We can help.”

“I don’t want an air mattress.”

“Then sleep on the couch. I feel the need to inform you though, that me and the boys usually stay up late, and I dance for them, and then we fuck SO HARD on that couches and armchairs. I wouldn’t advise to be near it. Also, you can get pregnant just by sitting there. Caution.”

“No need to talk like a whore.”

“Morgana.” Draven speaks fast.

“Well, I guess they really made a whore out of me.” I laugh, “Don’t worry. It won’t rub on you.”

“So, tell me Cathya, dear. What is the verdict? Do you sleep with super sweet Ariana, the musical genius Maria or the baddest bitch and my personal best friend Mia?” I ask.

“I take Ariana, she’s small.”

“Wonderful. Come baby I need you to dress me now.” I take Draven’s hand.

“Every Saturday night, I get dressed up to ride for you, baby”

“No Morgana, there’s people around.”

“Got a burning desire for you baby.”

We go to the room and I dress myself in that black dress. I let Draven go help making dinner. I call Mia.

“Why are you calling me? I’m in the same house that you, nerd!”

“Come up. I need advice. Last bedroom.”

Moments later she knocks on the door.

“Come in, Mia.”

“Fuck. This is huge. Is that THE balcony? Can I see it?”

“Yeah. I was insane lusty that day. I thought I would die if they didn’t take me.”

“You waited too long. Eighteen was too long, Morgan.”

“It was not. I’m so glad I waited. They are perfect Mia.”

“I been knew. I still don’t trust the bossy one.”

“It’s okay. I do.”

“So, you called...”

“Yeah. Do you want to take this red dress? Or the black.”

“Why? It’s not exactly my style, nugget.”

“Just trust me, Mia.”

“I take the black one then.”

I take it off, “NO. Why are you butt naked?”

“Sorry. It’s just a body Mia.”

“They really did a number on you, kid. I never saw you this free. Congrats.”

“There, not naked anymore.”

“Do you have red lipstick. I would look good with this dress.”

“Yeah, let’s go to the bathroom.”

We apply make up in 3 minutes and descent to main floor.

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