Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 6

TW – Smut and degradation

I coo at the sight of him, “My baby is so hard on the outside but so soft on the inside. You’re so sweet Z and you have the most precious smile. Let me know how much you care for me. You want to have me bad, baby? You want Morgan all panty and wet for you, my little baby? Do you want to fuck Morgan really bad?”

He carries me effortlessly and I lock my feet and tighten my legs around him, he grunts. It’s colder outside and the night is dark.

“Babe, I’m gonna end up fucking your little pussy on the back seat of the car.” he warns.

“Sorry, I love your strength and all this muscles. You are so freaking hot. I just want to fuck you so hard, baby.” I’m near delirious and rubbing myself on him. Gripping his arms viciously. “So bulk. So strong for Morgan.”

“Kids.” I hear a stern voice.

Z deposits me on the back seat and closes the door a little too hard.

I see that Draven is already at the drivers seat.

“Sorry, D. I didn’t know I needed your approval to rub myself on Z.” I petulantly state.

“You need my approval for nothing Kitten, but people were staring, and these little humans like to film everything our days and post it online to degrade one another.” Draven replies.

“Yes, Daddy.” I take my coat off and start to undo the laces of my shoes, taking them off. It’s dark outside but I don’t care who see me anymore. I need them now, right now.

I start touching myself over my clothing, my breasts, my stomach, my legs, between my legs. I moan.

“Z, come help Morgan.” I smirk.

“Babe drive faster. She’s undressing.” I hear Z saying.

I feel the car speeding and I take my wool pullover off, next is the t-shirt and I’m struggling with my bra when someone pulls me into a chest.

“Please Babe, don’t do this to me. Draven is cutting my dick off if I fuck you, like I want to. Don’t you want my dick on me? Ah? For the future?”

I trash around. I feel the car stoping.

“Hold me tight, Babe. I’ll take you to the bedroom.” I hold tight until the flux of air stops.

We’re in a bedroom, the predominant color is red. I think, I don’t see much. I feel a bed beneath me.

I need skin against my skin. I whimper, “I need you.” not sure to whom I’m talking to. Probably both. Yeah, both.

I take off my jeans and stand on the bed in my underwear, looking around. I see four red orbs. Two closer to me.

I smile devilishly and get on my hands and knees, making sure they get a good look at my private parts and how soaked my panties are. In a split second someone got his nose there.

“Ah...” I moan.

“Azazel. Go get the black dildo and the lube.” I fell a mouth move in my clit and I moan higher.

“Oh, Kitten, why do you have to be such a tease. You make my job near impossible.” I can feel the bed dipping and the bedding rustling but is so dark I can’t see.

“D...” I plead, “Draven...I need to see.”

“Oh, right.” Z says and a table lamp lights the room a little.

Draven push me up and hold my back to his chest, “You know what to do. Spread wide and hands behind your head.” he whispers. For a moment I thinks its directed to me but seconds later I see Z naked and in the exact position Draven told him to be.

“What do you say Kitten, you want to finger him open?”

My heart speeds up and the hands on my waist tightening, “Show me.” I say in the smallest voice ever.

“Scoot to your right, so you are able to see me doing it.” I do as I am told and as soon as he licks a strip up Z ass and balls, I see all Z’s Abdominal muscles shift. God, his body is incredible. All sharp, hard and strong.

“Babe, don’t be scared.” Z makes eye contact with me.

I shake my head, “I’m not scared, baby. I’m overwhelmed. You’re so beautiful like this.” I pet his leg and place a kiss on his knee, “Yeah, maybe I’m little scared, but not of this... not of you.” I smile to him.

He trembles and I see Draven with a finger inside him, “She’s afraid of herself.” he says smiling at me.

I massage Z’s legs and wait patiently.

He trashes around, whines and moans. I start to intensify the massaging and apply more pressure to my hands. Not knowing what else I can do to help.

“You can go and kiss him Kitten, next time when its your​ turn to open him up, he will tell you when he’s ready, don’t worry.”

