Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 4

TW – Degradation and heavy smut

Draven POV

“I love how horny you are, Babe. Two hours straight on fucking. Ah, feels so good.”

I must confess that I’ve never lusted as hard as I’m lusting over Morgan, “Just fuck me harder Azazel.” I plead.

“Oh babe, I can’t believe you’re letting me pound your sweet, sweet rose button. Ah... fuck, I like that it is so tight.” he’s beaming from the rare opportunity to ravage me.

“Yes, my sweet Tiger. Give it to me harder, harder Azazel. I know you have more strength than that.”

“Babe, I will literally break the house if I smack you ass harder. Turn around. I’m going to fuck you like a dog. That will make you feel better.”

It is better, “You should have seen her. She was so beautiful. Her smell so sweet. I would do anything for you to feel that sweet wet women on top of you. I almost lost my mind.” I confess.

“I can enjoy this, because of how much you held yourself back with her. My brave brave babe. I love you so much. I’m gonna open you wide babe, don’t worry. You won’t walk for a week. I promise.” he kisses my nape, fucking me harder.

I moan loudly, “Yes, Azazel that’s the spot. Come on you worthless pig fuck me good. Break me now.”

I’m sure everyone on and near the Masion heard me screaming after that. Azazel went savage after I degraded him and only stopped when I came. I almost blacked out and he indeed broke my pelvic bone.

Panting and spasming, “thank you, my Tiger. You did so good. So good for Draven. Come cuddle me.”

I felt my bones and my internal bleeding healing. Azazel was still trying to calm down.

“Tiger, do you want Draven to take care of you now?” I ask finally.

“Babe, please. I love you but I need you to fill me up.” he cried out, “I’m not satisfied.”

I knew this would happen, he’s not used to be the top, so his body is fighting against itself and asking for its usual type of pleasure.

“Master will fuck you good, don’t worry.” I shift on the broken bed and stand close to his mouth, “Come on, open wide, let me fuck your​ mouth first.”

He promptly opens and start to suck on my length gently. My head falls back and I release a moan, “Yes, Tiger. That’s it, nice and easy.”

Azazel was always gifted with his mouth, “Will you pleasure Morgan with our mouth as wonderfully as you are pleasure me?”

He grunts and the vibrations send me into a frenzy. “Ah... I know you will. I’ll fuck your sweet ass as you lick her sweet juices and make her cum for us.” he moans.

I take my cock from his mouth and quickly top him, spreading his legs. Instantly I stick it in his ass. With wide eyes and a deep scream, I hit him in his gorgeous face, “Shut the fuck up, you filthy dog. You take it like the scum you are. Right?”

Whining and moaning he adds, “Yes babe. Your filthy filthy pig. I don’t even deserve the floor that you walk on.”

I smack his dick and get deeper into him. He sighs in satisfaction. “That’s right dog and you’ll only having her when and how I tell you can have her.”

“Please babe, please give me harder. I beg you...” the starts to sob as soon as I slow the rhythm down to make sure he’s listening.

“Shut up and listen to me.” I slap his abs.

He cries out, “...babe, please. I do anything you want.”

“Oh I know, this is only punishment for alluring Morgan to MY HOUSE without my consent. You scum, I wanted to rip you head from your body. She could be harmed.”

“I know babe, I know. I couldn’t stand being away from her scent. I want her too.”

“You are lucky she left me this messed up. Next time you’ll be a month without the feeling of me, filling you.” I speed up a little to make my point.

“No Master. I’m begging you. Don’t do that to me, I’ll go insane without you.” he starts to sob and snot, shaking.

“Shoo, it’s okay. Don’t do that again and I won’t punish you.” I hit his prostate and go harder.

“AH... babe that’s it. AH...”

“That’s right, bitch. No one gives it to you as your D. My little slut loves it, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, my Master fucks me so good. So good for his slut.” he moans, “... please, please, Master. Deeper, please.”

