In love in NY

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Left alone at home, I decided to go was time for me to face the world, and I thought I was prepared for the city again. I put the phone locked in my purse, I did not want to open it to read John's apologies and other lies, as I was sure he wrote and called, even Becca confirmed so. Or maybe I should buy a new one.
When I thought of him, the only image that came to mind was just him with the other woman in the office, putting his hand on her thighs. I shook my head to get the images out of my mind.
I wanted to distract myself from this, I wanted to forget. I was ready to go out, when Rebecca’s landline rang, I let it continue to ring and just when I had my hand on the doorknob, the robot entered, and his voice resounded in the room.

“Hey, Kate! I was hoping we can meet for lunch. I will be out in about an hour, so you have plenty of time to get here. You know where I work, see you at the restaurant across the street. I have something important to ask you! I lov..” And the message time has expired.

And again, I went back to my teenager self. My heart kept beating faster when I heard his husky voice. All morning, his scent was impregnated on my mind. And I loved being around him again. But I needed as well to think rationally, I do not need to jump in so soon in another relationship. It took more than one year to get myself involved in another relationship after my break-up with Jake. But one lunch cannot hurt anyone, so I made my way back to my room, need to change into another outfit, something more sexy, more feminine, because I felt the need to be attractive again, to feel good in my skin, that would change my mood for sure.

I arrived as fast as I could, and quickly entered the restaurant, wearing my green knee length dress, covered with a blazer, and finished up with my yellow stilettos.
His eyes pinned me as soon as I entered the restaurant, sending me sparks. I think I did the same, since he kept smiling all the way, until I reach the table he was sitting. I took a seat next to him.

“I'm glad you came, Kate! I wanted to talk to you about something.”
He quickly jumped into discussion.
His hand outstretched towards me, a gesture to which I also responded. He had chosen a more secluded table, where I was sure I would not meet John. That was my only fear that I was going to go out and meet him. Just the thought of seeing him again terrified Me, and seeing this fancy restaurant, I knew this was the place he could probably go. But New York, was big, Manhattan was not. But for now, even if he were to walk in the door the next second, I would not panic. Jake is next to me and would not let him say a word to me.

“I was about to get out just when you called. I cannot stand in the house anymore.”
Was everything I could think to say, and to avoid the important thing he needed to say. I think I had a lot of this lately.
I was staring at him and could not help to notice that he was so sexy in a suit, and his scent was like an aphrodisiac of my olfactory senses. The last time I saw him at the hospital was on New Year's Eve, only a few months had passed and yet it seemed so changed. It was as if he were at the gym, his muscles ready to explode from his navy-blue shirt with rolled up sleeves.

“That's exactly what I wanted to propose to you. Why not stay in the house at all? How about we both sit on a beach, in the sun, warmth, and sit there all day long? I would pamper you with cocktails, oil massage. What do you say, are you ready for this?”

“Oh, Jake! I do not know what to say! What about your job? Do you afford taking time off right now?” he caught me by surprise, not knowing what to say.
I knew from Rebecca that he had returned, because the company he worked for had opened a branch in New York, and Jake was assigned to take over this office, but he also needed to check the one from England. I loved the idea. Me and him, both almost naked, oil massage. It was exactly what my body and soul needed. But I should have been more restrained, not to jump into his arms and tell him "Take me now. Let us run and not look back." Yes, I was starting to feel something and for him, he was next to me, he showed me that he cared and hell, he told me that he still loves me. And adding that he looked damn attractive.
“I've already solved it. I will take a week off. Kitty! You just have to say yes, and everything is arranged.”

“I do not know what to say”

I was undecided, should I go with him or wait?
The waiter came asking us if we decided. And I order a turkey salad, with white wine, and Jake ordered carbonara pasta.
“Say Yes, please!” he begged me.

“Okay, let me think about it. I am a little tight with my budget now. Need to find a new apartment, and it might take a while till I will get a new job. Maybe we can postpone this trip for a while?”

“Leave all this to me. Consider it my gift to you!” he told me, grinning.

“Jake, but I don’t want you to pay for me, at least not now, even though we had a history together.”

“They called me a partner at the company where I work. Believe me, I can afford anything I want. But what I want is not to talk about money with you, you just must ask me, and I will give you ... that's all I want to tell you!” and it was like he closed the subject.

A man who does not care for money when it comes to the woman, he loves… hmmm. Yes, it is a plus for him, but it did not characterize him before, what would have changed him?

“It will be difficult, but I will try! What is the name of this wonderful place you are telling me about?”

“It’ s Belize! Please, come with me. I need you there, and I want to spend time with you. If not for me, I am sure this time it will do you good.”

He was right, at least this sort of gateway will make me forget for a while and recover myself.

“Are we going to Belize? Seriously? It is extremely beautiful there; I cannot wait to go. I always wanted to get there. So yeah, count me in. So else is coming?”

“Then it's settled! We will be leaving soon! I will make all the arrangements.” He took my hands in his palms and hugged them to his chest, not stopping to look me in the eye. And then suddenly, he pulled me to his chest. His scent was intense and permeated my clothes and skin. We sat there and talked for almost an hour, while we eat our food, and we took a bite out of each other food. He made me laugh, I finally did that after a long time. And it was pleasant.

He keeps caressing me, touching my arms, and hair.

“Jake, I want to say how sorry I am for threatening you like a bitch before. You did not deserve it, and I was blind. I did not see it what was before my eyes. I should have known better. There were sign all over.”
I finally managed to let it all out, and to talked to someone. Never expected this someone will be Jake.

“You don’t have to apologize, and everything that happened it is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself about what he did.”

“There were late nights, many phone calls, whisperers. And that trip to Dallas. Oh my God! How stupid I was!”

“Baby, hush! You are with me now. I know I had made many mistakes, but I have also learned from them, and I came to value what is most important. That is love! And I intend in cherish it.”

I had a lovely time with him, just like old times. I never knew how much I missed it, until I came here today. He hugged me when was time to part. I expected for him to kiss meb, but this never happened. He was trying to be a real gentleman and to give me my space. What made me happy was that I could enjoy his presence next to me more, even if he had already left for the office.
His scent was all over me, and I was in a happy place. Finally!
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