Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 8

TW – Smut and degradation

The next morning, I go down to the beach and wet my feet in the sea. It’s freezing, the northern water is ice cold, but this also makes me feel alive.

I contemplate my life right now. I’m so young, so young, all I ever cared about was studying, planning a steady future, be the voice of reason to my peers and concern myself with this corrupt society and the environment, obviously.

Now, this people entered my life like a hurricane, so different yet both so freaking amazing. I love it here and if I wanted, this could be my life.

I would just ask and I’m sure they would provide. Which is insane, but still it comes to me this longing to build a home in them. To build a home in us.

Fuck. I’m 18, just turned 18 and this should not be happening so soon into my life’s path.

It’s preposterous. And yet it is happening and I’ falling hard, not only for one but for two guys.

When I return to the house, Azazel is trying to figure out the coffee maker and I giggle to the sight.

“Morning beautiful, aren’t you cold? Want me to draw you a bath?” Z speaks not looking back.

“Babe, let me take care of that machine.” I take the rains,“You go sit down and look pretty. See? Its already brewing.” I smile happily to him.

“I’m going to fuck you right now, Babe. Turn around and let me stick it in.”

I blush for the first time since I met them, I’m pretty assertive, but this boy is testing the laws of straightforwardness.

“Oh my gosh, you’re worse than me. Poor Draven.” I say this but quickly drop my pants and stick my ass up.

“What got you so horny babe?” I ask laying my head on the grey counter marble. He opens my pussy gently and insert his cocks slowly. “Ah babe calm down. I need to walk after this.” I say moaning loudly.

“Here we go, nice and easy. Ah... so wet...I just woke up horny babe.” He confesses starting to fuck me, ”I missed your pussy so much... I’ll carry you around, no biggie. No need to walk anymore. Z will always carry you. I will always take good care of you, my baby koala.”

The slapping of skin against skin overrides the noise of the coffee maker, ”Oh Babe, finger my asshole please I want us to surprise Draven.” I moan back, “I love your dick so much. Let’s normalize morning sex, just the two of us, okay? Ah...”

“You’re so tight, babe.” Z grunts out, ”I want to eat you out tonight. All your holes. Would you like that, my princess?”

I scream when he strikes harder, ”Yes, my little filthy little whore. You can eat whatever holes you want to. Lift my left leg. You can go deeper.” I command.

“Like that my precious? Ah so tight. You always make me cum so soon.” He whines.

“Ah... Ah... Yeah. That’s the spot Z... Oh my ass. Open me wide Babe. Open me wide. Ah... So good. Yeah Yeah. That’s it my gorgeous dark horse.”

He huffs, “Fuck...I’m turning you around, we’re getting on top of that island.” I feel him getting out of me and I whine so loud for the loss and then I hear sound of stuff hitting the floor.

I spin and he carries me, placing me on the kitchen island, opening my legs wide and holding them up. He licks a strip from my ass to my clit and I spasm.

“No baby, you can’t cum so soon. I’m going to eat your ass out real quick and then you can ask for anything...” And that is exactly what he does.

I trash my head around and go full psycho on him. His tongue is unbelievable.

“Babe,” I sob, ”Come here. Get over me, babe...”

He stops feeling a switch in my mood and hovering over me, “What’s wrong, princess? Did I hurt you?” He asks, guilt and alarm all over his handsome features.

“Baby... Kiss me slowly. Make Love to me. I’m emotional.” I whine and he nods.

“I love you so much my little princess. Z’s gonna love you right.”

He fucks me slow, gentle. Kissing me, hugging me closer, loving me.

For some reason I start crying and hug him tightly, ”Don’t you ever leave,babe. Don’t wanna lose both of you.”

“You won’t. We’re not going anywhere. We don’t even die easy.” He rolls his hips sensually.

“I’m going to be old and ugly and you’ll kick my ass to the curve.” I full out sob.

He giggles, ”Oh my precious little princess. We need you so much. I need you, so much. Please don’t cry, my heart breaks seeing you like this.”

He rolls his hips and hit my g-spot.

“I’m going to cum soon. Are you close?” He asks.

“So close. Kiss me baby.” I moan out, “I want to cum kissing you.”

And so, we do, for the first time, slowly.

“I’m gonna treasure you forever, Morgan.” He says taking his cock out of me and pulling me to his lap.

“Me too Azazel.” I tell him tiredly.

He chuckles, ”It’s weird to hear you calling me Azazel.”

“It’s a really weird name, not to offend you.”

“Yeah, it’s a Devil’s name. My parents though that the Devil was God. I was to be named Asmodeus, the demon of lust.”

