Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 26

TW - BDSM Scene and degradation

I wake up with a smile.

“Babe, it’s dinner time. You need to eat.”

“My prince, we’ve missed you.”

“Babe I was away for less than half a day.”

I open my eyes to see vulnerability in Draven’s eyes.

“Azazel missed us too.” I say.

Draven smiles.

“Yes. Fine. It sucked a little bit.”

“I’m hungry. I skipped lunch.” I state.

“Draven. Seriously?”

“We were very busy, and I forgot.”

“He had a little bit of blood. Do you want some?”

“No babe. It’s okay.” He decides to lay down next to us, “Who cleaned the kitchen? It’s kinda well done.”

“You know the answer to that, my love.”

“It was Morgan.”

I sit up and look at him, “Why are you so worried?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want you to leave us. I don’t want anything to change right now, that’s it.”

“Nothing will change. We are going to be okay. Draven made sure.”

“Okay. I’m glad. I’m glad.”

I place a kiss on his head, “carry me?”

Draven laughs, “I will make fried cod. With French fries.”

“Cholesterol. Cough. Cough.”

“Don’t. I am very pleased with myself tonight. Let me eat.”

His fried cod is delicious. I had a second plate. WOW. Just wow.

“I’m going to light up the fireplace.” Draven adds.

“Okay. Azazel and I will clean up.” I get up.

“Maybe you should get some clothes. Aren’t you cold?”

“I’m fine.” I reply, “is my nudity making you uncomfortable, Z?”

“No babe. I just don’t want you sick. That’s why.”

“Okay. I haven’t unloaded the washing machine. Maybe I will start with that and you get everything from the dining table.”

He hums.

We work silently.

“Thank you for giving us time to be, just the two of us. I realized I have the privilege of hanging with you alone a lot, but not with Draven. I think we needed that.”

“Yes. You did.”

He holds me to his chest. I shiver. He’s colder than usual.

“We love you so much. I hope you know that.”

I smile, “Go drink some blood your body temperature is lower than usual. I love you more.”

“Draven. Baby is not drinking enough.” I yell out.

“I will be there shortly with a bag.”

“Let’s finish here so we can cuddle.” I singsong.

The night is easy. I get in front of the fireplace and relax.

Boys join me later, we cuddle and watch a horror movie. I hate it. They laughed all the time, and I hide myself in them.

After the movie we serve ourselves some liquor.

I sigh, “Remind me to never watch horror again. It is not for me.”

“Babe you looked so cute. Your heart was beating so fast. Even your breathing was uneven.”

“Sounds like sex. It was not.” I lay back on the couch.

“I have to admit, Kitten. You looked adorable gripping us for dear life and your eyes wide and fearful.”

“Of course you consider fearful eyes adorable. You are a sadistic lover.”

“Mare. Not always.”

“I know, Draven. I know.” I smile at him.

“Speaking of which. I am in need of some ass pounding.” Z states, “Any volunteers?”

“I’m sorry, Babe. I’m not in the mood right now. Daddy will help you and Mama will kiss you better afterwards. Ok?”

“Daddy is in the mood for love making today, so come seat on me and we can start kissing.”

I scoot over, giving just enough space for Azazel legs.

I give Draven a scalp massage and get a grounding hand on Azazel’s lower back.

They take almost half an hour.

“I’m so happy to see you like this. Making love.”

“It’s been a while.” Z admits.

“Kitten. I am enjoying all that head scratching very much.”

“I want some later.” Z whines

“Of course, my baby. I will. I will. Is Daddy big today?”

“Master is always big.” He laughs.

“He is.” I agree, “almost transcendent.”

“Kitten.” Draven holds my hand.

“I know. I know. Let’s enjoy Azazel pleasure. Your pleasure too. I am enjoying this.”

Even after orgasm. We continue in the couch. Kissing slowly.

I cuddle Z so hard. We eventually fall asleep.

I feel as happy as the day after my eighteen birthday.

Draven is on the carpet, Z is almost crushing me on the couch. He’s heavy.

I look at the windows and see the sun almost rising. Fuck.

I shake z.

“Babe wake up. The curtains are drawn, the sun is almost breaking. Welp!”

He shuffles.

“Babe. You and Draven are going to get sunburned.”

“No. The clouds are forming. Today will be cloudy. Tomorrow will rain.”

“Then get off me I need to pee.”

He reluctantly gets off me, “This is child abuse. It’s too early.”

I snort. “Shut up you big baby. Get Daddy and take him upstairs. Vampire or not he will be groaning all day about his back.”

“Fine. I demand cuddles in payment.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I will soon join you for cuddles.” I start to move in the direction to the stairs.

I see them pass me before I reach them. I groan. Freaking speed.

When I join them in bed, I see the open spot in the middle. I smile.

“We will run together on the beach in a couple of hours.” Z says and goes back to sleep.

Azazel’s so cute sleeping. So white and young. He looks like a baby if you ignore the body of a bull.

Draven is a baby while sleeping too. His face is rounder, he is the most handsome person to ever live. I need an upgrade on my face.

