Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 31

The apartment is not small. I love Draven notion of small spaces. It’s a duplex double bedroom penthouse apartment.

Twice the size of my parent’s apartment.


“We don’t have much human food Kitten, just snacks. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m not hungry. I just want to wash Azazel and cuddle him.”

Draven rises a brow and sigh.

“Baby, carry Morgan to the bathroom. I want to take care of you. Please.”

“Okay.” Azazel monocordically says.

He carries me up the stairs and I see the master bedroom. Not as big as ours at the Cold Palace but spacious enough.

“You need anything, Babe?”

“I want to lay down.”

" You don’t want to take a bath?”

“No. Rest.”

“Okay my baby. Mama will undress you. Don’t worry.”

I kneel and start to take his boots off.

Then take his jeans.

His dick is soft. I hope he’s feeling well.

I take his sweater.

“You can lay down. I’ll be right here with you. I’m fetching a glass of water. Do you want anything?”

“Blood bag.”

“Okay, baby.”

I descend the stairs.

Draven is putting away the groceries.

“Where do you keep the blood bags?”


I frown, “what do you mean no?”

“Azazel is not getting more blood tonight.”

“Why, Draven?”

“He doesn’t need it.”

“Why are you doing this? You’re not happy.”

“I am in a normal mood.”

“I am not sure what it is, but you are not giving me happy vibes. Draven. What is happening?”

“I’m not sure what to answer you.”

“Did I mess up?”


“Fuck. Tell me what. Draven.”

He sighs, “You just wanted to care for our prince. Tonight, you gave zero attention to me. Why?”

I open and close my eyes ten times.


“I was a little overwhelmed by all that. What are you talking about? I was by your side the entire night.”

“I didn’t like the fact that you let some fucker named Moon talk to you. What were you thinking? Then you talk to me about him as if you were interested. Are you? Are you interested in some random person that wants to take your body? That sees you in that dress with high heels and feel like he can take you from us? Is this because we can get you easily pregnant? Is this because he’s human and we’re not?”

I should be pissed and punch him. I should.

I just turn around and get to the first floor. I start by putting the jewelry away, on top of the Solid Wood 6-Drawer Dresser. I seat on the bed and take the heels off. I strip the dress and hang it in the closet. Wash my face in the bathroom sink and lay beside Z.

“Baby. Draven don’t think is a good idea for you to drink more blood tonight.”

He startles awake and nod, hugging me.

I sigh and hug him tightly.


“No. I’m not in the mood for shit tonight. Don’t try me.”

“We have to talk this through.”

“I don’t have to do shit. You can go sleep on the other room or next to Azazel. I don’t need to do nothing. Do not touch me.”

“Kitten please.”


“But Kitten...”

“Draven. What are you doing?” Azazel suddenly sits up.

“I’m trying to talk to Kitten. She’s not giving me her time.”

“Walk away.”

“Do not talk to me like that.”

“Go downstairs and sit the fuck down. Drink a glass. Then I will be there to talk.”

“You don’t tell me what to do, Azazel.”

“Draven. Your two lovers are telling you to stop.”


He disappears.

“What happened?”

“He’s jealous. He’s just jealous. I just ignored him and came to you.”

“Next time, give the man that right. You were stunning tonight. Even Draven can get insecure.”

“I just wanted to cuddle you.”

“Now I’ll have to deal with moody Draven.” he frowns.

I sigh, “I am not happy with how this night turned out. How come he’s not jealous of you?”

“Babe. Stay here.”


I lay alone, but I don’t like it.

They take a while.


I sit up.

“Can you take me? Can you take me tonight?”

“What do you mean Draven?”

“I am asking for love.”

I don’t understand.

“I have always loved you. I always show it. What?”

“Take care of me.”

Oh. Oh.

I get out of the bed.

“What do you need me to do?”

“I want a bath and I want to pleasure you slowly.”


“Maybe I can show you my love in the shower.”

“My love, I’m sorry I lashed out instead of talking it through with you. I am not human. I was never human. I know that you love us. I do but why would you submit to me? Why wouldn’t you choose another human too?”

“First of all, pal. I will never submit to anybody. Second, why are you feeling like this because of a human boy that just was too afraid to talk to you and found it easier to introduce himself to me.”

He sighs and lift me to his arms, “Let’s take a shower and we can continue this conversation.”

I undress him and kneel down.

“I want to suck you a little bit. Can I?”

“My love. I’m cumming fast. I was extremely aroused all night.”

“It’s okay. Just cum in my face.”

I started slowing but soon he was losing his mind.

“My precious let Draven fuck your mouth a little.”

I nod, not stopping.

He holds my head and force his dick in slowly.

I whine but don’t fight it.

He was soon grunting, I sucked as much as I could, droll rolling all over me.

“I’m cumming my love. Tell me where you want it.”

“Face.” I close my eyes, open my mouth and slip my tongue out expectantly.

He came so much.

“Let’s clean ourselves now.”

“Daddy.” I whine.

“I know Mommy wants to be fucked hard.”


“Come with me. The water is good now.”

I get up and walk blindly, follow him where his hand pulled me.

“There we go, my life. Azazel want to join us.”

“My baby.” I whisper.

I finally am able to open my eyes.

We’re inside the shower booth.

“Draven. I do love you. I do.” I smile at him and kiss his wrist.

“Azazel. Come. We can all fit.”

Draven leans into a shower wall.

“I want to wash your hair.” Azazel tells me.

“I will wash Kings hair then.” I respond, “Maybe you will relax better now. You say you love my scalp massages.”

“I do.”

We took a while in the shower.

Azazel also wanted to blow-dry my hair. I let him.

“Are you hungry, my love?”

“I want sushi, but it’s like almost sunrise.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry my queen.”

“It’s okay.” I smile. “I’ll get it for lunch.”

“Do you wish anything else, my love?” He massages my breasts while Azazel dries my hair.

“No, Draven. Let’s sleep. I will get Azazel to fuck me tomorrow morning.”

“But I want to fuck you now, Morgana. I want to. Let me fuck you now. Let Draven fuck you.”

“No. I’m not in the mood.”

“My love. I know how horny you are right now. Don’t lie to us.”

I groan, “I am but I am still pissed with you. I want to slap you not fuck you.”

“Babe, give the man a chance.”

“No, babe. I’m not happy with the drama. You let him fuck you. I like to watch anyways.”

“Babe. I’m so tired. Just ride him a little. You know you want to.”

“No. No.” I stand up and get to bed.

“I didn’t bring any clothes. You said nothing to me. Fuck I’m pissed. Fuck I’m really pissed. You didn’t inform me that we were not sleeping in the Mansion. You didn’t tell me to bring some clothes and you didn’t buy decent human food.”

I puffed out.

“I’m not happy. You didn’t even have the decency to explain that today we were going to a BDSM dungeon before I set foot on that SUV.”

I start to yell.


I point to him.

“Do not Kitten me. I’m angry and I don’t want to hear it.”

Azazel is by my side, not knowing what to do.

I decided to go to the living room.

I sit on the couch and turn the TV on.

I don’t see them for a while. Azazel comes down and puts a blanket over me.

“Babe. I’m sorry. You are right. We didn’t think about it. Draven already managed to get food first thing in the morning. We did bring you some clothes. Leggings and sweaters just as you like. Come to bed. Please. Draven is sad about letting you down. You know how he is. He needs to provide for us to feel happy.”

“I’m not sure I want to go.”

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