I nod and get off the bed to go near his head and at this moment I get a better idea. I take my panties off and climb to the bed, facing the headboard.

“Kitten...” I hear Draven gasp and I turn slightly to meet his gaze, smiling.

“What? You wanted a taste first? Is that it? Jealousy is a little beneath you, Daddy D.” I smirk back and position myself above Z’s face and sit on him.

He immediately starts licking me with expertise, rolling his tongue, circling my buddle of nerves. Oh, he’s good.

I go practically hysterical and feel all my energy draining out of me.

I feel four hands holding me up and as I tilt my head back and it lands on a chest. I feel Z moaning.

“You’re fucking him?” I ask and Draven whispers in my ear, ”Yeah Kitten, just try and enjoy yourself, don’t worry about us now.”

“Azazel, you are only allowed to cum after her.” Draven commands.

His tongue slows down, “Okay babe, just fuck me harder please.”

“Kitten do me a favor and sit on him as much as you can. Show our whore how ruthless you can me.”

I do as I’m told. I think I’m starting to understand how Z works, “Come on, my little bitch. Make me cum... why are you slowing down?”

“Azazel, do not make her cum so soon, or else I won’t let her fuck you with the black dildo.” Draven says. I laugh out.

I can feel the muscle of his arms shake and a muffled scream on my pussy.

I make a decision “I’m gonna turn around babes.” I say and do so. This way I’m more comfortable sitting on Z’s face and I’m able to see Draven. And what a lovely sight they are.

Draven is naked. Skin so white it turns translucent. He’s slim but strong. I can see all the muscles working towards fucking his mate.

I look down and can see his massive dick entering and exiting Z ass... and I bite my lower lip and moan. How can I find this the most erotic thing ever?

Z is sticking his tongue on my hole, savoring me. I take off my bra and start rubbing my pussy on his mouth.

“Ah, Draven. Our stupid whore is so sexy. Look at him. Such a dirty little bitch. Fuck him harder. Ah... So good. DRAVEN. Fuck him harder, like you wish you could fuck me.” I scream and they both go primal.

I see Draven speeding up and Z starts pinching my nipples softly.

“Kitten... ” Draven whispers, ”…you’re so sexy, so hot for us. Slap his dick. Slap our pigs’ cock as hard as you can...” He’s a wreak and I love to see them like this. I rub myself harder and slap Z’s dick and slap Draven’s face. I also lose myself in the moment and spit his way.

“Azazel, our Kitten just spit on me. Bite her clitoris with the least amount of force you muster.”

I reach my orgasm right away. Screaming, trashing, closing my eyes and losing all my strength.

I feel myself being laid down and when I open my eyes, I see I’m right next to Z. I smile.

“You okay, babe? Need us to stop?” He asks me softly. I see that they stopped to take care of me.

I shake my head and close my eyes.

I can hear the bed creaking and flesh slapping against flesh. Z moaning and Draven degrading him.

“Shut your mouth, scum. Do not look at her. Don’t you dare lay your eyes on our beautiful princess. She’s not going to help you out.” I gaze Draven and smile.

" D... I want to fuck myself on him.”

There’s a high grunt that escapes Z’s mouth and I put my hand on his mouth to shut him up.

“Do not push my buttons Morgana. I will lock you in the bathroom the rest of the night.”

“Sorry Daddy. You’re right. Maybe I’m also a filthy little whore.” I whine, blushing.

“Babe, if our Kitten wants to...” Z tries to negotiate, behind my hand.

“I told you to be quiet.” Draven carves his nails in Z abdomen and he starts bleeding.

I sit up shocked. “Draven...”

“It’s okay babe. I like it.” Z calms me down, placing an hand on my arm.

I start to think and smile at Draven. I know I can’t react negatively to this or else I will loose it all if I hurt Draven’s feelings.

Rationally, I know they are together forty years. I’m pretty sure they know each other limits.“Fine. You can finish him, but go fast. I want cuddles.” I cave, realizing how tired I am.

