Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 3

I wake up to a text message of an unknown number.

14:40 Hey Shorty. It’s me, Z. Did you sleep well?

14:51 OMG, how can I sense your booming energy from a text?

14:53 I woke up a while ago to hit the gym, babe. WTF are you talking about?

14:55 you don’t sleep?

14:57 i do. Not as much as you, for sure. Weakling.

14:59 STFU I just need caffeine before THIS

15:00 Come here then. We have coffee and we could talk too.

15:02 K

It is too early for this.

“Mom, I’m going out.”

“Wear your face mask and don’t touch anything!” she yells back.

You’re probably thinking how irresponsible my mom is. She’s not. We live on the 3rd safest country on the planet. I can go out any hour and by myself.

No one is out though, everyone coming together and staying inside their homes not to spread the virus. The numbers of infections are rather low comparing to other countries in Europe, but if the government says is not safe outside for a while, we’ll listen and follow the rules.

When I go out to run, I see no living soul, so there is no chance I get infected.

Yesterday I was reckless though. I will wear the mask today.

“Okay mom.” I quickly dress myself and brush my teeth.

I call Z. He picks up on the second ring “What’s up, M? Need a ride?”

“No, I rather walk. What are you offering? Mochaccino? Black coffee? Black tea?” I demand.

“Whatever you want, but it has to be you making it babe, ’cuz I got no skills.”

“Can you stop calling me babe? It’s weird.” I frown.

“Oh come on... you’re a babe, babe.”

I puff and step outside. “Is Draven awake?”

He chuckles “No he’s not. No one is. They’re old and like to sleep almost until dawn.”

“What? Draven is not old.”

“You have no idea. He’s the oldest. Always trying to nap and lazing around.”

“He should be more active then.” I reply.

“No biggie. He’s active as soon as he has to be.” he pauses “How close are you, I think I can smell you already.”

“I’m entering your street. I do not smell.”

“I’ll open the gate for you.” he ends the call.

As soon as I can see the gates, they open automatically for me to get through and close right after.

From the outside you have no idea the garden is this huge. They did an excellent job making the fences high to have more privacy.

The house is beautiful. Old but clearly well maintained.

White, with all the windows light brown. Black colonial slate roofing.

All the curtains are closed and I can see that all of them are red and tick.

As soon as I go up the 3 stairs to the main door, also light brow and with a lot of wood work, it opens. I step inside and the door closes behind me. The flood is white marble. I see black socks covering feet.

“Hello there, young Morgan. You can leave your face mask here.”

I look up and see Z grinning and pointing to a small table by the door. Also light brown, must be a specific type of wood.

“What if you or the others have the virus?” I frown, “and I was promised high quality coffee!”

“So whinny. I like it. There is no virus here. We’re immune.” he smiles so much his eyes closes “Come to the kitchen first. I’ll show you the house later.”

I put the mask in its little protective bag and on the said table.

The hall is big, I see light wooden stairs to the second floor by my left and a red couch by my right. There’s marble archs every where. Behind them double doors, light brown wood. I count four doors. All to the front or right side to whoever enter from the main door.

The kitchen is no different. Although it seams a little outdated, except for a big stainless steel refrigerator, the other appliances are old.

They have a kitchen island though. It seats six. The high upholstered stools are red and the legs are light brown wood.

I get it. The house is all white and red. Like the owners. Hilarious.

I try to figure out their coffee machine. It’s so big that I don’t even know what to do.

I google the model and figure it out pretty fast though.

I seat besides Z on the kitchen island and sigh “You know, even though I was facing the other way I sensed your eyes on my butt all this time.” I boldly state.

He gives me a shy smile “What? No way. I was just admiring your intelligence and problem-solving skills.” and he looks away.

“I’m young and inexperienced, but it’s not like nobody ever lusted over me. I’m not stupid, Z.” I stir my black coffee and set the spoon down. “So, tell me the truth. If Mister Asshole told me that today was not a good day to meet, why did you scam this little gathering behind his back?”

I can see Z’s mind moving the cogwheels, aligning it, to make path to this line of thinking.

We spend a few minutes in silence until he speaks again.

“I know I’m not the brightest of the family, actually I’ll admit that I’m the lest intelligent one. I know, but still...” he breathes out “... it hurts that I’m so obvious to a little human girl, one third my age.”

I know what I heard. I know, but I don’t know what to think of this.

“What’s your end game here, Z?” I blink three times and gaze him.

He shivers, “I shouldn’t have made you come here. How are you so smart?”

I laugh, “High IQ and I understand how the system works. Also, have amazing parents with good parenting skills.” I continue “Are you going to give me a straight answer or do you want me to wake Draven up?”

“Oh my... fuck, you’re worse than him. Why do I always fall for the manipulative ones?” he lets his head fall into the marble of the kitchen island.

“Oh. So, you two have a thing then. I’m surprised. He calls you brother...” I speak slowly to think about it.

“We’re all brothers, and sister, to the outside world.”

“So, you’re not really?” I paused “How many people are in that relationship?”

