Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 25

Draven POV

After a very disturbing open discussion, Sam went inside and whispered to us ’Get her alone in your bathroom tub!’.

It was puzzling but I did ask for her help.

“Why are you doing this. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to be alone in the bathtub. I’m not used to it. Azazel always bathe me. Draven!”

“Calm down, my Queen. Azazel and I just need to coordinate the humans downstairs and will soon join you. Try and relax. It’s not good for your body to accumulate so much stress.”

We leave her be, but hide in the walk-in closet.

“I don’t like this, Babe. Feels wrong to be hiding here.”

“Silence. We need to do this my love. We need to resolve this issue before it turns to hunt us later.”

We hear Samantha and Mia entering the bedroom and knocking on the bathroom door.

As soon as they go in, we leave the walk-in closet to hear their conversation. I know it’s wrong, but I need to know what is going on.

What comes out of Kittens mouth is both euphoric and devastating.

Maybe this relationship is too much for a human to partake.

Sam appears and signals for us to follow.

We do. We go to the study room to talk.

“Sire, you heard it.”

“I did. What should I make out of it? Still haven’t reached that conclusion.”

“I think you’ll have to submit to her. She’s like a kitten peeing on your shoes.”

“Samantha. Don’t be ridiculous. I am not the kind of person to submit.”

“She showed you the darkest parts of her soul. I honestly think that she’s scared because one of you didn’t show her everything in return. I’m guessing that would be you. Azazel is clearly more malleable than you.”

“That makes no sense.”

“Draven, Sire. You’ll have to bear your soul to her, I don’t know how. You will know how. If you let Morgan see you at your most vulnerable state, she will believe that you’ll never ever leave her, and she will settle.”

“Babe. You know what to do.” Azazel quickly replies.

“Unfortunately, I think I do. We need to talk Azazel. I need some alone time with our Queen.”

Morgan POV

Dinner is a tense affair.

Azazel is spoiling me rotten, Mia is too serious to recognize and Draven is something else I can’t identify.

Samantha speaks to Mia lowly throughout diner and I try to smile.

Draven suddenly gets up.

“Friends and family, I would like to make an announcement.”

The table falls silent.

“I’ll apologize in advance for bringing such news in such a short period of time, but we must return home tomorrow before lunch. I hope you don’t be offended but I have some family issues I have to deal with. Don’t worry. Nobody died, however me and Morgana are falling behind to get the house in order before the arrival of some family members. Believe me when I say that this came to a surprise as much as it is for you. Azazel and Sam will take you to the city.Let’s enjoy tonight. July we’ll be together again. Cheers!”

Everybody drank to that, except me. I’m not drinking alcohol tonight.

“Are Alex and Mal coming here tomorrow?” I ask Draven.

“Don’t worry Kitten. I’ll explain everything later.”

We play true or dare.

The vampires were starting to drink too much, because always choose dare, fortunately they don’t get drunk.

I told the truth always even from Cathya.

“Have you ever tried doble-penetration?”

“I have two boyfriends. What do you think?” I answered.

“Do they make you beg for it?”

“Just because you have submissive personality, doesn’t mean that every other woman does too, Cathya.”

“Is Draven dick that big?”

“Like a horse.”

At least we all have fun. I didn’t want to drink, I’m not totally sold on the idea that I am not pregnant.

It’s weird. I want to go to college and keep the plan I have for years. I feel a pull to protect any living form that could be inside me, even If I’m not sure it is.

I don’t think I’m remotely ready to be a mom. I am not. I hope I’m not bearing a child. I also hope that I am.

Women are wired differently. We really are.

“So,” I start, “now that is only the three of us in this bedroom. Can someone tell me why are we cutting our weekend short? Not by much, but still...”

Azazel puts a hand on Draven arm.

That’s different.

“Morgan. Draven wants to spend some alone time with you tomorrow.”

“Okay, for any specific reason?”

“I will return here to join both of you after dinner. I will sleep with you and then Monday morning we will talk. Draven already spoke to your father on the phone. He apologized and ask him if he would allow you to stay until Monday afternoon. That is when we will all be returning to the city.”

“What is this? I’m not liking this. You are hiding things from me.”

“Morgan.” Azazel continue, “I, Azazel. I am asking you to trust me, like I unconditionally trust you.”

