Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chaptet 7

TW – Smut and degradation

I wake up to whispers “I’m going to break your left arm if you don’t fuck me harder.”

“Cum you slut. I want to eat those ribs.”

Slowly I open my eyes and see Draven between Z’s legs.

I sigh “Ah... This is not fair.”

“Kitten sit on his face so we can eat, our fucking pig is taking forever to cum like the weak scum he is.”

“Go grab the black dildo. I fuck him.”

“Yeah babe. Do that. Fuck my little hole hard and strong, come on.“ Z whines.

“So needy,” I sigh and get myself between his legs, slapping his face hard, “shut the fuck up, bitch, that’s first warning.”

“Here, I’ll get the food.” Draven place the dildo on Z’s abs and disappear.

I laugh wickedly, take it in my hand. It is huge. Even bigger than Dravens dick.

I place it by Z’s entrance and force it in one go.

Z open his eyes wide and breathe fast.

“I’m going to fuck you so good babe.” I stick it all in and get on top of him so I can simulate that I’m fucking him with my big black cock.

I hold the dildo to my lower belly and roll my hips. Pushing it deeper.

"You like being humiliated, don’t you, babe? I had no fucking idea. That’s so cute. You’re so fucking cute. Hell yeah, take it, babr. There we go, good boy."

“Ohh babe... Oh babe. Fucking me deep.” Z says hitting his head on the bed.

“Nice and easy, little whore. Just like I love to.” I continue my ministrations and star jerking him, while from time to time slap his face.

Draven arrives with two paper bags and place them in his secretary by the window.

“D, come help with our bitch.” I call out and feel him cupping my ass and forcing my hips to go faster.

“What do you suggest, Morgan? Fucking his mouth?” He whispers in my ear and jump on the bed, gluing is body to mine, pushing my hips with unreasonable force. I can feel his hard on at my lower back and I start touching my breasts, lost in all the sensations.

I start salivating and moaning, “I wish you could fuck my ass too.”

Z moans higher and higher.

“He’s close to cumming, hear that the whines are getting higher in volume? That’s the giveaway.” He speaks, “Also, I won’t fuck you until you’re eighteen, you know this. Now I’m going to move next to his head and fuck his mouth and pretend it’s your wet and sweet pussy.”

I moan and nod, slapping Z’s cock and letting my drool fall on him.

Draven position himself and fucks Azazel’s mouth skillfully, rhythmically.

“D, fuck his mouth harder, I’m not seeing any blood...Don’t let him breathe.” I say and smirk fucking him as hard and fast as I can.

He starts fucking him so hard I can see his dick on the outline of Z’s throat.

I start hitting Z’s cock harder and scratch is abs. I get so violent that I end up punching his stomach. And he cums. Hard. Semen flying high settling on his body and all over the sheets.

The grunts like the pig he is for a minute strait and finally settles down.

“That’s it babe. Fucked like the whore you are. You fucking cunt.” I smile and Draven removes his cock from Z’s mouth.

We let him stay in bed for a few minutes and start to take the food from the bags. I sit on the couch with my feet over Draven’s lap and open my legs a little bit to give him a view.

“Is he hornier? Or he’s always like this?” I ask.

“He’s ten times hornier. It’s you. I blame you.”

“Good. I thought that he was always like this. Poor you otherwise.”

“The first couple of years. Then he will calm down.”

“I’m not getting any younger, so that’s good.” I shrug.

Z join us after cleaning himself and the sheets.

“You didn’t cum. Did you?” I ask Draven.

“I’m saving energies.” He replies, gazing Z, “Azazel, you’re not eating her out.”

Whine, “But babe, her wet pussy is right there, see?”

“I see and smell it better than you. Now, eat your food.”

I laugh and start rubbing my privacy lightly, ”this sushi is so yummy.” I moan.

“Morgana, stop it. You two are like bitches on heat. Shit.” Draven complains and I stop, surprised by his foul words.

“Fine, but I demand an orgasm after eating this and I want you to cum all over me.” I pout and sit straight starting to eat.

“Babe, that’s not fair. I want to cum on your mouth and haven’t had the chance yet.”

“Well first you have to teach me how to suck your cock babe. Then you will.”