He shifts in his seat. “Just me and D.” he pauses “Sam has been alone for a while. Alex and Mal are together since day one. They’re annoying.”

“Where are your parents Azazel?” I finally ask the only question I was dreading.

“I think we should go to the theater room or to the game room have some fun.”

I deflate but figure that I got enough out of him.

We get up and cross the hall to get to another arch.

Suddenly Z is no longer by my side. I hear a thud and turn around to see him on the floor with Draven on top of him, caging him.

“Draven” I say, my voice full of horror and surprise.

Z shifts and manage to peak above Draven’s shoulder “Don’t worry Babe. He’s pissed. He won’t hurt me that much.”

Draven is immobile, so still, and no matter how much Z shifts he holds him down effortlessly.

I place my coffee down on a nearby table and kneel next to them. “Draven.” I call out, putting my hand on his shoulder and feeling his muscles shifting, hard muscles. “What’s wrong? You’re upset I’m here? Do you want me to leave?”

He cocks his head slightly to the side “It’s not you. I must control this one.”

“Are you sure you can control him?” I ask in his ear.

An inhuman growl comes from below us. I freeze and gasp.

“You’re not making my job easier Morgan.” he harshly says, “Go sit down on that couch unless you’re implying that I have to discipline you too.”

Not gonna lie, I swear that I never in my short life, had such desire to smack someone. “Fucking brat!” I reply but stood and made my way to the red couch, picked up my coffee and sit down.

I hear some whispering from the direction where they are. Five minutes or so later they get up and sit with me. Draven at the middle.

“I apologize for the hard and hash words I’ve throw your​ way, Morgan.” Draven speaks “rest assure that I will do whatever I can to be more civil.”

I shift “Where the fuck is the annoying boy from two days ago? I liked him better.”

His eyes wide “I was moody because I was hungry.” he defends.

Z chuckles “Yeah, he’s sexier when he’s hungry.”

Draven smacks his leg.

“No need to worry, Mister Asshole. The cat is out of the bag already.” I whisper.


“She already knows we bang, D.”

Another smack and Draven’s raised voice “How many times do I have to tell you Azazel, do not speak is such inappropriate way. She’s not family.”

I laugh at Z, “You’re worse than me. No filter.”

I glance at Draven “You like foul mouths though.”

Draven gasps and stands “We should get you home, the moon will soon be at its peak.”

I pouted, “But I thought I was playing games with Z.”

“I don’t think that’s prudent and Azazel also knows this. That is why I’m enraged with him.“

He takes some time to calm down, “I specifically told you that we couldn’t meet today in account of the special aura of the moon. Azazel knows this and still he chose to defy me.”

Z shifts and pouts, “I said sorry.”

“That does not make it right nor makes sense. You are not sorry at all. You just want to keep hogging Morgan, even though you know, and we discussed that, it is too soon and that she is too young and trusting.”

I’m furious now “I’ll leave. Don’t worry, but you are being the ultimate asshole.” I fume, “Do not try to fathom the complexity of the person that I am. You have no idea. Fuck you.” I march to the front door, get my face mask and step outside.

Inexplicably Draven is already in front of me. I look back and forward not understanding how this is possible.

“I apologize. I did not mean to upset you, my Kitten.”

What? I stare. My brain has a short circuit and I just stop breathing.

“Come. I take you home. This is a special night for us. We get on edge quickly.”

I take his hand. He guides me through the house to the garage out back and opens a car door. The car is black and low with only two seats.

I relax on the car seat. Draven gets on the driver’s seat and I hear a gate creaking. He starts the car and maneuvers it to get us outside.

I open my window and breathe deeply to calm my nerves, “Take me to the beach, Draven. I won’t settle anywhere else.”

I sense him nod and he drives faster.

When the car stops, I run out to the shore.

I sit in the dark sand, hearing the waves and smelling the fragrance of the sea. Breathing deeply. Soothing.

Moments later I feel a warm coat on my back.

“Can I sit beside you?”

I nod. After a while I ask, “Why does the moon affects Z so much?” coming closer to him.

“We don’t know but affects some more than others. It gets better with age.”

“You look younger than Z.” I reply.

“I’m not, I didn’t want to tell you but I’m the oldest.”

“Of the five?”

“I’m thy oldest Morgan, but please don’t be scared.” I see that he′s the one that is scared.

“What do you mean you’re thy oldest, Draven?” I scoot over closer to him.

“I mean that I have almost seven hundred years, Kitten.” he says, a tightness in his voice.

I don’t know what to think but surely it is not the time to think, I just act.

I shift myself and get on his lap to hold him better. I hold him tight because I don’t understand the meaning of his sentence nor understand the mourning in his voice.

“It’s okay Draven. I got you. Don’t get upset. It’s just me.” I try to comfort him.

Eventually he settles. I don’t know how to phrase my thoughts, so I don’t edit my words this time.

“Are you going to kill me?” I ask.

He freezes, “No kitten. I would never harm you.” he pauses, “I know this is ridiculous because we’ve only met three days ago, but there’s this push towards you. I don’t expose myself to anyone...” he chuckles “... In seven hundred years you’re the second person to know, as a full human, about my nature.”

