Nirvana by Rita Macedo

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Chapter 9

Night falls and we go out to the patio to eat. They put some music on and make me dance to it. We laugh so hard.

They also bring some alcohol out and Draven tells me the name and type so I can decide which I like best.

I like Mantini Bianco with ice. I get tipsy and start to dance more sensually. They don’t stop me in fact they just let me enjoy myself, drink and dance as much as I want.

Draven don’t ever get up his seat, but Azazel at least dances a little with me. Badly, may I add.

“I never thought that I would be happier then when I found Azazel. I was wrong.”

I coo and jump him, “Oh Daddy is getting emotional. I love you so much Draven.” I kiss him and cuddle in his lap.

Z throws a blanket over us and sits in the next chair.

“I want you to teach me how to drive.” I say, “I’m starting to go to driving school over the summer break. Can you?”

“We can but actually Sam is the best driving teacher, if you want to, I can ask her. She used to work as a driving instructor in the 90s’” Draven answers.

“Oh really? Yes, please. I know I haven’t played any attention to your offspring, but I like them.”

“Mal and Alex are excellent in the arts and literature. Azazel excels in anything physical.”

“And you?”

“He’s good at everything, but music is his passion.” Azazel answers.

“What?” I smack him, “What have you been hiding from me?”

Draven laughs and Azazel continues, “He composed the best melodies ever and no one ever knew it was him. That is why he has property all over the planet. You should ask him to play the piano for you someday.”

“Azazel, enough... If you tell her everything, how will I surprise her?” he hisses, no real heat behind his words.

“Oh. That’s why you have such long and delicate hands? This is unfair, I’ll never fulfill my life long goal to be richer than my spouse. Well, spouses I guess.” I complaint.

“I’m not loaded, actually I never worked one day in my life, so you can take that as a victory Babe.” Z says and smiles cheekily at me.

“No sense, you clean and cook for us since day one. You also update us in the modern technology department, you fix anything broken around the house, which is broken almost every time by you.” Drave chuckles.

“Babe, I do not do it on purpose... I’m clumsy.”

“Morgana, I present to you a clumsy vampire. He’s literally the only one ever. Ever. No one would ever grasp the concept of a clumsy vampire. It’s a paradox. I mean, with enhanced senses and strength how is it even possible.”

“Babe, please. Stop it. It is part of me.” he pouts.

I laugh loudly, “I love you so much. You’re both perfect.” I rub my nose in Draven’s chest and sigh.

“Well, it’s time for you to sleep my darling.” I feel Draven getting up to carry me inside.

“Babe, come too...” I ask.

“I’ll be right over, just gonna put these glasses and bottles inside.” Z answers.

“Okay...” I reply, sounds muffled my Draven’s chest.

Just a few minutes later we are all tucked in, “Just want to put this out there... that I am NOT against being woken up by intercourse. I know you just do whatever I say you can... so. I said it. Love you. Gonna sleep.”

TW – Smut and degradation

This is the last day here, tomorrow by lunch we have to leave. I have online classes all afternoon, so I can’t stay longer.

I sit in silence by the sea, smiling to myself. Daydreaming. I get a ping from my pocket and see a text from Z.

Breakfast is ready, but I stay a bit longer. Smelling and listening to the waves. A rhythmic and calming song.

I breathe deeply and get up, walking slowly back to the house.

I go straight to the kitchen and watch Azazel muscles squeezing the juice out of an orange.

“No... don’t kill the orange. She never did anything to you Z.” I pretend sob, he looks up and chuckles.

“Sit down and eat your breakfast, it’s getting cold.”

“Mood killer. Not only a citrine assassin, you also are a mood killer. What an unfair world.” I sit up but put up a painful face.

“Wow, miss grumpy is in a good mood today, I thought you would be with a hangover. Glad I was wrong.”

“I drunk like, three glasses. Actually, I just sipped in everything and then I just had Martini Bianco, which is not that alcoholic.” I paused, “wait, do you get drunk?”

He chuckles, “Not really, the body rejects it and also process it really fast. It is weird.”he pauses, “I once tried to test my limits and drunk straight vodka. A whole bottle. Not gonna lie, I got a little bit tipsy, but nothing even remotely next to the human experience of it.”

“What is it like to drink blood, then?”

“Like a cocaine line.” he answers fast, “I was a teenager in the 80’s do not judge me.”

“I would judge you anyway, but not today.” I paused, “From the veins or the bags.”

“From the bags it’s like weed, but from the veins is...” he shivers, “too good. Addictive. I did it once and never again. Luckily Draven was there to stop me, or else I would have killed her.” he looks up, “It scared me for life, babe.”

I go hug him, “It’s okay babe. You never did. You’re okay.” I kiss his forehead.

He hugs me, “Don’t be afraid of me Morgan. Please. I will never hurt you. Never.”

“I know, baby. I know.” I smile,” I trust you.”

Hours later we go lay next to Draven, enjoying ourselves, just being.