In a second Z is in all fours and Draven is drilling him at impossible speed. It’s the most primal view I ever witnessed. They are gorgeous like this. Absolutely fantastic. The most amazing sounds are coming from both of them.

I start to touch myself to the sight. I moan they names and Draven goes completely insane looking at me. “I want you so much, Kitten. When we’re ready, I’ll give you multiple orgasms. You’ll need to sleep a whole week after. ”

I spasm around nothing as I come undone a second time. The power of this man’s words.

Z screams right after. There’s an awful grunt and I know they both came. I smile and wait for them to clean up and join me.

I sigh when I feel both of their bodies next to me. Draven on my back and Z facing me.

" You okay Z?” I ask.

“Never better, babe. Now that you’re here to complete us...” He kissed my nose. “That was so hot. Fuck.”

Draven kiss my nape and I immediately fall asleep.

There is nothing better in the world than to wake up with the people you love.

When I was younger, I loved to sleep with my parents and wake up to the feeling of them around me.

Today I wake up slightly colder, but so happy. Draven looks like a freaking renascence statue, but with a prettier an smaller nose.

I shift and notice that Z is awake.

I smile sleepy, “Hey babe, what time is it?”

“Little past ten. You want breakfast?”

I stretch all my limbs and hear Draven whine. I giggle, “Sure. And coffee!”

He giggles and hug me tight, ”You’re precious Morgan. So cute.” he smiles, and we get out of bed.

“I need clothes Z, I’m butt naked.”

“Best view ever.” He shrugs.

I slap his ass, “Shut up and give me something to dress.” I pout.

He lifts me up and takes me to the walk-in closet.

“You know, maybe from now on I’ll demand that you always carry me around.” I laugh and kiss his nose.

He puts me down and smiles, “Anything for you, Babe. You can choose whatever you want from that side, the right side is mine and it will be too big for you.”

“Wow, you two really like to dress in black, fuck. It’s like a black hole lives in here.”

“Yeah. We’ll buy you some clothes when they open the malls up.” he kisses the top of my head and starts to dress himself.

I take a warm sweater and tracksuit pants, all black by the way and sit in the little bench in the middle of the room to put the clothes on.

Z lifts me up and carry me to the kitchen Koala style and makes me cheese toast while I make the coffee.

In the Kitchen we work in silence but comfortably. I giggle to myself thinking about last night.

“Don’t you start, babe. I can smell your thoughts.” He hugs me and pecks my hair, “come seat down.”

We sit and start eating, “I can’t believe that really happened.”

“It did, I will never forget the look on your​ face when you came, twice. You’re gorgeous.” he kisses my hand.

I smile, “You’re the perfect one, shut up. Freaking Hercules.”

“Babe, you wanna come to the gym room with me later on? We have a treadmill you can use.”

“Really? Well, that’s something I would enjoy, yes.” I paused, “but first cuddles. I’m still sleepy.” I pout.

He chuckles, “Babe, I can’t stick my dick in you. You know that. I promised Draven and I never broke a promise to him.”

I hold my hand up, “I promise I won’t even get undress until he’s awake. I promise.”

“Okay. Let’s go to the theater room and chill for a while then. You like romantic comedies?”

“Yeah. Carry me peasant.”

When he said Theater room, I picture a Old times Cinema room. It is not. Its like a living room without windows, a huge screen and the predominant colors continue to be white and red. Well, now I know the second arch to the right of the main door of the house is the theater room.

They have Netflix, which I find awesome since they’re old as fuck. It’s so good to spend time with Azazel, he’s so joyful. We watch ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ with Rebel Wilson. I laugh so much I cry. Z cuddle me in the big sofa and chuckles from time to time.

I wish I could stay like this forever. It’s kinda cold, not gonna lie, but so comfortable. Peaceful.

“You’re so comfy for a stone-cold brute.” I tell him, smiling warmly.

“I’m not a brute, I’m clumsy. When I was full human, I was a train wreck. You have no idea. I was always falling down and breaking stuff.” he confesses.

I kiss him, “You’re the cutest. Can we go work out now? Unless...”

