In love in NY

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It was already twelve o'clock at night, and my worry was growing as time passed. I had tried to contact John several times, but the operator informed me that the subscriber was outside the mobile coverage area, I had even called the airline with which John always used to travel, but the headquarters had told me that the flight from Dallas it had landed to New York smoothly despite the storm that had set in. And that was three hours ago.
I was going crazy with worry! I had already exhausted all the resources I had in trying to find John. All I had to do was go to the airport and wait there until I heard some news. But I could not do that, it was too risky at this time.
Even New York traffic had stopped. Everything seemed deserted. I had even listened to the news — which I greatly disliked doing, because I was horrified every time, I watched it — announcing a red code of snow and storms, valid until four o'clock tomorrow morning.
I was trying to convince myself that John had not left Dallas yet and had preferred to stay there until the whirlwind of nature calmed down. But I wanted a sign from him that he was fine. That did not give me peace. I took a hot bath, even though John did not agree, telling me that it is not recommended in pregnancy.
Then to kill the time that was passing slow, with every second, I had prepared a baked chicken with potatoes and spices, and a green salad, which I cut very finely, piece by piece, in a slow rhythm. I had even begun to decorate the table we were going to have dinner with tomorrow night, and I was not sure it would take place, thinking that Mike and Rebeca would rather stay in the warmth of their home than venture on the streets of New York.
Streets, now wrapped up by snow, who had dressed like a new, white, and fluffy coat, the whole city. Everything seemed transposed into another realm, totally opposite to the usual, agitated and crowded. Now, lying on the bed, exhausted from worries and fear, which had reached a climax, I was trying to calm my tears. I just wanted to know that my fiancé is fine. “I'm sure your father will let us know somehow.”
I wanted John by my side, to be hugged me in his protective and strong arms, to caress me with thousands of kisses, and what I missed most was his sandalwood scent. I imagined my fingers sinking into his ebony-black hair, and moaning with pleasure, asking for more. And I was willing to do anything he liked. I imagined him coming to bed, with his perfectly sculpted naked body, and the diffused light in the bedroom created a mysterious aura, wanting me to discover all the details. I already knew his body, every scar, every mole, or birthmark. But every time I saw them, I shuddered with pleasure, and my fingers continued to explore him. I just was not tired of him. I wanted more and more each time we made love. I touched his abdomen, I felt him firm and strong, smooth, and soft. “Oh God!” What a contrast. It was perfect!
If a god had descended to earth, he would surely have wanted to be in his body. Those brown eyes, which shone brighter than the diamond's reflections, opened before me like a book, expressing the love and passion I carried in my soul. Words would have been superfluous!
“Kate! My love! I missed you!”
“No, John. Ssh...! You do not have to say anything.” I thought.
“Kate, wake up!”
Suddenly, I opened my eyes. It was him. He had shaken me gently to bring me to reality. If it had been someone else, he would probably have received what he deserved for disturbing my dream. I wrapped my hands around his neck and smelled it. His hair, his neck. Everything was perfect now! The worries disappeared exactly as they came, suddenly, tumultuously and without news. “Kate!” he smiled in relief and rejoiced at his success in getting back home in my arms. “God, I blamed myself for leaving. I should not have done that, especially in such weather.”
Moving away from me just a little, he stroked my face with his thumb, and the other fingers caressed my neck. He had passed it slowly over his lips, over his cheek, and I had enjoyed every movement, closing my eyes, and asking for even more.
“You have no idea how worried I was. I called the airline, I called you. What happened? Why couldn't I contact you?”
“My phone died, and I couldn't find a place to recharge it anywhere. And I did not arrive on that flight, because my client brought me back in his private jet. I cannot imagine how worried you were! Forgive me, baby! How are you feeling?”
He got up from the bed, hurriedly removing each item of clothing.
“But you could have called me from another phone. Of the client, a public one. Anyway, if you knew I was worried.”
Talking about this now, I had become irritated and angry with him. That idea had not crossed my mind last night. And so, it was, he knew where he found me, and he could have somehow contacted me.
“Do you think I didn't try?” he snorted as the tap water in the shower began to flow. "But apparently, the whole of New York was blocked. The lines feel last night when the storm began."
“Not true. I could call!” I told him and picked up the phone.
“Kate, everything is fine now. I am back and we have a lot to prepare today. By the way, did you try to talk to Rebecca? About what we discussed.”
Then I heard the cabin door close. I was still angry with him, even though he had given me an explanation. I was angry that he had left, and it had not arrived on time. I was angry that I was dying of worry. I had taken my phone from the nightstand and gone down to the living room. After a few calls, Rebecca managed to answer me. “I was thinking of you, Kitty Kat! I wanted to call you myself to tell you that we have a surprise for you for tonight. Do not try to pull my tongue, because I won't tell you anything at all.” According to her tone, I realized that she was extremely happy, and I could see her charming smile, beyond the receiver. I breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of not canceling dinner. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of food. John had filled the refrigerator with meat, vegetables, and fruit the day before he left for Dallas. he had bought enough to cook for an army of people.
