In love in NY

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I had stopped the car somewhere far from the house, when suddenly a car honked. It was Rebecca’s.
Rebecca had gotten out of the car; I knew she would come to greet me and hug me. So, I went out of the car, not before wiping away my tears and act like nothing happened.
“Kitty! It is a bit far away from the cabin. Why are you here alone? And it is your birthday, today! Isn’t that wonderful?”
“I am so glad you arrived. What do you think about the view? Isn’t it splendid? I wanted to see more while John is making breakfast.”
I greeted her excitedly. I was trying to calm down and hide the fact that I had just had an fight with John.
Mike was just getting out of the car too. He had ended the telephone conversation, because he had hung up the phone and put it in his vest pocket.
“It was Noah! He is keep calling us, since we left him at my parents.” She told me a little upset that she had to leave him with her grandparents again.
Rebecca always knew when it was time to clarify, to let me know what was happening.
“Hello, Mike!” I greeted him friendly.
“Hello, Kitty! Thanks for the invitation, very nice here, only the cold spoils everything.” He said it laughing.
“Yes, it’s really cold this time of the year, but the cottage is warmer and more beautiful. You will get used to this cold weather as well, as I did. The landscape is worth every penny, you will see.” I assured him that this mini vacation is a good idea, and he will not freeze.
The snow surrounded us, all around us could see only fir trees and our cottage in the middle of this beautiful and magic place, only if you looked very carefully, where the smoke comes from the fireplace.
“Well then, let us go! Honey, I am going with Kitty, are you following us?” Rebecca urged us excitedly, but also maybe to go somewhere warmer.
“Okay! It has done! I have the GPS coordinates anyway.” Mike told us as he headed for the car.
I quickly got in the car and started it.
“How is it in here? I bet you don’t want to leave this place and you had a lot of sex, right?” she asked me happily and smirking at me.
“What?” I asked here, as I was thinking about John and the fight we had, so it was quite difficult for me to concentrate on the conversation with her.
“Kate?! Everything is, OK? You seam off?” she asked and the repeat the questions I missed. And by the way, have you ever been to the doctor, with the pregnancy I mean? I made my first appointment next week.” She kept talking all the way home.
“Well, I have, and the doctor assured me everything is fine! Anyway, I feel like I am not even pregnant sometimes. Only, mornings are more inconvenient. Otherwise, everything is perfect. How are you feeling?”
“I know how it is! But isn’t that wonderful?! I feel extraordinary! Ever since I found out, I have been in a state of euphoria. Mike is in ninth heaven, now that he will be a father for the second time! It is like a dream come true. To be honest, we did try many times, but only God can decide when it’s the right time to have a baby!”
Rebecca’s enthusiasm does not compare to mine. I was also excited to be a mother, but I was too tired of all the shit going on lately with my life.
I had reached the cottage immediately, and when I got out of the car, Rebecca detained me.
“By the way, I have something to tell you!”
And I was thinking that after she talked continuously all the way here, she still has something to tell me.
“What it is? Can you tell me now or I should wait?” I asked her curiously.
“Well, I met…” and just like that she was interrupted.
“Honey! Did you bring the guests too?!” I heard John’s voice in the doorway. He was equipped for a hike. Surely, he wanted to come after me, but of course he will try to hide this and will not admit it.
“Yes! I met them on my way to view the beautiful landscape. So, I decided that we all should go to check them out.”
“Hello, Rebecca!” John greeted my best friend and head toward her to hug her.
“Mr. North!” Mike greeted him as he closed the door of his car and held out his hand to John,
They hugged friendly.
“Hello, Mike! Your welcomed here! I am glad you accepted our invitation!”
“Thank you for hosting. We love this little getaway; in fact, I think we need it after everything.” Mike stated.
There is no friendship between John and Mike. Not even now, when they had known each other for a long time, but they understood each other well and had quite a few common topics to discuss. So, it will not be a problem to leave him alone and spend time with Becca.
I went into the cottage, showed them their room, and let them settle in.
“Kitty?” John shouted at me from the hall.
“Can we talk a little?” and he winked to come to our room.
“Sure!” I replied and left Becca and Mike to get comfortable.
He took me to our room.
“Listen! I am not cheating on you with anyone, I do not have anyone and I am not hiding from you. I love you! Please, let us enjoy these days here! What do you say? When everything is done, I will tell you what it is about and why all the call phones I receive. I promise you will find out everything, but for the moment I want to be sure about it and no spoil anything.”
“Find it hard to believe, to be honest. Who is it? The old lady again? Maybe she wants to take another trip with her private plane.” I said it ironic.
“Kate, Kate! Please!” he said nervous, and after making a few rounds of the camera, he stopped in the middle of it.” Look, I cannot wait to get married, have the ring on our finger and you will be sure I will not do anything. No one will touch me because I will carry the warning on my finger.” And he showed me his finger.
I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and he had sat next me. Something about him convinced me to give in, to kiss him. Maybe it was his gaze, his scent, or maybe his whole being.
He got up slightly, leaving me under him, while his hands kept wondering under my sweater, reaching for my breast, and I thought just then: always the makeup sex is the best me.
And this lasted until I heard Rebecca’s voice calling me. So, this will be postponed until later tonight.
“Yes?” I replied.
“What are we doing now? Are we going to explore the mountain?”
I was not exactly a fan of mountain exploration, I just liked to watch. But then I remembered it was my idea to go and walk in the snow in the middle of nowhere and freeze. I had always the best ideas.
“Still waiting for an answer?”
We walked out of the room, to find Mike and Becca standing in front of the door already prepared with everything you need to not freeze from the cold. They had proper clothes for this weather.
“Yes, sure! Let’s go!”
We dressed as well and went to research. I was so cold, and I wanted to stay in bed in the heat, to hear only the sound of wood crackling in the fireplace. But it was fun to spend time with our friends, and I forgot about the thoughts that haunted me.
“Oh, God! I need a hot bath!” I exclaimed with relief when we returned and went back into the cottage.
“Yes, it would be ideal now!” Rebecca supported me, trembling with cold. Her cheeks were red.
“Okay, after the bathroom, see you in the kitchen. We are preparing dinner, right? I am hungry, like I can eat a wolf right now!”
“Sure! It’s a deal, girlfriend.”
Immediately after dinner, Rebecca pulled me aside, leaving the boys with their glass of mulled wine.
“What happened?” I asked worriedly.
“Look! I know that today is your birthday, but you will be celebrated it tomorrow, as usual. But I will give this to you now because I am not sure if tomorrow I can. “
“What do you want to me? Becca, you should not have. I told you- no gifts.”
“Take it! It is not my gift, it is Jake’s! He begged me to give it to you! And so please take it. You know I hate not keeping my promises!”
She handed me a white envelope with “KATE” written on it. I recognized his handwriting immediately.
“I don’t want it!” I told her and pushed her hand back.
“Please! Take the fucking gift already!” She asked once more. “Don’t refuse me. I did not want to take it either, but he said it was important and that you had to read what was written inside.”
“OK, fine!” I reached out to take the envelope, which I hid it in my jeans pocket.
“Thank you!” she breathed a sigh of relief that she had completed her mission.

