Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 23

I wake up with a pounding headache.

"Hummm.” I mewl.

“Hey sleepy head. The other humans are all up and whining too.” Z whispers.

“Why would my head fight me like this?”

“You mixed different types of alcohol. Wine and white liquor.”


“If you only drink one type there’s no headache.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that yesterday, Z?”

“Oh, we did. You just didn’t listen.”

“Help me, babe. I’m dying.” I fake sob.

“Don’t be dramatic. I’ll carry you, just let’s put some pajamas on.”

“Babe. Give Mama the pajamas. I will dress myself in bed. I’m tired.”

“Shut up. You’re waking me up.” Draven grunts.

“Ah, Draven. My head. It hurts.”

“Go eat greasy food. It helps.”

I dress the pajamas slowly, “Does pizza count as greasy?”

“Yes. Wake me up at lunchtime. I’m tired. You turned me into a sex doll yesterday.”

“I’m going to turn you into a sex doll today too. Imagine us in BasBas or in college. Get used to it, my king.”

“Azazel take her away before she sexually harasses us again.”

“Koala time, Babe.” I beam.

“Your pajamas is so cute. I didn’t know you like cute stuff.”

“You ruined me, but not all me.”

“Babe, fuck. Don’t say it like that. It’s not true.”

I rest my head on his shoulder and sigh.

“I will never love anyone else as I love you. I’m ruined. That’s what I mean.” I feel us going down the stairs.

“Good morning guys.”

“Ah Maria. Please, not that loud.”

“Good morning, Maria. Want some breakfast?”

“Yes. You know Azazel, I was going to make it but decided to wait for you.”

“It’s okay. I’m an expert by now.”


“I’m the one cooking breakfast for Morgan every time she stays over at our house.”

“Babe, I don’t want you to put me down.”

“Babe, how can I cook and hold you?”

“Babe, you’re capable. Just let me hug you.”

He puffs but doesn’t pull me away.

“Well, Maria you’ve been promoted to breakfast assistant. Congratulations.”

He managed fine. Holding me effortlessly with one arm.

The eight of us sit at the dining table and sleepy eat. I never get off Z’s lap. Eating like a chipmunk, slowly.

We don’t talk much.

“Maybe after lunch we could go outside and play games. I brought a football and a Frisbee.” Ariana speaks up.

“Awesome.” The guys answer.

“We have a volleyball and a net too.” Z adds.

“You do?”I ask.

"Alessando’s idea.”

“I like beach volleyball.” I smile.

“Cool. Boobs bouncing with every hit. I want to see that.”

I hithis back. He hisses.

“Please. No foreplay in the table.” Mia growls.

“Not foreplay.” Azazel replies.

“Do you have Netflix?”

“Yes. If you kids don’t mind Babe and I will be right over. We have to wake Draven.” He lies, getting up.

I hold myself up, wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. I squeeze him, not to fall down the stairs.

“I’m sleepy.”

“I know. We’ll rest for a bit.”

“I’m scared Z.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m feeling like that day. I want to sleep with both of you inside me and I know that was because of the baby.”

“It’s probably nothing.” Z calms me down.

He locks the door behind us and softly set me down next to Draven. I start to strip immediately. Z following my action as well.

“You didn’t cum inside, right?”

“We didn’t, Dove. We didn’t. Please. Calm down. It’s just your body loving and recognizing us as your mates. It’s normal between the vampires in the beginning of mating.”

“I’m not a vampire, Azazel.”

He cuddles me, covering us with the bedding duvet.

“You’re not, but we are, and you have a bond with us. Maybe some of our instincts rubbed on you.”

I shake Draven a little.


“Draven, put it inside. Put yourself inside me. I need you inside.”

He snaps his eyes open wide and look at Azazel.

Z nods and insert two fingers in my asshole stretching a little. I whimper.

Draven aligns and fucks into me slowly until he’s half inside.

Z do the same and I sigh.

“Thank you. I will sleep well now.”