“Of course not! You know I am not curious, and I can wait patiently. I am glad you are coming, despite the weather. Last night it blizzarded.” “You're kidding? It was a plague here. Mike is still trying to clear the car. And the snow reached to the middle of the windows. But we manage to get out of here. We will not miss this dinner.”
“You have no idea how much you made me happy.”
I had to tell her tonight that I was pregnant. I could not hide anymore, and I want someone else besides John, with who I can share my happiness. “Did you feel okay?” her puzzled voice demanded an explanation.
“I was worried all night that John would have happened something serious. He did not get home until this morning.”
“Tell me all about it. I cannot believe it!"
Even after I had told Rebecca the whole story, I could still feel a lump in my throat.
“Um! At least it went well, and that is the most important thing.”
After I hung up, I could not help but think of that “Um!” of hers. She made it clear that she suspected something, but I immediately got that thought out of my mind. It was not possible for John to lie, plus she did not know about the pregnancy and how happy and proud John was to be a father.
His phone was on the table in the living room when it began to vibrate. The number calling him was not added to his contact list, and I did not allow myself to answer. So, I let it vibrate until it stopped. But then immediately a message came in. I read it from his phone screen.

"It was a pleasure yesterday. I hope to continue in other conditions. With love, S.”
My heart had stopped beating for a few seconds, then abruptly restarted, alert. The water stopped flowing from the tap and the sound of the shower door seemed to scratch my brain. I was left staring at his phone. I wanted to react impulsively, but morning sickness and headache stopped me from doing this. I was not able to climb the stairs and face him. Maybe that was why he had not arrived home on time. Maybe S. was a woman. I could only think of these things. But why? Why “with love”?
He descended the stairs nonchalantly, looking so attractive, wearing only a pair of jeans that fit over his muscular thighs. He thought it was useless to put a T-shirt on him then. His wet hair was ruffled, complementing his sexy hair. He smelled like freshly washed and woodsy shower gel. Without saying a word, he approached the table on which his phone was placed and grabbed it.
“Someone took care to change the state of care, in pleasure, last night. I hope it was worth it.” Astonished, he opened his eyes to me.
“I read the message. At least be discreet. Keep your secrets with you.” “Kate!” He reacted immediately in a hoarse voice after reading the message I got up from the couch, I was trying to contain my tears, I wanted to scream in pain, thinking I had believed his story with the phone lines that had suddenly fallen from the storm, and the client's private plane that brought him back to New York.
“We are over!” I said sharply, climbing the stairs to the bedroom. I was going to pack my bags and stay for a while at Rebecca, until I found a place to stay. I had thought of all this in a second. I never asked myself where I would live in the event of a breakup with John. Not even when I gave up the apartment I had lived there for a while after breaking up with Jake. I could have kept it, still paid the rent, the amount was quite reasonable, and I would have allowed myself to pay for it from the salary I received from his company. But I looked ahead, like a horse, refusing to believe that such separations are possible, at least not in our case. "That's what you deserve for being such naive, Katherine! That's the price you pay for stupidity. " I thought to myself His hand pulled me back down the stairs.
“Where do you think you're going? What this all means?”
“What? Let me explain to you. You are under no obligation to share with me your decisions regarding the future. You and I - we are game over, honey. I am done pulling up with all this drama, with all this stress. I..AM…DONE”
“Are you crazy? What decisions?” I had clasped my hands to my chest, looking impassive. I wanted to get rid of the nausea that did not give me peace, as much as I wanted to appear, when I was waiting impatiently to really feel what it was like to be pregnant with all its advantages and disadvantages.
“S is my client. The one I came with today from Dallas.”
“S is a woman, and if you haven't become a gigolo, I'd like a clear explanation.”
“Indeed, she is a woman, I'm not hiding that.”
“Oh. Yes! You hid it from me from the first moment. Good luck to you, I am not your secretary anymore. Now you can do business with whoever you want, without giving explanations.” “Sonia is a client from Russia, who settled here many years ago.”
He had retreated to the couch, where he sat, massaging his temples. “She’s quite old to me, and that's how she shows her admiration. She doesn't speak English well, that's why she put it that way.”
“She doesn't master it, but she learned exactly the right words.” “Katherine!” His scream hit the walls of the living room and bounced directly into my soul. I did not want to shed tears yet, not in front of him. “Listen to me once! I did not have an affair with her, if that's what you thought. She tried to flirt with me, but she didn't stand a chance. Honey” His voice was now calm and gentle. “I would not have allowed it in a thousand years. I love you! I did not do anything to offend you. I swear to you!”