“Of course, baby. I will. I am. I’ll wait for whatever it is you both need to figure out.”

“Thank you. Let’s sleep, my love. You’ll have a long day tomorrow.”

I sleep in a normal vampire cocoon. For some reason I feel well enough for this. I feel connected enough to just lay on Z’s chest and feel Draven protecting my back.

Next morning it’s a small chaos. I try to help everyone in any way I can.

How come there’s pieces of clothing sparse everywhere. Young adults are messy as fuck.

Everyone is able to pack by eleven hours and we also had time to have breakfast.

Sam is a whole other story. She is not a morning vampire.

Mia went to wake her up at ten thirty and got yelled at. I had to intervene.

Sam apologized nonstop to Mia. Mia just laugh it out and gave her coffee. It was a good call.

By eleven thirty they are all inside the cars, ready to go. I kiss Azazel goodbye. I know I will see him tonight but that is our business.

I watch them drive away and sigh.

What is happening today? Why is Draven staying behind with me to have and I quote ‘Alone time’?

I go inside and lock the doors and windows. I am practically alone in this house. A sleeping vampire is no protection at all.

I start with the kitchen and putt all the plates, glasses and cutlery away. I load the washing machine again and click in the buttons it tostart again.

I collect all the clothes, thrown blankets, sheets and various bedding stuff to the laundry room.

I load the machine and turn it on, selecting the whites’ program.

I tidy the place up. I vacuum clean the dining and living room and swipe all the kitchen counters and island.

I feel useful and sit in the living room watching a new anime that Mia recommended me.

7 seeds. It is as cool as she told me.

“Kitten.” I hear Draven’s voice.

“Hey sleepy head. Don’t worry I already cleaned most of the place up. I know usually is Z that is obsessed with housekeeping, but the boy needs a rest too.” I smile up to him. He’s too serious. Maybe its coffee that he needs.

“I also brew some coffee this morning. You can go and have it. It’s in the kitchen.”

He disappears, “You’re welcome.”

And sits next to me.

“Thank you, but there was no need for all that. I can call a person and she come here and cleans, from time to time. It’s okay.”

“Oh. She can come. I’m not that good at cleaning. I didn’t do the windows nor washed the floors. The upper floor is probably terrible too.” I continue.

“Draven. What is wrong, I feel you. You’re nervous. So is Azazel.”

“When did you start calling Z Azazel, Morgan?”

“What?” he’s right, “I think it happened when I realized that we lost a child together. It’s ridiculous to the love of your life Z. Isn’t it?”

“It is. Calling someone by a letter is indeed ridiculous.”

“When did you start calling Z Azazel, Morgan?”

“What?” he’s right, “I think it happened when I realized that we lost a child together. It’s ridiculous to call the love of your life Z. Isn’t it?”

“It is. Calling someone by a letter is indeed ridiculous.”

“I feel like I did something wrong, but I don’t know what.”

“You did nothing wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. You are perfect exactly as you are. Needy. Bossy. Self-assured. Not assured at all.”

“Then why did you need alone time. We could have gotten alone time in the Mansion.”

“In the Mansion I couldn’t feel at ease as I feel here. Alone. No other vampire with enhanced hearing ."

“Not even Azazel?”

“Not even Azazel. At least for some time. He will join us later.”

I shift, “okay.”

“I know I have made you feel scared before. I know that I scared you when I went to primary vampiric state in your bedroom and later when my vampiric instincts were aware that you were fighting to keep our baby.”

He sobs.

I look at him alarmed, “Please don’t cry. It’s okay. We are fine. I swear.”

Draven falls to the ground, bowing down, face on my feet.

“Draven. Get up. What are you doing?”

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save our child. I’m sorry that I am scary to you. It was never my intention to fail you. I hate myself for failing you. Please. Please, Morgana. Forgive me. Forgive me for falling our family. I implore you.”

I am shocked. Draven is at my feet crying his eyes out asking for forgiveness. I don’t understand why.

“Draven. Baby. Please sit down next to me. I don’t like to see you on the floor. The floor was not meant to you.”

"Yes it is. It is meant to me too. I’m not better than anyone else, Morgana. I’m just man. An old and pathetic man that was nothing before both of my lovers came into my life. I was trying and failing to end my pathetic existence. Please Morgana. Let me bow to you my queen. Let me kiss the path that you walk through, because I am nothing without you my love. I am no one if not for the people I love. I am nothing. You have to understand this.”

