Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 28

Monday, I take a test. I think I aced it.

Tuesday, I panicked at driving class and almost hit another car.

I called the boys and cried for ten minutes.

Wednesday, I take another test and it went even better than the other one.

Thursday, I whine that I need sex and they come get me after dinner and they satiate me on the SUV, parked on the beach. That was such a good fuck.

Friday, I have an appointment at my general practitioner. I ask for the best pill they have and he gave me a surprised look. I blushed.

I call Draven.

“Draven. Can I go to your hospital soon?”

“What? What is wrong?”

“Calm down. I want to know everything they have on you. I also want to understand some things about your body and mine too and when, when that baby happened, they were very nice and helpful. I liked that they didn’t judge me for taking both of you as my lovers.”

“I will arrange for you to be seen by a doctor. Do you wish to see that specific team?”

“I would like to. I would like you to come with me. I want you to know what we should do. I am eighteen. I want to take more time to myself. To us before I even consider having, reaching another... Pregnancy.”

“When you say we. You mean, me and Azazel?”

“Of course. Aren’t we together?”

“We are.”

“Can you take me out to drink? I need losing up and drink something stronger than Martini Bianco.”

“Yes, Kitten. Can we take you to a different bar? An adult bar.”

“Yes. What should I wear?”

“Something that will make us hard just by looking at you.”


“We will get you by midnight.”


“Don’t worry. I will not allow anyone to look at you.”

“Baby. Stop making me horny.”

“I was not trying too. I just meant that you do not have to worry. No matter where we go, you’ll always be protected.”

“Okay my love. Thank you.”

After a lot of stress, I decided to wear the long red dress. The difference between the first time I wore this night is the make-up, hair style and high heels.

I browsed for stuff I usually wear at weddings and luckily it matched. My hair is so pretty.

My eye make-up is a long black eye line and golden eye shadow.

I also fished a golden necklace and bracelet. Luckily my parents are already in bed. They would find super weird that their sweater and ripped jeans daughter is in such outfit.

Where are those two taking me? It sounded indecent.

It’s midnight. Guess I will find out soon.

“Babe. You look so fuckable. Fuck. Fuck.”

“Azazel, please.”

“I’m sorry. Did you look at her?”

“Kitten, fast your seat belt. We’re going south by 200kms. It will take an hour and an half and I will be driving fast.”

“200kms, ah? You’re so mysterious tonight.”

“Not. It is a very exclusive club, it is a bit far but when we have a little apartment near it. It allows us to rest after. Besides it’s different this time. I will be with two partners.”

“I’m not sure I’m following but sure. I have no luggage and you didn’t inform me that we were not sleeping in the Cold Palace. I guess me knowing that is a privilege I am not allowed to have.”


“No. It’s fine. I get it. I’m just a kid that has to keep with the plan.”

“That is completely inaccurate. Don’t try and play the victim card. It is beneath you. We’re going to a BDSM dungeon. You can do or not do whatever you want to. We must warn you now that you will probably see things you never even heard of. Do not judge. The only rules we must follow is that everything must be consented and don’t judge the others. If you see feces, urine or even blood, do not react.”

I don’t want to see shit play. Fuck I hate it so much. It’s so disgusting, even thinking about it makes me nauseous.

“I won’t.”

“You will but before that I will kiss you or grope you and you will not react as violently.”

“Fine.” I sigh.

“I’m also very submissive there. It’s a good place for me. I like it. I can be me and nobody cares.”

“You can be you with us too.”

“Exactly. I’m so excited. Going to Paddles with two Dom’s. I’m so lucky.”

“Please, I am not a Domme.”

“Are you sure about that Morgana? You’ve been absurdly dominant lately.”

I started to think about that. Maybe they are right. I have been trying Draven power over us. It’s true, but I let Azazel dominate me and even loved it.

“Azazel dominated me last week and I liked it.”

“You knew I would back down as soon as you would give the order. I was just making your wildest dreams come true.”

“Not exactly true, but close enough.”

The ride there gets my nerves a chance to expand.

“I know you are trying to help me to figure out my preferences. I do appreciate that, but this is abrupt.”

“My Queen, it is not. Abrupt would be taking you there six months ago or even before we concluded that this a is a trait in your personality. We waited long enough, and Azazel felt it was time for you to slowly embrace this part of yourself. We would hold into the end of times, but he told me you want it but don’t know it yet.”

“Babe.” I sigh, “You really think so?”

“Yes. Just hold on to Draven and do not show pity or any kind of worry about me. I promise I am fine. It’s fine.”

“Baby, I don’t want you hurt. I don’t like it when you get hurt. You’re my baby boy. I want you happy and healthy.”

“Babe. I’m happy beneath you and you know it. I’m happy when you punch me and slap me. I was happy that time you made Draven fuck my mouth so hard I couldn’t breathe. You were happy to. You wanted me like that, helpless.”

“I felt guilty after.”

“You shouldn’t. If someone disrespect me, you’ll lift your tiny fists and fight them. You always take care of me. In sex it’s different. I want it, I need it and you can give it to me. You want to take my choice away and break my body. It’s ok. You need it and I want to give it to you.”

“Wild concept. If anyone messes with you, I will bite them.”

“No one is messing with our pet, my Queen. It’s forbidden and immoral.”

“Fine. I’m still nervous about it.”

“Only natural. Are you ready to go in?”

“It was faster than I thought, but I guess as ready as I can be.”

We’re in a city. The parking lot is of a pet shop. Weird. Draven opens the SUV door and the cold hit me. I shiver.

I get out of the car and Azazel come guard my back.

“Such perky nipples, babe. Let Azazel grope you really fast before going inside.”

He squeezes my ass and breasts. Gets on his knee and cover himself in my dress tail, smelling my privacy. I moan.

“Thank you, Babe.” He says getting up.

“Stay near me. I will be holding your hand all the time. Don’t be scared. You’ll enjoy it more than you think.”

“Z, Babe. Stop. My ass cheeks are not lacking massaging.”

He nods and we start moving.

Behind the pet shop is a red wooden door. Draven knocks four times and the door opens.

We go inside into a black room and Azazel closes the door behind us.

There’s a black door and a bulk man walks right through it.

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