Azazel wakes me up and make me breakfast.

“I will run and you will easily outrun me. It’s not fun for me. There's no fairness in life.”

“No. I will run by your side. I can even keep a conversation going. It will be fun for both of us.”

“Fine but I want reward after. I want a hot shower and two orgasms. I demand that one is cunnilingus related. Ah. Outside. You eat me outside. On the balcony. Yes. That’s a good idea. I am very smart.”

“Balcony. Okay. I can do it. Then you ride me. Is it a deal?”

“Yes. But I’ll take the second round inside. I will get cold.”

Oh the fun I have with Azazel.

My parents ask if I’m feeling better.

I say I am. I am fine. I attended the online classes and study as hard as I can and every day I attended driving school, usually at four hours in the afternoon.

I’m managing. I am scared out of my mind that I will never drive very well, but I guess that is only natural. Driving is a big responsibility. Huge. I could kill someone. It is dangerous. I have to be always alert. Yes, I'm scared.

By Friday I get more at ease, but I will take driving classes throughout May. Maybe by July I get my license. We’ll see. I won’t rush it though.

Draven calls me.



“My love.”

“How are you feeling tonight?”

“Great now that my Daddy called me.”

“My Queen, please. Don’t call me that on the telephone line. You never know who is listening.”

I laugh, “I was wondering if you could buy a whip. I would like to feel you punishing me with a whip. Maybe a collar and a leash.”

“Morgana. I was calling to invite you to the cinema. Azazel looked into it and it seems that they reopened.”

“I don’t think that is such a good idea, Draven.”


“I have been such a good girl lately. Studying for school, learning to drive. Not begging for sex... but now...I am starving. I won’t be able to get through an entire movie in the dark with you and not mount you. It’s impossible.”

“That is fair. We will go tomorrow then. Today perhaps we could introduce you to a secret compartment on our closet. I think you will be pleased with its content.”

“I will have dinner with my parents and will be right over to discuss this further.”

“Yes. We will. See you soon.”

The secret compartment is a locked drawer fill with filthy stuff.

Whips. Vibrators. Dildos. Cock rings. Ben Wa balls. Collars and leashes.

I smile up to Draven.

“I am really to learn. I want to know my likes and dislikes.”

“If you are sure, Kitten. Do you want to see Azazel use some of these, so you evaluate your response?”

“Yes.” I answer him breathless.

“Calm down. We will start slowly. Morgana." he forces me to look him in his blood red eyes, "Promise me that you will not intervene. Promise me.”

“I promise. I will only watch. I... Draven I’m already on fire just to picture you two.”

“I can hear it and smell it too. Breathe and relax. Go sit on the couch and just move when I tell you to.”

“Okay, baby. I will behave.”

“Good. Go on then.”

I shakily sit at the couch.

Azazel is at the bathroom. He went to shower ten minutes ago.

Draven enter the bedroom with a lot of items on his arms and put them on the bed.

“Pet.” He calls.

Azazel pops up from the bathroom, surprised.

He immediately kneels by Draven feet.

I am not shocked. I understood right away Azazel preferences.

Draven smiles down on him.

“Morgana is going to watch us tonight. I hope you don’t make me punish you in front of our mate.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Very well.”

Draven casually sits on Azazel back and starts to strip himself.

He puts his clothes in the closet and comes out shortly after.

Azazel does not look up and remains kneeled all the time.

Draven puts a collar and a leash on Z. Both black and knot the leash in one of the beds poles.

He lays on the bed and relax.

“Lick my feet, pet. Make sure you get all the spots clean.”

Azazel is fast to comply. That takes a while.

I relax in the couch too. This is not that bad. Right? It’s degrading but that’s just how Draven likes it and Azazel too. Shit even I like it more and more.

I see Azazel erection. He’s painfully aroused.

Draven is excited but not that much.

“When you’re done get on hands and knees. Make sure Morgana can see your asshole.”

After five more minutes and Z gets in position. Draven gets lubricant and comes to me. He kisses me passionately, all tongue and teeth.

“Don’t you worry, Kitten. I promise anything I do, it’s with Azazel’s compliance.”

He gets a big dildo from the bet and sit on Z’s back facing me. He gets lube on his fingers and star to finger his pet.

Azazel is a pro in staying still and being silent.

Draven is four fingers deep and I start to feel hot. I gulp and mentality register that I never saw Azazel ass this loose.

Z finally whimpers. Draven instantly hit him, slapping his ass cheeks. I see the redness blossoming in that spot. I gasp.

Draven gaze me, “I don’t want to punish you too, Mare. Shut the fuck up.”

I open my eyes hide and feel my heart racing. Oh my gosh. I’m so horny right now. What was that? My body responded right away.

My breathing is erratic too.

Draven continue and Z’s asshole is insanely wide.

Now I can see that Draven hard. He likes this better than to have his toes lick.

Suddenly Draven gets all his hand inside Azazel. I try not to respond, I swear, but a whimper escape me.

I see Draven’s red eyes and hear a growl.

Fear. Fear.

Draven get the dildo inside Z fast and glare me.

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