He lift us up and carry me to the bathroom. I laugh, “Well, they weren’t wrong, where they?”

“Well, they were stupid junkies. I didn’t have much love for them, like they never had any love to give me. I was going to change my name, but Draven liked it somehow. It stayed, but everybody else calls me Z anyways.” he shrugs, as it was nothing.

I hug him tight, “I love you. I love you. I will give you love too.”

“I can’t shower you right now.” He sighs, ” I would bone you again against the tiles and I need you to have some energy left for later.”

I laugh, “Can’t resist me, ah?”

He scowls, “Fine but after I’m making French toast and orange juice. We can’t take long and you have to promise to eat all the food.”

The rest of the morning is a lazy affair as we cuddle in the living room couch and watch anime, just having sex once more.

“I want to eat pizza. Did you buy any?”

“Yeaps. You know that I would eat pizza every day...”

“Wait. Did you bring blood bags?”

Z shifts uncomfortably, “Just the one. Is enough for both of us for a couple of days.”

I turn and get on his lap, ”Oh babe I don’t want to make you upset.” I kiss his nose.

“I’m not. I just worry. Don’t wanna see you freaking out about THAT.”

“I admit that it is different, but I actually get turned on by the sight of blood.” I giggle.

”I know I’m crazy, but I sometimes fantasize that I am riding one of you and the other is fucking my ass and biting my neck, sucking my blood. I get so horny with that...”

In three seconds, we’re on the master bedroom and I gasp.

“Fuck, Z. You scared me. That was so unexpected.” I punch his chest.

“Draven.” I hear Z calling out.

“Hum, what?” He slowly sits up in the bed, rubbing is eyes with soft fists.

“I am struggling.” He plainly states.

“Okay, calm down. Just gently lay her down next to me.” He replies, “I trust you. Just do it. Don’t think. Just act.”

I am deposited in the bed. I’m confused.

“Now, go to the fridge and take one cup, stay there and relax.”

Z puffs away and I gaze Draven, “Did I break him?”

Draven sighs, “How many times did you had sex?”

“This morning or since we met, a month and a half ago?”

He chuckles, “Today...”

“Not sure. Two time... No wait... Three, he fucked me slowly while we watch animes.” I sigh.

“Well, he’s addicted. We do not need nor want that. You must be the one not pushing him. I know you don’t want to because you enjoy it your new found sexual freedom and all these new pleasure levels but... Try.”

“I’m sorry. I haven’t been thinking. I don’t think when I get to be alone with both of you.” I hang my head in shame.

He back hugs me, “No Kitten, don’t be sad. Tomorrow while I sleep just try and fuck him with the strap-on instead. If you do it just once, he’ll be satisfied. You’ll see.”

The strap-on dildo was their gift to me for my eighteen birthday. It’s special, because, even though it is a fake dick I can wear and adjust the belt, it still gives the boys access to my holes.

“I will.” I turn around and mount him, “Thank you.” I place kisses all over his face.

He grins, ”hummm, he came inside you.”

“Yeah twice and once in my ass. Oh babe, he fucked my ass so good on the shower. I don’t know how you slept through that screaming festival...”

“You need some alone time too. I hogged you enough before.”

“So you heard it...”

“Briefly, yeah... It sounded like you were dying.”

“I think I did a little.” I laugh, “are you hungry?”

“Starving, actually. Want to go eat now?” He asked lifting us from the bed.

“Yes, Daddy” I teased.

When we get to the kitchen, Z is calm and already getting the pizzas in the oven.

“Babe, Draven carried me here.” I smile.

“Give me her, Draven. I need her scent to call down.” He replies scowling.

“Z, baby, you’re scaring me.” I frown.

“Don’t be scared. I need you because I love you.” I get to his lap and tighten my legs around his small waist.

Draven hugs Azazel back and we stay like this in a Z sandwich hug.

Z sighs, ”I love you Draven, but stop fingering my ass. We need to eat before we mate.”

“I’m just prepping you, Azazel. Do not talk back to me. I am not Morgana. I’m still your Master.” I hear Draven’s harsh tone.

“I’m sorry, Master. Please accept my apologies. I’m upset. Forgive me.” He shivers.

“Draven...” I warn, sounding pissed.

“My Kitten, come to my arms again. I will feed you.”

I hear clothing and Z turns around to transfer me into Draven’s arms.

“I want three slices of pizza and I want iced tea too. I think I have earned it. Me and Z fucked three times.” I ramble, “the first time was in here, he ate my pussy right here...” And I hit the island marble, “he was so good I started to cry.” I kiss Draven passionately, “Z also fingered me right here and fucked me slowly. Our muscles pig is so good for us Draven. We do not deserve him.” And rubbed myself on him.

