In love in NY

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New Year's

It was the last day of this year, I wanted to spend it doing something useful. I was sitting on the carpet in the living room with the materials I bought for my dress scattered everywhere, on the sofa, on the floor, on the table. I also had some sketches drawn on discarded sheets.
-Look what your mother is doing. See? I will teach you when you grow up. And you will be a smart kid.
I had started talking to my baby, this came natural for me to do that. I often held my hand on my belly and stroked it. He was a part of me growing inside, another heart.
In the background I put some classical music to play so I can focus more on my work, and also, I read somewhere that music helps the development of the fetus and calms him.
My phone vibrated on the table, and his name appeared on the screen. I was surprised and shocked to see that Jake is calling me, I did not think that he will try to reach me still, so I unblocked him. From what I heard from Becca, he was already in London, he was the one getting away from me, wanting to move to another continent. Not me!
I rejected them, and immediately wrote him a message.
“Rebecca sent me what you wanted. I would not want you to interfere in my relationship. You already made your decision by leaving an ocean apart. Therefore, between us cannot be anything more than friendship If you accept, I can only let you be my friend.”
It did not take long, and I got the reply.
“I accept anything as long as I can be around you.”

I frowned, and I threw the phone on the couch. I was angry at him. He left me like a coward the same way he did the first time. I decided to put my thoughts about him aside and get back to my business.
“Kate, I told you I’ll buy you the most beautiful dress. You do not to make it and exhaust yourself.”
“But, John, I have to have the perfect dress, and to be perfect it has to be made by me, don’t you think?”
“Okay baby, I’ll give up! It is your choice, but I wouldn’t want you to get too tired. Honey, it’s the last day of the year. What if I tried to make you the happiest?”
“Hmm... how?” I asked him with a big smile, as if I had no idea.
“Well… holding you captive in bed.”
And then he grabbed, and he ran with me in his arms on the stairs to our bedroom.
It was, indeed, a day when I felt loved, just the way I wanted to. He can give me the love I need, and at the right time, without asking it.
Towards evening, we started to prepare ourself for Rebecca’s party at the hotel.

The party took place at the hotel where she is the area manager. She invited all possible friends and family at this party for the New Year’s Eve. The parking lot was full of cars, so it was inside when we arrived, full of people, crowdy, just the way Becca likes it.
The waiters mingle with champagne trays that held them as high as possible, and John managed to “fish” two glasses.
“Honey!” He was handing me the glass. And just as I was reaching out to take him, he withdrew… You are not allowed, I forgot! So sorry, babe!”
“Oh, you’re an ass!” I gave him a smile, but in fact I really wish I could even take a sip. Because I need it after everything going on lately.
As I walked across the room to find Rebecca, I saw lots of well-known people, I greeted most of them and I came across Rebecca in the end. She was the host, and it was normal not to have much time for everyone. As I looked around the room full of eyes, I came across another pair of eyes. I didn’t realize at the beginning, but something made me look back. It was Jake. He had returned but had just left for England. Was he here for me? He arrived today, so that means he was here when he messaged me. I do not want to fall again, and to make something I will regret later. But feelings rise inside me as my heart was beating so fast So many questions I had on my mind, in such a short time.
Rebecca had invited him, that was clear. I thought to myself that he only came for the party and then he will leave again. I tried as hard as I could to avoid looking at him, but John noticed immediately.
“What is it?” he asked me.
“Nothing, don’t worry!” I told him without looking at him. I try to make my way through the crowd in the opposite direction from where I saw Jake. I wanted to get out of this conversation with John as well, trying to change the subject.
“Hell, it is not nothing. Yes, it bothers you that you saw Jake.”
“Why would you think such thing?!” Maybe he knows something, everything looked suspicious to me.
“What happened to you?! How come you got to react like this by only seeing him?!” John asked me surprised.
He was already nervous; I was looking at him with wide eyes. I was trying to calm him down, but I did not know how to calm myself down either.
“Maybe you forgot our last fight? It was because of him! And I am trying to avoid this, especially this evening. I want this to be special for us. You and me, John! No one else!” I said the first good excuse I could come up with.
I grabbed his arm, trying to push him further from the crowed. And suddenly a raised voice covered the entire hall. It was Rebecca, I could recognize her voice from everywhere.
“Get out, you bitch! You are not invited here!”
I tried to see what was going on and who was Becca fighting. It was quiet all over the room, no one made a single noise. I approached John with my arm to see what was happening. Rebecca was facing a woman. She stood there, looking at Rebecca with hatred. Mike and Noah were behind Rebecca.
“What happens?” I asked once I managed to get closer to my best friend.
“This bitch wants to “get” Noah back from Mike. You will get nothing! No… thing..! You hear me!”
“They are mine! The baby and Mike. You have no right!”
“They were, until you gave them up. You preferred drugs instead of worrying about your child. Now I am his mother the one who raised him and took care of him, not you.”
“I gave birth to him! It’s mine! I will win this case you will see about this. You both will see!”
“Go fuck yourself! Get out!” then Rebecca took her arm and kicked her out.
“Gina, leave!! Noah and I do not want you anymore and I thought we decided that. Plus, this scene won’t do you any good at trial.”
Mike was also very nervous, almost trembling with nerves.
When Gina heard this, she turned and pushed Rebecca. But as Rebecca did not accept such a thing, she punched her in the nose. And then, a moment was enough for her to faint. Seeing her there, held by some friends and Jake as well Mike put little Noah down to check on Becca, and Gina walked towards the baby, and then something pushed me from behind and I went to her. I pulled Noah out of her hands in time. She had a lost gaze, I could she something was off with her. So, she avoided my eyes contact. Eventually, Gina, Noah’s biological mother, gave up and went missing.
John called the ambulance immediately, because Rebecca was feeling quite weak, even after she recovered from the faint.
Mike stood by her all the time, and little Noah was holding her hand.