I spin him. He’s on his hands and knees now. Bottoming out instantly, I start to fuck him as fast as I know he can take it.

“Ah... I’m gonna cum soon...” I can feel it, his ass tightening around my big fat cock.

I stop abruptly. The sound he emits is what I imagine a banshee would sound like.

Sobbing openly, “NO... please, please, please. Fuck me. I need you to fill me with you cum. Please, please, please... Master...” he’s devastated.

“Be quiet, you whore. Suck me good or else you will not cum tonight.”

With snot all over his handsome face he starts to suck me dry, “Yes, just like that. Yes, harder, bitch. Harder... You know you like to suck me so good...” I slap his ass and he moans, “Azazel, she was rubbing herself on this dick. Can you smell her? Can you smell our sweet siren in me? Can you imagine her rolling her beautiful and fit body all over me? She’s the one. Our missing piece. She’s almost as shameless as you, you cum dumping worthless mouth.”

After a while I’m feeling closer to cum, so I go behind him and hit his prostate constantly during a couple of minutes.

“I’m going to fill your filthy ass with my semen now. Cum with me you slut.” and we both cum undone. Praises spilling from our mouths as well as a lot of open mouth kisses.

Our refractory period is shorter. In ten minutes,we’re good as new.

“Text Morgan, Azazel. I’m going to take a bath, come join me in fifteen. I need more.”

“Sure, Babe. I’ll meet you soon.” he replies.

Morgan POV

I am so lost in memories that I completely forgot to text Z. Only when I get a text notification, I remember that Draven asked me to.

19:37 You Okay? Z is sorry :(

23:02 I’m okay :P Call me tomorrow, k?

23:04 Wtv u need babe. Sweet dreams.

23:05 U2 <3

As if I’m sleeping tonight. I’ll have to run twice as hard to tire my body out and shut my mind off.

4 o’clock and I hit the streets again. Just me and my music and I know everything is good now.

I find my rhythm and breathe out all the pent-up energy. “Kinda.” I say out loud to myself and my minds starts floating to those magical moments on the beach.

How come that felt so good. It is not my first orgasm. I had them by myself and they were awesome, but that one was insane.

Don’t think Morgan, just run. As soon as I get to the Main Avenue something on the pavement gives in and I fly forwards hitting the floor hard. “Ah... Fuck.”

I sit up and assess​ the damages on my body.

My knees and my hands hurt. I look at them. Fudge, my hands are bleeding.

I see someone on my side, two someone’s. I gasp and look at them, taking them in.

Both are tall, blond and whiter than snow. They seem to have red eyes and great taste in fashion, they are holding each other hands.

“Alex and Mal.” I whisper, but I know they will hear it loud and clear.

“You must be the Morgan. Pleasure to be your acquaintance.” one speaks but both bow.

I try to get up, but suddenly I feel myself being pulled up into a chest and carried. “Draven.” I mumble and before I could ask anything, he speaks.

“They can send a danger signal to me. I just followed it. You’re okay?”

I chuckle, “Stop fussing. I just did a very human thing and fell.” I full out giggle.

“Thank you for notifying me, Sunu.”

“Nonsense, Pa. I smelled the blood. We’ll go home to feed now.” they bow and leave.

I shift in his arms, “They’re so serious.”

“They had a hard life Kitten, but they are not dangerous.”

“They have more fashion sense than you, though. What’s with all the ancient clothing? The others at least try to keep up.”

“Be quite or else I’ll drop you.” he warns me.

“Draven take me to you room and patch me up. What an irresponsible future mate you are.” I tease.

“I know that you are joking, but it is not funny.” I feel a lot of wind and suddenly I’m in front of his house. “Azazel, open up.” I hear Draven say, another second and we’re at the hall.

“What have you done, clumsy cat?” Z mocks me.

They sit me at the couch and Z is already putting something on my knees, cleaning the blood.