When he finally wakes up its mid-afternoon.

“Hi there sleepy head.” I coo, “Good sleep?”

“Indeed. Recently I have been tired out by both of you.” he talks in a deep voice, exactly like that day, when we met.

“Yeah... but the youth is foolish like that, right?” I laugh out.

“Exactly. Serve to prove that I am always right.”

“All right, old man. I want to fuck Z’s asshole and I want you to fucking choke him with your massive cock. Which lets just not lie, it’s your best physical attribute. That dick should be nominated the eighth wonder of the world...”

“I agree. It is the bestest cock.” Z backs me up.

“You filthy children... I just woke up and you are already trying to rape me.”

“You’re lucky we didn’t do it while you were sleeping.”

“You know, I’m sad. You whores just want me for my dick. That speaks volumes.”

“Not just your dick, I need your tongue too.” I mock.

“That is it, after I choke Azazel I’m coming for your ass. If you think I rip you in half when I fuck your slutty little vagina, you have to still yourself for the stretch that your anus will suffer.” he grabs my arms and turn me around, ripping another pair of leggings.

“Z, save me Babe. Please. Also buy me more leggings.” I plead.

“No. Nops. I’m Switzerland. Unbiased.” he states getting up, “I will get your coffee though, Babe.”

“Z, you traitor. After all the times I open my legs wider for you.” I whine but he’s already gone.

“Morgana...” Draven says baring his face on my ass.

“Ah... Daddy... So filthy...” I moan and trash around all the ten minutes he licks, penetrates, and sucks my asshole with his tongue, the man is an expert.

He turns me and open my legs, pressing them to my chest, “I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy while I open your ass.” he informs me.

“Draven, I want to live with both of you next academic year.”

“Please Morgana, have some respect. I’m currently pounding you.”

I laugh, “I just want to tell you earlier rather than later. Also, I need a week without both of you. My vagina is wrecked, my ass will be too, by the looks of it.”

He moans, “Baby please, lets talk later, don’t make me gravel. It is beneath me.”

I scream when he bottoms out, “No... I want it. I want it hard. Yeah baby, I want it so bad.”

“My precious princess...” he kisses me and starts fingering my ass.

“Also, just to be safe. How high is the possibility that I get pregnant from you?”

He stops abruptly, “What?”

“I told you that I take the pill, which is true, but I don’t know how effective it is. I just take it to regulate my hormones and menstrual period. I never asked if it was a perfect contraceptive.”

“Oh... you scared me for a second. The modern combined oral contraceptive pill is as effective as it comes. Don’t worry."

“The chance of get pregnant from us is unknown. We never took the chance and we are unique in the world.” he pauses.

“Sam is unable to get pregnant and none of the males actually have a preference in coitus with a female... so, we don’t know.” he resumes fucking me and fingering me.

“Wait! You don’t like women?” I puff, “What am I to you?”

“My beautiful and perfect princess. Transcending gender identity.” he replies.

“You know... let’s just forget it. And stop rubbing right at the clit. You know I cum right away...”

“Azazel is ready for you.”

“What?” I ask confused.

“I prepped while you were chatting nonsense. Come fuck me Babe.” he speaks up to my right.

“Fuck vampire enhanced senses. This is not fair!” I pout, getting Draven to help me put my Strap on belt and get behind Z.

“Go slowly Babe. I want to last a while.” Z asks me.

“Okay babe.” I jerk his dick slowly while gently get my dildo in him.

“Breathe babe. I’m being gentle.”

“I like the little saliencies in the dildo, rubs my insides good.” he claims.

I bottom out, “There. I’ll give you some time to adjust, my pretty baby.” and kiss his back, “I love you very much baby. I’m glad you like my dick.” I smile up do Draven, that is positioning himself by Azazel’s mouth.

“Azazel, if you choke once, I will not let you drink for two days.” Draven’s voice is dripping venom, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that he hates Z. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“But babe, that’s not fair, at least give me two strikes. Your cock is too big. Babe, please.” he whines.

“Master!” Draven yells.

Z starts sobbing, “Master, please. Master I’m begging you to give me a chance to adjust my throat to your size, please...” he bows down.

I start pounding him harder, excited with all the degradation that I am witnessing, “Ah...“ I breathe faster and moan.

“Morgana.” Draven calls.

I snap my eyes up to his face, “Yes Daddy.” extremely turned on.

“What do you think? Should I give our scum of a whore a chance to adjust?”

“No Daddy. He should take it like the slut he is. Bitches always whine, Daddy.” I take a breather and start pounding him harder, “Though maybe just take away the blood for a day. We don’t want to starve our worthless piece of cum slut. I want to fuck him hard. I need him healthy.”

Z shivers and moans loudly. I smirk to Draven. He gives me starving eyes, just waiting to devour me, “Morgana, fuck him fast, he will cum quickly. I’m rewarding you afterwards.”

I beam, “Yes Daddy, I will fuck him good, just watch me.” I smirk.

