In love in NY

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One woman and two men - one from the past and one from the present. Which one will be the future? Time has nothing to with it if you are thinking about it, but words and actions will decide. She is in love with the present guy, but her bestie just dig in the past and brings back in her life her old fiancee- who is still in love with her even he cheated. Will she forgive the infidelity ?

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Stuck in the traffic, and I was running late. For sure, I will miss John, since he will have in 10 minutes his lunch break.

What is with this city and the traffic? For sure it didn’t cross my mind to move to another city, but New York is one of the most crowded cities, and I am talking about cars. I pulled some money from my purse and handed it to the taxi driver.

“Keep the change!” I told him and rushed from the car and started to walk very fast on the sidewalk.

I was getting very close to the office building where John is CEO and I am the Head of the HR department, and before that, I was his personal assistant. That’s how I fell in love with him.

And now I am gonna go and share some great news with him. I decided to stop at my favorite bakery and buy one of the delicious muffins I enjoy each morning before going to work.

The nice old lady was there as usual and I asked her if she can put some frosting on top of the muffin.

“Sure, my dear! Do you want me to do something special?” She asked me kindly.

“Yeah! Can you please write “For Daddy”?” I asked shy.

It was very strange to say the word ” DAD”. But I was sure that it will make him the happiest man in the world when John will find out about it.

He always told me how much he wanted a kid mostly because his father’s instincts were starting to show and also because of his age. he was older than me, but I always reminded him that age is just a number. 10 years is not that big of a difference and I started to forget how he was once my love grew for him.

After I paid and grabbed the package, I headed to the office. Only 5 more minutes.

“Hey, Martha!” I said with a happy tone in my voice, a bit happier than I usually have.

“Hello, Kate!” She replied with a big grin on her face. Someone is in a good mood today. She said

“Yeah, about that! Please, tell me I didn’t miss him already.”

“Oh! No, no! I think he is still in the video conference.” She assured me and I headed to the elevator.

Pushed the button to the 15th floor where his office is and started to repeat my mini-speech. I will probably forget everything and go with the flow and let my emotions take over me when I will be in front of him.

The elevator door opened and I stepped outside. The big black doors made from solid wood reminded me of many late evenings I spent here with him and helped him finish the projects he was handling. I notice that his new assistant wasn’t there and I was happy about it cause I got him all to myself. She must have gone to her lunch break and I had a whole hour alone with him.

Then the doors to his office were just a little opened and I pushed them.

The big grind from my face faded once I started to realize the image I saw in front of my eyes.

There he was sitting in his chair, sleeves folded to his elbows, buttons opened and his hands were on his assistant legs who were sitting on the same desk I stood at a long time ago. When we were in love and madly deeply crazy about each other. The package felt right on the carpet because my hands were shaking and I felt like the world I knew changed 360 degrees. How could he?

His expression froze on his face and then he said something to me, but I couldn’t hear him. Not because I didn’t want it but because I couldn’t.

Before he could stand up and come to me, I started to run..Wanted to be as far as I could away from him.

Pushed the elevator buttons and none opened in time for me to get away from him. I didn’t want him to come closer to me so I went to the stairs.

I start running so fast that I stumbled and felt

“Girls just wanna have fun"

Was the ringtone from my phone sing out loud the song I always love and it was our song- Becca and I.

“Hello!” I managed to answer once I grabbed my phone from the nightstand next to the bed.

" Omg! Are you still sleeping? C’mon, girl! Wake up! Hope you didn’t forget that you need to come over today, aren’t you?” She sounded a little too energetic for me.

" No! Of course not! I just had the same nightmare. That fucking nightmare repeating all over again.” I said angrily because I know that my mood for the whole will be down and all I will think about it will be if John is cheating or not. But, he never gave any reasons to doubt him. In fact, he was overwhelming and always so jealous and possessive that I barely could see my friends. Not to mention go out in the clubs - that was out of the question.

“You really need to speak with him about this, honestly! I cannot help you here. Is not my territory.”

“Yeah! Don’t think I didn’t try to tell him what I dreamed, but every time he places his finger on my lips and tells me to stop with this nonsense. And then, he shows me, like really show me how much he wants me and only me.”

“Kate, listen as much as I love to stay and hear you about how you guys like to fuck each other, I really prefer not to hear about this. Really, is disgusting. He is an old man.”

Becca loved to tease me about his age. But, 35 was not old, in fact, he looked like a god, a very good-looking one with black silk hair with toned six-pack body. And each time he was holding me in his arms, I felt safe and protected. He was well sculptured and imposing. Women stare at him wherever we go. He is all sex-appeal.

“He is not and you know it very well! I grizzled on my side while I stood up from the bed. I realized I was soaking wet from my nightmare.”

“Okay! I am not gonna argue with you now. Just move your ass here.”

“Be there in one hour! Kisses!”

Once I closed my phone and threw it on the bed, I walked towards the big glass wall. The panoramic was amazing - the most beautiful city I have ever seen. It was autumn already, and Central Park has covered din autumn colors, my favorite ones- green, yellow, and copper.

I left the bedroom and went to the bathroom. The water drops are still fresh on the shower walls, meaning that my lover left for the golf club not so long ago.

He goes with his father to the country club each month to relax and take time to discuss business they don’t get to discuss at the office. His father was the owner of Gallagher Corp. Inc and because of his learned skills over the years, he was more than prepared to take over the business once his father Liam withdraws from the company. But he will never let go entirely, he will always be involved in the business one way or another- you never let go of your baby- like he always likes to say.

I surely miss him each Saturday when he leaves the bed because I know where my place is....and that is in his arms, in our bed where he can tell me how much he loves me and how much he wants me. And then he would start showing me how he wants me, feeling his shaft against my ass cheeks and touching my breasts with his strong big hands. And the way he smells...God! I can never get over his smell - a strong woody scent combined with his natural skin scent would make me go crazy. I am getting wet just by thinking of him.

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