The next day was wonderful. I had spent it with me the love of my life, but also with my friends. And finally we enjoyed together, we had the fruit of our love in our womb. A wonderful being who was going to be a part of our lives forever.
At night, we were both in bed. The fire was burning in the small fireplace in our room and was the only light in the room. His face, in that light, was perfect. His well-defined features were beautifully rendered by the flames of the fire. He got out of bed and headed for the closet where he pulled out a small box. Then, I could see his beautiful and firm body. How do I get to be this lucky?
“Honey! Happy Birthday to you!” and he pointed the box at me, smiling.
“But John, I didn’t think…”
“That I will get you a present?” he completed my sentence.
I nodded, he always knew what I want to say, or what I was thinking.
“How could I not buy you any gift?” He asked me rhetorically, smiling in the corner of his mouth.
He kissed me lightly on the lips.
“Open it!” he urged me enthusiastically.
“What will it be?” I asked curiously.
“Hmm I don’t know!”
When I opened the box, a beautiful bracelet was waiting to be in my hand. A heart, an angel, a star, and a key hung from it.
“John!” I exclaimed at the sight of that wonderful bracelet.
“Yes? Do you like it? They have a meaning, you know! All the charms added. I didn’t take them at random.”
“I understand! Care to develop this idea?” I asked him while I was still looking at the beautiful bracelet.
“Heart, so that you don’t forget that my heart will always be yours. The angel is our baby, an angel. The star, which shines in the sky, as you shine in my eyes when I see you. And the key is the key you had from day one. It is the key to my soul.”
“Aww! John, I love you! Is wonderful!” My arms reached out to him, I grabbed him by his neck and kissed him. And he returned my kiss in a more passionate way.
And I really loved him. With all my heart and with all my soul. And I felt sorry for not giving him the chance to explain the other day and I ran away from him.

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