Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 24

The result is

“Not Pregnant”

"No, it is wrong.”

“Kitten. Come on, the 99,9% of accuracy on the test box is just a number. It’s not possible for you to be pregnant.”

“Draven. I. Am. Pregnant. Who else knows better than me?”

“Morgana get off Azazel’s dick right now.” He demands fuming.

“No. I will not.” I hold Z tighter.

“Babe, remember when we had sex three times one morning and I almost got feral on you because I was addicted to you? Draven had to intervene and help me out."

“Maybe this is happening to you. You just need to fight it. Eat a little. Talk to other people. What do you say?” Draven motivates me.

“But... Babe.”

“Mare, come sit on Draven’slength then. Let Azazel rest for a while.”

I whimper but don’t complain much when I get transferred to a larger cock.

“I will get lunch running and then we can all go outside and mingle.”

“Draven. I don’t want to mingle. I want you both.”

Azazel put some clothes on and escape the room.

“Kitten. Let’s try and get dressed.”

“No. I want you in me. Please Draven, you don’t understand.”

“I do understand. Just do this for Mia. She’s alone without her best friend in a house full of strangers. You need to keep her company. Right?”

I do need to spend more time with her. I hate when Draven’s right.

“Okay but you have to carry me to the main floor and... And if I whimper for any of you, I get cuddles. Ok?”

“Of course. What do you want to dress?”

“Bikini and a sweater. The bigger one so it covers my ass.”

“Okay. Let’s do it.”

Somehow, they get me sushi for lunch. I am slightly distracted this.

I eat glued to Z. I sat on Draven’s lap but facing the table. It was a win somehow.

By end of lunch I was feeling better.

Draven POV



“I need help.”

Her face is the portrait of the emotion surprise, “Yes.”

“I... We’re having issues with Morgana.”

“What? Is she hurt?”

“You had a human lover once. Did you notice anything different about him once you started to have... coitus?”

Samantha is not really breathing.

“Sire, I will have to go with... No. From what I have read, our relationship was considered... Normal. Our frequency and quality of the... coitus was what you would have expected from a human-human relationship.”

She shifts uncomfortable.

“I understand that this is an unexpected and unwanted topic. I will be brief.” I sigh, “Since the very beginning of our relationship with Morgana, she had a very active role in our sexual encounters. But as soon as we started to have actual intercourse something shifted. It was gradually but constant. When we lost our child, just two weeks ago, we all thought that me turning to a primary vampiric state and her constant need for attention was because of the fetus. We thought we were both unconsciously trying to maintain the pregnancy. Last weekend she was normal. We had... fun, but not coitus.”

“What is the matter then, Sire. I am worrying.”

“She was afraid of having intercourse with us and getting pregnant again. Now we are taking proper measures to prevent that by using male protection, but she’s sure that she’s already expecting a child. She wouldn’t stop owling... She wouldn’t allow us to... She couldn’t bare the emptiness without both of us inside her, Samantha.” My voice shakes. I look down. Heavy.

This laundry room is too small for me to breath. I let a small tear escape my eye.

“Sire. I will try my best to understand what is happening without flagging that we talked.She is outside with the other humans. That’s a positive response.”

“She’s outside because I made her feel pitifully about Mia and the abandonment she must feel without Morgan.”

“Sire, if anything unhuman happens, I will cover for the three of you. Maybe she’s feeling depressed. Maybe she will need to be constantly with you to recover from her lost. She’s young, but instinctively Humans want to make sure the species thrive and instinctively she will desire a lot of children, Sire. I hope I can get as many nieces as I can possibly carry.”

“I will try, suna. Not until she is ready. She wants to fulfill her academic goals. We must wait. Time is something that we have plenty.”

She bows and goes away.

I slowly drag myself outside. There she is. Playing volleyball with the girls. What a blessing.

Morgan POV

Draven carry me outside. I am not happy about the fact that I will eventually have to get off him.

He sits on the sand next to the other boys. They’re all drinking beer, even Z.

I whimper.

“Everything is perfect, Kitten. Don’t worry. The females are playing volleyball. Do you want to join?”

“No. I want you inside me, Draven. Please, no one will see.”

“Everyone will see. I would never allow anyone to see you like that. You know how of a private person I am.”

“Me too. I am but I need you more than I need my privacy or anything else.”

“I will take you to the others to play. You should join Mia. She’s losing.”