He starts feeding me and licking anything that gets on my face, “Yes, Kitten. Azazel is the bestest boy.”

“Oh, he also fucked my ass while we showered. He went so deep, I thought his cock would reach my throat.” I rubbed myself harder. Sensing my plan of getting both to fuck me is working, “He’s so strong. I craved my nails so deep in his abs I broke two of them. See? I think we broke a tail in the bathroom too. Sorry honey.” I pout and kiss his nose.

“I will fuck both of you for a millennia and still find new ways to do it.” He simply replies, striking up.

I moan and hear a crash besides me, “Fuck... the plate.” Z states.

I laugh and strip my sweater, getting my top half naked, “suck my tits a bit?” I ask Draven.

“Of course, Kitten. Azazel finish your meal. You’ll need the energy.” Draven says and starts sucking my nipples.

I moan out but don’t stop eating or rubbing myself on his hardening cock.

When I end the pizza slices, I grip the marble and pull by hips up. I don’t need to say anything, Draven rips my leggings apart and pound right into me. No mercy.

“Ah... Fuck Draven. You’re going to break me. Ah. Fuck.” I cry out.

“Yes Kitten. You’re getting punished today.”

“Why baby? Why?” I ask feeling his dick deeper inside me.

“You know why. Rude princesses get treated like whores.” I feel like I am being ripped apart, his dick is so massive for my little human pussy.

“Babe, please.” I hear Z plead.

I never saw Draven talk like this, ”You shut your filthy mouth Azazel or else I will bite out your cock. Do you think you could fuck my Kitten then? Ah? Cockless?”

I’m crying but after a minute I feel my pussy adjust to his size and start moaning and meeting his hips, ”Daddy...Draven. Give it to me. Just like that.” I bounce a little bit and smile down to him, ”Don’t do that to Z, Babe. We need his dick so bad. Don’t lie to yourself... Ah, fuck... Yes. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. D I want it. I want it. Yeah. Just like that.”

“Such beautiful sluts I have. You both are so bouncy on my cock. Whores... Filthy filthy whores.”

“Yes we are Daddy, now let him fuck my ass. Ok?” I demand.

“Azazel, prepare the sex swing.” He barks out.

“Okay Kitten. Do you need anything else, my precious little bitch?” He grips my hair and pull me down.

“I just want you both to fill me to the brim. I will submit today if you want me to.”

“Oh really? Can I gag you?”

“Yes, Draven. Today you can have me in any way you want.”

Two minutes later I am placed in hanging black stripes. They put my strap on dildo belt on me and a gag ball.

If they want to, they can kill me and no one would know. I shiver and against all odds I feel myself drip from my pussy.

I’m facing the ceiling and look forward to watch my dildo up and proud.

I moan when I get to see them making out. Draven with one of his hands possibly inside Z’s ass.

They gaze me and smile warmly, ”Babe I’m going to ride your dick. I’m so happy.” Z says to me and I try (unsuccessfully) to smile, so I just moan.

He gets on top of me easily and I look intently so I don’t miss him burying my fake dick on his sweet hole.

I moan as loudly as he does when he bottoms out and then he starts to ride me slowly, sobbing and moaning.

I was so focused on him that I missed Draven lining himself in my entrance. He inserts his cock and starts to fuck me slowly.

This is so good. I get so much pleasure from seeing Z this blissed out.

I tap Draven gently. “Azazel take off her gag. She needs something.”

Azazel stops immediately and takes off my gag gently.

“Tell us Kitten.”

“I’m sorry Daddy. I need to talk this out. I can’t. I need to coo to the sight of Z and tell you how much I like how you fuck me. Please.” I sob out.

Draven is right by my head and hush me, “Oh Kitten, I love you so much. It’s all right. Don’t force it. I understand.” Gently kisses my head but goes to drill me a second after.

“Oh yeah Baby. My Daddy fucks me so good. Z. He fucks me so good babe. Oh... Fuck yourself faster in me, Azazel.”

I breath, “Daddy can I jerk Z, please? It’s right here, Daddy. Please...”

“No Kitten. He’ll be fine, hold is waist. He likes the contact.”

“Daddy, I’m so close.”

“I know baby. You can cum whenever you well please.” He sucks on my toes and I cum instantly.

Z comes immediately after with a grunt getting semen all over my chest and face. Draven follows a couple of seconds hitting me so hard it burns my ass.

I fell used. Why do I like this feeling so much? I'm the first to be offended to when I see man using women to they're own pleasure.

I need to talk this out with them, maybe they'll have a clue. Just not right now. Now I want more.

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