Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 27



Now what?

“What did I say, Mare?”

“You asked me, you made me promise to not intervene.” I respond.

“and...” he gets up and starts to walk towards me.

“And, very rudely you said for me to shut the fuck up.” I tense.

He grips my hair and force me to get up. I whine.

“Do you want to replace the pet on the floor?”

“No. No. I don’t want that,” I try to please him and finish, “Daddy.”

He grips my face. His eyes are so red. He’s so serious. So scary.

“Good girl. Now less noise and more sitting.”

He let go of me and push me to the couch again.

That was terrifying. Fuck!

Draven resumes his position, sitting on Z and takes the dildo out.

Without hesitation he forces a fist inside.

I, learning my lesson, do not emit a sound but I do wide my eyes so much they almost fall out of his sockets.

Draven applies more lube and them look at me while continue to force his fist in Z’s asshole.

My heart rate shoots up. I can feel it raging against my ribcage.

He smirks. Z do not react. How is this possible?

The fist gets in.

I open my mouth to breathe better.

Draven gets his fist all inside Z to his wrist.

Oh my Gosh. I close my legs tighter.

This is insane.

“Pet, do you allow double penetration?” Draven asks looking at me.

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you allow Morgana to aid me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Good.”

“Mare, come.”

I rise fast, walking to them.

“Put your strap-on...on, it’s on the bed.”

I search the bed and find it. Frantically put it on and move to them.

“Lay on the bed with your legs hanging. Open them too.”

I find this confusing but quickly understand as I lay down.

“Pet go ride Mare.”

I gulp. I want to whimper, but I can’t this is torture. This is absolute torture.

“Yes, Master.”

I feel him and see him on top of me. I smile. He smiles back.

“Ride, pet. What are you waiting for?”

“Yes, Master.”

I feel Draven approach us and I see in Azazel eyes when he slides him.

Z’s eyes grow ten times their normal size.

A slap, “There you go. I bet you’re feeling full now, ah?”

“Yes, Master.” his voice gives his lust away.

I smirk.

How is this the hottest thing I ever witness? These men kill me.


“What do you want, Mare?”

“I think my heart will give away.”

“No, it won’t it’s only 150 beats for minute, your age and health allow you to get to 200. I said shut the fuck up, so... Shut the fuck up. Or else, I will make you shut up. Do you want me to punish you, is that it?”

“No. No. I’m sorry. I’m just. I’ll shut up”

“Good. Stay still that I have to take care of Pet.”

I nod.

Draven does not allow Azazel to predict the sleep and strength with which he starts to pound him, right away.

I feel myself beings pushed up the bed. Draven grips my knees.

To say that Z comes fast is an understatement. It took a minute tops.

His semen hit me in the chest and goes up to my hair.

Draven does not stop.

Poor Azazel finally whines from over stimulation.

A slap. I know his ass cheeks are paying the price.

I almost petty him, but I look down and see that he is hard again.

“Fucking slut.” I whisper, involuntarily.

Z whines. Another slap.

I move my arms.

I get one hand on Z’s chest and another in his cock. I jerk him slowly.

“Do you want to be handless?”

I stretch my arms quickly in the bed.

Azazel that is almost dying still finds energy to make a mocking face towards me. I puff.

Draven finally cums with a loud grunt. He snaps Z’s leash and he free falls back, helplessly.

I am still not moving.

“Go wash yourself.”

I wait.

I wait.

“You’re not getting a reward today. You were not as disciplined as I was hoping.”

I frown. Sad. I’m sad.

“Go help your baby. He needs cuddles now.”

I get up and slap him across the face.

I’ve got nothing to lose and I am pissed.

He’s surprised but grasp my wrist and push me down to the flood. Holding me there.

“I don’t know if I want to fuck you or I want you to fuck me more right now. You’re an amazing woman, Kitten. Go to Azazel. He’s close to crying.”

“What?” I run to him, strap-on bouncing.

