In love in NY

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"Kate! Don't run away from me! Stay!" I hurried up the stairs, and closed the bedroom door behind me, and I let go of my tears. Just a few hours ago, we were both hugging, making love on the floor we were walking on. Just a few hours ago, John confessed himself to me, revealing how awful it would have been to lose me. And now, I was the one who worried that everything would fall apart. That he would no longer want to endure the anguish he was going through. John punched the door, slammed it against the wall, and stepped toward me, grabbing my arms, squeezing me tightly. It scared me, I would have wanted to run away from him, but at the same time to take him in my arms and hug him hard, to take refuge, and for him to protect me as he had always done, to feel the smell of his skin, of the perfume combined with alcohol vapors. But this situation could not continue like this. I jerked out of his grip with teary eyes. I headed for the huge window, which usually gave me a soothing view of the city, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city, but now that didn't give me any relief either.
"He was my boyfriend! We were together for five years and then it was over. It was painful, it left me shattered into thousands of pieces!" I answered through tears and sighs, I turned to him to see his reaction, not a single gesture. He was standing, listening to me. All the anger and frown was gone from his face.
"When I heard he was coming back, I asked Rebecca not to tell her anything about me, but it was too late. He had found out about me from Mike and he wanted us to meet, according to Rebecca." I wiped the tears from my cheek with the palm of my hand, took a deep breath and continued. "I was afraid of this meeting, and honestly, I didn't know he would be there. For me it was an unpleasant surprise and a painful goodbye." I swallowed hard and sat on the edge of the bed, hoping that John would interrupt me, tell me something, anything to stop, but he sat motionless in the middle of the room, waiting for explanations. "The only thing I feel for him now, it's just repulsion, what he did to me is simply unforgivable. You have nothing to worry about. I love you! You and only you!" I looked at him, but he stared at the window. After a few moments of silence, he took a deep breath and breathed a sigh of relief, heading for me as he untied the tie.
"What did he do to you?" His voice was calmer, and the earlier tension was gone.
"We were getting married, even though we were still young. Everything was perfect, love, enthusiasm, absolutely everything you need in a relationship that lasted so long. Until the moment he cheated on me. Everything was happening before my eyes, and I didn't see it. I was blind by love, trust and convenience, I was euphoric. I never expected this to happen to me."
I continued the story as tears flowed down my cheek. Moments of silence had passed again, and the silence became even more oppressive. Suddenly, he aimed his whole body at me, tangling his fingers between mine.
"I won't tell you I'm sorry you had to go through what you went through. I feel very good and I'm really happy that a sucker gave up the love of my life, that you came to me and you're just mine. Honey, forgive me for reacting like that, but the way he was, the way he looked at you and the way he talked to you, I was jealous and I still am. And after the discussion we had before we got to the party, I felt that something was weak between the two of us. And when I saw him treat you, I thought he was the reason you behaved like that in recent weeks."
Indeed, he was the reason, but I could never admit it to him.
"I will not tell you that I will never hurt you, that I will not make you cry, that I will not annoy you, because I will do all these things, but I will never let you leave me, and the most important - ..
He caressed the cheeks on which the tears had dried. His thumb played and kneaded my lips softly. He kissed one, and then the other. I wanted him, and I was grateful for what I had, I had him. I leaned over him, looking for his lips, and his mouth had received me warm, wet and eager for more, while my tongue searched for his. He withdrew his lips, but his hands were still glued to my body.
"My love!" he breathed hard, moaning my name, looking hungry for my lips. Muttering a curse from which I had deduced that he could not wait, he rose above me, spreading sweet kisses all over my body.
You realize who you love, or if you really love a certain person, not by the beautiful moments that define this thing, but the most difficult moments, the ones that make you suffer, and cry? Should these moments be the ones to determine that? Because I felt that way with John, the fact that he yelled at me to explain the existence of a sucker, the fact that he slammed doors for me, that he grabbed my arms with force, I felt that this meant the true power of love. Not popcorn and chocolate, not nice words written in a message. This can be done by anyone, but not every man is willing to fight for the woman he loves, in fact it needs to be reformulated. Only a man would fight for the love of the woman next to him. And no! I wasn't lying and I wasn't lying to him when I told him I loved him. I stroked his cheek, ran my fingers through his torn hair, and pulled his tie from his neck, stroked his muscular arms through the soft material of his shirt, the sleeves of his shirt were already rolled up, so i reached his forearm, I touched his soft hair. I was drunk with his perfume, I kissed his arched neck with pleasure, and I writhed under him, looking for him.
