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Chapter 22

Mia and I descent to main floor laughing about nonsense.

“Morgana. Help setting the table in the dining room, please.” Draven yells from the kitchen.

“Where’s Z?”

“Dining room.”

“Okay. I’ll help.”

“I’ll help in the kitchen.” Mia says.

“Here I am to aid my prince.” I say entering the dining room.

There’s three people helping already.

“Babe, fuck. Am I in twilight zone or somethin’? Didn’t Draven’s ripped that dress in black?”

“I got a red one. Also, shoosh.” I rearrange the glasses, “Every Saturday night, I get dressed up to ride for you, baby” I sing lowly.

“What you guy want to drink?” Mia leans in the doorframe

“Morgana, what is she doing with that dress?”

“You know all Morgz outsits?” Mia asks annoyed, “What do you drink? Bossy boy is asking.”

“Red wine.” Ariana replies.

“Beer for me and Casper.” Forbes adds.

“Water?” Maria asks.

I laugh, “I go help you, M.”

The kitchen is a little tense. Cathya.

“Sam, what do you think. Who pulled it off better?”

“I love you, but Mia is hot as fuck.”

I laugh aloud, “Right?”

“Morgana. My Queen. Did you make Azazel break a plate?”

“You know I didn’t. Do you want me to make you break a plate?”

“No, Kitten. I want for you to sit everyone at the table and get them drinking a little.”

“Of course.” and I add whispering, “Daddy.”

Me and Mia get the drinks (and Cathya) to the dining room in hopes she just sit down and shut up.

After fifteen minutes of laughter I see Cathya at least not frowning.

Azazel got us seated differently as if it was an official family dinner.

Draven will be at the head of the table, Sam will sit in the opposite head of the table. He explained to me that is because they are the eldest of the family present.

Azazel sits in one side of Draven and I sit in the other side of Draven. I told Mia to sit next to Sam but in the opposite side of the table for us to see each other all the time.

Next to me Maria then Cathya and Casper, he wanted to sit next to Sam.

Ariana sits next to Mia and Forbes between her and Z.

Azazel thinks this will delay any open aggression.

I agree.

While we wait, we drink.

“Babe, come.” Z says.

I do not question it and accompany him.


Draven is calling.”

“Ah. Okay.”

Smells so good in the kitchen, they made stuffed chicken.

I need help, and we are the family members.” Draven says without me asking.

“Fine, but I’m a weakling. You three do the heavy lifting.”

I end up carrying the salad. How fitting.

Every human, except Maria is halfway drunk by the end of the dinner.

Even Mia that is a pretty heavy drinker.

So tell me the truth Azazel, you just put them under you and make whatever you want, right? Forbes whisper yells into Z’s ear.

I snort.


“Hey Bossy boy. Why do you call her Morgana? She’s Morgan, just Morgan, no A needed at the end.”

“He’s traditional Mia. My name comes from the form Morgana. We just dropped the a eventually.”

“and who the hell has Draven as a name? Why is Samantha the only normal named one between all of you?”

“Draven comes from Denis. I don’t like that name, I decided that Draven was suited.”

“Mia, you’re being rude.” I hear Sam say.

“I am?” she replies, “Sorry.”

“What? What? Mia said sorry.Voluntarily. Sam what have you done to her? Gave her special pills?”

Sam looks puzzled, “No. I wouldn’t do that.”

Everyone is talking around, but I see Draven whispering Azazel’s way.

“No. Do not do that. Plotting against me.”

“Morgan,” Aiana call me out, “Did you know that Casper and Forbes are studying marine and coastal management at the southwest point of the country?”

“Really? So cool, what made you choose that study area?”

“They wanted to go to the warmest costal part of the country.” Cathya answers, snorting.

“No.” I laugh.

“Man are dumb as fuck.” Cathya adds.

“They are.” I agree.

“You guys want dessert?” Draven asks.

Collective yes.

I try to get up, failing shamefully.

“Baby, I’m smelling your pussy. Did you not put some panties on?” Draven whispers in my ear.

He pulls me up and guide me by my waist to the kitchen.

“I want you to fuck me now. I want you to fuck me hard, Draven. Against that kitchen wall. Fuck me.” I whisper yell.

“Azazel get the desert to our guest and come back. Tell Sam to serve them.”

Draven pulls me against his chest and I feel the wall hit my back softly.

“Yes. I want you so much. Please, please. I’m starving, just don’t cum inside me.”

He aligns and penetrates me slowly.