I take that off and get into the shower as soon as I humanly can.

I hold him. Hug him tight.

“Oh, baby. You’re such a good baby. Morgan loves you so very much.”

He sobs, getting his head on my shoulder.

“It’s okay baby. I’m right here.”

“I love you. Hold me. Don’t let go.”

“I’m never letting you go.”

It will take a lot of time to digest this... happening.

I call my mom and ask to stay in the Mansion. She told me to be careful.

I am currently laying in bed with Z and Draven but my mind is racing.

I know that Azazel is submissive in bed but that was... I don’t even know what it was. It was something else.

The posture of both of them. The power that was pooling out of Draven. The repetitive answers of Azazel. The self-control Azazel showed.

I would never pull that off. I wish I could be a little like that. It was scary.

“I can feel you thinking.” Draven speak up.

“It’s impossible not to think.”

“Are you mad at me?”


“Angry? Scared?”

“No. Draven I’m just processing it.”

“Babe.” Z whimpers.

I hold him closer, “I’m here, my baby. I’m right here.”

He sighs and I kiss his hair.

“Was it too real?”

“Yes. That it was.”

“Maybe it was mistake.”

“It was not a mistake.”

“Then why are you so quiet?”

“I’m obviously sleepy.”

“This won’t do. Communication is the key element to a healthy relationship.”

“Fine. Why is our lover like this?”

“It’s called sub drop. I usually take care of him. Do exactly what you are doing, but obviously you are a nurturer. You are instinctively better than me settling someone in a child like state. You experienced this, remember? Felling empty and needing us to touch you? It is brutal. I felt it too, the last time I was in that state was when I willingly submitted to you.”

“Yes. I remember. I don’t like this. I don’t like to see both of you like that. I feel helpless and I want to take the pain and devastation away from you.”

“Morgana. Every high has its low. It’s just how it is. Your body gets so much endorphins from sexual pleasure. When it stops, there’s an hormonal void. Your body screams out to return to the same state. Besides, we don’t want to see you in that state either. Azazel can confirm the endless worrying about you.”

I smile.

“The positive side of this is that all of us experienced extreme physical pleasure and control. It is very important for us to be able to control ourselves. That’s why we are such good vampires. That’s how we can live an fairly normal life.”

“Draven. Did you saw, did you feel the level of lust that took over my body? It was overwhelming.”

“Yes. You were so altered. I was pleasantly surprised that you could hold yourself as much as you did.”

“You were?”

He smiles, “I am proud. You need this too. You need to understand that you can’t act on every instincts your body screams out.”

“In my defense, my body just started to own my life after I met you.”

“I know. Move on top of Azazel, let me cuddle him too.”

“Babe, Morgan will lay on you. Ok?”


“I love you so much Babe.” We position ourselves and Azazel gets us both to pet him and kiss him slowly.

I hold Draven hand, “Thank you for always thinking of us first. You do anything for us. I just realize that all of this is what I idealized as goals in a romantic relationship. Having a loving and attentive partner, someone wise enough but also care free, someone strong but also vulnerable, someone protective but also that respects my freedom, that could run with me but also stay home and watch documentaries, that is more than me, and I got all of that in both of you. I was certain that this person could never exist. People can not be that perfect. Turned out I was right, I needed two. I’m sure that I want you to walk beside me throughout life. I hope I am enough for you to walk beside me forever.”

“You are Babe, you are.” Azazel crushes me in a tight hug.

“Good.” I smile.

Draven squeezes my hand and get even closer to us.

“My love, do you need anything else? Maybe a little bit of blood? I was not smooth today.”

I sit up on Azazel, “You want it?”

“I’m parched.” He says.

“I will go to the kitchen.” I get up.

“No.” Draven holds my wrist to stop me. The others are up. I will go. Impale yourself on Tigers length. You need it. We all know how much you need it, you’re drenched.”

“Okay Draven.”

