In love in NY

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The Baby

The days passed easily, and finally it was time to go home. Leave this beautiful place and this cozy cottage. Mike and Becca enjoyed these days with us, and they made us promise to them that we will come back in the summer as well.

We packed our bags and headed back to town. Manhattan was waiting for us, just as noisy and hectic as I could remember it. But it was the city where I fell in love, and therefore, I will carry this town in my heart forever.

Everything went back to normal. John returned to the office, he had a lot of work to do, and he was super busy. He even came come late almost every evening. And I was still on vacation, as I need more rest accordingly to John's sayings.

Rebecca returned to her hotel business, as she managed a hotel chain very popular and wealthy. And we did not talk about Jake since the evening she gave the envelope from him. And to be honest, not sure if he went back or stayed here. I wanted to ask her, but I thought was better not to.

Having no one to spend my time with, and I was getting bored just staying inside and read all day, sleep and I could not go to the office because John had told me it was imperative to stay home, I decided to go out.

It was the end of January, and I did not even find a wedding dress model that I liked. I did not even organize Rebecca’s wedding. I was also not in the mood for any research or planning anything. Maybe it was the pregnancy or the weather outside. So, I thought to myself, I still have plenty of time and weddings were planed in May.

So, I left all these concerns for later and went into a store with special items for newborns. There were a lot of small and beautiful things, cribs, stuffed animals, and a lot of musical toys. I could not help but buy something for my baby. So, I chose some tiny clothes, deciding to go for yellow and grey colors as I did not know yet what it will be. I was very happy, and I enjoyed buying them, was the first time, and it felt good. Soon to be a mother, was a nice thought, but I was sure I will realize that I am a mother only when I will hold my baby in my arms.

John’s break was approaching, so I decided to pay him a surprise office visit since I was in the neighborhood and wanted to share all this with him. I called him, but no answer, so I tried the office, where his new assistant answered, and I told her to let him know I am on my way.

I left the store with my bags and shouted for a taxi.

I had not gone to the building for a long time. I paid the taxi driver and got off once I arrived.

I greeted everyone when I walked in, and almost everyone stopped me to ask me how I am feeling and all. I was happy to see them again, I missed the work, the people. After I passed them all, I entered the elevator and pressed the elevator button, so I can go to John’s office.

His secretary’s office was empty, and I thought that maybe she was in her break. John hired a new one since I got promoted because he needs it one badly. Her not being there, was a good thing, giving me more time to spend alone with my love.

I did not bother to knock on the door, and while I was going towards it, I so that it was slightly open. So, I pushed it a little, and a woman's voice came from the desk's direction. She was in a short black skirt with a white thigh shirt, standing on his desk, and his hand was on his left leg, with his fingers under her skirt. I pushed the door a little further, thinking that what I saw was not real. John was sitting in a chair leaning toward her. I could hear her name.

“Cindy! Stop it, not here!” He said in a husky voice, as she giggled.

His tie was loose, and buttons from his white shirt were open.

It was his voice. Hearing this, I could not help myself, I could feel the earth slipping from under my feet. How could he do such a thing to me? And I asked him if he had an affair if there was anyone else, and his answer was no., no! I should have known better from my past not to believe anything, but to trust my own instincts.

He lied to me! John cheated!

I slammed the door against the wall, and he immediately rose from his chair with an astonished expression.

“How could you?” that was all I could tell him, as the words were blocked on my throat.

“Kate!” he said my name, pushing the woman aside, and making his way in my direction.

“Don’t! Just, don’t, please! What are you doing with her? I cannot believe I was fooled by you…” I said to him with tears in my eyes and I raised my hand in the air to make it clear that he had to stand still. “All this time you were cheating on me, all the phones you were hiding from me. How stupid I was!”

“Kate, this is a misunderstanding. Hear me out! It’s not what you think!”

All I wanted was to run away from him. I could not bear to see him anymore. So, I turned around and walked fast towards the elevator. I pressed the buttons all of them to make it come quicker, but in vain. I wanted to leave as fast as can from there and go to his apartment so I can pack my stuff and leave his house. Hearing coming, I decided to run to the emergency stairs.

“Kate! Katherine!! Stay!” I could hear his hurried footsteps coming towards me and I ran harder, and one mistake, when I put the wrong foot, cost me... everything. I fell down the stairs. It was about 18 steps to the next floor.

And that was all I could remember...! And his voice kept coming through my head…just like a broken record.

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