“Yes.” I sigh, “Yes, finally.”

Azazel comes back and locks the kitchen door.

My princefinger her ass. We’re long overdue. Let’stake her standing.”

I whimper. Delirious with the thought of double penetration.

I slide my boobs out of the red dress and whine when Z insert one finger in my asshole.

“I thank the universe every day I found you. Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want.

In a minute they are both inside me.

“Yes. You got that medicine I need Dope, shoot it up straight to the heart, please I don’t really wanna know what’s good for me.

“Babe, please stop singing.”

“It really expresses how much I want you to fuck me hard. How without both of you I would never reach my true self. Fuck. Fuck. Just like that babies. Mama want it. Daddy. Give me. You know how. Baby, slow down. You’ll rip my ass.”

“Stop trashing around babe.

You’re so beautiful drunk. That decadence looks perfect on you. I was so hard watching you at the table. You drive us insane, Mare.”

Daddy make me cum, so we get rid of the peasants. I want to use that sex swing again. I need to rape my babe. I need to be mean today. I need it Daddy. Let Mare be mean. Ah... Ah... Babe. So stong and such powerful strikes.”

Azazel grips my hair and pulls my head back.

“I want to treat you like a slut today, Morgan. I missed you so much, you fucking whore.”

I cum. That instant. That was so uninspected. Fuck. Z was so hot.

I scream. Draven puts a hand on my mouth. They put me in the ground and Draven attacks Z instantly. No mercy.

I smile and sigh.

A minute later they cum and I giggle.

When we return no one seems to have noticed that we were fifteen minutes in the kitchen.

“We are playing charades. Are you in?”

Draven looks at me, “Sure.”

What is that look?

Sam is on my team.” I scream, “No. I know you. I know both of you. No way.”

“Calm down. Let’s just get the plates and everything else to the kitchen.

We sit down in the couches and someone get a block of little slips.

I sit next to Sam. The teams are still forming.

The slips of paper end up in a Tupperware.

“No. We need a bag to put the slips. I know the Borgonha’s. they will see what is written in a see-throughTupperware.”

“Kitten, come on.”

“Don’t even whine, Draven. I will bite your nipples.”

“God, Morgan. Not I front of us.” Forbes pleads.

I laugh. “Sorry. I forgot you were all here.”

We won but not by much.

I rubbed it in the boys faces anyways.

“Well, it’s time to put Morgana in bed. I hope you all have a good night’s sleep. Do not wake me up. I repeat. I like to sleep all morning. You’ve been warned.”

Yes. Do not come to our room. Mia that goes to you too. If you were shocked to see me around there naked. You’ll gain a new perspective of me if you come near that door.”

Yes. We get it, you three are nasty fuckers. Move along.” Casper giggles.

I mount Z as soon as we get to the bedroom. He awkwardly gets his dick out and I sink into him. “Ah...Let’s get Daddy a show.”

I almost fall back but Z’s hand is there to catch me. I ride him so good. So good. Slowly but deeply.

" Remember not to cum inside Mama. Understand?” I whine.

Draven is sitting on the bed. Back resting at the headboard.

“Did you buy condoms?”


“You don’t like them.”

“I don’t.”

“We have to.”

“Kitten, I will. We will.”

I ride Z so fast my breasts start to hurt from the bounce.

“Mare. I want you to suck baby while I take you from behind. I’m using the condom. Ok?”

“Okay Daddy. I can suck him.”

“Mama.” Z whimpers.

“I know baby. Take this nipple and suck.” I ride even faster, “Yes, Mama is fucking you just one more minute while Daddy get the condom figured out. Suck harder baby.”

“Mare. Come. I need to take you deeply. That red dress is sinful. You look like the most expensive whore ever.”

“I am the most expensive whore ever, Daddy.”

I get up and Z whimpers so loud.

“Slide up a little baby. Mama is sucking you dry.”

Draven push my legs and my hands fall to the bed.

Draven uncovers my ass, gently pull the dress over my back.

Gets on the bed and slap himself inside me.

I scream hysterically. “Ah...ah. fuck Draven. Fuck.”

He grabs my hair and make my back arch.

“I’m going to fuck you good slut. Like you like it.”

He slaps my ass. I scream again.

“Yes Mare. Now suck our baby. You whinny bitch.”

“Ah Daddy. Ah. So big. So bad. Fuck.”

“Shut up and suck.”

I do as I’m told.

I suck Azazel good.

The dress doesn’t get ruined.

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