Azazel is already getting himself inside me and I sigh.

“Thank goodness.” I let out.

“Go on Baby. Give your Z a show. You know you want to.”

I do want to. I hear Draven exiting the bedroom as I start to ride Z slowly.

Circling around, getting my hands on Azazel hips for support.

“Your breasts are so perky today. I’m drolling to the sight.”

I smirk.

Draven returns and gets behind me.

“There you go my prince. Let a little bit for me, please.”

Draven holds my waist and takes my own weight off me. Aiding my movements.

“Rest your head back on me, Mare. It’s okay.”

I do.

“This is heaven, boys.”

“For me too.” Azazel states, crossing his arms behind his head.

My pussy clench involuntary to the sight of his muscles flexing. Fuck. He’s so fine...

“He’s so visually appealing, isn’t he?” Draven whispers in my ear.

I nod, whining.

“I need more friction.”

“Lay down on him. I will get you to fuck him.”

I follow the instructions, “Hi princess. Come kiss me.”

Draven continue to push and pull me inside Z.

“It’s so good. I feel so good. It’s so good.”

“Yes. It really is my Queen. Your smell is spiking. We must be careful. You’re in the fertility peak.”

“It feels so good. So much. Draven. Draven.”

“I know. You can have more of us later. Cum. We will give you more, no need to hold off anymore.”

I cum instantly.

"My love drink your blood. I’m going to move to the couch with Mare.”

I feel the couch below me and a tongue on my privacy. I moan. I let myself moan.

“My mare, can I have this?”

“If Azazel mount you right now. Do you accept him getting inside you?”

He stills for a second, “Yes. He can.”

I wide my eyes to Azazel.

Did Draven just agreed to be fucked while eating my pussy out?

What a wild concept.

Azazel does not take long.

Does not have mercy either.

“Ah...” Draven complains once Z pound right into him.

I hold his head and force him to eat me further.

“Take it, Draven. Take us like we take you.”

Azazel starts to slowly fuck him. I look into his eyes and smile.

“Daddy is taking you so well. What a nice ass he must have. Does he feel tight around your big cock, Babe?”

Z slaps Draven asscheeks, “Oh Kitten. Almost as your tight tight cunt. You dirty fucking whore.”

I moan loudly. It’s always unexpected to hear Azazel slut shaming me. It’s hot as hell.

“I am a dirty cum slut.”

Azazel hold Draven head back.

I don’t want the list of his skilled mouth.

“Babe, why are you being such a bitch?”

“You know why. You enjoyed seeing me submit. Too much.”

Draven looks up at me and smirk.

“Azazel Borgonha if you don’t let Daddy's head go I will fucking punish you. If you think Daddy's punishments are cruel, you’ll have a surprise coming your way.”

He lets Draven return to work.

“Exactly what I thought. Now stop being such a dog and fuck Daddy better.”

Z holds Dravens waist and pound fast and hard.

Draven goes hard on licking and sucking me.

I trash around deliriously

“Ah... That’s it. It’s so good. Good boys. My two good boys. That’s how I like it. Doing what I want you to.” I say.

“You whores are here to please Morgan now.” I slap Draven head.

Z speeds up.

I let my legs up his back and crunch Dravens head between them.

“Try to breath now, my stallion.”

Azazel gets his eyes red. The white part of the eyes missing. I gasp.

“I want to breed you, Babe. That is why.”

I lose all my strength and fall back completely.

I owl for him. There’s no other way to put it. Fortunately Draven is aware.

“No.” I hear.


I open my eyes to see Draven take it so fast I would break.

I spasm around and whines.

“I will be right there princess.”

Azazel grunts loudly and his strokes lose speed.

“Lay on the bed. I am taking care of Kitten now.”

I whine. Rub myself and whine.

In a second I’m oven Draven and sinking into him. I scream out, “Yeah.”

I ride him alone. Gripping my hands on the back of the couch .