At the hospital, most of the people from the hotel party had occupied the halls of the hospital. We look forward to hearing about Rebecca’s condition. At 11:15, the doctor came out of the room to tell us that she was stable, but still weak. We were all happy to hear good news, and we took turns entering her in the living room.
Noah had already jumped into her bed, as he had seen her.
“Rebecca, you scared us all!” I scolded her.
“I am sorry!! I brought you to the hospital to spend the New Year. Go home! You still have time.”
“Yes, how much? Ten minutes?” I asked as I held her hand and smiled at her.
“Stop the time, then! “She said, trying to relax the atmosphere with a little joke.
“Sure! What did the doctor say, how do you feel?” I asked impatiently. And then she and Mike exchanged glances and I saw little sparks in their eyes.
“Kate, I have good news! I am pregnant!” she told giggling of happiness.
It was indeed wonderful news. It was one of her dreams to become a mother, and her wish came true. I hugged her and congratulated her!
Then the nurse entered the living room, hurrying us out.
“Please, you all need to leave! She needs rest. Only the husband and child can stay.”
“Then I will see you next year.”
“Of course, in a few hours! I will call you tomorrow morning!
John and I left the room and heading home if we still have time.
“Kate, I need to use the toilet. Be right back!”
“Sure! I will be here.”
And as the night could not go without any other events, I bumped into Jake who was holding a cup of coffee in his hands.
He was stutter.
“Please, don’t! Not now, is not the place or time! Maybe we can discuss some other time.”
“I miss you and I came for you, just so you know!
First time I left you because of my stupidity, and the second one was because I wanted what was best for you. Not because I don’t want you!”
“Jake, please! Stop! John will be here any minute!” I warned him.
And so it was. John came to see Jake near me and could see and feel how the pulse was increasing in his veins.
They both exchanged glances, not exactly pleasant. It was clear to John that Jake wanted me back. And it was also clear to Jake that John would not give up so easily.
“Hi!” Jake greeted John and he replied with a head nod.
As we walked away from him, John stopped me.
“Babe, I have a surprise for you! Come with me!”
I went after him. I climbed many stairs until I reached the roof of the hospital, and I was already tired. But the lights in the city gave us a wonderful view, it was noisy, people were all gathered on the streets to celebrate the coming of the New Year with confetti, champagne and glasses or hats that said “2009”.
John had brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses with us.
“It seems that my dream has come true.” He told me as his gaze mesmerized me, his wind-torn hair made me want him even more to hold his arms and kiss him.
“What dream, John?” I asked curiously.
I was surprised he thought of that.
“I wouldn’t have liked to start a New Year with hundreds of people from that party.
“Is that right? Then why did you wanted to go to the party?
“To be with your best friend. I always kept you away from your friends or arguing with you for going with them. It was not okay to do that. I want to change, to be better for you. To be the man of your dreams, not the one restraining you or set rules for you. That’s not a relationship!”
“Would you sacrifice yourself for me?” I asked him curiously, even though I already knew the answer. I pulled my fur coat over my shoulders even better because it was quite cold.
“You have no idea! All I want is to be with you in the New Year. To love you, to want you even more and nothing to separate us.”
In the background, you could hear people starting to count.
5, 4,3,2,1… and an explosion of fireworks were a few good minutes above us.
I was in his arms, with my head on his chest. The smell of his skin and perfume soothed me and made me feel safe. It was the three of us and that is how I wanted to stay.
“I love you, Kitty!”
“I love you! And ... I think I’m starting to love this baby too…”
“You’re kidding...? Just now? I have loved him since I first heard of him! It is mine and you are mine… And we will stay like that!” He raised my head slightly pulling my chin up and kissed me lightly on my lips.

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