I reluctantly look at them and decide I should try.

I hug him, “I love you. Don’t leave the house. Azazel. I love you so much Babe. I will go give the game a try.”

I get up and join the girls.

They suck so much at this, fortunately without Sam in the other team, Mia and I won effortlessly. Maria and Cathya at least tried. Ariana refused to join. Too worried about breaking a nail.

I am feeling better than before the game and we all agree we should try to get into the ocean.

Azazel took his shirt off and I swear something broke inside me and he immediately gazed me, licking his lips.

Even Ariana are open staring.

I waited for Draven to gaze me to take my sweater off. I wanted both watching. I have no idea why.

Until I did.

I drop the sweater and run to the sea as fast as I can.

I almost made it. Draven hold me back by the waist laughing, spinning me around.

“Why are you so fast? Azazel is always running and working out. Fucking pure breed.” I am so happy. Spinning in my lover arms.

“Guys. It’s not that cold.” Azazel screams back to the rest of them that are walking to meet us.

“I want to sit on your shoulders” I whine.

“Azazel will take you. I want to be alert to any possible danger.”

“Okay, I love you.” I peck him and turn to Azazel.

He’s crunching down so I get on him.

I’m so high.

“All I wanna do is get high by the beach get high by the beach, get high.” I sing.

“Okay guys. Can we get in already? The fireplace on the living room is burning. Anything happens we go and take a hot bath.” Azazel motivate the group.

“Mia, get on me.” I hear Sam saying.

“What? You can’t take my weight.”

“Mia,” I yell, “Get on her.” I nod to reassure her.

At least two humans won’t die of hypothermia.

“Okay. The first three to get off the water is cooking dinner. Good luck.” Draven announces.

We take steady steeps forward and everybody is screaming, even my boys and Sam, but Mia and I just laugh.

I know the vampires are just acting to avoid suspicion, but they are very good.

Azazel clasps his hand with Draven and walk rhythmically.

Sam is going fast too.

“Honest to God this is the hardest thing I ever had to endure.”

“Ah. Maria, you’re cutting the blood circulation in my arm.”

“Sorry, Forbes. I’m really cold.”

“Why would we subject ourselves to this torture.” I hear Cathya whinnying.

“I want you both to fuck me in the water.” I whisper.

“Fuck. I’m going to kill you Morgan. Ah. No.” Sam yells.

Fuck. I forgot for a second that she would hear me too.

“Was this Morgan’s idea?” Mia asks.

“No. It’s something I just remembered.” She lies.

Azazel stops.

Turns around to see everybody else.

“Fuck. Y’all shivering.” I giggle.

“It’s really cold in here.” Casper says.

“It is impossibly cold my Kitten. You have no idea. I might lose a toe in these gelid waters.”

I snort.

Draven holds into Azazel and I see Azazel pawing Draven’s ass.

“I’m sorry. I can’t.” Ariana is the first one to give up. She ran to the house. Lasted literally a minute.

“Maria, are you aiming to take my arm of its socket?”

“I give up.” Cathya says,” I rather cook. I’m good at it.” And we see her go.

“It’s like needles all over your skin.” Maria whines, “Fine. I give up too.”

After Maria, Forbes and Casper casually run to the house too.

“I see what is happening here.” I start, “the siblings trying to see who got the biggest dick around.”

“I have the biggest dick around.” Draven simply states.

“Oh. Unfortunately, we all know.” Mia groan.

“I know, babe. I know. You’re the biggest boy.” I giggle.

“I bet I out time both of the boys.” Sam challenges.

“Sister, please. I’m thrice your size.” Azazel says.

“Since when size is equal on being powerful. You forget yourself Azazel. You’re so young. So young. Your big sister is much much older.”

Mia snorts, “Sam please. You’re four years older than the muscles Bunny.”

“Is almost as if it is four centuries. Ah. Don’t fool yourself Mariana. I’m stronger and faster. Also, I have royal blood.”

I decide to intervene, “Sam. Come on. I love you but you’re being an ass. Our Z is a very special person. You know that. No need to offend him.”

“What? He’s not offended.” She seems surprised.

I mourningly address her, “I feel it, Sam. I feel it. He feels less than the rest of the family. Why do you think I went and sat on his lap at that dinner?”

“Azazel, is that true? You think we look down on you?” Sam seems sad.

“Yes. I am not as valuable as all of you.”

“Is this because you’re adopted?” Mia asks, uneasy.