He stands up and carry me, excited expressing in his face. “We got this stupidly expensive workout machine that you got to see. It’s awesome sauce, babe.”

I laugh, “I don’t think I stopped smiling since I met you, babe. You’re the one that is awesome sauce.”

He’s right. Their gym is huge, that machine is a monster. Now I know the the arch facing the main door of the house leads to a corridor. The gym is next to the garage.

I stretch and run for 30 minutes, then he tries to make me weight lift.

“Come one babe. I just want you to try it out, I promise you will feel stronger and powerful.”

I smack him, “I don’t need that. I just need to touch you in the right place and I’ll feel powerful enough.” I giggle.

“That’s true.” he confesses, “Still, come I help you.”

He shows me and I realize I’m a true weakling BUT I do complete the work-out AT my own pace.

“See, babe? You did it. I’m so proud.” He kisses my head, “Let’s take a shower and order lunch.”

I lift my arms and pout. He laughs and carry me to Draven’s room. The room is on the second floor, by the way. The last door of the corridor upstairs.

“Wow, it’s already one thirty. I got to text my parents real quick.”

“Babe, don’t wake Draven up, he gets moody and then he delays my orgasms.” he whines.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he?” I smile looking at Draven’s bed.

“He’s the best. And now we have you. My two babes.” he stops for a moment smiling, “Come find me after you text your parents.”

I text them saying that I will spend another night at Mia’s and get to the bathroom.

I had already been inside this bathroom but now I really took it all in. It’s white, all white. Two sinks. A bathtub by the left wall and a shower at the right. It’s spacious and luxurious. All the metal is golden.

I undress at record time and get in the shower, hugging Z’s back.

“Ah. were naked before Dravens’ is awake.” I grin.

“Do you want me to wash your hair? I’m incredibly good with my hands.” he tell me innocently, ignoring my words.

“If you’re as good as you are with your tongue, I’m in.”

“M, you’re so dirty. Come on, no funny business.”

“Have you seen yourself?” I scowl.

“Turn around. I’m not giving in.”

I puff but let him wash my hair.

“Do you want to clean my body too?”

“No. I’m waiting for Draven to join us.”

I open my eyes to see Draven outside the shower and beam, “Babe, come join us.”

He grunts but does as I say.

“Hi” he pecks us both and get to wash his body.

Z is the first to exit the shower and dry himself. I stay a little bit behind, making out with Draven, hugging him close, “We’ve missed you.”

“I apologize, I’m older. I only have a glass of blood a day, so I sleep longer.”

“Don’t apologize. We saw a movie and worked out. I’m starving now.”

“Come, I help you dry.” he says and turns the tap off.

After a while in sweet silence, “I see why you love him.”

“Yes, Kitten. Azazel is very lovable.”

“I see why he loves you too.”

“You do?” he snaps his head up to look at me.

“Yes. He’s wild, free and energetic. You’re strong, wise and reliable.” I sigh and shake my head, “You are perfect for each other.” I can see that he was genuinely worried I would freak out about his behavior towards Z in bed. I’ll try to reassure him further.

He sighs and sits on the bench, on the left of the tub, “I know is too soon to talk about this but we’re in love with you, Morgan. I was hoping you would love us back eventually.” He dries my hair and wrap me in fluffy towels.

“I’m young and don’t know the first thing about love but this overwhelming feeling inside can’t be just pure lust. There’s something else. I’m asking you to be patient with me and allow me to identify what’s that. I’m too young to know what I want.”

“Kitten, you know that I am patient and have all the time in the world to wait for you.” He claims, guiding me to the bedroom.

“I’m ordering food. What do you want, Babes?” Azazel asks, naked on top of the bed.

“Sushi.” I say and join him, placing my head on his chest.

“I want bloody ribs. I need the energy.” Draven replies.

I hear a lot of tapping, “Done. There’s coffee downstairs for you babe. Open the door to the delivery guy in twenty to thirty minutes. Ok? Take my phone.”

I sigh and relax, ”Babes, wake me up to eat?”

Draven kisses my head, “Rest.”

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