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In love in NY

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I was already driving to see Becca and also to see her new house. The one she bought together with Mike. It was their dream, one item on their bucket list.

Mike was a man she met in a bar. But not just a man, he was the man of her dreams. He was helping his best friend at the opening, but when Becca approached the bar to order some drinks for her and her gang, Mike was already sitting on a stool and you could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't in a party mode like all his troubles caught up to him.

"What can I get you, beautiful?" Mike's friend asked her.

"Give me 3 Manhattans and also another beer for this guy. Looks like he needs another one. Not cool to stay with a glass half full in front of him," she said smiling.

Then something triggered him. Maybe her voice, maybe her body, or her optimism. He needed more optimism in his life. Or maybe all three combined made him wake up from his melancholy.

She smiled at him while she walked with the Manhattan glasses away from him. Mike kept on staring at her nice round ass while she was swaying her way out to the table.

" Bro, the girl was hitting on you and you just stood there like a dumb ass, playing dead. What the fuck?"

"Sam, not tonight, please!" He said quietly and completely absent, but Mike's brain started to function again. Becca was the one who made him feel alive again, but a new relationship at this moment was out of the question.

He was worried about his son who was still in the custody of his mother. When he receives a response from his lawyer telling him that he can hug his son again, then his life will be whole again. Since his ex-wife started to drink a lot, he took action and asked for full custody.

The night was young and Becca was the soul of the party- she kept on dancing and having fun, while Mike was watching her from the distance. He was impressed that she turned down all the men who came to her table asking for a dance with her.

The only interest at the moment for Becca was him- the stranger at the bar. The good-looking one, with all the body muscle, the perfect manly face, and silky curly hair. The way his clothes fit his body like a second skin made Becca linger on the thought of caressing his chest. She wanted more after this thought, rip off his shirt and those tight jeans and feel his skin on hers.

She bet he smelled like a real aphrodisiac.

When the closing time came, Mike was heading home. His job was done after he helped his best friend clean up the bar.

Mike was surprised to see Becca in front of the bar, struggling to catch a taxi. She was barely able to stay on two feet. He turned around wanting to head home, saying that it was not his business to take care of drunk chicks. But then, his heart couldn't leave the damsel in distress, who on the other hand was so sexy wearing those tight jeans around her ass and that silky top showing just enough cleavage to make a man hard. Any schmuck could have taken advantage of her, but he wanted to be her hero.

So he turned around and asked her where she lived. Becca was babbling nonsense and the only good decision to make was to take her to his home.

In the taxi, she put her head on his shoulder, making him feel like he had a purpose in life again and that he was taking care of this beautiful creature.

"You smell so sexy! Just the way I imagined you would."

She was thinking about him.

Her breasts were touching his arm from the positions she was in and made his cock come to life too. But not tonight and not with her in this situation. If he will fuck her someday it should be something special, and he will make sure she will remember him.

Mike carried Becca to his bed, trying to keep it in his pants while she was touching him and kissing his neck with her full smooth lips.

"Not today, my darling!" He said softly to her. "I will undress you now and you will go straight to bed."

"Yes, sexy daddy!" She kept bubbling more stuff mostly about how sexy Mike was and what she would do to him once he took all his clothes off.

She fell asleep quickly. And he took the couch. He was a true gentleman.

Once the sun started to rise slowly and the first rays of light made their way through his windows, Becca woke up as usual - she was a very morning person- and saw Mike sleeping on the couch. The sight of him made her wet and all she wanted to feel was his body under her, over her, and inside.

She was already naked except for the panties, so she headed toward Mike and he just grabbed her by the hand once she was close enough and started to kiss her passionately and hard. Their tongues tangled together devouring each other. She could feel him going hard and unbuttoning his jeans without parting his lips. Becca could feel him under his boxers- hard, thick, and long.

I arrived at her new place- it was a nice home in the suburbs in a cozy little neighborhood.

"Kate, so nice to see your pretty little ass!" Becca greeted me in her way.

When you entered the living you could see Mike's kid playing on the carpet.

"Nice to see you, Noah!" I said to him while tapping his head gently. Mike was still fighting in court with his ex-wife for custody again, since she got out of the rehab clinic recently, she was now claiming her motherly rights.

"How is it going?" I asked Becca worried since I knew she was very attached to Noah.

"Well, we had to find a good lawyer, a very badass one to win over that bitch! We need to prove that we can provide him with a stable home, and a nice environment where he can grow without any problems. And since he is 6 years old, he won't be able to say with whom he wants to live. So Mike hired his best friend to take over the case."

"That's some good news, right?" I tried to cheer her up and hugged her tight.

" Yes, I mean I hope so otherwise I will kick his ass and send him back to London."

That city brings back old memories each time I hear the name.

"I hope there will not be a case in this situation cause you guys have only one direction and that is to win custody."

" He suggested that we should get married before the whole shit started, so..."

She put a big smile on her face and wiggled her finger in the air so I could notice the big rock on her finger.

"Omg!! Beck, I am so happy for you!"

We started to cheer and jump on the couch like two teenagers who had just been kissed for the first time.

Once again I hugged her. I could tell the happiness in her eyes and the fact that this was all she wanted.

Mike beside her since the first day she laid her eyes on him and the little kid who tried to be a mother to him.

She tucked her beautiful hair behind her ears, trying to hide the tears from her eyes away from me. I knew those were happy tears.

After a long chit-chatting day with her, I decided it was time to go home where my beautiful man was waiting for me. Just when I grabbed my phone from the purse to check if I had any messages, I saw John's text.

" Kitty, waiting for you at home. With a surprise. Please hurry!"

All I needed was the first four words, but the last ones came as a bonus.

I said goodbye to Beck not before we scheduled another date with her to plan all the details for her wedding.

I loved weddings and I wanted to get involved in hers too.

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