“Exactly.” I reply.

Draven comes in front of us and hugs Z, “I never knew.”

“Draven.” Sam says, “Morgan’s connection with you, both of you is too strong. The answer must be at the bond. It is too strong for a normal person to feel. Understand?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Mia asks.

TW - angst

“Soulmates stuff. They really believe such things.” I reply.

“Well, you know me. That’s bullcrap, but... I got to give this one to Sam. You three together... It’s like an electromagnetic field. Your atoms vibrate at the same rhythm. You have the same electromagnetic wave. I don’t know how to explain it. You’re like a bi-planetary system. You’re the sun Morgan, the boys move around you but the three of you have the same pull towards each other.”

“Your poetic side is showing.” I snort.

“Fuck you. You know exactly what I am going for here.”

“I know. You’re right. There is a cosmic pull. There’s a lot of pull and I feel this need. I feel this need Mia, that I won’t make it. I will not make it without them. I will die. I’m so sure I’m going to die without them. I am so scared M. I’m scared they will wake up one day and realize I’m just a stupid little princess that is as generic as paracetamol.” I sob.

“What? Don’t be an ass. Cathya is generic, Ariana is generic. Even fucking Forbes is generic. Not you M. You were never normal, or as everybody else. That’s why we’re friends. And besides you’re forgetting the masterpiece in this analogy.”

I look up shaking.

“You’re the sun. They would die first.” She finishes.

“Why? Why are we doing this here? Now? With your pussy right at my neck? I will forever remember this beautiful moment as a horny woman. Fuck both of you bitches. I’m going in. You’re going with me, I’m giving you a bath Mia.”

I giggle and try to dry my tears.

“What the fuck is paracetamol, Draven?”


“Oh. Oh. I get it now.”

“Come on, Tiger. We have to get Kitten to the warmth.”

I continue to sob. Z puts me down and Draven take me into his arms. I continue to sob.

They carry me to the house, I’m still sobbing.

I’m taking a long bath. The boys are downstairs giving the three game losers some ingredients to cook.

They left me alone. Alone with my thoughts. Not sure it’s a good thing anymore. I used to like, love to be alone. People often annoyed me, but now, I don’t want to be alone for long. I prefer my boyfriends company.

Someone knock on the bathroom door.

“Who is it?”

“Your favorite sister and your favorite friend.”

I chuckle, “Come in.”

“Are you decent? I don’t want to be murdered by bossy boy or muscles bunny.”

“We could have a fucking threesome they wouldn’t kill you.”

They enter.

“I am not so sure about that, sis.” Sam speaks.

I laugh, “You’re probably right.”

Mia sits on the ground, back leaning on the bathtub.

“You’re fucked M. What did I tell you? Don’t fall in love. Fuck them. Suck them. Be as powerful as you possibly can but Do. Not. Fall. In. Love. Love is a bitch. Love will tear you apart. Love is madness.”

“Stop naming songs and quoting them. Also, Love is Kindness.”

“M. Please. I’m worried. You look so broken.”

“I’m not broken.” I pause, “No. You’re right. I just don’t see it by your perspective. They broke me. It is true. It is undeniable. But not only because I will never never be able to forget this love, also because I will never be the same person I was before meeting them.” I sigh, “Is it dangerous? Yes. But is it worthy? Fuck yes.”

I try to arrange the words to better explain this.

“The pure feeling, Mia. I hope one day you’ll feel it too. When you give yourself to somebody else so completely. So freely. So honestly. We talked a lot about personal freedom and how you are only truly free to be yourself if you are honest to yourself. Truly know yourself and accept everything about yourself. Specially those dark corners in your soul that you don’t let anyone else to discover.”

"Yes, we did. We established that."

“Imagine if you take those dark twisted corners and voluntarily show them. I showed beneath the beautiful and edited self. I showed them. I put everything out and they invited me to see theirs. And I love them. I love them. I love them. I love them.” I sob, “and they love me back. They do. Then I got scared. What if this pure love gets tainted, Mia? What if they charge their minds and give up on me? What else will I do? Who else will I be? I will be an empty shell. A pathetic shell. Have I given too much? Of course, I did. I gave my all.”

I can’t talk. I’m hyperventilating. Sobbing.

Mia gives me hug and Sam is gone, “I gave my all, Mia.”

Eventually I steady my breathing and Mia helps me out of the tub.

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