“Azazel, if I could get five minutes of silence, please.”

We eat silently and after eating I start to trash the containers inside the bags.

“There, all clean. Now, I’m going to do as if I’m alone and finger myself, because apparently even with two boyfriends I can’t get fucked” I puff and go straight to the bed and spread my legs wide and start masturbating, completely ignoring the boys.

After ten minutes of moaning I feel myself getting to the peaking point, ” Ah... Draven... AH... Azazel... Almost. Yeah... you slut that’s right, you can cum. Cum and show this soft cocks you don’t need them.”

I arc my spine while I cum and feel wetness all oven my torso. I open my eyes and see both of them, one in each side cumming over me. I smile spasming.

"I clean you, babe. No worries.” Z slides down on me and starts to lick the cum.

“I will clean your juices, don’t worry” Draven says and starts eating my pussy. I cum again in a couple of minutes and ask for Draven to fuck me, but they just lay down beside me and cuddle me to sleep.


Christmas Day, we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I eat tons of food and we play games.

It’s always fun to see my cousins, even though we must wear our masks. We still have fun.

My nights have been good, I spend some time with the boys and then they drive me home to my parents, usually after we all cum several times. I’m getting to a professional​ level on sucking sick. I love to see them trashing around and moaning just from the movements of my mouth (and tongue). They are still making me wait. Still no intercourse.

The days are lazy. I’m studying for the finals. I have to score high to get to the University I want. I’m not that woried though. I’ll make it.

Draven actually helps me a lot with the studies. I forget that he’s older and has a lot of knowledge.

Azazel helps me to work out and that makes me feel more confident and get out of that zombie state like you get when you study too much.

New Year’s Eve is not fair. Clubs are not open yet and we have to stay home, but I get to stay at the Mansion and get three orgasms out of Z. I love that black dildo.

It was a beautiful night and even Draven was having a tough time resisting me. I thought that he was to give in and finally fuck me, but somehow he resisted. Freaking self-control.

Only 20 days to my birthday and online classes begin again. I have less time to be with the boys, but we call each other all the time.

The day before my birthday is a Thursday and I’m feeling anxious to finally get the boys inside me.

They call me at midnight to congratulate me and I say that I can’t wait until Friday night.

Friday is business as usual, I have my classes and dinner with my parents and then me and the boys planned to go to the Mansion.

Finally, I will get exactly what I been craving for over a month.

“Good night, gentleman.” I say when I slide into the back seat of the SUV with my backpack.

“Hey babe. Don’t freak out but we’re going to the beach house for the weekend.” Z says as soon as I close the door.

“What? Draven.” I glare at the driver.

“Morgana, I didn’t get the chance to inform you, my sweet Kitten. I’m sorry. It was a last-minute decision. The house is isolated right on the beach and there will be just the three of us. If you wish to we can even take you to the shore.” Draven excuses himself.

“I see. You want to make sure it is as romantic as possible.” I say.

“You’re getting good at translating Draven.” Z laughs out.

“Okay boyfriends. As long as you love me sweetly, I don’t care where it is.” I reply and relax.

The drive is not short, we go south by 60 kilometres, but the weather is better, even at ten hours of the night. Warmer, but still cold. Its winter.

Again, calling this a beach house is an understatement. It is literally on the beach and it is not as big as the Mansion but much more modern. The colors are darker. I like it. It is what you expect of a modern beach house but bigger.

I set my bag down at the bottom of the stairs and roam around. They are running around placing the groceries and tidying up.

I go upstairs and find the master bedroom. The balcony is beautiful, all glass and the smell of the sea hit me violently.

This is beautiful. What a perfect place to be.

I shiver. This is it. I’m finally getting ripped apart. Finally. I sit down and wait for them to come to me.

“Kitten...” He whispers.

“I’m going to ride you right here Draven and I will make Azazel watch.” It’s all I say looking out at the dark shore, listening to the waves. “Do not complain.”

“Of course, Kitten. Anything for you. Anything you want.”

I get out of my jeans and drop my panties, only leaving my wool sweater on.

Turn the chair around and say, “Sit down Draven.”

He emits an alarmed sound, “but Kitten, if I don’t stretch you, it will hurt...”