" Damn it, Kate! What are you doing to me? I didn't know I could be like that. " And suddenly he pounced on me, kissing me, biting my lips while his fingers undressed me, touched me, squeezed me. I felt the pain, but I liked it. He hugged my breasts in his palms, squeezed them tightly, and continued to squeeze them with one hand only, and with the other he raised my head, kissing me again, pressed. His tongue seeks to possess my entire mouth.
"I can not take it any more. Forgive me!" he told me, forgetting the pauses between words. He lifted me from the bed, hitting me against the wall, his strong hands holding my arms firmly against the wall, while he rubbed his manhood against my intimate area. I felt the same way he was, strong and determined. He was making hard love to me and i enjoyed every moment.

He released my arms, pulling me to the floor on the soft carpet. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids hung heavy. I had reached the bed, not knowing when. I could still feel his touches and kisses all over my body, and I could still feel him inside me after that rough sex. I smiled, stretched, sniffed the sheets that still smelled of strong, woody essences. The water could be heard flowing from the shower, and all I wanted was to join him. But I couldn't move. The only move was to head to the alarm clock. 10:00 and it was Monday. John had to go to the office and so did I. Suddenly, I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and opened the shower door.
"Honey, why didn't you wake me? Now I'll be late because of you. And today I should take over the new position."
I had become quite panicked and agitated, but John was calm, which annoyed me to the core. I had finished my shower in 3 minutes, as long as it had taken him to wipe his body. He stood with his towel wrapped around his waist, his mouth to his ears.
"Why are you smiling at me?" I snorted as I tried to handle my hair and retouch my makeup at the same time.
"Because you're free today, silly. You forgot? The doctor said you need rest and that's what you'll get!" he said it quite calmly and smilingly, totally different from that angry, jealous John of yesterday.
"Damn it! I completely forgot that today I have to go to the doctor." I put the brush on the table, leaving half of my hair uncombed, and headed for bed resignedly. John continued to stare at me as I collapsed on the bed, wishing I could sleep for at least another day.
"Love! Are you ok?" he had also sat on the edge of the bed, stroking my back in a sensual way.
-Yes, I'm very good! I had a beast in bed last night, which made me feel very tired." I only giggled when I thought about it.
"Maybe you should rest more and.." his words were stuck, and I was still waiting for him to continue, but he sadly let his head down, and a few strands of hair came off, falling rebels over his forehead his.
" And what? I asked him curiously, waiting for him to finish his sentence. "I upset you too and made you cry." he answered me full of remorse.
" Just like you said. I was a beast. I shouldn't have reacted like that, I should have tempered myself and… "
"Baby, it's been forgotten for a long time, I guess this happens in any couple. There are also ups and down’s. Plus you had reasons, you were jealous!
"Is that what happens in any couple? Arguing? Jealousy? The fact that I almost hit you?" He was clearly upset with himself, and in his tone, he wanted to punish himself for it.
" Stop thinking about it! It's over, now you know the whole truth. You know that Jake is no danger and I love you, not someone else. We are trying to clarify things between us, hoping that we will return to normal.
"I hate when you say his name. From now on, when I have another partner or colleague named Jake, I will call him Bob…. " He turns to me and says firmly, while a smile appears in the corner of his mouth, a sign that he is joking. From the living room, my phone rang, but I didn't get up from the bed, because John was already on the stairs, he was coming down. I watch him from the top of the stairs looking at my phone with panic and anger.
" It's an unknown number!" he looks up at me and looks at me with big, angry eyes.
"Oh gosh! I was just hoping Rebecca didn't give my number to Jake."
"Answer!" I tell him as I swallow hard, and sliding his index finger over the phone screen.
"Hello!" He answered in a stern and harsh tone. I was numb and I thought with horror that whatever it is, if Jake is really on the phone, the first person to be held accountable will be Rebecca, and then he will follow, he who should stay as far away from me as possible and not to destroy my happiness. John listened without a word.
"Yes, thank you! We'll be there in an hour." He hangs up the phone, and in a lighter, more calm tone and tells me it was the doctor. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at him.

I wanted to keep him by my side all day, admiring his body, touching it, loving it! All the way to the doctor's office, John held my hand. Now, we were both sitting in chairs in the doctor's office, waiting for the results of the tests, and the only thing I was thinking about was to get out of here faster, get to bed and rest properly, even though I didn't sleep in the afternoon. for a very long time.
" Kate! Everything will be fine, you probably need vitamins or something." he tried to calm me down, taking on the role of the doctor and the protective and loving lover. -"John, I can handle myself here. You should have gone to the office, although I'm so glad you're here with me. I love you, John!"
