Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 29

“Mr. Borgonha. How wonderful for you to join us tonight.”

“Jack. Let me introduce you my Queen Morgana.”

I smile and nod.

He bows a little, “Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

He opens the black door for us, “Charlie is waiting in the closet room.”

Draven nods and kisses my hand gesturing for me to go on.

The next room is red and on the right there’s a white door and on the left a red one that opens.

I go on. Draven does not let go of me.

“Good night, Mr. Borgonha. Your closet space is open I will leave you to it.” The little woman bows and leaves.


Azazel moves to a wardrobe and opens it.

He takes a collar and leash.

Undresses himself and take our coats, hanging them.

Draven is wearing a button-down shirt and reap jeans. All black. Z is only wearing black briefs and tiny black socks. I take my red manicured nails and scratch his fabulous abs.

“You were right. I want to hurt you. You’re too perfect.”

“Kitten. Not yet. You’ll see the club and then we can have some fun.”

Azazel closes the wardrobe and gives his leash to Draven.

“Come.” Draven push my hand.

We exit this room, the white door is now open I can hear music now.

After that door there’s a dark wide space with tables, a bar and a stage. There are people sitting and watching the ‘show’ on stage.

Draven pull my hand.

We sit at the bar. Azazel behind us, standing, his head down. Why do I feel the need to slap him and put my heel on his back pulling him to the floor? He looks so good. He’s making me horny as fuck.

“My Queen. You want a Martini or something stronger?”

“My King. Martini is fine.” I automatically reply, looking at him casually puting my hand on his upper arm.

“Whiskey, neat and Martini Bianco with ice.” I hear Draven order, “take it to table five.”

I feel a kiss on my hand, “Come. We will sit down and watch the show.”

I nod and follow him. He harshly pulls the leash.

We sit down in a fairly central position and I set my little black purse down.

Draven is now in all fours between mine and Draven’s chair.

“This is a nightly show. Usually they show us some light bondage and spanking. Sometimes it gets rougher.”

There’s a woman wearing little straps of black latex not covering much of her body. Just the nipples and vagina. She’s wearing a mask and high heeled boots to her knees. She’s blonde and too skinny. She holds a small paddle and is hitting her partner. He’s kneeling, exposing his ass and dick to us. Legs open and just wearing a collar, a leash and a penile ring. His asscheeks are red but I can see semen dripping from his hard cock. He’s enjoying this very much. The exposure, degradation and the pain.

I cross my legs.

“You’re so horny already, Kitten. You’re amazing.” He kisses my hand and places it on his groin. I sigh, squeezing him softly.

“I want to ride you right there.”

“You can. That dress allows it. Nobody would tell us to stop, but you’re not ready for that kind of exposure. Even if it feels like it.”

The barman approaches, “Mr.Borgonha.” and places the drinks in the table.

“Drink my love. You’ll feel less stressed.”

I do. I start to relax as soon as I gulp it down.

Draven signals someone behind us.


“Another round.”

In a minute there’s another glass in my hand.

“There’s another part of the club. It’s after this... Lounging space.”

“What happens there?”

“Harder stuff. Private spaces. Pets roped or caged. Live sex.”

“Wow. That is something.”

“We can stay here. There’s no rush.”

“No. I want to see. I need to know.”

“Whenever you are ready, my queen.”

“I’ll just finish the drink.”

I take my time, watching the woman on stage putting whatever the hell that is in the man asshole. It seems to enlarge his hole, for what I can’t fathom.

“We can go now.” I smile a little smile to Draven. He kisses me. His tongue invading my mouth. I shiver and put a hand on his cheek. Smiling into the kiss.

We rise and make our way. Azazel walks behind us.

There’s an arc and then I see another open space with a lot of things happening.

I don’t know what is happening in some cases.

“Master Borgonha.” A woman speaks looking right at me.

“Mistress. How are you? This is my Queen Morgana.”

“Oh, enchanted to meet such beautiful female in our tight group. Welcome.” She smiles.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Pet.” She says.

Another woman appears behind her, she’s shorter and kneel to us.

I glance at Draven and smile.

“I’m actually looking for a private room Carla. My love is in need of some attention before looking everything up.”

“Oh. Of course. Room three is available.”

“Thank you.”

We move past the madness.

Fuck there’s someone hanging upside down and getting hit with a whip.

I whimper.

“Take pet. I will look for the key.”

I take his leash. Look up to Azazel and see his eyes. Unfocused. I look down and see his cock hard in his briefs. I pull the leash and he fall to the floor.

I step on his hand. Nothing. He gives nothing away. I sit on him and sigh. Look at my nails and sense someone standing next to me.


I look up there’s some guy looking at me.

I am annoyed, “Yes...”

“Allow me to introduce myself.”

He waits, I sigh.

“Of course.”

He bows deeply, “My name is Moon and I am an unmated switch. I see that Master and Pet Borgonha are your acquaintances.”

I don’t know what to say so I rise my brow.

“I would plead to you to give me a chance to make it as your pet.”

“Sweety. Moon. Don’t want to offend you but why are you asking me? I just arrived. Why don’t you ask Master Borgonha?”

“I can’t. He’s scary.”

“Draven indeed would cause you excruciating pain.”

“Please Mistress, I only ask for a chance to introduce myself.”

“We’ll see. Maybe.”

“Morgana.” I hear Draven.

“My King.” I reply instantly.

“Who is this human?”

“This is Switch Moon. He wants to be our pet or just mine. I’m not sure. He’s annoying but...” I shrug. What the fuck am I saying? Why am I calling Draven, My King?

“Why are you approaching my Queen? Where’s your mate?”

“Draven. Please calm down, the boy is not a threat.” I get up from Z’s back and place a hand on is scalp, massaging it.

“I’m not taken, Master.”

“I see. We’re not looking, perhaps if Mistress Morgana decides to play, I will speak to you. Where’s your card?”

The boy gives Draven a black card with a phone number, bowing.

I stop the scalp massage.

“Moon.” I say and he nods looking down, “Maybe tomorrow I could use you. Go away now.”

We find room number three and Draven open it. Even with the lights on it is dark asf.

“I’m sorry I let you alone. I took longer because Carla asked about you and I have to answer, she’s management. They have to make sure you are safe and consenting.”

“I’m your girlfriend.”

“That’s not a criterion.”

“Fine. Not gonna lie the Moon guy looks hot but it was weird being talked to even if he looked terrified. He was so cute.”

“Pet. Sit down on the chaise long. Take off the briefs. Mistress will use you now.” He smiles “My love, relax. I know it is a lot to take in. I know. Just sit on our baby’s cock and relax. It’ll help.”

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