“Dirty children.” he tells us and force his hard dick into Z’s mouth, to his merit he takes it like a champ.

I get my feet on the bed and take to the Bulldog sexual position so I can reach his head. I smirk up to Draven, “I’m living with you in six months. I want something in return.” and I pull Z’s hair for him to breathe.

Draven laughs, “You’re in no position to negotiate with me.”

I glare at him, smirking, “I want a vacation in August. Just the three of us. Two weeks. In a tropical country, so I can be naked all the time. Also, I demand it to have a nudist or private beach. I want to take the sun in, all in.” and let go of Z’s head.

Draven hisses, “I do own an island in Pangutaran, in the Philippines. I can order someone to build a house in the Basbas Island. Is that what you mean? You want to fuck us outside?” he pounds Z’s mouth fiercely.

I speed up too, “Yes, I want the kind of privacy we have here, but somewhere warmer.”

Draven sighs, “Deal, but both of you will let me sleep twelve hours a day. Twelve!”

I shake his hand and grin, “Of course Daddy, not let me force him to choke.”

I push Z’s head to Draven cock, “Come on you pig, you can take it all in.” I smack his ass, hard. Push his head harder, in and out, “Come on fuck toy, you cum deposit, eat that dick, you worthless slut.”

I’m getting so horny to the sight of Z barely taking Draven’s massive length into his mouth. This is a filthy filthy sight.

He has tears streaming down his face and I can see Draven’s beautiful translucent body working hard, blocking the entry of air into Zs' lungs. They are ruthless. I’m dripping arousal fluids and almost cumming.

He cums hard, harder than ever, spasming for several seconds, “Cumming untouched like the whore you are.” I slap his ass but a second later I hug him, “I love you babe. Thank you for letting me fuck your ass.” kissing his nape and gently removing the dildo.

“Morgana.” Draven’s voice resonates in the entire bedroom.

“Yes Daddy.” I gaze him eyes open wide.

“Take that off and lay above Azazel, face up. Azazel lay down and hug her. Don’t let her move.”

Quickly we do as he orders. I spread my legs.

“Azazel, hold her legs up.” I’m folded, completely exposed.

“I’m going to drill your princess pussy and in about five to six minutes Azazel will be ready to fuck our ass. Brace yourself to be fucked up.”

I whimper. Like a dog I whimper, “Yes Daddy.” I get excited. I’m so lucky. Both of them will fuck me.

He doesn’t hesitate and stick his cock in me with one go. I open my eyes and mouth and let a scream out.

Receiving a light slap in my left boob, “Morgana, please. Control yourself.”

“but Daddy...” I sob uncontrollably, “you are so big.” but grin and chuckle.

I feel Z’s dick coming alive, “Sush Babe, take it like the little cum slut you are.”

I sob heavily as he slaps harder and harder, Getting that length inside my vagina faster,“please Daddy... please...”

“I’m ready, Master.”

“Slide a bit down.” Draven says, “There, I guide it in” and he puts Z’s cock inside my ass gently.

I scream and cry, feeling snot, “Daddy please... Daddy please...”

He slaps my left boob lightly, “Shut the fuck up you filthy bitch. You’ll take as much as I tell you to take and for as long as I tell you to.”

I go primal, trashing around and throwing punches. Z finally moves to start to fuck my ass. Knowing I needed it.

“Ah … Ah... Yeah babe take me.” I whine, “Daddy please... Daddy please...”

Draven look beyond my face to Z,“I will drill into our mare sharply, hold her.”

“Yes, Master” he replies and then whisper in my ear, “Now you’ll have to take it, little pet.”

I see the other metaphoric shoe dropping and after that there were no words coming out of me, just screams and screams and grunts and moans.

“Azazel, incline left. Do you feel me inside too?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Take it, Kitten. I know how much you like to feel like this. To be so stuffed with us you can’t even think. I know you want to take us like the cum slut you are. Oh, how you love to take us inside of you. You filthy whore. You pretend to be a delicate flower but the reality is that this decadence is what you aim for. Don’t worry my mare. Me and Azazel will always be here to be your horses. To take our horse like length and fill you to the brim.”

I scream on the top of my lungs, “Horses... Yes. Fuck more. Yeah. Your filthy little whore princess. Fuck me Daddy. Yes Babe.”

Someone slap my boobs harder and I cum multiple times.

When I cum I don’t emit any sound I just stop breathing and spasm around. I can’t hear or smell. I just feel.

They get off me and surround me in bed. I adjust to their bodies and sigh.

I try to speak but my throat is dry.

I feel wind and Draven is up in front of me with a glass of water, “Drink this first.”

Z helps me sit, “Lean on my chest. I got you.”

I drink and cough, in an awful unrecognizable voice I say, “I want this symbiotic relationship for life.” I cry out, feeling complete.

They coo and hold me lovingly, “Let’s rest for a bit, Babe.”

We rest, their hands in each other’s waists and me facing the ceiling, in a vampire cocoon.

They kiss my cheeks, mouth and hair.


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