I feel powerful. He lets me do whatever I want and kisses my neck, my breasts.

I whine, “Babe, come eat my ass. Come eat my ass out I need to feel your skin in mine.”

He comply immediately. I gasp, “Ah. Suck a good boy. Such a good boy for us. Isn’t Baby a good boy for us Draven?”

“Mare, please. I’m concentrating on not cumming. Don’t be difficult.”

I ride him faster.

“Don’t talk back to me.” I slap his face.

“I’m sorry my queen.” He sheepishly say.

“You better be sorry Draven. You better be. Now say that our baby is the bestest boy or else I will punish you. I assure you. You won’t like it.”

“Mare, please. I am struggling.”

Another slap.

“Shut up. Shut up.” Another slap,

“You fucking whore.”

“I’m sorry my queen. I’m sorry. Azazel you are the bestest boy.”

Azazel whimpers.

“Get inside my ass Azazel. Put it in.”

I scream when he does.

I go harder. I am so focused on riding their dicks.

“Yes.” I tell them, ” Azazel, baby, my love, pinch mamas breasts so mama can cum too.”

I whine, “That’s it, my baby. Mommy loves you so very much. Fuck mamas ass harder too. Can you do this, my precious?”

He grunts and speeds up.

“Yes. That is what I want. Do not whine. I will ride you as long as I wish to. I will ride you as long as I want. Shut your fucking mouth.”

I slap Draven face again and mount him harder. I will not be able to walk tomorrow but fuck that.

“Don’t cum.” I tell him, “I will be done soon. Baby get a finger in with your dick.”

I feel the stretch immediately.

“Yes. Another finger, Azazel.”

Draven whimpers.

I slap him.

“Yes, my boy. Someday I will be a slut just as wide as you. Ah. It’s so good. Ah, Daddy. Your dick feels so big too. Suck my nipples Daddy I’m so close to cumming.”

“Babe, do you want another finger on your ass?”

“Ah. Baby give mama more. It hurts so good. Fuck mama harder too. Do you feel Daddy inside me?”

“Yes. You’re so full mama. Such a full whore.” He slaps my ass and Draven sucks my nipples harder.

“Go get the black dildo my baby. Get it on my ass.”

Draven gasps, “Mare it will rip you.”

Another slap across his face, “I will have it as I please.”

Z get it in slowly. I start to scream hysterically, “Harder. Harder. Put it in deeper.”

“Mama, shut up.” He slaps my ass and grips my hair pulling back.

He spits on me.

I shiver, “put it inside Mommy. Fuck my ass baby. Do it. I need it.”

He lets me go and pound it in.

"Yes baby yes. Hold it up. Mama will do the work. Mama will ride both monster cocks.”

“Yes. That’s right I am so full of cock. Yes. I am fucking my holes.”

“Mama. Let Draven hold this. I want to fuck your slut mouth.”

“Draven. You hear our baby. Hold both dildos for me.”

Azazel gets his ass on Draven's face and start to fuck my mouth slowly.

“That’s it my whore. Now your holes are full. Look at all the drill. You pathetic slut. This is what you are meant to do. Be full of cock. You are fucking pig. Ride faster.” He slaps my ass

I am delirious and loving it.

I look up tears rolling down my face and I smile around his dick.

“Your best look you bitch.” He grips my hair and forces me deeper.

I whimper riding faster.

“I will never be over how slutty you are. Look at you. You whore. I’m going to cum all over your face you bitch.”

I whine. I know I’m close when I feel him cumming in my mouth and my face.

I feel pathetic. I feel so high.

“I’m going to cum.”

I say that and I start to feel the heat expanding throughout my body heat waves restless and I am lifted. Literally they lift me. I am not sure if I make any sound. I feel my body relaxing totally and I sigh.

“Shit Babe. You came so hard.”

“Kitten will be the first human to ever kill a vampire.”

I whine, “Come cuddle your Kitten.”

And proceed to fall asleep.

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