I relax completely and fall fast asleep.

Draven POV

“What happened?”

“Nothing. She demanded to be held all the time. Even when I cooked. I had to do everything with her on my lap and then when we returned, she said she needed us inside her.”

“Is she pregnant again? How is that possible? We were careful.”

"I don’t know."

“You were careful, right?”

“Yes, babe. We were. We both were. Maybe is just a protective instinct. There’s a lot of females in the house, non-family members. Maybe she needs the reassurance.”

“What if she got pregnant with even with use of a condom? Was it ripped?”

“I don’t think so. Draven. Sleep. It’s nothing.”

I sigh but resign myself to it. I slid a bit up inside Kitten and fall asleep.

I wake up feeling wonderfully rested.

I stretch and feel Draven cock almost sliding off me. I grab it and push it inside.

“Good afternoon, Babe.” I hear Z whispering behind me.

I smile and reach back to hold his hair.

“My baby. Fuck my ass?”

“If you fuck mine after.”

“Deal.” I push his hair harder.

He whines and start pounding my bottom softly.

I sigh and hold Draven dicks, so it doesn’t slide off again.

“Ah. Baby. Mama like this so much. I feel so happy.”

“Me too. Me too. Let me get that leg up so I can reach you deeper.”

“Sure baby. Whatever you need.”

He gets rid of the bedding clothing and slides diagonally.

He does go deeper. I whimper.

“Ah baby. So good. Eating Mama’s ass like a champ. Oh Baby. You’re gonna rip Mama with your big cock. You beast.”

Draven shift, starting to wake up.

“You sluts are already at it?”

He goes to the bathroom and reappears a minute later, condom on.

“Ah baby. Baby that’s the spot. Ah look. Daddy is joining us. Do you want Daddy to fuck you baby?”

“Yes. Fuck me, Master.”

“Get on top of our mare.”

He folds me pounding right away.

“Ah baby. Mommy is human. Careful with me.”

“I’m sorry Mama. I will get it right next time.”

“It’s okay my baby, just fuck mommy’s ass good and take Daddy as deep as you can too.”

“Master is opening me. I’m almost wide enough.”

Draven slide inside him right away.

I can see the pain in Z’s eyes.

“Ah Daddy don’t be mean to our baby.”

“Shut up, my Mare. Next is you. I need to fuck you before dealing with the annoying humans’ hours straight.”

“Ah. Daddy. You’re so dirty.”

“You have no idea, honey.” He grips Z’s hair and speeds up. Z whimpers, crying, tears rolling down his face. He’s still fucking my ass.

I relax and enjoy the view.

Draven is getting into the bulldog position and I smile.

He’s the most Dom person to ever exist.

“Slap him Daddy. I will slap his face from below.”

A slapping noise invading the bedroom.

Another. Z owls.

I smirk and slap Z face once.

His face turns the other way.

“Such a submissive whore.” I state.

“You know how much I enjoy see you like this. You pitiful slut.”

“Mama. My love. I can’t take it.”

"Yes, you can.” I slap him again, “take whatever mommy and daddy give you. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Harder Azazel, or else I’m telling your Master to stop getting that sweet asshole abused.”

“No. No, I will fuck you harder. I will.”

He sure does. For a moment I thought he was going to crack my spine and would never walk again. He didn’t but he did have me my first anal orgasms.

“Draven. Draven. Z. Z. Ah..ahhh"

Z cums in my ass as soon as I start to spasm around his dick.

Draven is not satisfied I can see it.

“Daddy. Get another condom I can take you. I can take you.”

I push Z to the side and wait for Draven to return.


“Yes. Put it in. Don’t think. Just do it.”

I scream out and lick my lips smiling like a fucking whore.

“Baby. Are you okay? Did Daddy hurt you?” I ask Z.

“I’m good, Babe. Let me lick your clit?”

“No baby. Rest. Hold Mommy. I need to feel your skin in mine. I love you Azazel.”

I kiss him passionately and smile into our kiss.