“Sit down Draven, I already did that an hour ago. I’m wet and horny and we won’t delay this any longer.” I scream at him, angry, irrational.

He slides his pants down and sit with his face looking down in shame. Like a kicked puppy.

“Z you can sit there.” I point to the other chair out back and he quickly sits, with his cock out and jerking off slowly. “You are not allowed to cum.”

I get on top of Draven and look at the dark sea, inhaling deeply. I close my eyes and slowly slide down and feel the head of Draven’s cock in my wet entrance.

“Thank you for getting me to the beach. I love both of you very much...” And slowly but surely, I bottom out. Screaming at the top of my lungs. “Such a beautiful sight to give my innocence away.”

Draven place his hands on my waist and suck on my nipples as gently as he can, pushing my sweater up.

I will never forget how much I enjoyed getting that dick deeply inside me.

I hold Draven’s shoulder strongly and slide up, moving my head side to side lost in lust, “Ah... AH... fuck yeah... AH. Fuck yes. Finally. Such a big strong cock. Eat this up, bitch.” I laugh histerically.

I heard both of them grunting as I get myself up and down, testing it out.

“Z, it’s so good babe.” I trash around and whine but never stop going up and down, “So big and hard inside me...Ah... Baby I get why you go insane when he fucks you.”

“Yes, babe. Take him in. All in, your pussy smells so good. Morgan, eat his dick babe...” he’s panting.

“Oh gosh... So good. Babe come help Morgan ride him. Babe help me fuck him good. Babe... Babe.” I scream out opening my eyes, “Come help me devour this big cock, Babe. Our big cock.”

“Feels so big inside me. Z... Z. He’s so hard inside me.”

Azazel is holding me the next second, placing his hands on my ass, aiding me up and down.

“Calm down Babe. If you continue this way you will wreck your throat and won’t talk tomorrow.” Draven warns me from below.

To say that I am hysterical is an understatement. I scream every time I slide up and down on Draven’s dick.

“Z, baby he’s so big. He’s so big.” I’m full out sobbing but I don’t stop getting that dick on me.

I beg to Azazel, “Faster baby. I want him to cum inside his little whore.” and look down, “Don’t you wanna wreck my little princess pussy, Draven? Ruin me so only both of you take me? No other man would take this wreak of a pussy...”

“Babe you’re driving us crazy here...” I hear Z pleading, “... you look so good fucking him... look at you.”

“Kitten please take whatever you want from me...” Draven’s sobbing, “take all you want from us Kitten.”

Draven starts to meet my strikes and fuck up.

“Draven... Dra... Dra... Ah... Ah... Rig-right there... Ah... Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah give it to me. Fuck. Fuck. Give it to mama come on... Ah... Fuck Z, babe. I love you so much.”

“Yeah babe. Me too babe. Fuck him good. Fuck our big cock good,“ Z somehow manages to kiss me.

Draven sucks hard on my titts, driving me insane.

“AH... yeah yeah yeah. Who’s the boss now babe? Who owns you now?”

Draves comes out to breath, “You own us kitten, it’s you! Only you.” he screams and sobs.

“That’s right bitch. Fuck me harder. Ah... Ah...I’m going... I’m gonna... Fuuuuuck. ”

I blackout.

When I wake up, I’m in the bed and I hear Draven fucking Z.

I look around and see them by my side.

I sit up and smile, ”My babies...”

“You’re okay there, Kitten?”

“Yeah.” I say and get on top of Z. Sliding his dick inside me, easily.

I rest my head on Draven’s shoulder and get to work, fucking myself on Z.

“Babe, I love you so much. You were so good fucking D. So hot. You’re so hot and I’m so proud of you.” Z moans and starts to rub my buddle of nerves.

I lay my head on Draven’s shoulder and try to kiss him. Awkwardly succeeding. Continuing to grid myself on Z.

“Tomorrow I am fucking your ass while Draven fucks your filthy mouth.” I say out loud to Z, moaning and looking right at him, ”Is that okay?” I lean down and put my hands on his shoulder as support.

“Anything you want Babe. Now use me like the worthless dildo I am.”

I fuck him so good he’s a bubbling mess for fifteen minutes and then we all finally cum again.

This is it.


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