“Z was the first.” I think out loud, “You’re together since when?” I whisper in his ear.

He shivers, “It’s recent. I turned him forty years ago.”

I chuckle “I was born seventeen years and eleven months ago. He’s my parents age, isn’t he?”

“He is.” he replies.

“He’s so childish.” I laugh lowly, not to break the atmosphere of the little bubble around us.

“I know. He’s almost as reckless as he was the day I met him and turned him.”

“You fucked him right away. Didn’t you?” I lowly ask.

I feel him tense and acknowledge the sinful position we are in. He sits facing the black water and I’m in his lap, riding him, facing the opposite way, my legs surrounding his waist.

Head on his shoulders. “It’s okay. I might be a virgin, but I do not consider myself innocent.”

“Kitten, I have the upmost respect for you. I do not want to discuss such things.” he finally says.

TW – light smut

“I appreciate such respect D. I do, but you have no idea how impossible it is for me to appreciate it right now.” I give a body roll just to tease him.

He whines “Please Kitten, don’t do this to me. It’s extremely hard to say no to you.”

I lay him down on the sand, “Then say yes... I just need you to be still. Don’t move.” I whisper in his ear and star to roll my hips on top of him, slowly. I’m usually not this fearless. I have no idea what comes up to me. I just want him. I need him.

I start to moan as the pleasure build up.

He’s static but whines and moans as well.

I pick up speed, rolling faster, putting pressure on my clitoris with every roll.

“You’re so hard. Ah...” I continue to roll on top of him, breathing uneven.

We stay like this for a while, pressure and pleasure building up inside me.

“Please Kitten let me hold you.” he whines, desperate.

“Yeah? Yeah? Okay D. You can hold me.” I moan and let him manhandle me.

In a split second he holds me to his chest and feel little butterfly kisses on my throat. But soon I start whimpering from the lack of friction.

“I got you Kitten, just let me lead.” he applies the exact pressure I need, starting to move his fingers on the outside my leggings.

He makes little circular movements in my buddle of nerves and all I can feel is sweet, sweet pleasure, that curses over me. He got such a expertise in massaging my sweet spot.

I reach nirvana in the matter of a couple of minutes.

I scream into his chest, panting, moaning, spasming, breathing deeply. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh... so good. Ah... Draven...”

He picks me up and carries me to the car, placing the coat over me and closing the door softly.

I sigh deeply still overwhelmed with the raging pleasure that coursed through me.

I sense him sliding to the driver’s seat beside me.

I put my hand on my sweet spot to try to calm it down.

It is throbbing hard and this never happened before. I’m still whimpering.

Dazed and whinny.

I reach to his hand on the wheel and smile at him, “Thank you. I was needing that way more than I knew.”

His nostrils open more “I can hear every beat of your heart and every intake of air to your lungs, Morgan. I bet that was an amazing orgasm. Your body is still shaking.”

“Yeah. It was pretty amazing.” I smile feeling silly and free.

He starts the car. I check my phone. 3 texts and 1 call.

It’s only 19h13, so I text my mom back to let her know that I’ll be joining them for dinner.

“Did I hurt you?”

“What? No. You did not.”

“Good.” I see the tight smile and begin to worry.

“Did I make you uncomfortable? Do you need me to help you with something?” I ask, feeling uneasy.

“No, kitten. We’ll talk later, just enjoy yourself for now.”

I smile wide, “No? Not even a little make out session?”

He sighs, “Now, you are really playing with fire, aren’t you?”

Silence and then he says “Call Z later. He must be upset with himself for his contribute in disturbing you.”

“I will. At least now I get why you’re so bad at texting and he’s not. You’re ancient.” I tease.

“He’s better than me in many aspects, you have no idea. Unfortunately, he’s also hard to control.”

“Meaning he would never control himself with me like you can.”

“Yes. I do have more practice in self-control and also more patience.”

“Meaning you will make me beg for it.”

“Morgan, please. Measure your words.” he huffs.

“I’m sorry.” I laugh and grip his thigh.

“Incredible. What have I done to deserve such bratty and irresponsible mates? I mean I though you would run away from me screaming bloody vampire and never would want to see me again, instead you’re mocking my age. Seams suiting.” he whines.

“I’m not your mate, Draven. I did not mate you...yet.”

“Right.” he replies.

The car stops in front of the apartments​ building, “Can I have a little kiss?” I make my best innocent and cute face.

Grunting he nears me, “Just one peck. I don’t want to be more worked up than I already am.”

I kiss him and fight for dominance. I fail. I grab his face and scratch him, “Don’t deny me.”

“You’ll hurt yourself, Morgan. Please refrain your actions.” He does not bleed, he does not have a single scratch on his cheek.

I put my lips on his cheek and kiss it, “Don’t deny me. Don’t you want to mate me?”

“I must be the responsible adult, don’t I?” he smiles lovingly.

“Yes Master.” I tease.

He opens his eyes wide and coughs, looking away.

“Oh Draven. We are going to have such fun together.” I say and go home, giving an extra swing to my hips.

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