“Daddy? What are you doing?”

I suddenly look forward to see why he stopped.

“Are you okay?”

Draven is lusting watching us.

“I want to rape you both. My beautiful cum sluts.”

I snort, “Then start with me. Your dick is already inside me. What’s stopping you?”

For the first time he went to super speed with me.

I trash around delirious.

“Z. Z.”

“I know but you are ready. You can take him as a vampire. You can.”

“D. D. Ah yes. I am your whore. You’re right. Ah baby it’s so good."

Z slides behind me to hold me and I feel safe. I cry deeply.

“When Draven cums, slap my boobs gently.”

“Okay babe.”

" I’m cumming soon my Mare.”

“Fuck Draven. You’re so big and hard. Ah...” I trash around and cum without notice.

Draven grunts and stops.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry Daddy. Did you cum?” I sob.

“He did Babe. He’s fine.”

I hug Draven, making him rest over me.

“Take that rubber off and come hug your lovers.”

I feel the weight on me.

I sigh.

Fuck. I’m feeling empty again.

I start crying, “No. No. No.”

“What’s wrong, Kitten?”

“I’m pregnant again. I know it. I am. Draven. Please. What will I do? I don’t want to.”

“You’re not pregnant, Baby.”

“I am. I am and I don’t want it. It’s too soon. I don’t want it. Azazel please don’t make me have it. Tell Draven I have a choice.”

Draven disappears.


“Calm down, Babe. I’m here.”

“I need both.”

“Draven will return soon.”

I get up.

Go to the bathroom and he’s not there. Azazel grabs me.

“Princess. Let’s take a bath. I will hold you.”

I sob the entire time it takes for the tub to be half full. Devastated.

“I want Draven. Azazel.”

“I know. He’ll be joining us soon.”

We get in the bathtub. I’m still crying. Desperate.

“I need you inside. Please let me mount you.” I sob anxiously.

“It’s okay, let me just jerk it twice.”

I get on him as soon as his length is erect.

I relax a little but don’t stop whining.

Azazel pets my head as I rest it on his chest.

“Try to relax.”

“I don’t need to relax. I need to fuck you without getting a baby inside me.”

"We’re working on it babe. Trust us. Trust me. I will always fight for your freedom of choice.”

“I love you so much Azazel. I love Draven so much. I will die without you. Please. Where is our mate?”

“Let me wash your body. Your body smells like fear. I don’t like it.” I don’t move an inch from that spot but allow him to clean me.

I eventually ride him slowly. None of us cum.

“Let’s dry up.”

“I don’t want you to take it out. Where is Draven? I want my mate!"

“Okay. I will lift you with me.”

I don’t even understand how but he manages to make it out of the bathtub and dry us together.

I roll my body once in a while to keep my baby’s cock up.

“Where’s Draven?”

“He’s parking the car.”

I whine. We’re sitting on the couch. Koala style. Azazel still inside me. I ride him slowly.

I hear the door opening and closing. The sound of the lock too.

I snap my head up, “Draven.” I let tears fall, “You abandoned me.”

“I’m here. We’ll test your pee. We’ll see if your pregnant right away. The pharmacist assured me. It even tells us the possible stage of the pregnancy.”

“We had coitus twelve hours ago. How can that work?”

Draven glares to Z, “It will work.”

I rest my head in Azazel, “I don’t want to take Z’s dick from inside me. I don’t want to. I refuse.”

“Kitten, please. You’re being irrational. We need you to pee on this stick.” He shows me the thing.

“I just pee with him inside me.”

“It won’t fall enough into the stick.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Babe, what if I turn you around and Z gets into your precious asshole? Would you do that?”

“I don’t like it but as long as it is quick.”

"Get into the tub. I hold it up. She can pee with you standing.”

It works. As soon as I pee, I ask for Z to turn me around and get inside again.

Those three minutes of waiting are the worst of my life.

I know I am pregnant I just don’t understand how it is ever possible.

The result is

“Not Pregnant”

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