“You lied to me, John!” As soon as I said the words, I collapsed on the thick carpet, but his arms were my support, making the fall smoother. I cried, that is all I could do. He pulled my head to his bare chest, despite my protests.
“Forgive me, Kate! I am so damn sorry! I knew I would hurt you if I told you. I did not want this to affect you or the baby.”
His hand had touched my belly. There were no words that could describe the feeling I had felt. But later I found a description for them. It was divine, I was like a whole. The child was living proof, that our love materialized, that our love was real and strong. He had appeared when we least expected it, and he had come to tie the knot between us. “Let me prove to you that I was faithful to you.” And as he proved to me, making love to me. And I believed him, making any doubt disappear.
We kissed slowly, feeling his minty breath, my hands caressing her back and arms, feeling every muscle under my fingertips. His fingers slid lightly over my breasts, clinging to my nipples, and rubbing against me, I could feel his limb ready to erupt from his jeans. It was cool, ready for me. And I wanted him, I wanted to feel him, in me, to feel him penetrate my soul with every breath. I reached for the button on my jeans and untied it, it was so big that it immediately came out, and we touch the mushroom with our fingers slowly. it was smooth and delicate. I could feel his desire more and more intense from the breath and from the way he massaged my breasts. his kisses on my neck left wet and painful marks, but it was pain I was willing to feel every day. He took off his jeans, taking each leg out of them, and then lifted me into his arms, feeling him between my buttocks. I wanted him desperately. As he carried me to his desk, I buried my face in his throat, absorbing his scent, stroking his hair, braiding my fingers in it. With my tongue I drew small lines from his neck to his ear, which made him goosebumps. With his free hand, he threw all the objects on the desk, and then placed me on top of him.
The wood felt hard and cold, but his hands massaged my ass, With his free hand, he threw all the objects on the desk, and then placed me on top of it. The wood felt hard and cold, but his hands massaged my ass, making all the coldness go away. He stopped to look at me, I was naked and exposed in front of him. The twinkle in his eye grew stronger with every inch he admired. He could not wait, he had to have me, and I, him. I was already wet, only by admiring the view in front of me, this perfect man, with a sculpted body, and a good soul. When he entered me, he slipped slightly inside, moaning with pleasure. I could feel every inch of him moving, provoking me with pleasure, filling me. With his thumb, he rubbed my clit to bring me to the climax, but he knew me perfectly, and stopped before I reach it. He continued to move even faster, as the pleasure increased, caressing my breasts with his free hand. The room was filled with our moans, and the sounds our bodies made every time we touched. I could feel him close to orgasm, and I wanted to finish at the same time, as we always did. so, I lay my hands on his chest, I wanted to feel him tense, sweaty and warm. and I started moving at the same time as him. The rhythm became faster every second, his fingers digging even deeper into my flesh. And then, amid the moans and heavy breathing, I felt him fill me. It was an eternal feeling that I felt every time he did that, I felt like he was truly mine. Then he picked me up in his arms and led me to the leather couch in his office and seated me. He accompanied me, where I laid my head on his chest, wrapped in the blanket, and in the warmth that the fireplace emanates.

He was indeed a handsome man; his presence was a pleasant one wherever he went. He was smart, which made women attracted to him, without thinking twice before making advances. This man had class, commanded respect among men, and never stretched the rope when the atmosphere relaxed and people joked, keeping the necessary distance to prove that he was diplomatic and with a lot of common sense. I often asked him what he had seen in me that had made him fall in love and come to love me. His answer was always the same.
"You are beautiful, Katherine! The fact that you kept your distance and spoke politely to me surprised me. I used to have all women lose their temper and flirt with. But you did not! You were as cold as a lump of ice. The fact that you were unapproachable attracted me. I wanted it to be mine. Your gorgeous body, well proportioned, your blond hair through which I had dreamed so many times to caress him, your sweet and big eyes that looked at me with such grandeur, and your mouth… ... I cannot wait to kiss your lips! All this attracted me, but what made me love you was your good and generous soul, which received me so warmly. My love! A thousand years to live with you, and there will not be a day when I lose the love, I have for you. "
After explaining to me in detail about the whole affair with this Sonia, the elderly lady, I decided that there were no reasons to worry, only if she was old. And I still had his history back up before we were together. He did not spend any nights in the company of various ladies or young ladies. In fact, I had never seen him with them, because he often preferred to stay at the office until late. Before I left, I often asked him if I could help him with anything else, but he was immersed in his work and did not want anything else. He spent his mornings at the gym. I knew this even if he did not come sweaty or with a sports bag after him, but because I always took care of his subscription to the gym.

"Don't you ever think if leaving me again! I got you and you got me, forever, my love!"
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