"Everything is arranged there, don't worry. I won't miss anything. Honey, I wanted to tell you something last night, something I want to promise you it will never happen. "
However, his words remained the same as last night, in the air, blocking when the phone rang in his pocket and just then Dr. Hayden entered. With agility, he took his phone out of his pocket and hung it up. " We continue the discussion after, my love!" he took my hand in his again, kissing her.
"Good day!" greeted the doctor politely, sitting tactfully in his chair at his desk.
"Miss Ferguson, I have news for you. " He addressed me as he searched through his thick folder, full of papers. My heart stopped for a few seconds, and my stomach tightened like an anti-stress ball. John had been right when he insisted that a visit to the doctor didn't hurt anyone. Eager to hear the results, my palms began to sweat. And it was as if that chair had begun to run.
"She will be Mrs. North soon! John wanted to point out proudly, bringing my clenched fist to his lips, kissing it.
" Congratulations!" The doctor nodded. "And you will have another reason to rejoice, it seems, as a wedding gift, I will give you the news that soon you will be three!" He smiled softly and warmly at us, and his gaze shifted to both of us. Pulling his glasses even better on his nose. It took a while for the information to be processed, from the time Mr. Hayden revealed the news to us until we reacted.
"Seriously? "John asks, and the doctor shakes his head. " Doctor, thank you very much!" I could hear the joy in his voice.
Instinctively, my hand went to my belly, where my baby was growing.
" Kate, I love you!" He turned to me from his chair, offering me the warmest and sweetest kiss, leaving his hand on my abdomen. It was a wonderful sensation, a new sensation that will surely change us both. A heat wave had swept over me, just thinking that we would soon be a family of three. I was looking at the doctor, sitting calmly in his place. Certainly, we were neither the first nor the last couple to share such news, but I consider myself the happiest and most blessed couple. John's phone had started ringing. He put his hand to his chest, taking it out of her jacket chest pocket.
"I should answer! I will be right back." he apologized to the doctor, and went out the door.
"Miss Ferguson, you will probably need time to process this news." Time? The information was already being processed, as the doctor said. We were going to have a baby, and he couldn't come at a better time than this. My state of anxiety, fear and absolutely everything that darkened our future was gone. I was willing to go around the planet, running for happiness. But, that was just my opinion. As the doctor spoke to me, my thoughts flew to John, and I couldn't help but wonder if he shared the same thoughts. Yes, he was happy with the news, ecstatic I could say, but did this baby make him forget all that jealousy from the past and be able to step into the next stage, absolutely happy?
" But from now on you have to pay attention to your diet, your work environment, absolutely everything related to your health.
"Of course! Thank you!" I reached for the note on which he had written my ultrasound appointments and his pregnancy instructions.
"However, I'm waiting for you next week for a check-up and I'll prescribe the vitamins you need. From now on, we will see each other more often!" he tells me, winking.
"Next week. And thank you, once again!" I greeted him politely and left the office. Closing the office door behind me, I saw John at the end of the hallway, a considerable distance from the office. Still focused on the conversation, he was directing his steps in my direction. Muttering something I couldn't hear, he hung up and put his phone back in his pocket. The suit he wore today, molded perfectly to his athletic body, highlighting his strong arms and firm thighs, which attracted the eyes of younger nurses.
"Ready? I was just getting ready to go back. What did the doctor say?" His perfect face, well-defined features and that killer smile, made me dizzy now. I grabbed his arms before my knees softened. After telling him about my conversation with the doctor, as we walked down the hospital hallway to the elevator, I remembered the call and asked him if everything was okay.
"From the office, baby! There is nothing to worry about, I just have to go for a short visit, after which I will come back home, to celebrate!" he said it in ecstasy, and the small expression wrinkles arched around his eyes and mouth, revealing his perfect teeth. It had been a long time since John had smiled like that. And that makes me very happy.
"I'd like to go for a walk if you don't mind. I feel the need to be alone for a while, to get used to the idea of being a mother." and I removed his hands from my belly, which have been there since I left the office.
"Kate, I can postpone the meeting at the office and accompany you."
His face lit up, his eyes sparkled with emotion, almost tearful with happiness, a shadow of concern, he pulled me into his arms.
"Please! I just want to walk, that's all!" I told him, trying in vain to free myself from his arms. Capitulating, but hugging me even tighter in his arms, putting his chin on the top of my head, he answered me.
"Then I'll leave the car to you, and I'll take a taxi."
"I decided to walk. See you at home."
Taking a few steps toward the hospital exit door, I turned to him, whispering "I love you."
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