Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 30

“Fine. But I’m not cumming. I don’t want to lose my energy.”

I take my panties off and stuffed them in Azazel mouth.

I hold my dress up and mount him.

“Mamma is going to use you now.” I slide down and bottom out.

“Ah. Draven. Let me suck your cock, baby. Please.”

“Pet, suck my asshole.”

Draven literally sits at Azazel face.

I start to fuck myself and suck Draven. My anxiety starts to dissolve.

I tap Draven’s leg.

He gives me space, “have you ever took another pet?”

“Before I met Azazel, but things were very different before this century. I did take them for a night from time to time when Azazel wanted to stay home.”

“I bet it was. Did you fuck them?”

“What are you thinking, my Dove?”

“Nothing. Let’s go back. Just don’t leave me alone again.”

I get my panties from Z’s mouth and kiss him passionately, “Thank you, baby. Momma needed that.”

“Pet, briefs up.”

We exit the room and I start to look around.

“Do you want to be officially introduced to some people I know?”


I look at Z and see his briefs so stretched. I slap his hard on.

I push it down to see the tip.

“Morgana. You’re incorrigible.”

I shrug.

We approach some people and wait.

“Master Borgonha. Nice to see you here.”

One man says, while applying electric shocks to another man’s crotch. I shiver.

“Master Robin. Let me introduce you to my queen Morgana.”

“Morgana, what a beautiful name to a beautiful woman. Nice to meet you.”

I smile tightly.

“Robin would you like to get a drink with us later? Morgana is not at ease yet.”

“Of course, Draven. Anything you need. I will be done with these soon.”

I take some time to look at him. He’s older. Much older. He’s fifty perhaps. His hair is starting to get grey and he’s serene.

Much be a reliable guy for Draven ask him to take a seat with us.

We circulate and he introduce me to three Dom’s and two Dommes. They were all very respectful and I felt okay. The scenes though, some were extreme. The brutal force one of the Dommes was applying to one pet was plain cruel. The pet was crying quietly. He was red and bleeding from his asshole, not much though. Exposed to everyone to see how much he took.

She exposed her pussy and sat on his face. He couldn’t breathe. I gripped Draven wrist.

He holds me and kiss my hair, “He wants it. Look at his dick Kitten.”

He was painfully hard.

She slaps his head.

I could see that she was hitting him with all her force.

“Why do people love pain so much?” I whisper.

“Pain is something you can only expect in life. You can try to control it and sometimes it’s the only thing you can control.” He whispers in my ear.

“I want to try it Draven. At least to know.”

“Okay Kitten. I will help you to know how it’s like. I’ve seen you slipping into sub space. Your personality out of bed is so strong and dominant that I thought it was just a one-time thing. You like to direct the scene. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. You were vibrating. Almost hysterical. You love to see us gravel beneath you. We’ll see. Maybe you just like both and that’s fine.”


“I know. I smell it. I will eat your juices or get Pet to do it. You liked to see Mistress Dark asphyxiating her pet with her pussy. Didn’t you?”

“Not here. Not here.”

“Let just relax on the bar area. Yes?”


Azazel is getting tired. I can tell. His dick is still hard and peeking out.

“Draven.” The Robin guy acknowledge us when we arrive next to his table.


Draven gets the chair for me to sit. I cross my legs to the slit part of the dress. I know my legs will be exposed.

Robin do not look at me. I am impressed. He must respect Draven deeply or fear him as deeply too. Also, he can be gay.

“Where’s your pet?”

“Room four. Waiting.”

“The student becomes the master.”

“Indeed. So is this beautiful woman yours? I never saw you with a woman before.”

He never looks at me.

I hate that.

“Calm down, my queen. He is not being disrespectful.”

I puff.

“I don’t have a preference to women and you know. Morgana is my lover. Actually, Morgana is both Azazel’s and mine lover.”

I glare at him.

“Really? I gravel for years and suddenly you have a new mate.”

Of course. Jealousy is the reason he doesn’t like me.

“We will mate for life. Me and you not. It was a good time. Did I ever fail you?”

“That you didn’t. No.”

“Does she know about your health?”

“She’s right here. Fucker.” I say.

She was taken back by my outburst.

“Morgana is a powerful woman. Right, my love?”

“I know much more than you. Do not test my patience, I don’t like to be looked upon by people I don’t respect.”

“I see. Well, it was nice to meet you, Morgana. We’ll see how long you make it.”

I feel the urge to punch him right in the face. I don’t.

“I want to take care of Azazel, Draven. He’s tired.” I whine instead, “Can we please go to the apartment now?”

“Of course. Wait just a minute.”

I don’t like it, but I guess he’s paying.

No one bothers me anyway.

“Pet. Come. Get up. We’re going.” Draven speaks up.

Quickly he’s dressed and were walking to the car.

I clasps my hand with Azazel’s and ask, “Can I cuddle you in the back seat of the SUV?”

“Yes.” His voice is as if unused.

I am worried.

We cuddle not for long.

The ride is short. The apartment building is not in the city’s center as the dungeon is.

In fact, the apartment building is on a mountain top looking down the city.

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