I start to cry. “That is not true. You are an amazing being. You take care of Azazel and me. You are always helping us out and you always give us whatever we need. Please Draven get off the floor. It breaks my heart to see you like this.”

“I’m not getting off the floor, my queen. I will never get off this floor.”

I get desperate and get up and join him. “Draven. Look at me. You don’t need to do this. I forgive whatever you want me to forgive you for. I will not let you think that I am above you. This shit is all fun and games, but I don’t want to be above you. I don’t want to be below you either in this relationship. I want us to walk together at the same level. As one. All three of us. I needed to feel this. I get it know. I needed to feel that you are capable of kneel down to me. Now that I am seeing you broken on the floor, please get up. I know that you will do everything in your power to love me fairly. Let’s walk together to a better future now. I will forever love you. I will forever love Azazel too. Let’s build a beautiful future together. Yes?”

He sobs hysterically and I hold him tightly. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. That’s what I feel right now. Lost.

“I will lose my way without you. Draven. Just guide me and Azazel. You know you are our fierce leader. Bowing only to your lovers.”

“Only showing weakness to both of you. My flowers. My loves. I will forever bow to you. I swear I will.”

“I know that now. I know that now. Let’s rest for a while. Ok? Don’t you need feeding, my love? Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to see you feed yourself.”

Draven gets up and lifts me to his chest. “I love you so much, Morgana. Please never forget that, my love.”

He deposits me in the bed and open the mini fridge.

I watch him intently. “Can I taste it?”

He snaps at me, “just a gulp. I don’t know how your body will react to this blood.”

“It tastes ironing. It’s weird.” I laugh out.

He smiles and puts the bag away. “I bet it is.”

“Do you want to rest with me a little?” I ask him.

“I want you to take me.”

“Take you where?”

“I want you to fuck me.”


“No. I can’t. I can’t. No.” I slid back on the bed.

“Please Morgana. I need you to take everything from me. I want you to see me as vulnerable as I can get.”

“Draven. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know how...”

“I will tell you, my queen. I will be brutally honest with you.”

“Ok. Ok. Where’s my strap on?”

“In the closet. I will get into position and wait for you.”

I enter the walk-in closet. What is happening? What is happening? I spot what I’m looking for quickly. I undress and put it on. I breathe in and out slowly. I’m not ready for this. Am I ready for this? You can do this. If Draven wants to give himself to you. You can take it from him.

When I exist the closet, Draven is already three fingers deep into himself.

I moan involuntary.

“Ah... My queen. Come. I am ready for you. You can take me now.”

Not gonna lie. He looks hot as fuck. This is hot as hell. For fucks sakes. Fucking vampires.

I get in bed and between his legs. I align my dildo and bury it slowly into Draven’s hole.

“Ah... Draven you look beautiful from above my love.”

“Ah... Morgana. Thank you for giving me your dick. I needed it so much.”

I bottom out and kiss him.

“I love you so much. Let Mommy take care of you.”

“Yes. Yes. Give it to Daddy. Slowly."

I start slowly. Stokes not violent at all.

“Ah... I am so horny Draven. I am loving this sight. You look so sexy. Fuck, you’re so hot babe.”

“Ah... I want it. I want it. You’re the bestest girl. Give it to me slowly. Put your hands down my waist, do it softly. I will cum soon my love. I am sorry.”

“Please Baby. Look into my eyes. I want to feel your orgasms in your eyes. To know I was the one giving it to you.”

“I’m so close, my love. I needed it so much. Now you see me, as vulnerable as I can get. Thank you for taking care of me. My love. Ah. Ah. Ah. Morgan. I. Look at me.I love you. Ahhhh.”

It’s an extraordinary thing. To see someone, you love so much giving you his all. Exposing everything he tries to hide from everyone. He must really love me to step down to such level.

“I love you more, Draven.”

I go quickly to the bathroom. Unclasp the strap-on and get a face towel to clean him.

I throw the used towel to the ground and rest my head on Draven’s chest.

I sigh, “Thank you.”

He chuckles and kisses my head.

“Let’s sleep a little bit my love. Azazel will be here soon.”

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