“Why aren’t you craving my blood?”

“We are but we had a patch earlier, so it’s not insufferable.” Z says.

“My cravings are a lot more controlled than his, because I’m a lot older.” Draven adds.

“So basically, I just have to be cautious around you.” I shove Z, “You’re moody and unstable. Who is the weakling now, ah?”

Draven smiles so wide, I can see all his teeth, finally noticing his prominent canines. Not that prominent thought, but his smile is contagious.

“Shut up Margot. I can still kill you easily.”

I tense, “What?”

“He’s joking Kitten. Azazel, do not scare our kitten, have you lost your mind?” D says, glaring at Z.

Z looks sheepish and apologetic, “I’m sorry Morgan. I... we don’t need another panic attack, please.”

“I’m tired.” I start closing my eyes.

“Did you hit your head?”

“No. I’m just tired, you drain me.” and I giggle.

“Babe, let’s take her home.”

Draven POV

This woman is an entire amusement park, “Sho, Kitten. You’re almost in bed.”

“Which one is the front door key?” Azazel is trying to figure out the keys to get us inside Kitten’s Apartment building. I can’t hear anyone up, but you never know. Humans are unpredictable.

“Got it. Why can’t I carry her?” he whispers whines.

“You’re clumsy. We can’t afford to wake anyone up.” That would not be easy to explain. Why two teenage boys are carrying around a passed out teenage girl.

We follow her scent and successfully deliver her to her bed.

“Is this how it feels like to have a descendant?” I contemplate.

“Maybe. You raised us all, right?”

“You were not full human. It’s not the same.”

“You’re right. Let’s go before her parents wake up.”

I nod and we descent to the main floor quietly.

“I need to go to sleep, the sun is almost raising. Care for a race?”

“You’re faster but sure.”

He was right. I won.

Morgan POV

I wake up in my bed, with my running clothes on and my running shoes off.

I don’t remember anything for a moment but then everything comes rushing in.

I felt asleep on Draven’s arms. Cold but strong man arms.

Z tended to my wounds and they were fussing over me like I was a child. They’re pathetic.

It was nice, nonetheless. Last time I met the street floor I had to walk back home limping.

I’m so lucky to have such good friends...

Wait, probably not just my friends.

Z is trying to get inside my panties and I’ve been pulling Draven towards it too...

Does that mean that I am almost a part of a polygamic relationship?

That’s unconventional...and hot. They’re so hot.

What would we do? Would we get along? Would I be intruding on a relationship that is twice my age? Do they like me on the same level? One of them could like me platonically... Who knows?

They do.

I should look at this as I look at everything else in my life. Rationally and exploring every points of view to get to the most efficient and best course of action.

I’ve really being led by my emotions in the past three days, but that’s all the time I give myself to be irrational.

We’ll talk about this and I’ll see what is best for my future. Academic, professional, and personal future. I will not throw away all my efforts just for lust.

What time is it? 12:35. At least there’s no more online classes. It’s Christmas vacation time.

Two weeks of not standing in front of the computer and pretend we can get everything inside our brains as if it is a “normal” time in history.

Okay, Morgan.

Plans for the next few days:

1.Spend time with my family

2.Discuss my academic future (again) with my parents

3.Go to a neutral ground to talk to the boys about my expectation and goals in life

4.Try to comprehend how we could all work as boyfriends and girlfriend

5.Vent to my best friend Mia and get her insight

I’ve got this.

I never liked clubbing, mainly because I don’t get it. Mia would always succeed in dragging me to go with her and her other friends to this or that club or bar with the promise of wholesome fun, but the only outcome would be a pounding headache.

Now, I want to. There’s this vision that keeps popping in my head of me and the boys on a dance floor feeling the music and molding our bodies around each other.

Plans for the next few days:

6.Go clubbing - New Year’s Eve.

7.Buy sexy clothing.

Okay. Time to get out of bed and face the cold.

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